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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


35. The Message

MAZ!!! I ran to him before he collapsed to the floor. Maz, what happened to you?! I shouted as I hugged his body covered in blood.

Say something Maz, please? I begged as my vision started to get blurry with tears.

“I c-c-can’t b-breathe” he choked on air.

His face was almost unrecognizable and his shirt was covered with blood. By the looks of it, I’m sure it’s his blood. His jeans were ripped at the sides; I guess he tried to climb barb wired fences or something. His arms had cuts and bruises all over, I’m afraid to see what lies underneath all that clothing. His shirt was white when he left but tonight, it was all red. His exposed chest had a few deeper cuts.

You’re gonna have to lie down for me ok-kay Maz? Stay with me baby, please. I begged.

He was too weak to move so I did it for him. I knew I had to cut his shirt to give him CPR. I didn’t waste time in finding some scissors so instead I gnawed on the collar of his shirt, viciously; hoping to rip it off him on time.

Okay, okay, okay. I panicked as I finally was able to gnaw a tear on his collar. As I ripped it open completely, I wasn’t prepared to see what I had witnessed.

*gasps silently* Oh my God . . . my jaw dropped slightly when I saw many scratches and gashes running down his pecks. His chest was nearly covered with deep cuts and terrible bruises. His V-line, now covered with blood; his sides had deep cuts . . . almost as if someone used a rake to cut him. Whoever did this doesn’t want to only send a message, they want to kill him.

One, two, three. I pressed my hands on his chest and then gave him some air. I repeated this process a few more times.

Maz . . . I cried

He didn’t answer. M-Maz, p-please say something.





“It’s been done Boss” some idiot stated.

And the girl?

“She’s next. When we got him, he was alone; so we figured, why not?” he chuckled.

Shut the fuck up, do you think this is funny?

He straightened his posture, “Uhh, no Boss; sorry Boss”

Anyway, tell me that part where he begged for his life. I grinned.

“Hehe, well that dumb fuck was walking out of some apartment and as he walked down some stairs; BAM!!!!! We took that motherfucker right out! He fell to the floor and that’s when we dragged him to the van. ’Course, I did most of the beating, the boys had other people to kill. And a few hours later, that little prick woke up and that’s when the party began.

~~Hitman’s Flashback~~

“What’s going on? Where am I?” the boy panicked.

Why, you’re in paradise meh boy!

“Who are you?” he tried moving.

Don’t move you little shit, you’re making too many noises! And don’t worry about my identity, just worry about yourself.


*slap* Shut the fuck up yeh?! When I tell you to do certain tasks, I suggest you fulfill them!

He didn’t say anything; he looked down and bit his lip. The little fag was crying but he didn’t want to show it. He made it really obvious too, his lips were quivering, he blinked one-too-many times and his nostrils flared.

A few blocks ahead was the park so the boys and I decided that’s the perfect place to kill him and drop him off to his whore’s house without having to drive a long time.

Haha, we’re gonna have fun beating you senseless kid. *punch* I punched him right in the stomach, blowing the wind out of him.

“*heavy breathing* S-s-stop p-please” he begged.

*slap* Oi! Just where the fuck do you come off, telling me what to do? Have you lost yeh fuckin’ mind?! I grabbed him by his hair and dragged him to a fountain nearby. I pushed his head into the water and watch him squirm for air.

I lifted his head up from the water. Had enough boy?

He said nothing in response; I’ll take that as a ‘no’. I put his head back into the water, watching him die was quite amusing.

Finally, after seconds of watching him nearly die, I decided to kill him with my bare hands and not with water.

I lifted my leg in an attempt to kick him but this time . . . the boy put up a fight with the little energy he had left. I laughed at his attempt to even lay a finger on me.

Haha, trying to touch me is nearly impossible. Just face it kid, you’re dead! I laughed in his blood covered face. I grabbed a pipe that had a small metal spike protruding from it. I used it to slash his stomach with it.

“FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!” he shouted at the top of his lungs.

I continued kicking the shit out of him and after a few last kicks, he sizzled down. His screaming and urge to fight had died, I knew he was now dead; well, he wasn’t completely dead but he wasn’t breathing as much as before.

I knew the deed was done.

I turned around to have a quick smoke when suddenly, I hear a shoe scratch the floor and that’s when I noticed the little bitch tried to run away from me. I chased after him and before was able to fully climb over a barb wired fence, I grabbed one of his lanky legs (that wasn’t on the other side of the fence) and dragged him down. He tried his best to kick me away and climb back up but he wasn’t strong enough.

COME HERE!!! I shouted as I finally got a good grip on him. I dragged him down, causing his cheap fucking jeans ripped on the sides and his shirt was tearing from the front.

I got on top of him and starting punching his ribs and kicking on his open wounds. I stopped and stepped back to see the beauty of my work.

“Are you d-done?” the boy spat out blood on my shoe.

Well, I was gonna leave you on your bitch’s door step but I guess there’s a change of plans. I kicked him right in the center of his face; hearing grunts and gags leaving his wimpy mouth.

I turned him over on his stomach and exposed his back.

Your girlfriend must be very worried about you, let’s leave her a ‘sorry note’ so she won’t bitch at yah; what cha’ think?

His breathing and pulse was slowing down again, I’ll take that as a ‘yes’. I took out a knife and started to carve a little message to his girlfriend, on his back.

          Dear S.O.B’s Girlfriend,

                         Sorry for stopping by this late but your lover boy here started a war with both your names. As you can see, he’s full of blood and bruises but that’s okay, I think he learned my lesson after I beat the shit out of him. Well, there’s not much for him to learn, now that he’s dead and all haha. I’ll apologize for him, when he gets blood all over your carpet. But on a serious note, just know that this was an ordered hit from someone who truly despises you and him. Have fun burying his body, and good luck in school beautiful; also, now that your love between him and you is literally DEAD come get with a hero uh? Anyway, I hope this message lightens your day and lets you know that you are next.

                                                                            With much love & mostly hate,                                                                                                                                 The Hitman 

~~End of Flashback~~


“Once I finished carving his back with a lovely letter, I dragged him to the van, drove him to his whore’s place and dropped him off there. I didn’t turn back, I didn’t feel bad, I didn’t bother knocking on her door; I just left him there and hoping she’d see him the next morning. That’ll spruce her morning up huh?” he chuckled.

You’re pathetic.

“I’m sorry Boss?”

You’re pathetic.


That son of a bitch almost escaped because your sloppy ass decided to keep your filthy eyes off him.

“Hey, boss, I got the hit done; don’t you think-”                                                   

Don’t you ever fucking talk back to me you worthless piece of shit! You’re lucky I don’t take you and your son’s life for this mistake.

“*sigh* you’re right Boss, I’m sorry Boss” he bowed.

I’ve heard enough, now leave me be; I have more plans to set out. You’re dismissed. I waved him off.

He found his way to the door and closed it silently.

You’re next you little minx . . . you’re next. I laughed at the thought of killing that swine. Finally, the two of them will be forever . . . in hell.

Marceline’s P O V

Maz . . . please wake up; please. Still, hours and hours of crying, CPR, and begging him to wake up; he didn’t but I would never give up on him . . . never.

I cleaned his chest real good and turned him over to check for more cuts or bruises.

Oh my God, w-what’s this? I nearly had a heart attack when I saw words carved on his back. Who would do this to someone so sweet?!

I closed my eyes, hoping this, ALL THIS, was just a dream. Sadly, it wasn’t.

I read the ‘letter’ the “Hitman” carved on his back, MAZ ISN’T DEAD!! I KNOW HE ISN’T!!

What war did we start and how does this person know that I’m in school? Well, whoever this Hitman is, he better be prepared for whatever is coming his way because if M-Maz d-d-dies, this so called ‘Hitman’ is joining the suicide. I sobbed in anger, why is this happening? How is after us; how?

 I carefully cleaned his back and took a look at his lifeless body, I will be here ’til you decide to wake up . . . take your time baby, I have all the time in the world for you. I love you. I hinted as tears rolled down my cheek. I began to grow impatient, the Hitman’s words kept repeating in my head. “Have fun burying his body”, I sat up and paced to his body.

C’mon Maz, I’ll lay you on my bed so whenever you wake up, you’d wake up in a comfortable way okay? B-but if you die, Maz if you die . . . I will never go on with my life and I’ll never f-forgive you. Just don’t leave me Maz, please! JUST WAKE UP MAZ!! MAZ WAKE UP!!! I cried.

I climbed on the bed and gently laid my head on his chest and wept loudly until my eyes felt heavy and ’til sleep took over. 

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