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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


46. The Chat

Marceline's P O V

He was gonna say it again. That fucking word that spilled through his lips onto mine, onto my skin and into my heart. That fucking word that he'd use so many times, so many fucking times. I don't want to hear that word coming from him, ever again.

"Hey, I saw what happened" Bridget pulls me aside.

Can we just not . . . talk about it?

"You wanna step outside for a bit, get some air? I'll join you, all this dancing has me sweating" she smiles.

I nod, sure.

We walked upstairs to a balcony and faced the beautiful view of the place.

"What went wrong?" she whisperes.

In the relationship that I had with him or the slow dance?

"Both, but for now, tell me about the slow dance"

He kept apologizing and talking about the past . . . it was very annoying and overwhelming; like a wave that you thought you got over but then an even bigger wave comes crashing towards you with no sign or warning.

"I know how that feels, you don't know how to deal with it so you decide to walk away and leave it alone"

Yea that's what I did. I walked away because that's just way to much drama to drag myself into. Sometimes it's worse when someone reminds you of your problems than it is when the moment you've suffered through them. I'm happy and I don't want him taking that away from me.

"I doubt anyone will, you're not stupid" she smiles.

I won't let nothing and no one take my happiness away from me, I'm not worried or anything, I'm just annoyed. I chuckle.

"That's my girl, see this is the Marceline that I've met and missed. You should wear dresses more often, you look amazing in them!" she smiles.

As 'new' as this sounds, I'm gonna buy tons of dresses tomorrow; come with?

"Are you serious or are you taking a piss?" 

I'm 100% serious, I chuckle.

"Oh my gosh Marceline! Finally!!"

"Babe, care to have this dance?" interrupts Sam.

"Sorry Sam, I'm chatting with MarsBars" she grins.

No, no, no, go ahead I need the air. I'll see you inside once I feel refreshed. 

"Oh alright, once you feel better come find me; I wanna dance with you" smiled Sam.

I nodded, what a goof haha but he's the one of the best goofs ever.

"See you soon sugar buns!" Bridget winks.

I chuckled, what a flirt haha but she's one of a kind, she's my kind.

I turned my back and inhaled and exhaled. Get your head straight, it's not good to fall back into that pit of shit, you're better than this Mars.


I turned around.

It was Maz with a drink in his hand, I bowed my head and turned my face away from him.

"I'm very sorry for making you feel annoyed and uncomfortable" he sighs.

I said nothing and slowly nodded.

"I got you a drink if you're interested, it's Grape Brandy" he added.

I shook my head in refusal and looked away to the point that he was no longer in my provisional sight. 

"Talk to me . . . please" he utters.

I turned my head slightly only to see him on the corner of my eye.

"Marceline . . . please" he begs.

What do you wanna talk about or should I say, what memory do you want to relive?

"Look, I promise I won't talk about the past only the present" 

I nod.

"Thank you. So umm, what's new?" he asks.

Well, I pretty much just updated you on the last three years of my life. Now, what about you? You look, different. I say. 

"I've been hitting the gym and well that's all I've done" 

I see.

"So can I ask you something?" he asks.

I figured you would, shoot.

"Do you umm, have a . . . have a yunno, a-"

Yea, I do.

"How did you-"

What other question would you ask regarding 'if I have . . .'?

"What's his name?" his voice got a little serious and angry.


"John, what?" he snaps.

That's not important to you Maz. I say with no intention of having this conversation with him.

"How long have you guys been a couple?" his voice lowers.

We've been together for three years now.

"Oh umm, wow. That's just g-great" he stutters but has trouble keeping it together.

I know, thanks.

"So he treats you right?"

Like no other, I grin.

I notice his eyes were getting glossy. I have never seen Maz be this emotional over a conversation. I semi-roll my eyes and turn away.

"I'm happy for you then" he stutters.

Thanks, so what about you; who's your girl?

"No one, I'm single" he says embarrassed. 

Oh. You'll find one, many here for you to 'choose' from.

"I saw one but she's not interested, she's taken" he looks down.

Forget about her then, there's no point in sticking around a girl who doesn't want you; move on.

"I can't"

You can you just haven't tried it yet. Try it, it wouldn't hurt as much.

"It's not whether or not I want to try it, I simply don't want to. She's the one that I can't stop thinking about in the middle of the night. I hate myself for what I did but I realize now that I can't take it back. It's been awhile since I saw her but tonight, she shined. I know tonight is Sam's night but damn, she certainly took it all. Her dress fit her perfectly, her hair got longer and even more beautiful, but what really got me was when I heard her voice for the first time in years. It was angelic, if not even more angelic than before. But when I hugged her . . . I know I'm stupid for touching her right? But I did and I didn't let go, that's until she pushed me away with her strength. She's gotten stronger too but those seconds  with my hands around her waist, were heaven. I may sound like a douche bag but I have no regrets, I really needed that hug and I'm glad it was her. But now, I realize I might have lost the love of my life to her boyfriend. I still won't give up because I know we were meant to be and I hope she thinks so too but I'm jealous of the man who has the right to call her his" he quietly sighs.

Hmm, is that so? 

To be honest, everything he said really caught me off guard. I knew he still liked me, no he loves me but it seems to me that his love to me was stronger than before.

No, no Marceline, he's just bullshitting you!

He interrupted my thoughts,"Yea. We even slow danced tonight, she's the first girl that I've asked to dance. I don't really slow dance, it's not my type of vibe but if it were to be Salsa or the ChaChaCha, I'd dance my ass off if it meant I'd get to hold her close to me" he hints.

That's cool that you feel that way but how do you think she feels towards you?

"I know she hates me so I think, I'm not sure and I hope not but I think she's done with me. But she knows me, I won't give up on our love. We had a strong love connection before"

Yea that's the problem…

"What is?" 

You're still fucking stuck in the past, just get the fuck over it!! I shouted as I sped away.

At this point, I was holding back tears but once I ran down the stairs I completely lost control. I was crying out loud and thank goodness there was loud music playing in the background and thank goodness no one saw me.

I cried because everything between me and him was a lie. Everything I did with him was my first and it all went to shit. Everything he did to me just fucked me up to the point that I was shooting up and snorting. I can't and I won't do this again!!

We just aren't meant to be.

I was finally outside and slowly walked through a beautiful Rose Maze Garden. I sat on a concrete bunk and tried to pull myself together.

"Marceline?!" I heard Maz shout.

I stood up and wept quieter and tried to find a good hiding spot for him to never find me.

I saw him walk deeper into the maze garden so I saw the opportunity to dash to the gates but before I did I took off my heels so I wouldn't make a sound.

As I was going to reach the gate, I felt someone holding me back.

"Stay . . ." he whispered.

I can't do that anymore Maz . . . I slowly shook my wrist off his grip but I could tell that this wasn't over. 

This just started.

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