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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


31. Slow Recovery

I read the text and walked out to the stairs. Soon, I spotted the purple car and got in; only to be faced with . . .

“Marcey!!!!! How have you been babe?!” shouted Sam.

Oh my fucking God, you scared the scrap out of me!!! I shouted.

“I missed you! The last time we’ve seen each other was when you were in the hospital” Sam grinned.

“Sorry Marceline, Sam was with me already and when I told him I was gonna go visit you; he refused to leave” she playfully sighed

It’s cool, no problem. I hinted.

Sam pulled me in a hug and whispered, “I’m sorry about everything that’s going on” Great, now he knows.

I tried wiggling out of the hug but he held me tighter. I’ll be fine Sam, thanks. I muttered in his ear, causing him to hug me a bit tighter.

He let go of me and Bridget gave me a sympathetic look as well; I’m guessing she knows about my situation as well.

Guys . . . thanks but I’ll be fine.

“I hope so Marceline, your looks and attitude have us worrying” said Bri.

“It’s just that we’ve never seen you like this before; or any one for that matter” Sam added

I nodded. I don’t want you guys to worry about me. Trust me when I say I’ll be fine, I mean it. I need some time to get myself together. I don’t know if I’ll be the ‘Marceline’ that you used to know but I won’t be this grumpy and sour forever.

“Marceline, do you mind if we talk, just you and me and no one else?” Sam chimed in.

I turned to Bridget and she gave me a smile. “Go ahead, it’s okay. I’ll go take a walk and whenever the two of you are done, call me” she smiled as she got out of the car.

“Marceline, let me talk first” Sam said as he grabbed my hands.

I looked down and back at him.

“Maz is an idiot and what he did to you was low but please don’t leave. I know how much you care about your education so don’t throw that away over one mistake; it isn’t worth it. Now, about the whole Maz situation . . . he’s really sorry and I know that won’t make you forgive him but hear me out at least. You don’t know how much you mean to him Marceline; he regrets the things he did to you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that boy cry over you. The last time he cried like that was when he came running to my home the day he saw his father beat his mother for the first time. His ‘father’ has beaten his mum plenty of times before but Maz never saw it; he only heard it. At first Maz’s mum would tell him that her bruises were formed because she fell or bumped into something but Maz had a feeling it wasn’t because she ‘fell’. She didn’t want to tell him about his abusive father; so she covered for him. And he didn’t make it into a big deal because he didn’t want to stress his mum out” he sighed

“When we were sixteen years old, we’d go out and paint ’til the street lights turned on. We’d split afterwards and go home. Then one night, I heard loud ruffling outside my window. I saw a shadow get closer to my window and being the guy that I am, I got my Penny board and was gonna use it as a defense weapon. Then I heard someone say ‘Sam, it’s me’, and that’s when I realized it was Maz. I let him in and he fell to the ground, crying. He was shaking and bleeding a bit from the fences he climbed. I remember all this as if it were just yesterday . . .”

~~~~ Flashback ~~~~

Maz, what happened?!

“That fucking asshole HIT HER!! HE HIT MY MOTHER!!” he shouted.

Who hit your mum?! Is she okay?! I panicked.

“My fucking ‘father’! I don’t know if she’s okay; I panicked and ran out when I saw him punch her!” he cried

I didn’t ask anything else and kneeled before him and hugged him. It made him cry louder but I didn’t mind, my parents weren’t home anyway. He’s my best mate and I’ll always be there for him through thick and thin.

Maz had his arms wrapped around my torso like a little frightened kid. I can tell this was a very traumatizing experience for him. I have never seen him broken like this before.

A few hours had gone by and Maz has calmed down. He let go of me and sat on the floor.

“He’d always hit her, I knew he did. She would always tell me to hide in my room and lock the door. She’d always cover up for him, no matter what and I hate that. I love my mum to pieces but this can’t go on Sam” tears rolled down his face.

I know, I know man. I’m sorry you had to see that happen to your mum; she’s a saint. I mumbled to him. Seeing him hurt was hurting me. He’s like a brother to me, yunno?

“I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO SAM!!!” he burst back into tears and I hugged him even tighter as he slowly cried himself to sleep . . .

~~~~ End of Flashback ~~~~

And ever since that day, I haven’t seen him like this. You have to at least hear him out, please?

“Stop” she said in a serious tone

Marceline just talk to each other . . . hear him out and he’ll hear you out. Look, I’ll make you a deal alright? You listen to what he has to say yeah? And if you still feel like you can’t forgive him, leave but if you want to keep things flowing with you guy’s relationship; please- she cut me off

“I said, stop” she angrily sighed, “I’m not leaving, not now and maybe not ever. Did you and that brat actually think I’d leave London because of his stupidity? Did you really think I’d drop everything I’ve ever worked hard on and go home? Is he stupid or just plain desperate? He probably never listened to me when I spoke passionately about my dreams and struggles of coming here to London or he can’t accept the fact that I don’t want him; pathetic” her voice started to raise

I let her words sink it. I understood where Mars was coming from, this is gonna be difficult for me to try to get her to talk to Maz.

Marceline, don’t think I’m trying to force you into doing things but please, please, please, please talk to Maz. I’m begging you look- I said, getting down on one knee- I’m down on one knee for you. Please Marceline, you look like you’re gonna die soon. I grabbed her hand. He looks like he’s gonna go crazy soon; please just talk to him.

She snatched her hand away and spoke. “I don’t want to talk to him Sam! I’m glad you wanna help but help him not me! I’ll be fine, I have my education to focus on and I don’t want to deal with him and his little dramas! I’m done with people begging me to hear someone out, why the hell should I? I was always nice to people but it seems that all they do is take advantage of me and stomp all over me! But things change Sam, people change! I know what I want and I know what I have to do to get it, I’m focused on that 100%! So I don’t need any help alright? Maz is the one who’s lost with all the bullshit he caused himself, so help him not me!” she opened the car door and rushed out into the streets.

Marceline!! I shouted but she didn’t turn back. She didn’t stop. She didn’t come back.

*sigh* I’m sorry Maz . . .

Marceline’s P O V

No, no, no, don’t cry Marceline, don’t cry! You are done crying just stop! I angrily whispered to myself. Thankfully, no tears streamed down my face. As I rushed through the crowds, someone caught my eye.

“Marceline!” the man I was looking at shouted. I know that voice and I knew to whom it belonged to.

Dave. I sighed in relief.

He ran to me and gave me a huge, tight, and long hug. “How have you been sweetie?” he muttered into my hair.

I’ve been doing alright, thanks Dave. You?

“Missing you of course but I’m still here. So tell me, how was your first day?” he walked with me, hugging me sideways. I always liked how he hugged me sideways, it made me feel safe and wanted.

It was really interesting. I had only one class today . . . I continued telling him about my day.

All in all, everything was going swell, except that one guy who wouldn’t leave me the hell alone. I sneered.

“I see, well don’t let that young boy distract you from your studies. I mean, after all, you’re still involved with that other young man” he smiled

I stopped. I’m not involved with a ‘young man’; I’m only involved with my studies

He nodded, “So the two of you are done for good, aye?”

We were never an item to begin with.

“I’m sorry to even bring that topic up Marceline” he sighed

It’s okay, I’m getting used to it. I shrugged.

We walked in comfortable silence and went to a mini coffee shop to eat . . .

Maz’s P O V

You did what?! I shouted at the phone

“Chill out bro, I’m just trying to help you guys out. She listened to me and even though she walked out and rushed-”

She walked away, huh? I mumbled

“Yeah, but I have good news. She’s not moving back to America” he breathed.

I was happy and relieved to hear that but either way, whether she stayed of left; it’ll feel as if she wasn’t here. Her ignoring me each and every time I try to talk to her is slowly eating me up.

Thanks Sam but next time, let me know before you go and try to fix things between me and her okay? I’ll just have to give her time but that doesn’t mean I won’t stop looking for her.

“Yeah, I understand. I’ll talk to you later; I gotta go with Bridget somewhere”

Cool, bye. I hung up on him.

How can I prove myself to you Marceline . . . how? I breathed.


So she’s no longer with him? I say as I peek through my window.

I see her and this older man sitting down and eating; fatasses. How pathetic, is she now into older men? The bitch could barely hold down one her age. Haha, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s buying her food first then fucks her; WHORE!

I’ve been laying low since he told me off. I fell out of love for him, what can I say; he was such a bore. He never did have what other men could give me. I guess I just wanted him because everyone wanted her. Why should she take all the men and brainwash them with her beauty? Why couldn’t she be a good girl and fuck off whenever she catches the attention of another girl’s man? Why does she have to be such a slut?

Oh but worry not, I have tons of ideas, plots and ‘missions’ to act out so that bitch doesn’t take any other girl’s man. I’m no longer gonna fight for what was mine but for what could’ve been to other girls’ and for me; this’ll be fun and messy.

I ran downstairs to buy some gloves when some idiot bumped into me.

Oh my god, are you serious?! I shouted at him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there. I was carrying so many books, I really am sorry” he replied genuinely.

How about you watch where you’re going next time you buffoon!

“How about you watch where you’re going as well, fifty-fifty” he retorted

What did you say to me you little shit?

“Playing games are we, you heard me or do you have a hearing problem as well as an understanding problem?” he sassed

I believe the only problem I have is the fact that I’m standing here talking to some jerk like you! Now move you asswipe, I got places to go to and people to see!

“You have a mirror? Cause the only jerk I see here is you. How about you make me move? I’m doing those people waiting for you a favor, your presence might not grace them today” he chuckled

*slap* His head turned in the direction I slapped him but he stood his ground. MOVE I SAID! He touched his cheek softly but gave me a grin instead and that pissed me off even more.

“Yunno, you’re quite cute when you’re angry”

*sla-* I was gonna slap him again but he stopped me and pulled me towards him

“What do you think this is, child’s play? You think you can get anywhere in this world by slapping boys around to get your way? Well you’re wrong babe, cause this guy isn’t doing anything for you” he looked dead at me

I tried to pull away from him; struggling around his toned arms. Don’t fucking touch me! I yank myself free from his grip.

“Hypocrite, if you don’t want to be touched . . . then don’t touch people” he winked as stared at my lips. Who the hell is he and why isn’t he intimidated by me?

Who the hell are you?!

“Finally, we’re becoming friends. My name is Eren Styles and what’s your name?” he playfully bowed. That little shit, this isn’t a game!

I was gonna walk away from him when he pulled me by the arm and made me face him again. “I said, what’s your name?” he had a deadly look in his eyes

I was hypnotized by his features, he isn’t bad looking. He has these piercing emerald eyes and perfectly chiseled jaw, dark brown hair and his skin tone is a light brown shade of color. He’s taller than me but not by much, I’d say two inches or so. This guy is actually cute.

“Umm . . . hello?” he chuckled

I soon snapped out of my daze and spoke. I don’t have to answer to you, now let me go or else I’ll beat the crap out of you! I scoffed

He let my arm go and winked at me one more time before he left. I sighed in relief and remembered that I have a life to ruin. Oh you, you’re gonna pay for all the damages you’ve caused you little bitch . . .

Marceline’s P O V

After my little chat with Dave, things seem to be okay. I’m no longer a cry baby and I can smile without trying. I still have my walls up and all but other than that, I’m good. School was pretty cool, except that weirdo trying to get to know me. I don’t understand how people can’t take a damn hint? I’m basically showing you that I have no interest in anything and yet you’re still trying? I just wanna focus on school and better my future; and I’m gonna do just that.

Welp, I’m pretty beat from everything today . . . I’m gonna take a nap. I say to myself.

I didn’t bother changing clothes; what for I’m just going to sleep. I got under the covers and soon fell into deep sleep.


Hello? I ask as I walk into an empty house

“I’m SORRY!” a guy shouted

I followed the voice and it lead me to the kitchen.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you or do anything bad to you!” he shouted again

I couldn’t make out who it was but I can tell he hated himself for what he did.

“Take me back please, I love you!”

I walked up from behind him. Hello?

The guy turned around and he happened to be Maz; great. “Marceline, why are you here? Get out, you’re the reason why she left me!” he pushed me away from him

Wha- as I was gonna reply, a girl walked into the kitchen and seemed pissed when she saw me and Maz.

“So this is how you get me back, making me jealous?! Reconnection with the bitch you cheated on me with?!” she shouted

“No, no, no, baby . . . she popped up out of nowhere I swear” he pleaded. Boy, he wasn’t kidding.

“Get the hell out of here!” he grabbed me by the neck and began choking me. “You ruined everything you whore! I fucking regret the day you walked into my life! You were just a bit of fun and that’s it. You never meant a damn thing to me, she did!!” he pointed towards the girl.

I couldn’t see who she was but I can only imagine is was one of those girls he used for sex.

“Since you can’t take a hint; I’ll make you leave, forever. I guess killing you is the only solution” his hand tightened around my neck

I couldn’t say anything for I was running out of breath. Soon I felt a strong, sharp pain in my heart and noticed him stabbing it multiple times. Everything around me faded to black and I came to terms that . . . M-Maz killed me.


Stoppppp!!!! I woke up yelling. Sweat was dripping from my forehead and my heart was pounding like crazy. For a dream, everything seemed real. His words hurt me more than the stabbings. After all, it was all a dream but I still feel the same way towards him; loathe.

I checked the time and it was 9:30p.m so I tried to force myself back to sleep. As I was going to, I was bothered by someone knocking kindly at my door. I groggily got up and slumped my way to the door. As I slowly and carelessly, turn the knob, I was faced with . . . 

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