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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


21. The Unexpected

Maz’s P O V

I woke up to the sound of Marceline’s heartbeat, it was so soothing and peaceful.

She gave herself to me last night, and I gave her all the pleasure she deserves. I love her and I know for a fact that I will never hurt her or let her go. She’s mine and I’m hers; always.

I gently kissed her exposed breasts. I love you. I said softly.

I saw the hickeys I gave her last night; it shows she’s taken. I mean after all, sex bruises are the best bruises.

I eyed her body and came across her ink. I hadn’t noticed her tattoos last night; since it was dark and all.

She had a tattoo of a tree with little to no leaves covering the whole left side of her back. At least two or four inches underneath her left breast she had a quote from what I’m guessing, a writer she's a fan of. It read “If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed –Sylvia Plath” I chuckled when I read that; typical Marceline. I can tell she lives by that quote.

I continued studying her body, not in a perverted way but in an intrigued way. Her body is so absorbing to my senses.

On the right side of her rib cage she had another tattoo; it was of a Rose Compass. She has a tattoo on her thigh of a beautiful girl’s face, painted like a sugar skull. I was amazed with the designs of her tats, they were creative but I wanna know more about them; the story behind her tattoos.

I got out of bed, trying to not wake her and made my way to the bathroom. Before I left the room, I took one look back at her and smiled.

Marceline, I still can’t believe you’re mine I hinted.

Once I got out of the bathroom, I decided to make us some breakfast. I don’t know how to cook but I bet YouTube has some great tutorials on how to make breakfast.

Marceline’s P O V

I woke up feeling lighter; like something wasn’t on me anymore. I looked all over my room and realized Maz wasn’t there. I heard some sizzling, groans and pots and pans being shifted loudly.

I’m guessing Maz is trying to cook me some breakfast, how cute of him. I put my bra and panties on and went to the bathroom. I decided to not wear my jersey to ‘cover up’; hell he’s seen it all anyway.

I sneaked passed the kitchen and saw Maz wearing my apron. He looked so sexy when he’s flustered. He had flour on his face but he still looked hot.

Once I came out of the bathroom, Maz was still struggling to make some breakfast. He was so concentrated on making everything perfect that he didn’t even noticed me getting a glass of juice.

I took a sip. Morning Maz. I said seductively and winked at him.

His jaw dropped when he saw me wearing nothing but a bra and panties.

Maz, babe, you’re drooling. I slowly walked up to him.

Need any help. I tilted my head to the left, eyed him up and down seductively along with biting my lip. Maz was still staring at me and said nothing.

I was just playing around with him to see how he would react to me flirting but as I got closer to him I can tell he was serious. His length was poking me but I ignored it and got even closer.

What’s the matter Maz, cat got your tongue? I ran my hand down to his manhood and began massaging it. I looked down at his, now, erect member and looked back up.

I stared at his lips and bit my own. I tugged on his apron, slowly pulling him towards me and kissed him.

The man was speechless, haha just how I like ‘em.

“Mmm” he moaned.

I broke the kiss, shut the stove off and grabbed his chin.

Come, let’s have breakfast in bed. I winked

I was playing around in the beginning but now I started to get hot. I wanted this as much as he did.

We got to my room and I gently pushed him down on the bed. I kissed his soft lips roughly and felt him up all over.

My hands cupped somewhere between his neck and his jaw.

I love you. I said in between the kiss.

“I love you more Marceline” he moaned. I lifted his chin and left kisses all over his neck. I gave him hickeys, prior to the ones I had done last night.

Maz tangled his fingers in my hair. Our breathing got heavy, I got hotter and he got harder.

I made my way to his lower region, craving him more as I kissed my way down.

I love you *kiss* I love you *kiss* I fucking love you *kiss*

Soon I found myself hovering over his member, my breath slightly brushing it.

I made direct eye contact with Maz. I can see lust and warmth in his eyes. It turned me on and it made me feel special. I couldn’t believe he’s mine and the fact that I’m the one making him happy. It’s surely a satisfying feeling.

I kissed the tip of his member softly, then licking it. I never teased him before so I wonder how he’d react to my ‘torment’.

I continued licking and kissing his, now, sensitive tip. He let out a few moans, urging me to go full on, but I refused. My hand wrapped around his length and massaged it up and down slowly.

Maz bit his lip, expressing his pleasure.

“Fuck” he mumbled.

My plan was to tease him but it backfired; what else is fucking new. I was teasing the both of us. I couldn’t take it anymore, I took all of him in and chocked on his member.

Maz is huge, thick and lengthy.

“Mmm” Maz moaned.

He brushed little strands of hair away from my face and held onto them in his hands. I guess he wanted to see me pleasuring him.

I was literally dripping from all this affection I was giving him.

I took him all in one last time and made a successful popping sound as I got to the tip.

I crawled my way up to him, giving Maz a French kiss. I bit his bottom lip, extending it out towards me and letting it go.

I tugged on my panties and looked at him, giving him a hint that I wanted him to take them off for me. Maz sat up and slowly took them off me. His hands slowly and gently glided down my bum.

He looked me in the eyes whilst he was doing this but I quickly turned away.

“Look at me” he murmured.

I still had my head down and he repeated himself; this time in a more rough/sexy/romantic/sweetly tone. I turned to him and looked at his lips instead of his eyes.

“Look me in the eyes baby” he said in a husky tone.

I listened to him and met his gaze. I started to tremble under all this eye contact we were making. My pupils constricted as I met his stare; I get nervous and shy when I make eye contact. I just have trouble with eye contact, I don’t know why. I’m not self-conscious but meeting someone’s gaze makes me uncomfortable.

“Why can’t you make eye contact with me Marceline?”

As cliché as this sounds, it’s not you, it’s me. I always have trouble looking into people’s eyes. I’m sorry. I uttered.

“Don’t worry beautiful, you’ll eventually get used to it because I will always look into those mesmerizing eyes of yours” he kissed me. I smiled into the kiss as he continued to undress me.

“Beautiful”, he stared at me in amazement.

That’s all he had to say for me to crave him some more. He was sat up still and so I grabbed his face for yet another little make out session.

His throbbing erection was poking the back of my thighs; it needed some attention.

I gently sat on his erect member, winning a few gasps from Maz. He placed his hands on my waist as I rode him.

Mmm I bit my lip.

It was soft, innocent, romantic and gentle at first. Then picked up the pace and rode him rougher and faster with more urge and control.

I moaned louder and louder each time.

His grip on my hips tightened as he left wet kisses all over my breasts.

“I love you *kiss* I fucking love you” he mumbled into my breasts.

I couldn’t even speak, I was close.

I scratched his back only softly and continued expressing my love to him.

“Marceline” he moaned. I can tell he was close too.

I tightened my walls around him, causing his grip on my waist to loosen and tighten around my breasts.

Maz sucked on them, heating me up way more than I already was.

Maz! S-sto-stop! I shouted.

He knew he was hitting the right spots but that didn’t stop him, he continued. It was more passionate and rough.

 God this man drives me crazy!

“Marceline I-I’m gonna-”

I kissed him.

I knew he was reaching his climax, I was too.

Cum inside me babe . . . p-please.

I slammed on him faster until we came at the same time.

OH MY GOD! I moaned loudly, arching my back.

“Shit!” he said through his bitten lip.

I trembled on his member, having both of our juices run down from my sensitive area to my inner thighs.

I got myself off him and licked the remains off his manhood. He moaned softly, still unloading inside my mouth. I sat up and sat on my knees, forcing myself to make eye contact with him. I had a bit of his cum on the corner of my mouth. With my finger, I pushed it inside my mouth and sucked on my finger; making that popping sound he loves.

You taste really fucking good. I bit my finger seductively.

He kept eyeing my body.

Hehe, stop looking at me Maz; I’m not all that.

He snapped out of it. “You’re everything and more”

I looked down and smiled. No one’s ever said that to me before.

“Well it’s cause people are idiots” he wrapped our fingers together. 

I felt my face turning red, gosh why is he so flawless?

Maz’s P O V

She rode me in such a way that was passionate and rough. This girl has me head over heels.

I came inside her, yet again. I’m enjoying the fact that I’m the only one who’s pleasuring her and how she’s the only one pleasuring me.

We didn’t ‘fuck’, we made love to each other. We explored each other’s bodies.

She even did the unexpected, she swallowed.

I can’t help but to stare at her face and her beautiful/goddess-like body.

“Hehe, stop looking at me Maz; I’m not all that”

She looked down and told me that no one has ever said that to her before. Well, it’s obvious that there are idiots roaming this earth.

It’s so cute how she blushes; she turns from pink to red in seconds. Shit bro, why is she so flawless?

“Come on Maz, let’s eat. I’ll cook us something” she grabbed her bra and panties and began to dress.

Shit, even when she’s getting dressed she looks sexy and she’s not even trying. She doesn’t even have to try, she’s naturally hot.

Jack’s P O V

*beep* . . . *beep* . . . *beep*

Wha- where am I?

“You’re in the hospital Jack, see?” Finn grabbed a few balloons and showed them to me. All of them read ‘get well on them’.

You got me those?

“Nope, it was Maz. He saw you in here and well he said that even though the two of you are not on good terms at the moment, he doesn’t wish anything bad on you or anyone; it’s just not his thing”

That was actually kinda nice of him. I still dislike him and all but I guess we can work things out. He just has to stay away from Marceline. OH SHIT, I JUST REMEMBERED!

Where’s Marceline by the way?! Is she okay?!

Finn’s face got more serious and saddened up a bit.

“I don’t know mate, last time I checked she was dying” his voice began to crack.

My Marceline, c-could be dead? Why did I let my anger get the best of me? Why didn’t I ask first? Why? Why? Why?!!!

I have to go find her! I attempted to spring out of bed.

“NO! Jack, you messed things up already. Look, I’ll go check up on her status and you wait here okay? And if she’s still here or . . . alive, I’ll take you to go see her; deal?”

Finn leaves the room and I sit back on the bed and cry. I cried because of my mom. If she was here, she’d teach me how to treat a woman. I cried because of the pain I caused Marceline, my first true love. I cried because I might lose her for good. I cried because I’m an asshole.

Finn’s P O V

Excuse me, miss? I’m looking for a girl named Marceline Konn. She stays in this room and I would like to know if she’s alright. I asked the nurse who’s preparing a few machines.

She checks her clipboard and looks up.

“She was discharged last night” she smiled.

Oh okay then, thanks. I smiled and left.

I dialed her number, hoping she’d answer.

She picked up, “Hello?”

Hey Marceline, how are you feeling? I saw you in the hospital one night and I saw you looking, well, not so good.

“Oh don’t worry Finn, I’m fine; thanks. Why were you at the hospital?”

I’m glad you’re feeling better. Well sadly, Jack got into a car accident. He broke a ton of bones so yeah, I’m gonna be here for a while.


Yea we are but don’t worry Marcey, Jack’s fine.

She hung up the phone and I went to tell Jack about Marceline’s discharge.

“So that’s it, she’s fine now right?” Jack hoped.

She sounds great mate. I smiled.

“You called her?”

Yea and I told her why I was here and she was asking if you were okay. I told her you’re fine but I guess telling her wasn’t good enough so she hung up.

“Maybe she’s coming to see me Finn! Maybe she still has strong feelings for me mate! Maybe I still have a chance with her!” he shouted.

Keep it down! There are other patients here Jack! I scolded.

He smiled and plopped back on the bed.

Marceline’s P O V

Maz, I gotta go see Jack! He got into a car accident and he’s in the hospital!

“I know, I saw both of them there. Finn saw you on a gurney, nearly dying so he called me to let me know. I guess that’s how you were ‘discovered’. I bought Jack some ‘get well soon’ balloons; I just can’t wish those things on people yunno?” he continued eating.

I never met a person who, no matter what happened between them, they do not wish harm on them. Maz is truly a sweet person.

I stared at him in amazement.

“Is there something wrong?” he said with his mouth stuffed with pancakes.

I walked towards him and kissed his cheek.

“What was that for?”

You’re an amazing person. I hinted.

He smiled and soon snapped out of my little haze.

Maz, I’m gonna go get ready to visit Jack. I walked to the shower.

He nodded and continued eating.

I got dressed and left.

Matthew’s P O V

I finally have enough money to see my girl. Well, she’s not my girl, but a guy can dream. As much as I tried to put her in my past, I just can’t. She’s everything to me and she knows me like no other. Yeah I fucked a few girls here and there but they are nothing compared to Marceline. Pretzel respects herself and she’s not dramatic. I have to admit, now that she’s been in London, Pretz had some sort of a damn attitude adjustment. She never let anyone stomp on her but damn, she didn’t even put up with my shit. I kinda miss her old self but I guess she changed for the greater good.

Don’t worry Marceline, one day you will be mine. I smiled to myself.

I began packing all my things when suddenly I heard a knock on my garage door. Since I don’t have a peep hole, I always have to open the garage myself.

“Hey babe” she leaned in for a kiss.

Excuse me? Why are you here Donna? You’re clearly drunk.

You see, Donna was never my girlfriend, she was just good in bed. I met Donna at a club and everything began from there.

Marceline never liked being home so she would come by or hit the streets for some graffiti. However, whenever she was in the shop at night, I’d come stumbling in with a girl or two around my arms and head to my room. Marceline would turn and not even bat an eyelash, other days she wouldn’t turn around at all. Some nights, she wouldn’t even be at the shop. It made me feel lonely and pathetic, I had the ‘love’ and ‘sex’ from these girls but I still felt alone. I wanted and still want Marceline’s love.

That night we met I took Donna back to the shop and in my mind, I thought I was lucky because Mars was there. Unfortunately, Marceline didn’t turn around that night. I guess she got tired of me sleeping with different girls every other day.

Donna has a mouth on her so once she saw Marceline, she thought she had competition. She stepped closer to her and told her to get the ‘fuck out of the shop’. She called her a whore and well, every other word in the book. Marceline didn’t take that too well, she has a temper but she can sometimes control it. Then Donna called Marceline one word that made her lash out. She called her ‘princess’, for some reason she hates that word. I never asked her about it but I could tell it really bothered her. Mars had her fists clenched and ready to use it. I had to grab Donna out of there or else.

Once we went to my room and we had sex. I’m used to ‘hitting it then quitting it’ but that wasn’t the case with Donna. She is one clingy fucking thing and I fucking hated it. She kept telling the whole neighborhood that we were a couple, Marceline didn’t say anything. I asked how she felt about it all and all she said, ‘if you’re happy, then I’m happy Matthew’. I literally tore me apart, she clearly didn’t want me but that never killed my hopes of having her.

Donna never fucking understood how a ‘brotherly/sisterly friendship’ works and that’s when everything went to shit. I tried to explain it to her but she wanted me to keep away from Marceline. That’s like asking a shark to keep away from water. It would kill me and it was obviously never going to happen. I told her that I had enough of her shit and that she can get the fuck out of here. Since she’s one of those dramatic girls, I knew she wasn’t going to take things very well. Once my ‘relationship’ ended, I went back to my original routine; drink, smoke, clubs, girls, hoping to see a fucking reaction from Marceline and since I never got one it ended with me and a random girl having sex.

The only reason I kept going after any girl was to make Marceline jealous or to at least forget about her but nothing worked. Marcey isn’t the jealous type and she sees me as more of a brother. I would bring girls into the shop almost every night and have sex with them.

Then one night, I came back from fixing a friend’s car and opened the garage door to see Donna on the floor and Marceline redder than ever. I found out that Donna threatened Mars and even chucked her art supplies on the floor. I had to hold Marceline down just to calm her down. Donna was gushing blood from every fucking pore in her body. I was afraid for Donna, if I hadn’t held Mars back, she would go as far as killing her.

I had never seen Marceline so angry before. She was shaking and her breathing was elevating to a speed that can probably give her an asthma attack. I tried to make her face me but she had her eye on Donna like a hawk. Donna was gasping for air and Marceline stood there, as if she was watching her die a slow death.

I tried to pull her away from Donna but she pushed me away from her. I’m not gonna lie, Mars has tons of strength. Once she left, I helped Donna up and took her home.

Ever since that day, I haven’t seen much of Donna. I guess Mars fucked her up real good. Today is the first I’ve seen her in weeks, I mean she’s isn’t ugly but she isn’t Marceline. Donna is all cake-face and tits and Mars is all brains and soul. Although I must admit, Marceline has a body. Donna has chicken culets; that’s all I’m sayin’.

“Helloooooooo!? Baby what’s wrong?” she snapped her fingers in front of me.

I snapped out of my little memory dream.

I’m not your ‘baby’, what do you want?

“I want- wait, that whore isn’t here is she?” she asked a bit frightened.

I gave her an evil smirk, Yeah, in fact, she’s in the back. Do you want me to call her here?

“No! I just wanted to talk to you baby, yunno . . . about us” she pouted.

What makes you think there’s an ‘us’?

“That night you made love to me, instantly made me fall head over heels for you” she wrapped her arms around my waist.

We didn’t ‘make love’, I fucked you and that’s it. It was a one night stand, I don’t feel anything towards you. You were just there and well that’s that. I’m in love with someone else.

She loosened her arms. “I see, playing hard to get; don’t worry Matthew, you will be mine” she winked at me with her fake eyelashes

I’m leaving anyway so good luck with that.

“Where are you going? And without me you asshole?!” she yelled.

I’m going to Europe to go see the love of my life. Obviously I’m not gonna bring you, you’re a pest. You’re disrespectful and too damn jealous; get out! I shouted.

Donna blinked in disbelief.

“You and that bitch you’re visiting, are gonna regret it” she growled.

I said nothing and waved.

“She is dead! YOU HEAR ME, DEAD!” she marched out of my garage.

Marceline’s P O V

I ran inside the hospital and saw Finn in the cafeteria.

FINN! I yelled across the room, causing a few people to shush me.

“Hey Marceline!” he ran to me and gave me a nice long/tight hug.

“I’m glad you’re alive and well. Come, I’ll take you to see Jack” he smiled.

We arrived at the floor, similar to the one I was on.

Finn, what room is your brother in?

“I believe it’s room 352”

Oh my gosh, I was right next to him.

“Hehe, I know . . . I saw. Yunno, I told him you were here and he was happy. He thought you were here to see him but when I told him that you might die, he broke down to tears. Jack really feels sorry for what he did Marceline” he frowned.

Let me just go talk to him . . . alone.

He nodded as I faced Jack’s door.

“I’ll be in the café if you need me” Finn said.

*knock knock*

“Come in!” he shouted.

Hey Jack, it’s me Marceline. I’m sorry, I didn’t have time to go to the gift shop; I was really worried about you.

His face light up like a kid on Christmas day.

“Babe, I just wanna say-”

I ran to him and gave him a hug.

I’m glad you’re okay Jack. I whispered.

I pulled us back.

 “I’m sorry for everything Marceline, jealousy got the best of me and well; that happened” he gave me an apologetic smile.

I know he’s the one on the gurney this time but ‘sorry’ isn’t cutting it for me. I’ll have to hold my anger back, it’s best for his health.

Let’s just not talk about that, let’s talk about what happened to you.

“Well, Maz walked into the book shop and we got into a small argument about you. He wanted to know what I said that made you ‘disappear’. It isn’t his fucking business so I walked out of there, got into my car and drove somewhere. I didn’t have a specific destination that I wanted to reach but I just needed to get away from things. I was hitting 70 on a road and the breaks to my car sort of gave out and when I tried to stop, I didn’t and that’s how I got here” he looked into my eyes.

Jack, try not to do absurd things when you’re mad. God forbid there’s a ‘next time’, you’ll probably won’t make it out alive. I walked closer to him.

He took my chin and made me face him.

“Babe, I need you now more than ever. I want you. I-I love you” he hinted as he leaned in closer to me.

I turned my head away from him and stood up.

Let’s just stop right there Jack. I’m not your babe, I’m just Marceline. I don’t want you and I don’t love you. I said, trying not to sound harsh, even though he deserves to be yelled at.

“I’m sorry Marceline, I saw you hugging another guy. I got jealous babe! I’ll treat you right this time Marcey, give me another chance babe!” he begged.

I couldn’t hold my anger back anymore. A bunch of ‘sorry’s’ and fake fucking promises won’t make me go back with ANY-FUCKING-ONE!

Oh you were jealous? Well then, I’d hate to see you mad. Listen, I only came here to see if you were alright; not to listen to your apologizes because frankly, I don’t need them or you. I’m glad you’re okay and all but that doesn’t fix things between us. You hurt me really bad Jack. You were my first boyfriend ever and you sure as hell made it a memorable one

“Marceline, I know I hurt you so bad. I’m so sorry Marcey. I’m sorry I was a terrible boyfriend, I promise it won’t ever happen again” he choked.

Damn right it’s not gonna happen again. Look Jack, I forgive you but that’s all I’m gonna do. I’m not gonna be your girlfriend again and I’m not gonna be made a fool again.

“Marceline, please don’t do this to me!” he pleaded.

No Jack, you should’ve never done what you did to me. I said softly.

I have a boyfriend now; he treats me right and respects me. I wish you the best in your recovery and in your life. I do forgive you but it’ll take a while for me to even be your friend again

“You can’t have a boyfriend, not after what happened between us! That means you never cared for me!” he raised his voice.

Yes, I do have a boyfriend and after you pulled that ‘cute’ stunt; I never planned on having another boyfriend but something about him made me realized he really cared for me. And don’t you dare say I never cared about you! I was there for you through thick and fucking thin! I listened to you, I took care of you, and hell Jack . . . I couldn’t even stop fucking thinking about you! But you fucked it up and you know it! I didn’t cheat, you did! I didn’t over react about something that I have little to no information about something; you did! So don’t go pulling this shit on me, cause you will not win! I clenched my fists.

He looked at me in pure anger but I stood my fucking ground. I’m tired of people always pulling the same shit against me. At least I can man-up to my mistakes!

“So you came here to rub your little boyfriend in my face or what huh?” he sneered.

No, I came here to see if you were okay. I may have some hate on you at the moment but I can’t wish this on anybody. I can see this conversation isn’t going anywhere so I’ll leave, bye Jack. I’m glad you’re okay. I said uttered.

I left the room before he could say anymore; I honestly didn’t want to hear it. I’m happy with Maz.

Once I slowly closed the door, I turned to see Maz standing there with a soft smile.

 “Marceline, let’s go on a date. I wanna take you to a Museum to make our relationship official” he intertwined his fingers around mine.

My first date with a boy and our first date as a couple; I wouldn’t have it any other way. I kissed his cheek.

“You missed”


“You missed” he repeated and then pulled me to him for a kiss on the lips.

I pulled apart. Maz don’t do that, it gives me needs.

“Cheeky” he whispered in my ear.

I slapped his arm playfully and left to the museum.

Jack’s P O V

How can she leave me? Who did she leave me for? Why can’t I win for once?! I know I ruined things between us but I’m only human. We all make mistakes but she can’t just throw me on the side and not give a fuck! I know for a fact that she still has feelings for me and I’m sorry for whomever she’s dating but I’m gonna prove that her love for me still exists.

We aren’t over Marceline; you will be in my arms soon.

Marceline’s P O V

Maz took me to an art museum in London and it displayed masterpieces from all around the world. The art there was beautiful but there was one piece that really stuck out to me.

I was a painting of a girl standing in the middle of a field. She looks like she’s about the age of sever or so. She’s dressed in rags and her face is a bit dirty. The little girl looks like she’s been to hell and back. There’s a hole in her torn overalls, where her heart should be. She’s holding a gold heart in her hand. Her expression shows happiness and genuinely true beauty. Behind her are dark and horrible things and colors. In front of her, lies a path of bright and joyful things and colors.

“What does that painting say to you babe?” asked Maz.

I continued staring at it. Everything about it was vivid, bold and held a strong message.

To me, it represents her journey in life so far. The reason why I say ‘so far’ is because she’s a little girl and well she has the future to look forward to. The colors behind her define her horrible past. She probably had gone through some terrible things back there. Also, if you notice her overalls, there’s a hole where her heart should be. Maybe her heart and soul has been taken and tainted within her journey through her horrid past. But also notice what she’s holding in her left hand, a golden heart. She also has a genuine smile on her face. Yeah, she may be a bit dirty and dingy but to her; that’s the past. Maybe the path she’s on is leading her to a brighter future. Maybe that gave her hope and restored life in her and her heart; causing it to be shaded in gold. Because no matter what she had gone through, she still has dreams and she’s willing to still walk the path she’s on and make that dream happen. She has true potential, a true heart as well as soul to make it come true; hence the gold heart and the smile on her beautiful face. What does it say to you?

“Wow” he breathed.

“I was gonna say the little girl survived a killer tornado” he chuckled.

Ah yes, she might’ve survived a tornado but she’ll never make it out alive if it were a  . . . SHARKNADO! I said dramatically.

“That’s not funny, those shits killed thousands every year” he said in a scared tone.

I couldn’t help but to burst out laughing.

We continued looking at paintings & sculptures and then decided to go eat.

Maz, thank you for everything; I really enjoyed myself. I kissed his cheek.

“You’re welcome baby, you deserve that and more”

“I didn’t want to say anything but how’d your chat with Jack go?” he took a bite of his burger.

Not too good, he wanted me back but I don’t want him; I want you. He didn’t man up to his mistakes and that made me angrier with him. The argument continued that way so I decided to leave and that’s pretty much it. I took a sip of my drink.

“Don’t worry about him babe, he just regrets what he’s done. I’m sorry I asked, I didn’t wanna kill your mood”

Nah, it’s okay; let’s just move on from this topic.

We talked about embarrassing moments we’ve encountered when we were little. He would put socks on his penis and run around his block. I would play with mud and put it all over my hair.

Why do you like to be naked you freak?! I asked.

“I feel free WOMAN! No one or nothing is holding me back!” he shouted.

The sock is. We laughed.

“Oh yea and what about you, why can’t you be normal and just apply HAIR PRODUCTS on your hair?!” he laughed.

Hair products are too mainstream you butt! I shouted.

He stopped laughed and looked at me.

“Marceline I-” he was cut off by an employee.

“Sorry to bother you guys but we’re closing up soon”

Oh okay, sorry about that; we’ll be on our way now. I smiled at the worker.

He nodded and left.

Let’s go see some street art Maz. I stood up.

He stood up and held my hand. “I would love to”


(Still Marceline’s P O V)

It was night time and we decided to look somewhere new to explore graffiti. We found an abandoned building. It looks like shit from the outside but as I suspected, the inside had breathtaking artwork.

I set my bag down on the floor and studied each piece. Some ‘throw ups’ were done by really great drawers, whilst others were done by amateurs.

Maz found a spot to tag and I was still looking at each and every piece.

“What are you planning to tag?” he asked.

Hmm, I’m not sure yet; maybe my name or a mural. What about you?

“I feel like doing a mural” he smirked at the wall.

Maz grabbed a few cans and sprayed it across the tattered walls.

I sat on the floor, which was surprisingly clean. I sat back and leaned on a pillar as I watched Maz spill his artistry all over the wall.

He sprayed a girl with wings above a boy who’s below her; lonely and torn. I played close attention to every single detail.

The girl happens to be an angel with shabby clothing, the boy also had torn clothing. They are looking at each other in disbelief and have smiles on their faces. The girl’s heart has and aura highlighted the outside of her chest. The boy also has the same aura on the same spot. They’re holding hands but this girl is like no other angel; she has the Devil’s tail lingering about. She isn’t really floating; she’s hovering next to the boy. As they hold hands there’s a powerful and illuminating atmosphere around their hands. The boy looks innocent and troubled at the same time, but is genuinely happy with the girl by his side.

I was so captivated with his mural that I didn’t even feel Maz sit next to me.

“What does that say to you baby?” he whispered in my ear.

Still looking at his masterpiece, I finally choked out my words.

The girl, I think, is me and the boy is you. I’m an angel and a devil and you’re a tortured soul. I am sweet and kind person but I have my limits and I can be a bit of a badass from time to time. You, had a sad past with someone; causing you to paint the boy that way. But then, it all changes when we meet each other. The girl’s heart feels a certain way about the boy and the boy does too; which defines their shining hearts. Their hands are compressed together, sharing a special bond between the two. I’m hovering next to you because you call me a ‘down to earth girl’, also because I’m with you. And since I’m with you and only you, I have to be close to you. Since we are both troubled with horrid pasts, we seek past that and with this relationship; we are truly happy with each other by our side. I turned to look at him.
He’s looking down and blinking a bit faster.

I lift his chin up. I love you Maz

Tears kept falling from his face. I wiped them away.

He looked up. “I love you Marceline, you understand me like no other. Not even Sam, my brother or my mom understands me like you do. You’re very special to me, you know that? I don’t even want anything bad to happen to you. I really love you Marceline, ever since the first day I laid my eyes at you” he looked back down.

I lifted his chin, yet again.

You had me at ‘hello’ I kissed his cheek. So tell me, you’re crying because you finally found someone that can understand you, deal with you and love you all in one? You’ve felt this way before with someone else but they fucked you over. You’re past with that person had such a great effect on you that it completely ruined you and slowly ate you alive. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore Maz, I’m here to stay. I kissed his knuckles.

We sat there, admiring the arts around us. Admiring the moment between us, admiring the fate that has brought us together and admiring each other’s presence, ‘til slumber took over.

Finn’s P O V

I walked to Jack’s room and saw the room left a mess. Machines were knocked down, the gurney was flipped over and chairs were scattered everywhere.

JACK?! I shouted but no one answered.

“She’s mine Finn . . . mine and no one else’s” muttered Jack. He was on the floor in  a fetus position.

I kneeled before him. What the hell did you do Jack?!


Jack, let her be mate. She’s happy with Maz and you have to respect that. You’ll find someone one day and you’ll love each other ‘til the world ends.

He looked at me with anger. “So she’s with Maz huh?! That prick took her away from me! THAT FUCKER IS GOING TO PAY!” he tugged on my shirt.


He said nothing and I began organizing his mess.

He sat there in silence, not looking at me or at himself. He sat there making eye contact with the wall. I can tell he was thinking of doing something; but I wasn’t sure what.

Matthew’s P O V

“Good morning Sir, are we ready for the flight to London?” a flight attendant asked.

Yes mam, I’m going to claim the love of my life. I smiled at her.

“Aww, that’s so adorable. I wish you nothing but the best for the two of you” she said as she walked to the next person.

I don’t need any luck because she’s gonna be mine anyway. I said to myself.

I laid back and fell asleep; I know you want me Marceline. I yawned.

---- Hours Later----

I felt someone tapping my shoulder. “Excuse me Sir, we’ve landed already and I’m gonna need you to leave the plane” a flight attendant suggested.

I instantly got up. Oh crap! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to backtrack anything` I said running out of the plane.

Finally! I shouted to the ‘heavens’.

I should call Marceline and tell her I’m here. I dialed her number and waited for a response.

Marceline’s P O V

*ring ring*

My stupid phone woke me and Maz up.

I picked up, not even checking who was calling.

Hello? I whispered into the phone.

“Marcey, it’s me Matthew. I want to let you know that I’m in London” he let out a small chuckle.

 My jaw dropped is he serious or is he fucking with me.

Are you serious Matt? Where?

Maz sat up straight, rubbing his eyes.

“I’m in this restaurant called, Nanies or Dodos. I’m not really sure but let me tell you the food here is great” he said with his mouth full.

Oh, you’re in Nandos. Yeah the food is great, so why are you here?

“I told you that I wanted to if you were okay. Hearing you say it isn’t enough, I gotta see it. So where are you?”

I’m out with my boyfriend. But you didn’t have to come all the way here to see me Matthew, you’re insane.

“You have a boyfriend? The same one or-”

No, this one is even better. I wouldn’t change a thing about him; his flaws are perfect to me. I turned to look at Maz.

“Oh . . .*cough* well, I wanna see you” he demanded.

Maz put his head on my lap.

Uhh, sure but I’ll have to go home and shower; cool? I said whilst I played with Maz’s hair.

“Sure that’s fine, I’ll be around. Call me whenever you’re out in the streets”

Mhm, bye. I hung up and looked at Maz.

“You’re flaws are inexistent cause you’re bloody perfect” he said with his eyes closed.

I kissed his forehead. Maz . . . Matthew’s here. His eyes shot open.

“So I heard but I couldn’t believe it. Not to sound mean or anything but why is he here?”

I told him everything whilst I was in the hospital. I told him I was fine but that didn’t cut it for him. He said he wanted to see me in person, I’m obviously not going back to New York and never in my worst nightmare did I ever think he was gonna come here. Long story short, he’s at Nandos and he wants to see me.

“So go, does he know anybody here?”

Just me. I sighed.

“It looks like you don’t wanna go” he implied.

It’s not that, I just have a bad feeling about him being here, yunno? I don’t wanna be a ‘Debbie Downer’ but I have a feeling that bad things will happen whilst he’s here.

“Oh? Like what?” he leaned in closer.

I can’t really put my finger on it but I have a feeling it has something to do with drama. Matthew is really good at starting it and I’m really good at finishing things. And when I finish things, they don’t always end with a happy ending.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Let’s go get freshened up” he said, helping me up.

We walked down the street hand in hand ‘til we bumped into two unexpected guests.

“Marceline” Matthew said.

“Maz?” that bitch Lexi chimed in.

Maz and I looked at each other in confusion and disgust.

“You know him?” Matthew asked Lexi.

Yea, he goes out with that. She looked at me up and down.

“Hey, you two met before?” Matt asks me.

Sadly. I give her a deadly glare.

How did you meet shit face here? I said pointing to Lexi whilst looking at Matthew.

“C’mon Mars, cool it will yah?” Matthew stood in front of Lexi.

Fuck you! Had you known what that bitch has done to me you’d be on my side. I raised my voice.

Maz wrapped his arm around me and whispered in my ear, “Babe, calm down. Let’s just go home”

“I just wanted to ask if you want to go out with me, go watch a movie or somethin’?” asked Matthew.

I lowered my voice, No thanks Matthew, I wouldn’t feel right doing that to Maz

“I told you she was a bitch. Why would you wanna hang out with such a bothersome person like her?” Lexi bitched.

Unless you wanna get your ass beaten this early in the morning, I suggest you shut the fuck up. I’m not trying to dictate your life Matthew, but if be careful if you’re gonna go around with that piece of shit. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go. I lightly brushed shoulders with Matthew as I walked by him but I stopped once I got close to his ear.

I’m sorry Matthew. I whispered in his ear.

He looked down and was pulled away from me by that whore.

Tears didn’t fill my eyes up, anger did. He knows how I feel towards him, nothing but brother-love. Matthew knows when I tell him that someone isn’t safe to hang with, is in fact not safe to hang with. Matthew knows better than this, why is he acting ignorant towards me. He was never like this but like I always say . . . people change.

People do change.

People are strange.

People are dangerous.

But this isn't a game.

(A/N: I felt a little poetic there, sue me!!)

It begins. I said to myself.

“What does babe?” Maz asked worriedly

Everything . . . the drama, the fights, the heartbreaks; everything.

“We’ll have to avoid all that bullshit babe; don’t let it get to you” he kissed my temple.

I forced a smile on my face, hopefully he bought it. Yeah, you’re right, c’mon let’s go home and eat.

Our walk to my flat was nice. We talked about art and our family. I didn’t have much to say, considering the fact that I basically didn’t have a family. Maz, on the other hand, seemed to have a really laid back and cool mom.

We arrived at my house and I went to my room and plopped on my bed.

Maz, I’m gonna take a shower. I yelled into my pillow.

“Not if I beat you to it!” he ran to my bathroom.

I bolted off my bed and ran to the bathroom door.

Luckily I made it inside before he closed the door on my face.

I win! Now, get out, I gotta shower! I grinned.

“Mars, I beat you!” he groaned.

Oh haha, I know you did. I winked.

“*gasp* Marceline, you are quite the cheeky gal this morning” he said in a posh tone.

Yes, now get out! I tried to push him out but he pinned me to the floor.

“Are you ticklish?” his eyebrow raised up.

I am super fucking ticklish but I wasn’t gonna let him know that!

No, I’m not ticklish. I said trying to sound convincing.

“Really? Hmm, let me find out for myself”

My eyes widened, I forgot about that.

His fingers wiggled all over my sides and neck.

M-Maz s-s-s-stop! I CAN’T BR-BREATHE!! I laughed super loud. I bet Russia could hear me.

He stopped to only leave kisses all over my neck. His hands went under my shirt, causing me to wince to his touch.

His hand ran upwards to my stomach and to my breasts. He gave them a light squeeze and rapidly unclasped my bra.

His lips soon connected with mine, biting my lip and begging for entrance. Hell, I didn’t even bother to tease him this time. His tongue swirled with mine, making him long for me more. Maz pressed himself down on me, making me want him more. I felt his manhood poke the button on my jeans.

I wasted no time in taking them off and before you know it, we were both naked. His erection sat on my clit, triggering a moan to leave my lips. Maz sucked and sucked on my skin whilst I scratched on his back.

My hickeys and his hands all over my body, was proof that I belong to him. The scratches on his back and the hickeys I gave him, was proof that he belongs to me.

Maz sat up and hovered over me. I couldn’t stop eyeing his perfect body. His six-pack and flawless v-line had me speechless.

I mean, I am somewhat toned and fit but he just raised the bar. All I had was a flat stomach, a few toned muscles here and there and a ‘booty’. But damn, no wonder he’s model.

“You’re beautiful all over” he kissed the spot where my heart should be.

I never really cry but when he said that my eyes couldn’t help but to water up. I blinked the soon to be tears away before he could see. I just didn’t want to ruin this moment.

He took my nipple in his mouth, sucking it.

I arched my back, trying to make him stop. I’m sure he can make me climax this way but even so, he didn’t stop. Instead he teased me, making my nipples harder at every lick.

My hand roamed all over his body, down to his sex. I rubbed his hard-on and with feathery strokes, I circled his tip. He sucked on my breasts with more intensity; I knew I was making him harder.

I rubbed his shaft faster and faster, he couldn’t tease me any longer; he knew he would lose. I took his tip and rubbed it on my warm, wet clit.

Maz I moaned.

His tip spread the wetness of me all over my womanhood. I slapped it on my clit a few times causing me to twitch in pleasure.

“Say my name baby” he hinted in the crook of my neck.

If he wanted me to say his name, rubbing his tip on my sensitive area wasn’t enough for either of us.

So I took his length and pushed it inside of me. It sent a shock all over my body, I never felt this way before.

MAZ! I moaned aloud.

This sensation.

This pleasure.

This . . . everything was ecstatic!

Maz’s P O V

Marceline was touching the right places, every time she touched me; she’d hit the right spots.

He breasts were perfect C-cups, firm and soft. Her body was velvety smooth and very well fit.

I stopped sucking on her perfect breasts and kissed whatever tattoo I came across. My baby is ticklish so when I got to her rib cage tattoos, I slowed down but took my time.

I looked up to see her with her eyes closed and her index finger in her mouth.

Open your eyes beautiful I uttered as I kissed her rib cage.

Her beautiful colored eyes slowly opened up and meet my gaze.

Keep them open baby, I want you to see how much I truly do love you I muttered.

She bit her index finger and nodded; that was fucking sexy.

Marceline always looked innocent and when she bit her finger just then, she looked very hot.

I was gonna make it down to her South, ‘til she cupped my face in her hands.

“Maz, please make love to me” she begged.

Damn, even when she begged for me she looked hot. I wanted to say ‘no’ but I couldn’t last long either.

I carried her into the shower and laid her down. The water was warm enough for the two of us to make love.

I hovered over her yet again and rested my forehead on hers; still with our eyes open and entered her.

She twitched a little as I filled her. I knew she was a virgin and I’m not sure if this still hurts a little or not.

Am I hurting you? I asked worriedly.

“N-no Maz, you never hurt me” she said, still looking innocent and harmless.

She thrust her hips on my member and gave me a ‘I want you to go deeper’ look. As I did, she bit her lip and tilted her head back.

I picked her head up and made her face me. I wanted to see those beautiful eyes of hers, I always do.

“M-Maz, harder . . . harder” she moaned.

I thrust inside her deeper and harder, each thrust she tightened her walls around me.

Still keeping eye contact with each other, she tried her best to keep her eyes open. She moaned louder along with some profanities, as did I.

FUCK! She shouted as she ran her hands down the steamy shower doors.

I grabbed her hand and tangled my fingers with hers. I placed them above her head and pounded into her as hard as I could.

The sound of my manhood clapping against her bum and sensitive area, along with our moaning and the shower running, filled the room.

Her walls tightened around me immensely.

“Maz!” she moaned.

Let it all out baby I said as I kissed her lips.

This sensation.

This pleasure.

This . . . everything was ecstatic!

As I reached my peak, I thrust into her harder and faster than ever.

We both came at the same time; it was incredible. I felt her vibrations and juices drizzle on me and I’m 100% sure she felt me exclaim into her.

I held on her wet, drawn out body and she held mine as we were trying to catch our breaths.

“I love you” she breathed.

I kissed her lips passionately. You have no idea how much I love you Marceline. You mean more than the world to me, I hope you know that.

She smiled lightly. “You are my world Maz, I hope you know that”

We stood up and continued our shower.

How did I ever get a beautiful girl like her? I’m one lucky motherfucker, that’s for sure.


Matthew’s P O V

After my encounter with Mars and her idiot boyfriend, this girl Lexi and I went to her house and made out.

I know I’m here for Marceline but she’s clearly not getting the fucking idea that she’s mine. I don’t know why I’m really possessive over her now, I wasn’t like this before but when you really love someone; you’ll do anything and everything to get them to be yours. And that’s what I’m gonna do, no matter what; she’ll be mine . . . even if I have to do some ass kicking.

Jack’s P O V

*knock knock*

Come in or whatever.

After Marceline’s visit, I really didn’t want to speak to anyone. Finn was in the cafeteria all morning; he knew I needed to be a lone.

I was too busy thinking of a plan to get her away from whoever she’s with and to make her mine again.

“Hello Jack, I’m Doctor Oliver and I’m here to notify you that you are eligible for release today” he smiled.

I gave him an evil smirk. Perfect, may I be released now? I have class and I’ve missed tons of days already, I don’t wanna waste any more time. I lied.

“Sure, there’s no problem with that. You may change and head home now as you please. Have a nice and safe day young man” he waved and left.

Oh, I will Doc-tor, haha I will.

Finn’s P O V

A doctor walked in the cafeteria and as soon as he saw me he bid me well on a safe trip, I guess Jack was released today.

I walked into his room and nobody was there. In fact, it looked like no one was ever there. I made sure I was in the right room; which I was.

Why didn’t Jack tell me he was discharged?

I called his phone and he picked up. He sounded as if he was in a rush.

“Finn, don’t come looking for me. I just need some time to think. Don’t worry I won’t do anything stupid, I promise. I’ll be home in a few or so, so don’t wait up; bye” he hung up.

I felt bad for him, I really do. He’s my baby brother, the younger of the two. I knew he fell in love, too fast might I add. He’s a bit crazy when it comes to things like this, he’s just making it up for what he’s never had. I can’t help but to feel that something is wrong, something isn’t right . . . something doesn’t belong.

(A/N: ^I made this poem up as I wrote this, I like writing poems :)

Lexi’s P O V

I took that guy, Matthew, to my flat and had some fun with him. I wasn’t surprised when he knew Marceline, that bitch probably gave him a blow job before she came here. That slut, she’s gonna get it for taking Maz away from me. He’s mine and she’s gonna regret doing this to me.

I will not be made a fool of in front of Maz; most definitely not him!

You’re gonna pay Mar-cel-line. You don’t get everything you want in life; I do!

I will get my revenge and I knew just how.

Donna’s P O V

(A/N: Aww shit! It’s getting really real!!!!!)

Who the fuck does he think he is?! Leaving the fucking country to go see some fucking girl! Is he insane or just fucking stupid?!

I know me and that Marceline bitch aren’t ‘buddies’ but I’m sure she can help me get him back or at least ruin his opportunities wit that Euro slut!

I went back into his shop to find her but instead I ran into some greasy Puerto Rican.

“Hey mamita” he said, plopped there on a crate.

Eww, don’t touch me, I know Marceline and she’ll kick the shit out of you! I stood my ground.

“Haha, that mamacita left a looonng time ago” he said, drinking from a brown bag.

What do you mean? Where the fuck did she go? I scolded.

“Hey, hey, cool it down baby. We don’t wanna bother the rats now do we?” he said, getting closer to me.

Stay back I swear!! MARCELINE HELP!! I shouted, hoping she could hear me.

“Do you really think she’ll be able to hear you all the way from Europe?” he smirked.

Wait, she’s in Europe? She isn’t here? I asked confusedly.

“Nah, she left like a month ago. She’s in London I think” he rested his arm on a pick-up truck.

Maybe this greasy spick can fill me in on more information.

What else do you know?

“All this information is Top Secret” he joked.

Look, I don’t have time for you games! What else do you fucking know?! I raised my voice.

“Well if you wanna know more, you’ll have to work for it” he chuckled.

I don’t know a damn thing about cars, I have a driver!

“Wow, Matt wasn’t kidding when he said you were stupid huh?” he laughed.

Then what do you want? Money? How much? I asked impatiently.

“I don’t want money, money is dirty. I want you” he said walking closer to me.

Eww! You’re all sweaty and poor! Not in your dreams ‘essay’!

“Fine, have it your way. Let Matthew do what he’s gonna do, he left your ass anyway for someone better” he stated.

I am desperate for answers! I needed to know right now, right away!

I mean, he is cute but if he would take a fucking shower; he’d be hot.

Ugh! Whatever, I’ll do whatever you want me to do. I sighed.

“Come with me baby” his arm stretched out to point to the direction.

“After you beautiful” he bowed.

I walked in front of him; I could feel his eyes on my ass.

His chest bumped my back and pushed me into the room. Surprisingly, the room was decent and clean looking. There was a bed there, big enough for the two of us.

“Take your clothes off mami, I want to see more of you” he whispered in my ear.

I pushed him on the bed and stripped for him. I was in a hurry, so I didn’t give a fuck if I was all fast about it.

“Damn, you got nice tits” he cupped both of my breasts and sucked on them.

I felt nice but nothing compared to what Matthew has done to me.

“Sit on my lap” he ordered me.

I did what I was told and felt his cock poke my entrance as I sat on him.

“You feel that? That’s what you do to be ba-by” he growled.

I unzipped his pants and was surprised to see how big he was.

Matthew was bigger.

I was already wet from thinking about Matthew.

I sat on his throbbing cock, slowly picking up the pace.

Oh fuck I moaned.

“Scream my name” he ordered.

The fuck? Do I even know his name; NO!

I-I don’t k-know your name, mmm I moaned a loud.

“It’s Andy, remember that Donna” he growled into my breasts.

His grip around my waist tightened as he forcefully made me take all of him.

I take what I said about Matthew dick. I gotta admit, I have fucked tons of guys but Andy has got to be the biggest one I’ve dealt with. I still love Matthew though, don’t get me wrong.

Oh fuck Andy! You’re so big! I moaned really loud.

“Hehe, I bet Matthew doesn’t have this much meat to stuff you now does he?” he sucked on my neck, hitting the right spots.

Oh yea, right there, right there I scratched his chest.

He turned me over so he was now on me. My eyes widened, how hard was he gonna fuck me? I only rode him slowly, I was afraid he’ll rip me in half or something.

“I’ll show you what ‘fucking’ really is” he laughed.

I laid there, waiting for his next move. He spread my legs with his knee and kissed my inner thighs. Matthew never went down on me before. Our make out sessions would make me wet and him stiff. Sometimes we wouldn’t even kiss and he’d go in dry.

Fuck I moaned, tilting my head back.

Andy’s tongue flicked my clit. He sucked on my slit as well and inserted one of his long fingers inside me.

My GOD! Oh fuck me!

He fingered and sucked me faster. I was reaching my limits.

“You’re gonna cum for me baby” he muttered as he kissed my sensitive clit.


He took his fingers out of me and before I know it, he forced himself inside of me.

“Shit, you’re tight baby” he pulled on my hair.

I can tell by his expression that he was close as well.

FUCKKKKKK!!! I moaned aloud as I came on him.

“Shit!” he shouted as he came inside me.

He rested his head on my stomach. We laid there in silence ‘til I came to my fucking senses and realized why I had sex with him in the first place.

I pushed him off me and began to dress myself.

Okay, I did what you wanted me to do. Now tell me everything you know Andy.

“Alright alright, calm down. Matthew went to chase Marceline to tell her that he loves her. He told me that she doesn’t love him back. She only sees him like a brother and that’s it. But being as Matthew is the biggest pendejo to exist, he is so ‘convinced’ that she’s just playing games. To me, Marceline never wanted to do anything sexual with any of us. She isn’t gay, she’s just not ready for a boyfriend. Well, that is until she got there. Word is that she has a boyfriend now, she told Matthew but he acted as if he was happy for her but once he hung up he tore this shop apart. I don’t know what’ll take for Matt to understand that she doesn’t love him the way he does. He’s fucking hard headed” he stated.

So Matthew wasn’t lying to me, she really does see him as a brother. And that fucktard wants more than ‘brotherly love’ from her?! The fuck is his fucking problem?!

I gotta find him before he makes himself look like an idiot! I just don’t get it, why do a lot of guys fall for Marceline?! What the fuck does she have that I don’t?!

“Well he’s already in London, I can tell you that much. He called this morning telling me that but he hadn’t seen Marcey yet. We fall for her because she has brains and beauty. She isn’t a bitch, she isn’t dramatic and she’s really understandable. She’ll help you out even if you’re a complete and total stranger. Even if you done her wrong, to a certain extent, she’ll stop what she’s doing to help you. She has a big heart and she’s really talented. She can cook, fix cars, paint, write poetry, nurse people back to health and do many more things. I don’t know you but you don’t seem to have a heart Donna” he shrugged his shoulders.

Did he say where exactly? She isn’t even pretty, I’m prettier than her! I’ve helped people before, I go to the less fortunate and help out and stuff. Plus, it’s a win-win situation. I get a check at the end of the day and the poor people get whatever poor people deserve. I grinned.

“He didn’t say anything about exact locations. But see, she is pretty and no offense, she’s prettier than you; than any girl in this neighborhood. She’s got an ass that won’t quit and boobs that make you wanna take a nap on them. Believe it or not, guys don't only like her for her looks, we fall even harder for her when we get to know her better. Her personality is was mainly gets the men rowdy. Because let’s face it, we live in the ghetto. There isn’t much love around here. Yes there’s sex but that what it only is; sex. However, if you’re doing it with the right person then it’s more than that; it’s considered ‘making love’. Marceline has tons of love that she gives but doesn’t want to receive any; making any guy want to take the challenge of making her fall for them. You say you helped the less fortunate but you do it for the money. Marceline does it to help people, she buys groceries wit her money and gives the food to families in need and she doesn’t expect a check at the end of the day. On the other hand, she expects them to be healthy and happy” he believed.

I didn’t want to hear any more praises for Marceline! I just had about enough of this bullshit; I’m going to get Matthew back.

Alright, I got the info I needed; thanks. Bye. I stomped out of there.

Good bye New York and hello London! 



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