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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


37. Red's Intention


“It seems she’s not home boss” some buffoon pointed out.

Oh really? I thought she was just tidying up the place before she allowed us in- OFCOURSE SHE’S NOT HOME!!

“Or maybe she doesn’t want to open the door. Maybe she’s scared” another dumbass laughed.

Would you shut the fuck up and let me do the thinking?! She wouldn’t do that, she isn’t a coward; which makes her more of a challenge, a challenge that I’m ready to handle. Let’s go boys, we’ll get her some other time.

“Yes boss” all the guys said in unison.

I smiled at the sound of them calling me their boss. I, me, a boss. I love the fact that I’m finally in charge of something, aside from my own life. I’m in the position that most people wish they had and I don’t plan on fucking it up.

Marceline’s P O V

Of course Lexi had to be a part of this, how could’ve I been so stupid?! So she wants a war? Oh don’t worry, I’ll give her a war; one she’ll never forget.

“Helloooooooo!! Marceline are you okay??!” Maz shouted.

“Marceline, dear, what are you thinking about all this?” Dave asked a bit worried.

Anything & everything. I answered, not breaking eye contact with Lexi and her sorry crew.

“Marceline, no you-” I cut Maz off

No, you don’t get it. They nearly took you from me, I’m not letting than happen; ever.

“Marceline!” Maz shouted. I cut him off again before he spoke.

Put yourself in my shoes MAZ! Do that and you’ll know how I feel. Do that and you’ll know how much I hate that I’m sitting here looking at the person who did this to you and I have to sit still because we don’t know what we’re up against.

Maz took a long pause and actually put himself in my situation.

Exactly. I butted in.

“I’m sorry Marceline, I don’t blame you; I’d act the way you’re acting now if it were the other way around” Maz apologized.

We have to stay here until they are completely gone. But something is really wrong with her; why does she want to kill us?

“Do you guys have any history with her?” Dave asked.

“Well, aside from her being my ex; Lexi is the reason why Marceline & I broke up” Maz frowned.

“I hate her even more” Dave sassed.

Hate isn’t even the word Dave.

“She’s almost gone” Maz chimed in.

I looked up to see that she got in a car. Dave & Maz were too busy sitting back to even care about Lexi; but not me. I stayed attentive to every single action, every single move; I caught it. Every expression, steps she took, breaths she breathed, words she spoke; everything, I caught it.

I’m tired of fighting but for Maz, I’ll do anything to protect him. He’s my everything . . . fucking everything.

Maz’s P O V

Marceline is insanely obsessed with Lexi. She wants her gone and she’ll do anything to make it happen; anything. I’m almost a bit too afraid for her; this’ll bother her too much to the point that she’ll be distracted for her studies. I don’t want that for her, she needs a break and I need to man up. She can’t always protect me.

 I’m a man so I gonna act like one.

My thoughts were interrupted when I noticed Marceline’s eyes glued to Lexi’s every move.

Don’t worry babe, this won’t be the last time we’ll see her and when we do, we’ll be ready. I whispered in her ear.

She nodded but I know that didn’t take her mind and eyes of her. I also know she doesn’t believe me. I don’t want her to keep fighting, I don’t wanna sound sexist but I gotta do something as well; put up a fight at least.

I have to learn how to fight and I know just who to call.

I’m tired of fighting but for Marceline, I’ll do anything to protect her. She’s my everything . . . fucking everything.


We walked up the steps to Mars’s flat and we looked everywhere before moving forward. For all we know, Lexi might’ve seen us and is waiting for us to have our back’s turned so she can have an opportunity to attack us. As we reached her door, Lexi left us a note.

It read:

          Dearest Simpleton,

                   I’m not at all sorry for taking what you most adore in your life; your pathetic little boy toy, but things aren’t over just yet. I’m just getting started darling. You see, no one makes me look like a fool and get away with it; no one. Clearly the evidence of your boyfriend’s dead body shows how much of a serious person I am. I hope to destroy you but not as easily as I did with your ‘ex’. You better watch your back Marceline Konn because I’m coming for you.

                                                                         With much hate & exasperation,

                                                              Red a.k.a. Your worst fucking nightmare

P.S. I’ll send you some flower arrangements to add some ‘décor’ to your bore’s funeral; buh-bye now.

Marceline crumpled it up in her shaking palm, this is definitely adding insult to injury. I gotta call him right away.

“Marceline dear, please just- breathe” Dave pleaded.

I could feel the angry heat radiating off her, her pulse beating faster than the usual, her face now red like an apple, her breathing now heavy; slow, but heavy.

She turned the key and walked in; we checked each room and found everything the same as when we left. Marceline still had that note in her hand, Marcey? Babe? Give me the note. I walked slowly to her.

She slowly turned her head to me with her eyes still to the floor but soon meeting my gaze and spoke: “We’re leaving now” she ordered.

I know Marceline but you have to give me the note before me make any sudden movements. I reached for her hand and she didn’t bother fighting me. Her thoughts must’ve kept her too busy.

As I uncurled her fingers, the note plopped onto my hand. Her sweat melted the penmanship on the note and making it a bit wet.

I’ll be right back, I’m going to the bathroom. She didn’t respond.

I locked the door behind me and pulled out my phone and called him.

Hello? Hey man, what’s up? Still training huh? Well, I’m in some shit right now and I need your help. No, no you idiot, I don’t have financial problems; I have physical problems with other people. What? Oh okay, I’ll hold.

A few moments later, he came back.

Oi, yeah man umm, I just need your help that’s all. Training is all I want, that’s it. Look you name the price and I’ll pay. Cool? Alright mate, talk to yah later, peace.

Well that went smoother than I thought. I made my way to the living room and Marceline was no longer sitting on the couch. I heard shuffling coming from her room and I sneakily poked my head in to see what she was up to.

She spoke in a mere whisper but I was still able to hear it. Everything she said, she’d write down in her little brown book.

“Red had every intention

  to fight a girl so bold

  to strip her of her elements

  and do what she was told.

  Bold was strong & powerful

  with her Shine right by her side

  her world with it was colorful

  even in the darkest times.

  Sadly Red has mistaken,

  the color Gold with the color Bronze

  Red thought Gold was someone else

  & Bronze was her only con.

  Red must know that Shine still stands,

  on its own two feet,

  with the fact that Red has failed

  & her plans . . . obsolete”

(A/N: I just made this poem up, sorry if it sucked but w.e. I tried)

Wow . . . she’s a great poet but still a very bothered person.

“Well, I called some buddies over to help with some furniture” Dave shouted.

Shit! I jumped. Marceline turned around quickly and closed her book.

“And just how long have you been standing there?” she asked.

Not that long. I chuckled.

“You heard it all didn’t you?” she insinuated.

I gave up, yea, yunno Marceline you’re a really good poet. Is your little book full of poems?

“Thanks but I don’t plan on sharing my poems anytime soon. And yea, this book is full of poems” she looked down.

But she didn’t just look down in an ordinary way, she seemed bummed out about something. I can tell she calmed down a bit about the whole Lexi thing but something else was bothering her, I know it.

I lifted her chin up, what’s wrong beautiful? I whispered close enough to her lips.

“It’s just the poem I just wrote, I’m worried about us Maz” she admitted. “The poem is about Lexi trying to destroy what we have. She’s trying to destroy me but my Shine, you, by my side- nothing can stop me. She thought I was weak (Bronze) but I’m not (Gold) so now her plans of destroying us have failed & her plans are no longer in good use”

That’s amazing, how you just put it metaphorically & poetically; you surprise me every day but look, I am too but I’m mostly worried about you babe, I won’t them to touch what’s mine. I don’t want any guy or girl lay a finger on you; I’d go crazy if they do baby. I wouldn’t know how to control myself when I beat the crap out of them; anyone for that matter. You’re my world; what I hope to wake up to every morning and I wanna keep it that way alright? I love you. I planted my lips on hers, giving her a long, sweet kiss.

Finally, I saw a small smile curve on her face. I’ve been longing to see that beautiful smile of yours. She chuckled.

“Alright kids, I gotta go help a few of my buddies down at a shop. In the meantime, try to pack up everything and anything you’d wanna take with you.

“Is everything going to fit at your place Dave?” Marceline asked concernedly.

“Of course it will, I have the guestroom available. I sold the furniture in that room a few days ago, it was oh-so tacky. So once we get all of your furniture there and place it all in that room, the two of you will sleep in comfort” Dave smiled.

“Thank you so much Dave, for everything” Marceline hugged him.

“Anything for you my dear” he hugged her back tightly.

Yea, thank you so much Dave, I can see why Marceline looks up to you as a father.

He let go of Marceline and pulled me in a bear hug. “You two love birds deserve the very best of life and I’m gonna do anything to make that happen” he hugged me even tighter.

I truly felt touched by his words, what a great man. Thank you Dave was all I can work up to say. I didn’t know what else I could say to him; he’s a life saver.

“Well love birds, I’ll be right back” he jogged to the door.

“Bye Dave!” Marceline & I shouted in unison. He gave us the peace sign and closed            the door behind him.

I turned around only to be attacked by Marceline. She wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me. I inhaled her sweet, vivid scent; strawberries & mangoes. I embraced her warmth and felt her hush under my touch.

“I love you” she muffled.

Not as much as I do.

Still hugging, she managed to pop her head up and look at me in the eye. She gave me a sincere, gentle smile; my God how I missed that smile.

I smirked at the thought that only I could explore such love with her. Her eyes flickered from my lips, back to my eyes- two times before she leaned in for a kiss.

Oh my God, this kiss, this kiss, was, was . . . fucking flawless. It’s what I need to get me by every day.

Her lips imbedded on mine and maneuvering my lips to her desire, her hands sat tenderly on my chest; specifically over my heart. My arms hugged her body, settling in to her every curve. I brought her closer to me to embrace her fully.

She slid her tongue around the center of my lips; pouting for an entrance. I wanted this, I needed this so I didn’t bother making her wait longer. BAM! It was as if I fell in love with her all over again. We tasted each other in a very tender way. It wasn’t a rough kiss but a gentle one.

I laid her down delicately on the bed, not breaking the kiss. We kissed & we kissed, we embraced & embraced ’til things got a little more heated.

She broke the kiss to take in some air, hearing her pant was sexy & breathtaking. Having her under me had me going and having her panting because of me, made everything feel thrilling.

As she had her head turned to the side, I took the opportunity to kiss her neck, her jawline and nibble the spot that makes her wince: right under her ear.

A small moan escaped her mouth as I kissed my way from her jawline to her neck. I growled next to her ear in a low, raspy voice. Her long, sweet-scented neck; so pale & so bare, that needs to be fixed.  

I passionately bit on her pale skinned neck and sucked on her skin, leaving her hickeys everywhere. I could hear and feel the vibration of her moans through her precious neck; riveting.

I teased my way down to her endearing collar bones; biting & nibbling her exposed skin, leaving a few marks on there as well.

“Maz”she moaned under her breathe.

I took off her shirt & jeans, leaving her on the bed for me to please. (A/N: Accidental rhyme: I’m proud of it) She sat up took of my clothing, leaving me with my briefs only.

There we were, sitting on a bed, studying one another’s features and smiling like idiots. I cupped her face and kissed her lips again before hovering over her, once more.

I unclipped her bra and sucked on her succulent breast and massaged the other. She’d tug on my hair from time to time, letting me know that I’d hit the spot. I wasted to time in removing her light pink panties.

Both our breathing hitched and running out of air to catch. “Maz . . . please, I need you?Marceline moaned impatiently.

Knowing about my previous actions done to her, I knew she was dripping wet and only I have that effect on her.

I took my arm and pulled her up by her back; having on last good look at her before her cheeks become flushed. I love you I looked at her in the eye before I slowly pushed myself inside her.

“Mmmmm” she moaned, arching her back, giving me a better view of her Goddess-like body. I pressured myself in & out of her, hearing her moans get cut off by her breathing. “Faster Maz!” she begged. I thrust in & out of her quickly; her head falling back in pleasure. I leaned in and sucked on her neck; making her melt completely under my reach. I massaged & twisted her hard-yet swollen nipple with my free hand, making her wetter by the minute.

Look at me I panted. Her head shot up & I took a good look at her features. Her cheeks now completely flushed, her nose now burning Red, her lips red from all the kissing and the biting she did to suppress her moans. I love it when she looks like that, she looks hotter & even more angelic than usual.

You’re mine d’you understand me, mine! I leaned in and growled into the kiss.

She was too distraught to even answer so she moaned & nodded within the kiss. Good, now turn around. I demanded.

She was too weak to move a muscle so I turned her over. She positioned herself on all fours & before she could even inhale, I pushed myself into her.

“Maz! Oh my God, yes!! Ahhh” she gasped. I had a perfect view of everything, her beautiful bum, her perfect bare back and our love making. I massaged her breasts from underneath her, “Mmm, harder please!” she craved.

What was that babe? I teased. I slammed into her really hard only once, “Please Maz, please harder!” she repeated.

I rammed inside her harder than ever before having her shout my name & profanities in inclination. Her moans got faster & shorter, my thrusts became sloppier and my member more urging.

Her walls clenched on my swollen member; she had her arms set straight on the bed having her head up, facing the ceiling. I lightly tugged on her hair as I reached my highs & released into her.

Both of us trying to catch our breaths, “I love y-you” Mars managed to say. I love you more baby I breathed heavily. As I pulled out, she turned around & sat up to meet me face to face. “I won’t let anything happen to you Maz” she whispered on my lips.

Neither will I Marceline . . . neither will I.

We helped each other get dressed & began packing.

Lexi will never lay a finger on her. That sick-twisted wench better prepare herself for the worst cause shit just got very real

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