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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


36. Reassured Rent

Marceline’s P O V

I was slowly drifting away from my sleep. I didn’t even want to wake up today; not without Maz. Yunno . . . it’s very cynical of me to sleep next to a . . . dead body but at this point, nothing matters.

I whimpered at the thought of never having to see Maz’s face, never having to hear Maz’s voice, feel his skin, his lips, his breathe linger on the crook of my neck, his arms holding me tight and telling me that he loves me and of course, waking up next to him; why did it have to be over? Why didn’t they kill me instead of him?

I love you Maz . . . I whispered with my eyes still closed.

The sun was shining through the curtains, ugh- I bet it’s such a nice day outside.

I was getting up to close my damn curtains something held me back . . .

I slowly turned around, my heart is racing, palms are sweating, breathing has stopped, and Goosebumps spread throughout my body; what’s happening?

On the corner of my eye, I saw-

Maz? I hinted

“Marceline” he could barely speak.

Maz!! Maz, you’re alive! I cried loudly. There was a long pause due to the fact that I was caught in between shock and tears- my breathing was affected along with it. Maz, who did this to you? I managed to speak.

“All I remembered was a guy telling me that he was sent to do the hit and then I tried to escape but I the guy grabbed me by my leg and dragged me down before I could even hop over a fence and that’s it. That’s all I remember” he uttered

I couldn’t stop staring at him; I’m scared for both of us. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Maz . . . t-there umm, somebody wrote a note to me and it was from the people who did this to you.

“Where’s the note?! I’ll kill those fuckers!” he shouted.

Well . . .

“Marceline, I’m not playing around. Give. Me. The. Note.”

Well, they didn’t necessarily wrote me a note, they carved me a note.

He gave me a confused look, “On what?”

On you, they carved me a note on you Maz.

He panted, “What?” he slowly sat up. “What does it say?!” he panicked.

I didn’t answer.

“Marceline, I have to know what it says; now please tell me!”

Still, nothing.

“MARCELINE!! Please help me out here!” he pleaded

I nodded. Fine *takes a deep breath* . . . turn around. He did as I instructed him and read him the ‘note’.

As I finished reading it to him; there was complete silence.

 “Who the fuck is this ‘Hitman’, and what does he want?”

Maz, do you remember who did this to you?

“Not much but I do remember that it was only one guy who attacked me” he squinted.

Wait, one guy did all this damage? That’s insane! That’s no human, that’s an animal!

Maz, we can’t stay here anymore, they know where we live.

“What do you mean, where are we gonna go?” he asked worriedly

Somewhere far from here, I don’t care if I’m further away from Uni; I’ll wake up earlier, I don’t care.

“No, I don’t want you change your whole schedule for me.”

Maz, the guy’s goal was to kill you. If we don’t move location, I’m next. I’m gonna be their next victim Maz.

“No, I won’t let them get you”

Maz, this man was out to get you when you least expected it. If you hadn’t gone out, they would’ve came in; he’s not gonna waste time in killing me.

“I won’t let it happen Marceline!”

You can’t avoid it if we stay here Maz; please, let’s just move out of here . . . please? I begged.

“You’ll come and live with me then”


“What do you mean ‘no’?!”

That’s exactly what they want us to do, go to someone else’s house in hiding. We have to be smart about this Maz; I don’t want to lose you.

“Marceline you won’t lose me! C’mon, let’s just start packing your things and head on out”

I’m not going to your house Maz! I’m renting another flat, I don’t know where but it’ll be somewhere safer.

“Marceline, DON’T DO THIS!-”

I’m not gonna risk losing you again Maz!

“You’re not gonna lose me Marceline!”

I thought I did LAST NIGHT! Don’t make me go through that again!

“I’m here now aren’t I?!” he shouted.

You might not be the next time!! I fell on my knees and broke down crying.

“*sighed* Come here baby” his voice cracking as he gently pulled me towards him.

Maz, I thought you were d-dead!! I shouted into his chest. I could feel my breathing getting out of control.

“I almost was but thanks to you, I’m alive” he kissed my nose.

 I’m sorry. I murmured.

“Babe, don’t apologize, you didn’t do anything” he reassured.

If I hadn’t told you about Donna, you would’ve never walked out.

“But like you said babe, they would’ve came in either way. I’m sorry for yelling at you. I’m also sorry for making you feel like you’re some criminal yesterday. I’ll always be here; remember that. Plus, I promised that I’d never leave your side again; and I’m standing by that” he kissed me ear.

I sobbed into his chest, pulling myself tighter towards him.

“Don’t worry, I’m here for you; forever & always” he shushed me.

I’m here for you too babe, I love you. Does this mean we’ll move out of here?

“It isn’t official yet” he smiled.

I pulled away from the hug, what? I wiped away a few tears.

“I said, it isn’t official yet” he smirked.


“Will you move in with me Marceline?” he kneeled.

I couldn’t hold my smile back, I would love to move in with you, I leaned in and kissed his nose.

There we stood, hugging, crying, loving, and planning to move in together.

Maz’s P O V

I have to find out who’s after us but most importantly; when are they planning on ‘killing’ Marceline. I can’t have Marceline & I live in fear. I don’t have many enemies; so who could it be?

*ring* *ring*

“Good afternoon Dave” she answered. “I’m sorry Dave but right now is not a good time. Yeah I’m- well no, we aren’t fine. I’m back with Maz, he’s my boyfriend now. Thanks, hey- are there any flats nearby that are for rent? Oh okay, I’ll see you in a few then. Bye.” she hung up.

Who’s Dave?

“He’s a friend, well- more like a father to me. Thanks to him, we’re back together. He also wants to meet you, even though I told him that right now isn’t a good time; he insisted we go to talk the problem out. Don’t worry Maz, you can trust him. I stayed over at his house for a while, let’s just hear him out; whaddaya say?”

Well if you trust him, I trust him. I’ll go shower-

“I’ll have to give you a sponge bath Maz, your skin is at a very delicate stage at the moment and a shower can definitely add to the injury” she peered.

“Just go on and undress yourself whilst I run your bath” she smiled sweetly.

I began undressing and looked down at my torn up skin. Everything was cut up and bruised up; I can definitely see why Marceline was shook up. Plus, I’m looking at my skin without fresh blood gushing out everywhere; Mars was the one who witnessed the horror. She’s such a strong girl; not many would deal with that. They’d either call an ambulance or run and hide but not her, she took matters into her own hands and for that, I respect her even more.

I took a small mirror and had my back turned to a bigger mirror and checked out the carved note. Having the note read to me wasn’t good enough; I had to see the damage done myself.

As I read it, everything around me was oblivious to my senses. The water running, the shuffling going on in the bathroom, the creaks of cabinet doors, even my own breathing was blocked from my hearing.

My mind and eyes focused on the deep, carved, exposed flesh. Whoever is after Marceline is never going to get her. I’d die before anyone even dares to lay a finger on her. She’s mine and no one else’s. Mine.

“You shouldn’t torture yourself Maz but I knew eventually you’d wanna see it for yourself” Marceline chimed in.

I just couldn’t believe it that’s all, this is absolutely mad. I tossed the small mirror on the bed.

“I know baby, I know but don’t worry, we’ll be fine. Now c’mon, the water is ready.” she reassured me.

I made my way to the bath tub and the warm water making contact with my tortured skin was excruciating a first but soothing soon after.

“Here, I cooked you some breakfast. You haven’t eaten in a while so you have to fuel up” she placed a medium size platter on the tub’s hooks. On it there were pancakes with syrup and whipped cream, a bowl of fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice, and herbal tea.

Marceline you didn’t-

“I wanted to” she cut in.

This is amazing, thank you so much babe.

“Having you alive and here with me is thanks enough” she kissed my cheek.

I heard her grab a sponge and dip it in the tub’s warm water and gently pat it on my skin. Here and there I would twitch from the pain but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.

It amazed me, no matter what circumstance she’s in; she doesn’t freak out. I mean she does but she keeps calm enough to handle it her way and still manage to get the job done.

How do you know a lot about this; yunno, taking care of cuts, gashes, bruises and all that other stuff? Did anyone teach you these things? Did you study to be a nurse, doctor or surgeon?

“It all started in high school, in senior year I took Human Anatomy. I enjoy learning things about the human body and ways of treating it if anything horrid happens to it. Ever since then, anything medical related added to my knowledge of the human structure. I wanted to be a surgeon but I shot myself down for that one and I would also help friends here and there who were shot or stabbed or just people around my neighborhood that couldn’t afford to see a doctor. The medicines they needed were way out of their budget so I would buy it for them myself”

Smart, beautiful, curious, helpful and brave? You’re one of a kind. She chuckled. But seriously, why did you shot yourself down on becoming a surgeon?

“Too many years of Med School and practice so I wasn’t sure if that was for me. I mean I like school and all but I would have my first job when I’m 30. It’s also a very stressful career and I don’t deal well with stress” she sighed.

I’m sure you would’ve made such a great surgeon. Hell, you’re one heck of a medical expert. I nudged.

“Haha, thanks but I’m not much of an expert yunno” she insisted.

So how many friends did you help heal?

“Many but there was one in particular that I would never forget” she stopped sponging.

What do you-

“His name was Mark. He was two years older than me and treated me like a little sister. He lost his only sister in a school shooting; she was only 10. We met at her funeral, I didn’t know her but I still showed my respects and chipped in to pay for her funeral”


“On the day of her funeral, as it got late, people began heading home; except Mark and I. I didn’t want to leave because my home was not a place where I wanted to be. I sat in front of her coffin, envying her. ‘You’re lucky you’re leaving this Godforsaken planet’, is what I would say. Suddenly Mark said to me, ‘Please stop talking, I don’t want anyone else to die . . . not today, not ever’.”

So then what happened?

“I turned to him and bowed my head. I realized I was chatting with the ‘man’ of the funeral so I did as he asked and sat there still envying her in thought. He was witty too, that young man. ‘Don’t even think about it either’, is what he’d pester to me. I then turned to him, gave my truly, deeply apologizes and made my way to the door ’til he held me back and asked me to stay”

I nodded.

“We sat there in comfortable silence with small chat here and there, ’til the crack of dawn. I felt this brotherhood connection with him and so did he. Ever since that day, we’d become close buds” she smirked.

You guys are still close friends?

She answered immediately, “He was shot by a rival gang member. Mark wasn’t in a gang but sadly he wore the wrong colors in the wrong time of day. Where I lived there were many different Hispanic and African American gangs that despised each other. Most of which were very active at night and seldom active during the day. I heard a few shots but since I’m used to it, I just sat in my room and was writing some poetry when Mark’s mom rang my phone”

She paused.

“When I answered, his mom was out of breath and I could hear someone in the background trying to speak. As I received the gruesome news, I ran to his house and at that point, I don’t care if I ran through crossfire; I just had to get there. I brought some medical supplies with me and began to work”

I held her hand for comfort.

She smiled at my actions. “I arrived at the scene to see his mom holding her son, his aunt praying and blood gushing out of his upper right chest. I knew immediately where they shot him and I wasn’t sure if he was going to make it. I got to work and cut open his shirt to expose his chest and just as I suspected, he was shot in the heart; twice”

She took a deep breath.

“I was about to go in and try to get the bullets out when Mark’s hand tightly grabbed mine. ‘No, no’ is what he’d choke out to say; ‘I wanna be with Melinda’. I’m positive that his sister’s name was Melinda. I tried to fight him off but my emotions got in the way. I cried and begged him to let me try to help him but he refused. And so there I was, trying to attend my ‘big brother’ in his time of need. There I was with my ‘big brother’ gushing out and panting; and there was nothing I could do to stop it”

Marceline . . .

“He was stronger than me in every way, that’s why I looked up to him. I respected him a lot, that’s why I looked up to him. He treated me like family, that’s why I looked up to him. He loved me in a way that my parent’s never did and that’s why I looked up to him. I tried my best to push him off and beg him to let me care for him. Finally, he stopped fighting and I took the opportunity to get the utensils into his skin. ‘I got one!’ I cheered as I pulled one bullet out. ‘You’ll be fine Mark, I just need one more bullet and you’re golden!’ I anticipated”

I was sweating at the image of her going through it all.

“Then I realized something, the reason why it was easy for me to remove the first bullet was because his heart was no longer beating. I slowly looked at his neck, hoping to see that he was still breathing; nothing. Then to his jaw to see if it was clenching; nothing and lastly his face for any sort of expression or movement. There was nothing, no breathing, no clenching and no movement. I pronounced him dead, in front of his mother and aunt at the crack of dawn. The same time we became buds at Melinda’s funeral. Mark had died under my procedures, in my arms; I still hadn’t forgiven myself for that. This is another reason why I shot myself down in becoming a surgeon” she sighed.

I’m sorry to hear that Marceline but it isn’t your fault, like you said, you knew he wasn’t going to make it. You can’t blame yourself over something you don’t have any control over, you didn’t shoot him; those gang members did. You did your best to bring him back to life, to at least get those bullets out of him. Nothing is ever so sure, nothing. Try not to let a mishap hold you back from something you want to do.

She looked at me with a stunned look on her face, “Wow, nobody has ever talked to me like that before. People would tell me to let go of the past and move on. Yeah it’s tough love but that’s not what I need”

You don’t need tough love when you never had love to begin with. Tough love is for those who had been catered to for quite some time or those who need to learn a lesson, you needed comfort and passion not shouting and cruelty.

“Thank you Maz, thank you so much. I think I can move on from Mark and live my life, worry free now; thanks to you” she hinted.

It’s what you deserve; no one should go through that; no one. I’ll be here for anything and I’ll be with you through our journey through life Marceline.

She carefully hugged me and kept sponging. “Eat up Maz or it’ll get cold” she warned.


Once bath time was over, we headed out to meet Dave.

“You’ll love him tons babe” she chuckled.

I’m sure. I smiled.

“Look, there he is” she walked me to him.

“Hi Dave, this is Maz, Maz, this is Dave” she introduced us.

“Pleasure to meet you Maz” he extended his arm for a handshake.

The pleasure is all mine Sir, Marceline wouldn’t stop talking about you all day. I laughed as I shook his hand. He chuckled and offered us a seat.

We sat down and ordered a few drinks and plates of food and began chatting about ourselves. Dave was a really cool guy, very laid back and understanding; not an ounce of judgment spewed from that man’s body. We shared funny stories and serious ones as well. When he shared the story on Jack Harries, I was shocked! How can one human being do that to such a sweet girl? Dave is a sweet, caring person; he didn’t deserve that.

I’m truly sorry about your loss Sir.

“Please call me Dave and not to worry, Jack & I have paid out debt to society” he grinned. Sure this man was involved in a skanky scandal but he had a reason, cops didn’t do much justice so Dave took justice into his own hands; hell, I don’t blame him, I would do the exact same thing.

Dave, thank you for saving her as well; I wouldn’t know what I’ll do without her.

“You’re very welcomed young man, she’s quite the keeper isn’t she?” he chortled.

I looked at Marceline, Yeah, she’s definitely a keeper. She looked down and blushed. Wow, I still have a strong effect on her.

The food arrived and that’s when things got a little intense.

I felt Marceline holding my hand tightly and spoke. “Dave I have to tell you something” she stated.

“Anything my dear but before you do, why did you ask me if there were any flats around here available for rent?”

“Well that’s what I wanted to talk to you about” she sounded concerned.

“What’s the matter? I know something’s up” Dave suspected.

I took a deep breath and told Dave everything.

“Oh my, you don’t have time to even rent a flat; you need to move right away! That’s it, both of you will move in with me” he ordered.

“Dave no, if we do that then they’ll be after you too” Marceline panicked.

“Good! I want them to come at me, they are no one and they certainly don’t know who they’re messing with. C’mon, let’s go to your flat and pack up” he paid for the check and drove us to Marcey’s flat.


We almost arrived at Marcey’s flat when she ordered Dave to stop the car.

“What is the matter Marceline?!” Dave freaked.

“Look up there, there’s a bunch of people wearing black, knocking on my door” she pointed with her index finger.

We followed her finger only to find out that it was the guys who . . . beat me up. It’s them! I shouted.

“They were the ones that nearly killed you?!” Marceline growled.


Yes but it was only one of them but they dressed just like them. Plus, I’m sure it’s them or why else would a bunch of people dressed in black suits come knocking at your door; Jehovah’s witnesses?

I could hear Marceline breathe heavily out of her nose.

Don’t you dare get out of this car Marceline!

“I agree with him my dear, don’t do anything rash. Now what are they doing there?”

“They’re after me” she said motionless.

“What?” Dave asked confusedly.

They think I’m dead so they want her to join me on my ‘death bed’ as well.

“Don’t worry noth-”

“SHH!” Marceline ordered. “Look!” she pointed.

There was a person who was walking through a path of men in black. But this wasn’t a guy . . . it was a girl. The girl was wearing a red trench coat that stopped mid-shin. She had on red heels and had her hair up in a strict ponytail. Her hair was jet black and her skin was almost pale.

“Who’s that?” asked Dave

“Lexi” Marceline answered straightaway.

I took a closer look, She’s right . . . it is Lexi. She dyed her hair.

“Who’s Lexi?” Dave asked, still confused.

“Maz’s ex-girlfriend” she added.

My batshit crazy ex-girlfriend.

“Which I’m almost positive that’s also known as, the one who sent the hit” she snarled.

Dave & I both turn to look at Marceline. She now has this distraught and cynical look on her face. Dave & I look at each other and by the looks of Marcey’s face, we know this isn’t gonna end well.

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