The Arts

FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


30. Slade

“I’m going back home . . . I’m going back to New York, and I don’t ever want to see you again. . . I fucking hate you” she got closer to me as she whispered it angrily and walked away . . .


She couldn’t be leaving; why would she leave?! I didn’t stop her, I stood there alone; hearing her footsteps stomp away from me. Stomp away from the shit I’ve done to her. Stomp away from all her problems and the people that caused them.

I’m sorry Marceline . . . but I can’t let you leave. I just can’t.

Marceline’s P O V

Who does that fucker think he is?! Someone who can fix everything?! Someone who expects people to forgive him once he says ‘I’m sorry’? NO! Does he not understand that he can’t just be forgiven?! The urge to punch him right in the fucking face was extremely difficult!

Yea, I told him I was moving back to America but that was obviously a lie. I’m not leaving this place to go back to that hell hole. I just have to lay low for a while and that’s just what I’m gonna do.

*sniffle* don’t worry Marceline, your Rose Compass will help you get out of this situation and help you find yourself again. No one will hurt you like that ever again. Just focus on school and all will be fine. I aggressively wiped my tears away and lifted my head up. I might not have a friendly smile now but I’ll sure as hell fake it if I have to.

I have a big day tomorrow, I hope I don’t see him around me or he’ll see the side of me that even I’ve never encountered.

Maz’s P O V

“Maz, you’re a fucking idiot; you know that right? Why would you even trust-”

I know I know Sam, ‘why would you even trust the people you distrust the most?’ trust me Sam . . . I’ve heard a billion times from Marceline.

I continued telling my mate about everything that happened in the abandoned building. Sam was really shocked and pissed off about everything that occurred. He was mostly pissed off at me, I don’t blame him.

“How’s she holding up?” he asked eagerly.

Not good mate, not good at all. You might not even get to see her again anyway.

“What do you mean, where is she going?”

She’s going back to America but don’t worry, I won’t let her leave Sam.

“Are you serious?! Maz, I don’t know what your plan is but you’ve fucked up enough things man. I think it’s best if you let her go . . .” he said, trying to not sound mean. I know he means well but he doesn’t know how I feel about her.

I can’t Sam! I tried but I can’t! I need her by my side Sam! I don’t see myself being with anyone else. Call me stupid but I’m completely in love with her. I don’t want to lose her Sam! I’m sure she doesn’t want to lose me either.

“Mate, you fucked a slag in her bed; that’s fuckin’ low! You don’t have to let her go but knowing her, she definitely let go of you already” he sighed.

I know Sam and I fucking regret every minute of it! I’m not gonna let her go; ever. If she really doesn’t want me, she’ll have to show me how much he hates me. And in order to do that she’ll have to love some other guy but I don’t want that. Seeing her happy would make me happy but seeing her happy with another guy; that would kill me.

“I know mate, don’t worry if you’re meant to be, you’re meant to be. If not, well I’m sorry but you can’t force anyone to love you. Look mate, I have to go but we’ll talk later alright? Don’t worry, I’ll try to help you with this.”

Yea, I’ll talk to you later. Bye. I sighed as I hung up.

Sam’s right, I sound like I’m trying to force Marceline to love me but I’m not. I’m trying to convince her, I know deep down, she still loves me.

I’m sure you do Marcey . . .


Marceline’s P O V

Thankfully, I didn’t cry myself to sleep last night. Instead I read my Art book and that pretty much knocked me out. It was very interesting and I realized that there were so many things I have to learn; but I’m ready.

I rolled out of bed and took a shower. I got dressed and cooked myself some breakfast. Ever since I’ve crashed at Dave’s place, I’ve gotten used to eating breakfast again. I know damn well I’m not smiling much today, even if it kills me. I’m used to hiding the way I feel but I just can’t anymore. And I thank Dave for that, he slowly but surely taught me more about myself. I still keep in touch with him; he even offered me a ride to school but I turned it down. I wanna be by myself for a while, ‘til I get used to things. Being the understanding man he is, Dave wished me good luck on my first day. I’m always anxious and scared when it was the first day of school but today I’m treating it like any other day.

I got dressed and made my way to Uni. 

(A/N: To see Marcey’s outfit, go to and look for me; Coeur-shapedbox and her outfit will be there. It’ll have the same name as this chapter)

I arrived at Slade and took a look at my schedule; it seems today I only have one class. And that class is art; perfect! I made my way to the arts class and the room was huge! It had paintings and sculptures everywhere. Class hasn’t even started and people are already studying the art around them. Everyone in class is just like me; they absolutely love and understand art. I woke up in a terrible mood but seeing all of this brings a small smile to my face.

“Alright class, good morning my name is Professor Leonard and I’m your art instructor” he smiled.

“Good morning” we all replied.

“I see all of you are taking a liking to my work” he chuckled.

“You did all of this? This is amazing!” one guy exclaimed.

“Thank you young man but the true amazing artwork that I expect to see; will be from all of you” he said, signaling to all of us.

This guy is really cool. I like Professors that are really laid back but know what they are doing and know what they want from a student. Well, since this is art; imagination is key.

“Well I always cut to the chase, so today you will do something artistic. Whether you’re good at painting, sketching, sculpting; it doesn’t matter, I want to see what you are each capable of. Now, I’m not gonna waste any more time; go. The supplies are in the back of the room and if you need help or have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll be walking around, I expect great things from you all” he smiled.

Wow, I really do like this class. He’s so free with his students but cares about what we do. This is pretty awesome!

Everyone scattered to the back of the room but I sat back and waited ’til there was no one there.

“Ahh, I see you’re the waiting type; you and that young man over there” the Professor said. He pulled a stool to him and sat next to me.

Yes I am Sir, it doesn’t matter if there’s nothing left; I make the best of what I get. I don’t wait, I observe. I stated, trying to not sound cold.

“I like that” he said getting up to leave.

“So umm, what’s your name” I hear a boy say, his voice getting closer and closer to me.


I can tell he expected me to ask him for his name but I could care less.

“My name is Eren, Eren Styles” he said a little proud of himself.

I kept looking forward, waiting for people to leave so I can get some supplies. Before he could say anything else, I stood up straight and walked away from him. I don’t want to make friends with anyone; and I’m not sorry for acting like a bitch.

I looked at the paint brushed and palettes supplies to us and needless to say, they were pretty handy. As I reach over to get some supplies someone hands me a small basket to put all of the supplies in.

No thanks. I said, still looking for more supplies.

“Are you okay? You seem angry or sad; do you need someone to talk to because if you do, I can hear you out?” said Eren in a worried tone.

Thanks but no thanks

“Is it me, do you not like me?” he got closer to me

Can you not do this, yunno, play the ‘is it me’ game? It’s really annoying and plus I’m just a girl who doesn’t want to talk; get over it. I don’t know you and not to hurt your feelings but I don’t want to get to know you either. Can I just get some art supplies, start my art project and work in peace? Or will that make you think I despise you? I retorted in a sassy tone.

“I’m not playing any games here. I’m just asking you a simple question, why are you getting so mad? You look like you needed a friend and I want to be that friend” he responded

Was me not making eye contact with you or walking away from you, not a sign that I don’t want to talk to you? I’m mad because you keep bothering me, leave me alone. I don’t need a friend, I need time alone. You need a hint to understand that I don’t want anything from you. You’re not going to become that friend, you’re becoming that guy that I don’t want to be around. I stated without yelling.

He just looked at me in a hypnotized look. I squinted my eyes in anger and walked away from him. I left him standing there and I bet he wanted me to turn around. This isn’t the Notebook bitch! I got shit to do and I don’t want anyone bugging me!

I sat at an empty table and set up my canvas.

“What are you gonna draw my dear?” Leonard asked.

I’m gonna draw the way I feel. I said, not looking at him.

“I can tell you have quite a story to tell, I can’t wait to see it” he patted my shoulder lightly and moved on to the next set of people.

I stared at the canvas, trying to decide how to transfer all of my feelings onto a canvas. What can I paint to show how I feel, without saying too much? How do I symbolize sadness, betrayal, anger and emptiness into my painting?

Luckily I sat at a table that was by the window so my canvas covered my face completely and no one was behind me. I looked outside the window and stared at the sky. It was a beautiful gloomy day; the skies were gray but not a cloud in sight . . . that’s it!

I dipped my brush into some water and a bit of paint and began my masterpiece.


Two hours have passed and class was almost over, so was my painting. I’m pretty sure, I have paint all over my apron and face but it didn’t matter. Painting was another way of me venting.

Everyone else was putting their masterpieces aside and cleaning up after themselves. I sat there looking at my painting and wondering if I’ll ever have my heart back; my golden heart.

“Alright class, let’s have a look. We have an hour before class ends and I want to go around the room and I want you to talk about your art and yourself” said the Professor.

First off was this girl named who painted a boy whom she’s engaged to. Her name is Rach and man was she a great painter. I was astounded with her work. Her husband had nice hair; I think it’s called a quiff? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called. Anyway, he had a golden tan with long fine eyelashes and piercing honey eyes. His jaw shaped was nicely sharp and chiseled. It almost seemed so unreal for someone like him to exist. She talked about him as if he was a God to her. She also shared some obstacles they went through. The worst one, she said, was when they got into a car crash. He was knocked out cold but she was still someone able to recognize the situation. She pulled him out with her and she called for help. Soon after, both were in the ambulance as Rach was saying her last goodbye’s to her, at the time, boyfriend. Surprisingly he survived major injuries and he realized that she was the love of his life. They vowed to never leave each other’s side, for as long as they live. It’s a very beautiful story and such a traumatizing obstacle, only to realize the love they have for each other.


A few people after her, there was a girl named Abrionna. She’s an incredible sculpture. She created a beautiful marble sculpture of the night sky. I was very amazed at her skills. The sculpture had milky ways and the moon was perfect! It had craters and spots painted on them; it seemed so real. The stars by the moon were amazing! She believed she and the stars are alike; very distant and unique. Not every star is alike and plus, stars are in perfect balance; just like her. She’s unique (as everyone) and very in control with her life; she is just like me . . . the ‘old’ me.

Everyone’s piece was amazing and had a wonderful story to tell. It almost made me feel like what I had painted was total shit. I zoned off and stared back at my canvas, wondering if this is even considered good.

“Excuse me miss?” said the Professor. I snapped out of my daze and turned to him.

“You are the only person who’s missing, let’s see what you’ve created my dear” he smiled.

I nodded silently and turned my canvas to face the class. I heard some gasp and murmur things under their breaths but I’m not sure what they said.

Well, first off, hello, my name is Marceline . . . Marceline Konn and this is my painting. I said, looking at my painting. As you can see, I painted hands with chains around them, unwillingly crushing a human heart, under depressed weather. The hands’ skin tone is white but is gradually turning grey. The heart was gold but its color is dripping from its origin. The chains on the wrists are rusty, medium thick chains. Everything; its beginning, is drained from all the troubles and pain I’ve gone through. The skies resemble the weather in London today; gloomy and depressed, that’s how I feel at the moment. The hands are mine and the chains signified me being trapped within my feelings. The heart signified the fact that someone I cared for took my heart and threw it back to me once they were done with it. Now that it’s in my hands, it’s getting crushed with all my emotions and being drained from its purity. The gloomy weather shows how much of a sap I’m being towards everyone. I’m not usually like this but what can I say? I said, still eyeing my painting.

“Excellent, I love the colors, the passion, the meaning to it! You, all of you have great potential! Being an artist is about having emotion! You may feel gloomy, depressed, happy or unique but that is emotion! That’s what makes people great artists; they feel! I’m glad we got to know each other’s abilities, I’ll see you all on Friday; class is dismissed” he said, clapping his hands.

I smiled to myself like an idiot, the way my Professor said that I make a great artist really got to me. I’m not gonna get all emotional but his words gave me something I lost a long time ago; hope.

I sat back down on the stool and was left alone in the room. I kept that smile on my face; he doesn’t know how much that meant to me. I needed that.

“That was really deep Marceline, I’m sorry if I ever made you feel like a prisoner. I didn’t mean to push you like that, I’m really sorry. But I’ll still be here if you need anything” Eren said.

Thanks and whatever it’s cool . . . I guess. I said, I really don’t want any more drama to be honest.

“So uhh, you’re American huh?” he said, I can tell he’s trying to make small talk but it’s not helping.

Yeah. I was hoping that from my coldness towards him, he’ll give up and leave but he didn’t. I fucking hate when people do that, take the hint and leave me the hell alone!

I gotta go, bye. I clustered all my things in my bag and dashed out of there.

I heard his footsteps behind me so I hid in the bathroom to lose him. What the hell is up with that kid? Can’t he leave me alone? What a bother!

*beep* beep*

I checked my phone to see that I received a text message from Bridget. It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to her.

From: Bridge

          Hey Marceline, can we hang out today? :)

To: Bridge


From: Bridge

          Great, where are you?

To: Bridge

          Slade Uni. I’m done with my classes for the day. I only had one class today.

From: Bridge

          Oh okay, I’ll be there in five. Meet me by the colorful stairs. :) I'll be inside a purple car, just get in and we’re off to hang.

I read the text and walked out to the stairs. Soon, I spotted the purple car and got in; only to be faced with . . .

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