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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


48. Progress; Beg for Me You Fool

Maz's P O V

STOP!!! I shouted.

I can believe her boyfriend was gonna propose to her. I can't let her do that, she's still mine; mine!

"What are you doing here?! How did you know I'd be here?!" she shouted.

I didn't let her talk, I swooped in, wrapped an arm around her waist, pulled her to me . . . I love you Marceline, I love you, I whispered and kissed her. 

Oh God, her lips . . . her lips, something I've longed for years now. She wiggled under my grip but she kissed back a bit. 

Her boyfriend was trying to push me away from her and before I moved away from her heavenly lips, I slid my tongue across her lower lip. I remembered how that would drive her crazy. 

"What the fuck is your problem dude? She obviously doesn't wanna be kissed by you so leave us the fuck alone!" he yelled.

I ignored his words and stared at her. She stood there faint, still, in love all over again.

I noticed her boyfriend didn't have an English accent but an American one. I looked at him but I couldn't make out who it was. He looked really familiar.

"Matthew, stop! I don't want any fights in here" Marceline demanded.

Matthew? I turn to Marceline, Matthew is 'John'?

"No! I don't have a boyfriend! I used John as in John Doe, in America if you don't give your name to the cops, they mark you down as John Doe"

Part of me was relieved but the other part of me was broken, why did he get down on one knee?

"Ignore him Marceline, you know you felt something just now when we kissed" he said.

You kissed him?!

"Yes I fucking kissed him, so what?! I'm not your girlfriend anymore, remember? And you know what, I felt something in that kiss that I thought I felt with yours; love. Now that I truly think of it, your kisses were all lust and not love!" she shouted.

Bullshit! Fucking bullshit! You know I loved you and I'm still crazy about you Marceline! I know I fucked up but that didn't make me love you less!

"Marceline, will you be my girlfriend? I'll make you forget everything, he's ever done to you baby, please?" he pleaded.

Her look softened once she looked at him, as if she believed everything he said.

"I need some time to think about it Matthew but trust me it won't take me a week to decide whether I want to be with you or not" she looked down but blushed a bit.

"That's alright baby, look, meet me tomorrow at 8:00p.m in Axis, the restaurant by Queenstown Road. Do you think you can give me your answer 'til then?" he asked.

"Sounds good and sure, I can give you my answer by then Matthew" she smiled.

"Okay Mars, I'll just go then but I'm not leaving, 'til you leave" he turned to me but I paid no mind to him. 

I stared at Marceline without blinking. Did she really just blushed at his words? Did she really felt something in his kiss and never with mine? Did I lose her completely to him? I think I did.

We were staring at each other; Marceline and I. "No Matthew, it's alright, I can take care of myself. You go on, I'll see you tomorrow at dinner", she replied with her eyes still glaring at mine.

"Are you-"

"No, I'm not sure but he'll never leave me alone until he gets it all out of him system; go, I'll see you soon Matthew" she hinted sensually.

He nodded and slowly walked towards her and kissed her on the cheek. After than he left the building, hesitating whether or not he should've stayed with her.

After seeing that my blood was beyond boiled!

"So what is it that you want to reminisce on this time?" she said coldly. 

On our love Marceline.


I know I ruined everything we had and every ounce of energy that you had, was wasted on me; on us, but please let me fix this. I begged.

"I don't think you can fix a broken vase Maz, you can only replace it" she said strictly. 

I don't want you to replace that vase you had, I want you to keep that vase with you and remember the good times you had with it.

"I don't remember any good times with it, do you?"


"Enlighten me"

That time you gave yourself to me completely, that was beautiful. That time you told me you loved me, that was unreal but amazing. That time we'd explore each other and felt comfortable around each other, that was true love. That time we'd protect each other even if it would kill us, that's strong love. That time you'd care for me like no one ever did, that was new to me. And lastly, that time when you had your first kiss with me, that was a kiss with tons of love. Those are the best memories Marceline, don't you think?



"Everything that we went through, were all lies. You never loved me, ever. You only used me to get your fix. That's what I was to you, someone to fuck around with; a fuck buddy. Someone who'd break me without even thinking about my suffering" 

Marceline, you broke me too.

Her head snapped at me and she arched an eyebrow.

You'd run off and do stupid things, without thinking of the consequences. Whenever we had to fight to escape a place, you'd put your life on the line to save other people. I don't mind that you like to help people but did you ever thought about me? Did I ever ran through your mind as you put your life at risk?

Her face softened, "All the time. Maz, you drove me to the point of insanity at times. All I ever thought about had to do with you, I loved you but you treated me like a nobody" 

Marceline, please, I wanna fix this; don't you? Please forgive me Marceline, for everything that I've done. 

She nodded, "I forgive you" she hinted.

Marceline look- wait what? Really?

"Yes really, I don't wanna hold grudges on stupid things anymore. I forgive you" she said.

Thank you Marceline, I'm glad you wanna fix-

"You misunderstood me Maz, I said I forgave you, I never said we'd get back together because let's face it, that'll never happen. I don't even want to be friends" she sassed.

What can I do to fix this?

"You can start by getting over me, starting a new life on your own and finding another girl to fuck up because that girl will not be me"

At this point, I was so fucking tired with her thinking that I'd actually work up the nerves to get over her. Was she serious?

I won't fucking let go of you ever Marceline! Why can't you see that?! I shouted.

She didn't even bat an eye, "I know you don't want to but you're gonna have to in order to live a better life. Think of it this way, I'm helping you; so just take my advice and go" she said with her arms crossed.

I just stared at her, studying her beauty. She wore a dress today, and it fit her very well.

Never. I shuddered.

"Leave before things get ugly between you and I, Maz" she threatened.

No. I teased.


Not until we work things out Marceline, why don't you love me?!

"Because you fucking ruin everything Maz! You're a fucking virus, everything you do destroys me! I hate you, I hate you, I fucking hate-"

I slammed her to the wall, not too hard, and kiss her aggressively. One hand cupped her face whilst the other sat on her waist; my body held her down.

She didn't fight me this time nor did she kiss back at all . . . until I slid my tongue across her lower lip. She didn't even fight me or tried to push me away from her. She just stood there, getting kissed.

I softly bit her lip for entrance and to my surprise, it was granted. My tongue danced like it used to and then Marceline . . . kissed back.

Her tongue fought for dominance, her lips aggressively overlapping mine and as she bit my lower lip, she'd bite on them firmly. She took her anger out on me, in a loving way; the way Marceline would do when we were together.

She broke the kiss for air; we were now immensely close to each other. My forehead on hers, our breaths in the air, my hands on her body and hers sat on her chest; over her heart to be exact. 

"No" she uttered as she tried to leave.

Yes. I stared into her eyes.

"Maz . . . no, I don't want you" she muttered.

You do want me, you kissed me back

"That was a mistake, our whole relationship was a mistake. Please let me go" she pleaded.

That was the first time  she spoke to me kindly since yesterday, except for when we first started talking at Sam's party.

I can't, I don't want to.

"Well, you're gonna have to because as of tomorrow I'll be-"

Shh, please don't finsih that sentence Marceline, are you really gonna stand there and say you felt nothing just now? You kissed me back, you did feel something.

"Look that kiss wasn't real, the sex was fake, your words were fake, everything you did for me was fake; what don't you get Maz?" she hinted. She was cracking. Her eyes were getting watery.

No it wasn't baby, that was all real. I risked my life for you as much as you did for me. Who would do that to someone they didn't love them?

"Stop" she said, trying to hold in tears.

I told you, I'll never stop. Hell, I don't care if you go out with Matthew at this point, I'll fight with anyone just to get you to be mine. Do you really think I don't love you at this very moment?

"You don't want me, you're obsessed with me" she tried to hide the fact that I was right. I was getting somewhere with this, I was finally getting to her. 

You know very well that that isn't true. I'm not obsessed with you, I'm in love with you. I want you with me every second of the day. I want to roam this earth knowing you're mine and mine only. I want to wake up next to you like the old days and watch you sleep and nuzzle your nose in the crook of my neck. I want to taste you whenever I want, touch you whenever I want, and I want to please you whenever I can. I'm in love with you Marceline, why else would I chase you like an idiot? No, I'm not over you and I never have been and I don't even want to be.

She was looking down but I lifted her face up to meet my eyes.

 I was scared of losing myself. You didn't need that at the time, you needed to recover. Having me not be completely there, scared me. What if I made things worse, which I know I would've, I don't function well under massive pressure? It would've gone way worse if I stayed, you would've sent someone to kill me if I stayed. But I thought about you when I left, it was best for the two of us. For you.

Marceline's tears started to roll down her cheek, but she didn't whimper, she had no facial expression, she was frozen.

She slowly moved my arm out of the way and like a zombie, walked out of the building. 

I chased after her, Marceline, please don't leave . . . don't leave.

She spoke, "Was I ever your dream girl?" 

You were someone I never imagined in a million years, existed.


She blinked a few tears away and continued to walk. She needed time.

This is good . . . this is progress.  

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