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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


9. Rant Now, Listen Later

Finn’s P O V

Jack what happened back there? What did you dream about this time?

“I dreamt about mum and her death at the hospital. I know we weren’t with her when she got into that car accident but for some reason, every time I dream about her, I can see the whole thing. I can see the way she died and I can see her perfectly clear”

Come here Jack. I said bringing him into a hug. I didn’t know you saw all those things in your dreams. You should maybe go see a therapist or something yunno?

“Finn, it’s just a dream. I’m not seeing dead people walk around when I’m awake. I only dream of our mum and her tragic death. I’m not crazy, things like this happen to people. I just need to get my mind of it or something. I just need someone to help me get through this. Someone that can love me enough to help me stop dreaming nightmares or something.”

Alright mate, alright . . .

Marceline’s P O V

Crap, how and when am I gonna tell Maz about this. I know I just met him and all, but I’ve grown on him and he’s grown on me. I genuinely care about Sam and Maz. I love our friendship and lying doesn’t make a friendship last forever. Sigh, I have to tell him the truth, I cannot lie to people that I truly care for.

**At Work**

“Good morning Mars” sang Abbey.

I couldn’t sleep last night because of Maz. I kept thinking about his feelings towards me and the fact that I’m the girl he saw fighting. I was completely zoned out by it. I haven’t eaten all day, but I guess my appearance says I’m ‘wide awake and well’.

“Hellooo!! Earth to Mars!!” said Abbey snapping her fingers in my face.

I quickly jolted up.

Oh-uh . . . what was that?

“Are you okay, you seem off? I mean you look great like always dear, but there’s something about you today. You aren’t the type that zones off like this, what’s up?” she asked concernedly.

I know I can trust Abbey with anything. I just feel a bit paranoid about talking about this topic. But it’s better to get it off my chest now.

Abbey, I know I can trust you so, I’ll tell you.

She leaned in closer, showing her interest.

I told her everything that happened yesterday in the shop with the twins. Once I had finish telling her that story, it was time to her about my adventure and my brawl.

Now this is when I ask you, not to fire or judge me.

Abbey stayed quiet and nodded her head.

I began telling her about the mysterious boy I encountered doing a mural on a girl that reminded me of someone but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I also told her about me vandalizing, but that didn’t worry me. I could care less about what people think.

“That mural sounds lovely, who was this mysterious person?”

You’ll know that at the end. But first, I must tell you about the fight I got into.

She slowly straightened her back and looked at me sideways.

As I told her about those guys that tried to rape me, I saw a worried look in her eyes.

There’s more.

Her face dropped and her eyes slowly widened. I can tell she was about to cry, I guess she thought I got raped or something.

I went into detail on how I kicked those guy’s asses and Abbey’s ‘worried face’ was soon a ‘surprised face’. Then came the time to tell Abbey about the mysterious person. She was speechless still.

There’s more.

Her eyes were wider than ever.

The mysterious person was a guy and it happens to be a friend of mine.

“Wait, could it be the dude that walks with you like . . . everywhere? I thought the two of you are dating?” asked Abbey.

No, we aren’t dating and yes, him. His name is Maz and that girl in the mural is me. When I was tagging the walls, he saw me and well he and I began talking. He asked me what my piece meant and then I asked what his mural defined. He told me it was a girl that he really liked and that the girl was holding his heart and that she doesn’t even know it. Before he even told me that, I didn’t know it was him and I was disguised as a different girl. Also, I couldn’t really see his face too good. See, at night I start to lose my vision. These eyes are useless at night. And well, we didn’t know we knew each other. People kept telling me that Maz likes me, but I ignored it and I hoped for it to be a lie. The reason why I didn’t pay mind to it was because this whole ‘Maz likes you’ was nothing more but their assumptions and what they see. But everything you see isn’t always what it seems to be. I don’t want a boyfriend at the moment. I mean, if I like a guy, sure I’ll give it a try but no one has really ‘caught’ me yet yunno?

Abbey was completely speechless.

“Listen, you can’t stop your heart from loving. It’s gonna happen one day and it’ll occur naturally. You haven’t found someone yet, and that’s fine. Maybe during your stay here in London, you’ll fill in those ‘spaces’ of yourself that you’re not well aware of. As for Maz, he seems like a great guy but it’s all up to you. If by any chance your heart tells you to go for it with any guy, go for it.”

I nodded but I was basically falling asleep on her. What a dumbass I am.

 “Mars, you have gone through so much yesterday, I think it’s best if you take the day off. I’ll take care of things around here” she said with sincere eyes.

No Abbey, I wanna work and earn my money knowing that I actually put effort into it. I know I’m falling asleep and all, but working will wake me up and motivate me to work harder. I’ll be fine trust me. As sad as this sounds, I’m kinda used to things like this happening, New York isn’t really a safe place, at least not where I’m from. So please Abbey, if you really cared for me you’d let me stay here and work.

Abbey gave me a tight hug and stood behind the cash register.

“By the way, what do you mean your eyes don’t function well at night?” she asked.

Since my eyes are different color, they affected my vision greatly as a child. Doctor told me I had ‘til the age of 28 to have my vision. Once I hit 30, I’ll be legally blind and by the way I see at night . . . maybe earlier than 30. I had tremendous amounts of surgery on my eyes, but nothing really seemed to help.

“How did you fight off all those guys? That tunnel is pitch black”

You see, when one or more senses that are affected, those senses that aren’t affected- increase their abilities to do things. For example, I’m deaf, so therefore I can see better during the day, smell better and sense and taste things at an advance level. Since it was nighttime, I sensed where they were positioned and I hear how many were coming and from what direction.

 “You’re truly an inspiration Marceline”

No, no I’m really not. I just don’t let things slow me down or put me down. I’m not optimistic or pessimistic, I’m always realistic. Well enough of this sappy talk and BACK TO WORK MISSY!

Oh and also, I forgot to bring some water with me to work. Do you mind if I step out to the store really quick?

“No no, go right ahead dear”

You want somethin’?

“Hmm, surprise me” she winked.

I gave her a wink back and left to the store.

Once I was walking back from the store, I noticed Maz and this girl talking. But they were quiet friendly with each other.

The girl was a ginger with freckles all over her face. She was a bit shorter than me but since she was wearing heels, she looked taller. The girl had nice green eyes, really pretty; I can see why Maz would flirt with her.

“So where are we going tonight, my place?” the girl asked.

“Sure, what time do you want me to be there?” Maz replied.

“If it were up to me, all the time” she winked.

“I’ll be there around 5? Is that a good time?”

“Yea, it’s perfect”

He placed on hand on her waist and the other on her face and leaned in to kiss her. But it wasn’t a peck, oh no sir it was not, it was more of an ‘I might not see you again because I’m going to war’ kiss.

I was a bit angry about it, but then I realized . . . Maz didn’t really like me. I felt a bit off but I felt relieved about it all.

Once the girl left he stared at her ass as she walked away. I walked right by him and since he was hypnotized by her booty, he didn’t notice me. And to be honest, it pissed me off because he was giving signals to me- even though I didn’t notice them and even though I don’t like him like that- he was basically showing affection towards me. People saw it, but not me. And yea Maz seems like a cool dude and all, but trying to flirt with me . . . just so he can have his way with me? I guess another one bites the dust then. I mean I’ll still be his friend, but I won’t be another girl who falls into his trap. No way, no how.

When I walked into the shop, Finn ran up and hugged me really tight.

“I’m glad you weren’t raped Marceline” Finn whispered into my ear.

My eyes widened in surprise.

How did you- he cut me off.

“I’m sorry, I was in the back and well I heard the whole thing. You are really brave Marceline, I can’t leave you alone next time. I obviously know you don’t need anyone but I just wouldn’t live with myself if something happened to you” said Finn, with some tears forming in his eyes. He blinked them away.

Finn- I gently put my hand on his face- I’m fine and I’ll always be fine. Yeah, sometimes I’ll fall but I have to get up and keep going. I took those guys with my bare hands. I didn’t need a knife or a gun like they did. I’ll always be on the streets and I’ll always be in danger. I do it for graffiti, I love it so much that yeah, maybe one day it may be the death of me. I’m just really into these things and I’m sorry that I made you worry. Believe you me, it wasn’t my intention.

His facial expression softened into a sweet smile.

How tell me how’s Jack doing?

“Mmm, not too good. He always cries in his sleep. Jack dreams of our mum the day she died. This is an every night thing, it’s always our mum that he dreams about. He can see her in the hospital and the car crash that she was in. We weren’t there the day she died. We were five years old and being taken care of by our grandmother” said Finn.

Oh my gosh, I’m truly sorry to hear about that. Is he home right now?

“No, he’s at the park by Charleston. He always goes there to think about things and about our lives with our mum by our side”

Abbey! I yell.

“Yes Mars?”

Jack doesn’t feel too good and well, I finished all that’s needed to be done for today’s work so if that proposition to leave early is still up; can I please leave? This is only a onetime thing. I promise it’s for the greater good. I wanna help my friends Jack and Finn.

“Really, you’ll do that for us Mars? You’ll help Jack?” she said nearly crying.

Of course, it’s what friends to for friends.

“Oh THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!” Abbey cried, hugging me super tight.

You do know I won’t be able to help if I’m dead right Abbey? I said.

“Oh right”

She let go and I gave Finn a tight, reassuring hug.

It’s gonna be okay, I pinky promise. And I made you a pinky promise Finn, I never break those. I whispered into his ear as I took his pinky and wrapped it around mine.

 I waved goodbye and made my way to the park.

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