The Arts

FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


3. The Airport

I slowly open my eyes and see the sun shining through my window. I can tell it’s going to be a good day. I get up from bed and hit the showers to get ready. Am I ready to leave everything behind? Why of course I am. Once I finished taking a shower, I put my hearing aids in and get dressed. Sigh, I’m finally leaving this place. Thank goodness. And no one, not even Matthew can stop me. Europe, HERE I COME!

Meanwhile at Matthew’s shop

Matthew’s P O V

“Shit! Why am I such an idiot?! Why can’t I tell her or express myself to her? I tried to love her as a sister, but I couldn’t. It didn’t feel right. I can’t be her “friend” anymore. I want more than that. And now I think I lost her, for good. I- I’m sorry Marceline . . . for everything.

I grabbed my phone and started to type a message to her.

Marceline, I’m sorry for acting the way I did. I do accept the fact that you have dreams about going to Europe. But I never thought about you actually leaving. You, my only friend, is moving thousands of miles away from me. All I wanted to say is, I love you Marceline. I love you so much, remember that. Take care and I know you’ll do great on your own; you always have. Have a safe flight . . . okay? Bye.

Marceline’s P O V

My phone rings, seems like I got a message . . . from Matthew! I hope it isn’t anything rude or dramatic.

As I read the message, I can finally go to Europe knowing that everything between us is in good terms.

Hehe, Matt you jerk.

I was about to reply to his message when I heard the announcements stating my flight was boarding.

“Attention ladies and gentleman, all passengers boarding the plane AU21 must line up at tunnel A and B. That is all, thank you.”

I better hurry and line up. I’ll call Matthew once I arrive.

Matthew’s P O V

Sigh, she probably hates me.

I just can’t control myself. I mean, who can? Who can watch the one person they truly love, walk out of their lives; without telling them how you feel about them? I had so many opportunities to tell her, but did I? Nope, I’m just some idiot who can’t express themselves. Sigh. It’s- it’s not over.

Back at the airport

As I walk into the airplane, I find my seat and make myself comfortable. I see a flight attendant coming towards me; I have a question to ask her.

Excuse me, mam?

“Hello miss, are you all set for today?” she asks me with a wide smile on her face.

Yes I am thank you, but I have on quick question. How long is flight?

“The flight would be roughly about 7hrs. and 15 minutes.”

Oh . . .okay then. Thank you so much. I say to her as she begins to make her way to the back of the plane.

Well, since I’m truly tired from all of this airport bizz, I’m gonna get some shut eye.

------------ 7hrs. & 15 mins. Later ------------

*Flight Attendant uses speaker*

Attention all passengers. We will be landing in 5 minutes, please be in your seats and have your seatbelts buckled as we land. That is all, and thanks for choosing us to fly you here.

Oh my gosh. I just couldn’t believe I was in Europe. I’m gonna be living in London! Wow.

As I started to walk out of the plane, one of the flight attendants said something to me that I never thought I would ever be told. They said, “Welcome to London”.  Not even in my dreams would I ever think of hearing those words. But my dreams of flying here finally came true! Finally, a fresh clean slate and a future of wonderful art to look forward to.

But first things first, I have to change some money.

Once I converted a few bucks, took a taxi and I told the driver to take me to a hotel nearby. I walked inside the hotel, but the second I made myself home; I had to put sigh-seeing aside and look for a cheap apartment.

After 8 hrs. of looking for an apartment, I finally found one. It’s in London and surprisingly quite cheap. And with that, I wasted no time still. I had to find a job, money doesn’t last forever. I found a few jobs, but one stood out to me the most. It had to do with books and arts. The store is called, “Abbeys Eye’s”. 

I looked into their website and it was beautiful. It had a real antique yet modern touch to it. It was medium size with amazing intricate designs outside and inside the shop.

Anyway, I copied down the address and decided to get something to eat. I swear, my stomach is eating itself.

It’s getting late, better get something to eat before it gets dark out. Hmm, well I already have my eye on an apartment and a job. I guess I owe it to myself to do a teeny bit of sight-seeing. I should take my camera.

I grabbed my camera and some money with me. I saw this small convenience store and bought some ice cream and fruit; along with some juices.

On my way back home, I saw a Fish N Chips stand, I just had to try it. And it was amazing!

I sat on my bed and started to lay out my “dinner”.

Welp! I finally have some food to chow down on. Well Marmar, DIG IN!

Next morning

Matthew’s Point of View

Crap! Marci hasn’t replied back. She’s either too excited about Europe or she must really hate me. I might never know if she felt the same way. Sigh.

Marceline’s Point of View

Ahhhh. Good morning London! Hopefully today will be the day that I get a job at that cute little shop. But first, a shower is most definitely needed; I smell like fish and cookies n’ cream, not a good combo.

I took a quick shower and got dressed. I was about to head to the door but then I forgot my bag.

Omg, Matthew! I forgot to contact him. But my phone; it needs to be set to make calls to America. Ugh! Whatever, let’s just get this done. I’m sure it’ll be fun.

As I walked outside, I couldn’t help but to look up half the time. But sadly, today . . . my hearing aids gave out. I’m practically deaf for the day. Sigh, I can deal with it, I was born deaf. I’m used to having to hear nothing, but still be able to enjoy myself. Even though I cannot hear a thing today, that will definitely not stop me from enjoying this beautiful day.

I turned a corner and coincidentally I ran into “Abbey’s Eyes”! It was even more beautiful in person. It was very well detailed and breathtaking. I know I’m deaf, and today my hearing aids died out, but I can read lips. Plus, if I want a job; I must be honest from the beginning. Sigh, here goes nothing!

I slowly opened the door only to be greeted by a middle aged woman. She seemed very chill and easy-going.

“Hello, welcome to Abbey’s Eyes need any help?” she asked as she walked to the counter.

Hello, yes I umm just moved to London and I’m looking for a job. I looked through your website yesterday and well, I was hoping you were hiring. I mean if not, that’s okay but I just need a job. I take any pay really.

“Hmm, well I am the only employee that works in this shop, I’m also the boss. You seem kinda cool. So tell me, what type of music do you listen too. Who’s your favorite writer? Tell me about yourself, I would like to know more about you. Oh and by the way, my name is Abbey.” She said with a friendly smirk on her face.

Okay, umm my name is Marceline Konn and I’m 18 yrs. old. My taste in music varies, I listen to all types of music. I listen to Pink Floyd, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Beethoven, The Doors, Janis Joplin, and many more. Oh my, and when it comes to literature . . . it has to be Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, Robert Frost and more. I moved here from the United States, I’m from New York and I’m Mexican. Many people confuse me for being another race, such as Peruvian, Asian, Russian, or Lebanese. I’m also very addicted to art. My favorite artists are of course Banksy, Mario Alba, Ashley Mackenzie and many more. I like to try new things; I’m neither a lover nor a fighter. I- umm . . . I was born deaf. I learned to read lips and I can obviously speak without a deaf accent. To my surprise, my hearing aids died so I can’t hear anything today. But such things do not bring me down. Since I can read lips, I can manage. But if you were to turn around and talk, I would capture nothing. And that’s pretty much it so far, and if you’d like to know more; I don’t mind sharing a thing.

“Wow, you are truly majestic”, she said with a surprised look on her face. “You are really cool, I like that. I’m surprised you don’t let anything get in your way, plus your taste in everything is similar to my taste. Yunno what, I wasn’t looking for a person to work here, but having you around would be fun. You’re hired Marceline.” She walked towards me and welcomed me with a side hug.

“Yunno, I never worked with an American . . . I’m actually kinda souped about this!” she said with a huge smile on her face.

Haha ditto. Oh I don’t want to bother you but, do you know much about an art school named Slade School of Fine Arts? I found it yesterday online whilst I was looking for an apartment and I came across that school. It seems really nice and it has nice reviews, but I’m still “iffy” about it.

“Slade is an amazing school for people who love art. It’s not too far from here actually. I’d say, 15-20 minutes by trolley or train.”

Sounds good, I’ll check on it after work thank you.

Abbey turns to me and says, “I’ll close early today, to take you there.”

No no no no no, you don’t have to do that Abbey. I’ll go myself after work; please I don’t want to be a bother.

“Non-sense, I have errands to run anyway. Trust me, you’re no trouble” she said looking shrugging her shoulders.

I’m left somewhat speechless and shocked. I can’t believe that this woman, whom I just met, is helping me out so much more than my own parents.

Wow, thanks Abbey. You are an amazing person for helping me out so much. I owe you a bunch! I say with a smile from ear to ear.

She walks out of the store once she locked it and looks at me and says, “No you don’t missy, you don’t owe me anything. What are friends for right? C’mon, your education cannot be held back any longer. School is close to starting.”

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