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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


49. Realization

Marceline's P O V

What the fuck is happening to you Marceline? Why is your heart racing; why? You don't love him; not anymore, stop feeling this way! I told myself. 

I lost myself in my thoughts. I'm starting to like Matthew but that stunt Maz just pulled on me in the gallery, has me thinking . . . twice. 

Maz j-just spewed his heart to me; that and more. He cracked the hard shell I had over my 'dead' past. Maz was getting the 'old Marceline' out and ready to take him back; but I don't know if I can. I don't trust him anymore and because of him, I have trouble trusting anyone . . . even myself sometimes. Had I stayed a bit longer with Maz; just a bit, I would've fell into his arms again, kissed him passionately again, tell him that I umm, that I love him again, make love to him again and be his again. 

I couldn't do that, right? I'm different now; I changed, right? I'm smarter than that, 'fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me'. But what about being fooled the third time? Who's fault is it; me, the other person . . . life?

*ring ring


"Hey babe, it's Matthew; how'd it go with him?" he asked annoyed.

It was a mess so I left him to it but don't worry I'll be fine. 

"What a jerk but let's move on to a brighter topic eh?" he sighed.


"So umm, I really do love you Marceline" he nervously chuckled. 

Hehe, I know Maz.


What? I asked.

"You called me 'Maz'" 

I'm sorry, it was a big day today so everything was just a mess.

"Well, yeah, I understand no worries babe. I'm sorry to say this but I'm super stoked that I got finally got to kiss you." 

Hehe, it was about time huh? 

"Yeah, I just couldn't wait to hold you and tell you how I felt"

Thanks, I blushed.

"Are you alright, you seem down?" he asked worriedly. 

Am I the girl of your dreams, Matt?

"You're the perfect woman Marceline, you've been molded into the perfect women" he sighed in content. 

"You're beautiful, your voice is soothing, your hair smells amazing, you're the perfect size and perfect girl to have ever walked into my life. I don't know what I would do without you baby" his raspy voice spoke. 

Matthew continued to list my physical beauty and continuously told me he loved me. He's so sweet.

"Most importantly, you and I shared many great times together. I was there when you were at your lowest and at your highest; when you fought with your parents and punched your anger out on things and when you wrote an amazing poem and jumped around like a child. Anything and everything about you excites me; you're so beautiful and I hope you stay with me" 

Wow . . . Matthew I-

"Shh, don't say anything Marceline; save it for tomorrow night okay?" he anticipated. 

Right, well I have to go; I have to start this painting for someone. 

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow night, right?" he asked.

I wouldn't miss it for the world. 

I hung up the phone and I realized something . . . I'm in love.

I'm in fucking love.


I hadn't slept all night. I went home, took a shower and plopped onto my couch to think about my next move on the canvas but things between Maz and I ruined it. I was to focus on them rather than being focused on my art project.

I took a shower another shower and headed down to the art gallery to continue my sketch.


Alright Marceline, you gotta concentrate here girl; you need this once in a lifetime opportunity. I tell myself. 

I brought my dress with me and all my other necessities to make myself look decent for Matthew and I's dinner tonight. I just can't wait to tell him, I'm getting super nervous about it; but it's a good nervous. 

Enough of that non-sense, I said as I began sketching. 

I have this idea of sketching all of my masterpieces from my graffiti pieces and mashing them up all together to tell a story.


*ring ring*


"Hey Mars, it's almost time for our dinner date, need a ride?" asked Matthew.

What the fu- I looked at the clock and it was already 7p.m!

"You didn't forget did you?" he sounded disappointed. 

No, of course not Matthew, I would never; it's just that I was so focused on this sketch that time just completely caught me off guard. 

"Oh, okay then well do you need a lift?"

No, no, I'm fine Matt, thanks. I'll see you in a bit.

"I can't wait babe" he chuckled.

Me either Matt.

"Well, I'll leave you to get even more beautiful, bye"

Thank you and bye haha.

I hung up the phone and dashed to the bathroom and got ready for the 'dinner date'.

(A/N: Marceline's outfit can be seen at by the username Coeur-shapedbox and the set will be named under this chapter's title) 

I arrived at Axis and the place was empty; I can't believe he rented the whole place out.

"Miss Marceline?" an older waiter approached me.

Yes sir, I grinned.

"Right this way 'mam" he led the way.

He led me to this beautiful table and boy was it beautiful. Everything was gold with a hint of black lace; I loved it.

"Excuse me" the waiter bowed and walked away.

"Wow . . . Marceline you look, INCREDIBLE" Matthew said speechlessly. 

I blushed, Thank you Matthew, you look incredible yourself.

He stood up and handed me a bouquet of flowers, "Beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman" he looked into my eyes.

But I couldn't meet his stare…

Thank you, I said in a mere whisper toned voice.

He helped me to a seat and scurried to his.

Matthew, did you rent the whole place out for the night?

"Of course, the very best- only for you Marceline" he smiled.

Oh…I actually feel bad that he had to go through all this.

"Oh, I already ordered for the two of us; wine?" he offered.

Thank you, I nodded.

Yea, I'm gonna need that wine.

"So Marceline, I hope this isn't too weird but I'm just anxious about 'us', yunno?" he anticipated.

Hehe, don't worry- everything is fine. I assured him. 

He looked down, "I still can't believe you and I-" I cut him off

Yea, crazy isn't it?

"Insane" he added.


"Pasta Alfredo for the beautiful lady and for the young man" the waiter interrupted. 

"Thank you" Matthew and I said in unison.

He bowed, "Bon Appetite"

We were eating but it didn't feel awkward, it felt right. It felt like the old days- me and him eating a slice whenever I'd ditch class or after school. 

He'd be waiting for me outside in his car; people thought we were a couple. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to start that whole 'oh please I know you're a couple' crap and I also thought about Matthew; I didn't want to hurt him. 

I guess keeping shut is what had him sticking around or else what would we have? Nothing. Or the times that we had absolutely nothing to do we'd just sit across from each other and stare. He stared at my lips and I stared at his eyes. Why? Why did we do that? Why did we sit across from each other with not a word to say and stare? I don't know.

He craved for a kiss and I craved for an answer. What am I to him; a friend or a quick fix? Yes I heard everything he said to me lately- that I'm his everything, his world; but never did he say he loved me . . . for me. 

" . . . so then that's when I decided to work in a shop nearby, to be with my Queen- you" he smiled and he toyed with my fingers. 

I moved them slowly away from him. This caught his attention, "Something wrong babe-"

Yes, I looked up at him, I'm not and can't ever be yours . . . I'm sorry.

His face dropped, "What? Why?! Everything was going so well. You and I-"

Everything was fine till I came to my senses and realized, you don't love me for me. You only like me for my looks and that's not how I want to live a life Matthew. You and I can be friends only but I doubt that can ever happen between you and I.

"Marceline, please- don't do this!" he got up from his chair and kneeled next to me. "I know you felt something when you kissed me!"

I did and it was pure lust. I was a goal for you, not the love of your life Matthew.

Lately all you ever said to me were compliments. I'm more than just 'beauty', I'm a soul too Matthew.

"I can treat you like one babe; you're smart too you know that?" he tried.

No, you're not in love with me Matthew. You just got used to me being around you all the time that once I found someone to be with, you'd feel lonely and afraid so you'd do anything to keep me by your side. Sorry to break it to you but, I'm not your doll- I'm just Marceline. I stood up and was about to walk away till he held my arm.

"Don't leave me like this!!" he shouted.

Let go.

"No! You can't leave me Marceline! For fuck sakes can't you understand that I'm nothing without you!"

Enough! This is why we can't ever be Matthew! You're obsessed and it's tearing you apart more than it's tearing me! I'm sorry Matthew but this is my goodbye. I leaned in and kissed his cheek.

I left him there- on his knees, slowly figuring out what just happened to him. I just couldn't do that to him- no one.

I hope he finds his one true love . . . like how I found mine.

I texted Sam to ask where Maz was, I didn't tell them for what but I told them it was urgent. They said he was at his apartment; thinking of ways to conquer me. That idiot…he already did.


I had arrived at his place and was now in front of his door.

*knock knock*

"Coming!" he shouted. 

My heart started racing, palms were sweaty, breathing was heavy, lip biting was in play and my eyes were glossy.

He opened the door and he froze. "M-Marce-"

I dropped my bag and rushed to his embrace and kissed him wildly. He waisted no time in kissing back.

I closed the door by lightly slammed him on it. I love you Maz, I hinted with my forehead touching his. I fucking love you, I kissed him a little rougher this time. I cried into the kiss because of all the suffering I made him go through; how could I be so cold towards the love of my life?

He broke the kiss, "Shh, it's okay baby- it'll be fine" he wiped the tears away with his thumbs.

I-I'm so so so sorry Maz, I didn't mean to treat you that- He cut me off with his lips.

I tugged on his shirt and pulled him to the couch. I began tugging on his hair and his hand started to go up my legs. I gently bit on his lips and grinded on him a little bit.

"Your mine" he breathed on my neck.

Show me.

He looked me in the eye for reassurance. I kissed him and he carried me to his bedroom.

There I was, lying down on his bed, wearing a tight dress and him almost wearing nothing. 

Maz this dress is uncomfortable. I stood up. Help me?

He nodded and slowly walked towards me, trying to decipher if this was real or a wet dream.

I took off my heels as he gently unzipped my dress and kissed my bare shoulders. I had nothing on but panties; no bra and no shame.

The dress fell to my ankles and again he carried me to his bed to lay. 

Maz pecked me all over my face and when he got to my lips he bit them and kissed them like never before. He moved down to my neck and left millions of love bites.

Maz, I moaned.

"Fuck" he breathed. He loves it when I moan his name in pleasure. I was gonna grab on his hair but I couldn't. I couldn't move or speak- he had me completely.

Suddenly he grabbed my arms and put them over my head. "Stay" he said looking into my eyes. I did as he said and watched him caress my body. He kissed my collar bones and went down to my bare breasts. 

He took my left breast and with his index finger and thumb, he rubbed my nipple. I couldn't help but twitch, he knew my spots. Only he knows how to please me.

His tongue circled around my right nipple, gently biting it at times- drove me crazy.

He moved lower and lower till he got my warmth. At this point…'wet' was no longer a word that could define how I'm feeling down there.

"Oh God and you're wearing flesh-colored lace panties" he sighed in a loving way and kissed the center of my womanhood. That made me twitch a little; it felt really good.

He slid my panties down my legs and spread them open. He licked my slit with his long, warm tongue- up and down so slow, torturing me.

Maz, I moaned impatiently. 

Things took a turn for the better; with his two fingers he spread me ever more and massaged my clit with his thumb. I held to my breasts to keep from screaming, extremely loud profanities. 

I tugged on his hair and squirmed around- he had me…he fucking had me. He noticed how impatient I was getting and so he kissed his way up to my breasts, neck and face.

"Mine" he breathed heavily onto my neck, sending shivers all over my body. 

Always baby…always, I whispered into his ear. 

He then positioned himself at my entrance, hovered over me and looked me dead in the eye, "I'm not letting you slip away Marceline, ever again" he kissed my nose.

I couldn't speak, I couldn't believe all this way happening- none of it but I'm glad it is.

I won't slip away from you either, ever again, I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a sweet, long, desirable kiss.

He slowly entered me and filled me up completely. It hurt at first since I hadn't had sex in years; he was my last, first and only one. No one could make me feel the way he did.

Finally, the pain had subsided and the pleasure kicked in hard. 

He hit my g-spot unexpectedly, Maz! I squealed. He smirked as he calmly bit my shoulders, taking me to a new type of high.

My nails dug onto his back, my breath…I couldn't catch it, my heart racing and I couldn't even think right.

"Fuck!" he moaned. God how I missed that moan, it only got me wetter. 

I flipped us around and I was now dominating him. I bit my lip as I rode him. His hands on my waist/bum pumping me up and down. My hands on his chest, supporting me, I-I l-love you, I said trying to catch my breath.

"I love you more Marceline" he moaned. He could tell I was close so he flipped us around and his arms on both sides of my head, pounding me like never before. Since he has more muscle and goes to the gym, he has more stamina and he went in deeper and deeper…and deeper.  

Maz…fuck!!! I shout.


C-cum inside me…please, I begged.

His response was his giving me the most sexiest kiss ever, his thrusts getting sloppier but he still managed to fuck me hard whilst he reached his high.

He plopped onto me, "Best. Sex. Ever." he worded.

Best. Makeup sex ever. He chuckled. His arms wrapped around my body.

There we were, his head on the crook of my neck, cuddling and finally wrapped in each other's embrace.

He kissed my bare chest and hugged me tighter. 

Forever and always, I whispered.

"Forever thine, forever mine, forever ours" he hinted.

We laid there, with not a word to say, not a sound made except for our breathing, but it wasn't an uncomfortable silence…this silence commemorated our start to a new beginning; or maybe we were just to shocked to ever believe this was happening. Thankfully, I'm his and he's mine again.

At last. 

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