The Arts

FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


39. The Recessed Gauntlet

Theo Listhrop?

He looked at me, impressed that I know his name. “Yea, you a fan babe?” he winked.

I laughed at him, No; I just know who you are.

“Stalker?” he kid.

Follow me; I want to show you to someone. I walked past him.

“Whatever you want beautiful” he followed.

Maz’s P O V

*beep* *beep* I received a text from Marceline.

“SHH!!” A librarian shushed me.

I mouthed my apologizes to her and set my phone on vibrate.

From: Mars♥

To: Maz

          Hey babe, I just got out of class- where are you?

From: Maz

To: Mars♥

          I’m in the library looking at some art books.

*vibrate* *vibrate*

From: Mars♥

To: Maz

          No, no, stay there; I’ll be there in five. ^_^

*vibrate* *vibrate*

From: Maz

To: Mars♥

          Alright babe, I’ll be here.

Not even a minute passed & I heard her talking to someone else.

“He should be here somewhere-”

BOO!! I tried to scare her.

“You can’t scare me” she chuckled.

Hi babe, I bear hugged her & saw a guy standing behind her. I noticed his shoes & immediately knew who he was. Shit.

Theo? I whispered to myself.

“Oh yea, I bumped into him when I got out of class” she pulled away from the hug.

“Oi, what’s up man?! Long time no see buddy!!” Theo shouted.

“Shhhhh” the librarian aggressively shushed.

“Let’s take this outside” Mars spoke.

We followed her out of the door & sat at a table outside the cafeteria. I held hands with Marceline & kissed her temple every now & then.

“Wait; hold up . . . she’s your girl?” Theo asked.

Yea, I looked at Marceline, she’s my girl.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry mate; I was flirting with her like A LOT. She told me she has a boyfriend but I didn’t listen; sorry” he frowned.

It’s cool, as long as you didn’t say anything disrespectful to her, its fine.  

“No, don’t worry Maz, he didn’t” said Mars.

“I’ve changed man, kick-boxing is my girl now” he said.

I know Theo’s my brother but he’d usually steal any girl I liked. He knew I liked a few girls back in my town so he’d get with them first & just for the heck of it too. Theo never liked the girls he went out with; he’d only go out with them to prove a point; that he can get who he wants, when he wants. Hopefully he isn’t like that anymore. I trust Marceline though, so I’m not worried. I’ll only be mad at him if he was rude with her or flirted with her to the extreme; that’s something I cannot live with.

You moved here mate? I asked.

“Nah man, my trainer’s gym is under some construction or some shit so I’m only gonna be here for two weeks or so to exercise at some gym around here. Well, I’m not only training but I’m gonna train other people as well. Well, whoever wants to be trained that is. And that cunt is rich so he owns a gym located somewhere here in London, as well as the one back in Wolverhampton” he explained.

Also, I’m not sure if he still does ‘tasks’ for people. Back then, people would tell him to beat up a certain person for a certain amount of money . . . and no matter what you gave him; he’d do it, unless you offered something higher than eighty euros. Let’s just say, money can make Theo do anything.

As we grew up, so did his demands & his ‘clientele’. In a way, without out him, I wouldn’t be here. He’d fight to help bring food on the table but it was also a win-win situation. Theo loves to fight. I just hope that’s all behind him, I don’t want my brother being known as a ‘Hitman’ or something; I already despise that fucking name. But I gotta admit, he looks different but looks do not determine someone’s inner individuality.

I see, where’s the gym?

“It’s around Delyn Street or Devon Street? I’m not sure, I forgot but I know the street’s name begins with a ‘D’.

“I don’t want to sound rude or anything but . . . what brings you here and how did you know Maz was here?” she peeped in.

Shit. I hope she doesn’t get mad.

“Didn’t your boyfriend tell you? I’m gonna teach him how to defend himself”

“He never told me that, how come?” she looked my way.

I just didn’t wanna worry you, that’s all.

“Pshh, no. You said you wanna learn how to be a man or some shit” he chuckled.

That fucker.

“What do you mean . . . ‘learn how to be a man’? What is he talking about Maz” she asked confusedly

I just- Theo cut me off. “He wants to learn how to fight, that’s all”

I looked directly at Marceline for her reaction. “Oh. Okay, that’s awesome; maybe we can have a match & fight to the death!” she laughed.

Oh thank goodness, I thought you’d be mad at me or something. I exhaled.

“Why would I? As long as you’re happy, I’m happy” she caressed my hand.

“Wow . . . she’s beautiful, smart, smokin’ hot, definitely not a bitch, respectful, supportive, AND loyal; she’s a keeper bro so don’t fuck it up” said Theo with his jaw dropped.

And don’t forget . . . mineI chimed in.


I caught up with my brother & talked to him more about Marceline & I. We didn’t share much information about the shit that happened between us in the past but she shared some of her past and so did he. It was comforting to know that they got along with each other very well.

So how’s mum?

“She’s fine, missing you of course” he said.

She knows I hate visiting there.

“She thinks you hate visiting her

I don’t, believe me I miss her as well but I’ll visit her when we’re ready to take our relationship to the next level. I’d push my hate on visiting that town, aside & introduce my mum to my beautiful girlfriend. I kissed Marcey’s nose.

“Oi!” Theo shouted.

Haha, sorry, I just can’t contain myself around her; she’s flawless. I pecked her lips.

“Alright, alright, I’ll leave before you two decide to do it on the table. I’ll see you two around . . . and hopefully not on top of each other” he gagged.

Sex? On the table? That doesn’t sound too bad, huh Marceline? I winked.

She bit her lip; “Sounds like a plan”

“Nope, I’m out!” Theo stood up.

“Well, it was nice meeting you Theo; I hope to see you very soon” Marceline hugged him.

“You too babe, take care of my little bro, you boxer you” he pinched her cheeks.

“Peace man, take care of her alright. I don’t wanna hear anything about her feelings getting hurt because you did something stupid or her dying because of your mistakes; got that?!” Theo punched my arm.

Fuck, that hurt! Of course I’m gonna take care of her; I’m crazy about her. I rubbed my arm.

And with that Theo left & Marceline and I made out way home.

Marceline’s P O V

“So how was class babe?” Maz asked as he held my hand.

It was great, we have a new assignment to do and the topic is to create something artistic that defines you & tells a story.

“So what are you thinking of doing for the project?”

I was thinking of a painting but I don’t want to tell you; it’s a surprise.

“Aww c’mon not even a little hint” he begged.

Okay, just one.

“Alright, go!”

Okay, just know that it’s gonna be . . . a painting.

“Ahaaaaa?” he breathed eagerly.

Haha, yup! Did you really think I’d give you a little hint?

“It was worth a try” he pouted.

C’mon, let’s go home; Dave is probably waiting for us to each lunch.


During dinner, we all spoke about our day. It was very heat warming if you ask me; I felt alive & having my boyfriend there made everything better. Dave has been very helpful from the beginning & I don’t know how to thank him for everything.


After dinner, I took a shower & went to bed; it was a very tiring day today but nonetheless a safe one. I’m just glad that Maz is next to me, with his arms around me and with my head placed right under his chin. And his arms concealed me as mine to his & his heart beat set as my lullaby.

Good night Maz, I love you.

“Good night beautiful, I love you” he whispered; I felt his voice & the vibrations of it, throb throughout my chest and body; a settling feeling to my atmosphere.

Lexi’s P O V

I know now that Marceline is a fighter, no, not in a spiritual way but in a physical approach. That dumb broad can swing, but I don’t know if I should get my hands dirty or let someone else do that for me. But then again, I want to be the cause of her inevitable death, so both options sooth my arrangements.

*finger snap* Mister Blue, come here now! I demanded.

“Yes boss?” Blue asked.

Drive me to a gym . . . an underground gym.

“I uhh, don’t know any Boss” he replied in fright.

UGH! Then go fucking find one you fool! You heard of a GPS, search for one and take me there.

“Yes Boss! Right away Boss!” he shook.

I’ll give you five, no, four minutes to find me a gym and if I don’t get results for the time being; you’re dead you fucking idiot, you hear me; dead!

He nodded his head quickly and ran to complete the demand. *sigh* I swear, why do I always get the dumb ones?

All this yelling and irritation these fuckers cause, is giving me a massive headache; looks like I’ll have to, chill out before I fucking kill someone.

I sat on my desk and opened a drawer within a drawer; my secret stash. None of the boys know what I do when I’m alone. They all assume I plot Marceline’s death like some cynically, obsessed killer with no life to live. Little do they know I’m in here hanging out. If they found out what I was doing; actually, I don’t know what they’d do and I don’t want to know either. Those unimportant imbeciles.

I unbuckled my belt and took out the tools needed for my fix and placed them on my golden, chipped salver. I arranged the belt in a way that it squeezed my left brachium and tightened it securely; biting on it to keep still. As I filled the tube with toxins, I could feel my body crave it ravenously and I could feel every small bead of sweat run from my temple to my cheekbones to my jawline and sliding down my chin, only to splash to the floor. I plucked the tube a few times to mix the liquids together to introduce it into my being. The pointer was now making snip contact with a huge venation on my radius; slowly invading me.  

“Boss! I found-” Blue bolted through the door. I rattled in my seat, causing the pointer to graze my capillary. I gave Blue the deadliest glare on the planet and saw his eyes fixed on my injury. I looked down and saw blood almost, everywhere. I didn’t freak simply because I knew how to deal with it. I’m used to this; I always was.

I took my gun that was taped under the table, used for emergencies only, and flipped the table over.

You fucking idiot! Do you have any idea what you’ve done?!

“I-I t-thought you-” he stuttered and jumped as I cut him off.

Close the door! I shouted. He thought I meant ‘leave’ but believe you me, I didn’t.

I said close the door’, not ‘leave’!

“I’m sorry B-Boss; I only came in to inform you that I found the only underground gym in London and its very close from here. You can literally walk there but of course, I would never let you walk Boss, you deserve to be carried everywhere. It’s also opened twenty-four hours, seven days a week. Ahh, and here’s the exact address; all you have to do is go on and-” he grinned nervously . . . for the last time.

*gunshot* Thanks Blue, you’ve been a great help. I laughed and pretended to blow smoke from the gun as I saw his short, pudgy body plop to the floor and bleed out.

I’ll dig a hole up for you later Blue but my fix always comes first. I picked up the table with my uninjured limb and read the name of the gym.

‘The Recessed Gauntlet, located at 37 Dexton Street. Opened twenty-four hours, seven days a week & get trained by a professional, free for a week!’ I read. Hmm, well I did decided on getting trained and also getting someone who is a pro at fighting; why not? Besides, I’ll make new ‘friends’. Money gets you anything & everything you want out of life.

Before I left, I instilled the liquids in my structure & left. A got hit wouldn’t hurt, aye?

With my hatred & complete control of mind, gone to shit; I dragged my coat off the rack & made my way to the gym. It wasn’t as strong as usual so it wouldn’t last long; it should wear out in an hour or so. 

I laughed to myself & suddenly stopped at the thought of my purpose for me doing all this: You’ll be dead fucking meat Marceline . . . dead fucking meat just like you boyfriend. 

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