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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


24. Planning

Matthew’s P O V

Things have taken a toll on me whilst I was here. Lexi and I are getting to know each other better. I think she’s a cool girl but nothing compared to Marceline. There’s something about Marcey that I cannot get over. She was made for me but she just has to realize it.

I wonder what Mars meant when she said that Lexi is trouble. She doesn’t seem like it. Lexi is actually a sweet person. She said I can crash in her place as long as I wanted. I didn’t want to seem like a bother but she insisted. That was really nice of her but why doesn’t Marceline like her? Mars is a really nice girl but when she dislikes someone it’s because that person is pure evil. Every time she would say she doesn’t like a ‘certain someone’, that person turns out to be evil, fake or plain annoying. However, maybe she’s wrong about Lexi. Maybe Marceline is a bit jealous. Maybe she feels like she has competition. I mean she wasn’t like this back in NY but frankly ever since she’s moved here she’s sassier.

On one side, I kinda don’t like the new ‘her’ because of her fresh attitude but I can’t help but to want her even more. It’s hot that she’s more demanding; well she always was but she expresses it more this time and she doesn’t hold back anymore.

I sat on the bed thinking, ‘Did I at least enjoyed it last night?’ I’m not gonna lie, Lexi is pretty but she doesn’t have curves. She’s just a pretty face with makeup. Lexi doesn’t have much ‘boob’ to cup or much ‘ass’ to grip; so in all honesty, I don’t know what the fuck I held on to last night when I had sex with her.

Marceline has the hourglass figure of a goddess. Perfect breasts, perfect ass, small waist, flat stomach, dimples on her lower back, beautiful face and soft skin . . . she has it all. As fake as this sound, her personality is what really had me hooked on her. The first time I met her I thought I could trick her into kissing me or having sex with me. But she respected herself to much and didn’t do anything with me. That’s where it all began. As I got to know her better I realized that she has a huge heart and an incredible persona. I never met a girl like her, she’s one in a trillion.

“Want some breakfast?” I heard Lexi ask.

I turn to see her wearing my shirt and no bra. Sure, why are you wearing my clothes?

“I guess we drank a little too much yesterday and well . . . we had sex” she blushed.

Fuck! I want to win Marceline but sleeping with some girl is not going to increase my chances of winning.

That wasn’t supposed to happen . . . sorry. I looked down.

“Yeah I know but the liquor took over us, what can we say? So is that a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ for breakfast?” she asked.

No thanks, I’m gonna go take a walk to get my mind cleared on some things.

“Okay, suit yourself” she said, walking away.

I put my shoes on and walked outside. I don’t know where the hell I’m going but I just need to figure out a way on how I can make Marceline mine.

Too much thinking made me zone out completely and I bumped into someone.

“Watch where you’re going you freak!” yelled the girl.

Oh no, I recognized that voice. It can’t be . . . Donna?

I looked down to try and hide my face from her but she can recognize me from miles away.

“MATTHEW!!! Baby I missed you so much” she jumped on me.

I pushed her away. Get off of me. I’m not your ‘baby’. What are you even doing here?

“You didn’t think you were gonna get rid of me that easily did you?” she smirked.

I was hoping I would. I insinuated.

“I’m here to tell you that you’re making a huge mistake” she tugged on my arm.

You don’t know shit Donna! So do yourself a favor and leave! Save yourself the embarrassment alright! I love Marceline, not you! I will never love you; you’re ugly on the inside and out! Your jealousy is the reason why you’re single. Do you really think guys like you for your ‘personality’? WRONG! They like you because of your body; all they want is sex from you. That night I took you to the shop to have sex was was for Marceline to tell me to stop bringing girls in the shop because she loves me or something but that never happened. Sadly I had to pull through and have sex with you. Also, you disrespected her the first night I brought you to the shop. She’s a nice, well-mannered girl and you’re trashy. What will it take for you to realize that I will never love you? The time we had sex, yeah, that’s called a ‘mistake’. Something I definitely regret doing and you’re lucky I pulled you away from Marceline or else you would’ve been dead. So get the hell out of my life and out of my face! I shouted at the top of my lungs.

She looked shocked, angry and hurt but I could care less. Talking to her wasn’t doing any justice so I guess telling her the whole truth with more firmness would do some good.

“Haha, save myself the ‘embarrassment’? I’m not the one who’s chasing some girl who doesn’t even love you. I LOVE YOU MATTHEW WHY CAN’T YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND THAT?! She only loves you as a brother! A FUCKING BROTHER AND THAT’S IT! I know that guys want me for sex; at least I’m not fucking blind to realize the truth Matthew! I don’t know why every fucking guy loves her, I really don’t! Honestly, she’s hideous, disgusting, stupid and a fake!” she gets in my face.

SHUT THE FUCK UP DONNA & DON’T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT HER LIKE THAT! SHE LOVES ME; WE HAD SEX LAST NIGHT! We made love to each other ‘til the crack of fucking dawn. She hates you as much as I do. She ran away here so me and her can live together forever. She knew that if you were to be in the picture that you’d fuck everything up; which you always do. London seemed like the perfect place to live so this is why we’re here. However, I don’t see the purpose of a slut like you to be here; so leave. I lied.


Whatever, she doesn’t scare me. Hell, nothing scares Marceline either. Donna is all talk, that whore just sleeps around; nothing new.

I sat down and tried to plan a scene to make Mars break up with her fucking boyfriend.

But how?

Lexi’s P O V

Thank God that dumbass left my flat for a while; I needed to plan out how exactly I’m going to break Marceline & Matthew up. Now that I know that Matthew knows Marceline very well, he can be good bait for my plans. I’m gonna have to get personal information out of him in order to ruin her both mentally & physically. I hope that jackass doesn’t ruin everything by trying to defend his ‘girl’; fucking idiot.

I don’t get why everyone likes her. Jack, Maz, Finn & now Matthew . . . seriously what the fuck? Haha, now that I think of it; she probably sucks it good.

That whore must really think she’s Maz’s girl huh? Well, I think the bitch needs a reality check.

I will break them up . . . forever.

But how?

Donna’s P O V

I went back to my hotel and started plotting both of their fates. They think I’m just some weak girly girl. I may not have the muscles or brain; or anything that Marceline has but I have a great thirst for vengeance. When I seek revenge, I will do whatever it takes to pursue it.

I have to know where she resides and I have to know more about her. I want to fuck her up in every single way possible. She may be perfect in everyone’s eyes but once I’m done with her . . . you’ll regret falling for her.

Matthew will get some of the payback as well; he shouldn’t have rejected me. No one rejects Donna Prince . . . NO ONE!

The two of you will pay for causing me so much pain & embarrassment; you’ll be sorry Matthew . . . you too Marceline.

Marceline’s P O V


“Wake up you stupid bitch!” I heard someone shout.

I instantly shot out of bed and saw a girl standing there with a knife. I looked behind me and Maz wasn’t on my bed.

MAZ?! I shouted.

“Haha, he isn’t here anymore. I had a few guys roughen him up a bit before we took him away from you. Let’s face it, you don’t deserve him. He deserves better than some American trash like you. He loves me; he’s only with you for the hell of it. I mean, I tried the food you made yesterday and my, my, my, you are quite the cook. But let me not bore you with words and let me cut to the chase” she said stepping forward.

I couldn’t see her face but I took no chances, I positioned myself in a fighting stance.

“Ah, ah, ahh! You touch me and it’s over for you” she said waving the knife at my face.

Death doesn’t scare me and neither do you! I yelled, keeping my ground.

“Cut the ‘tough girl’ act, it isn’t cute. You know damn well you can’t take on me” she laughed.

What the FUCK do you want?! Who are you?!

“I want you to leave Maz; tell him you don’t love him anymore. Tell him you don’t love him anymore and all will be good. I can’t tell you who I am because honestly, that isn’t important. Now, if you don’t leave him; death will be involved. I won’t tell you who dies and who walks; that’s for you to find out if you make such a cowardly decision” she giggles.

FUCK YOU! I shout.

“Gladly” I heard a guy chime in.

J-Jack? I said faintly.

“You’re gonna pay for the things you’ve done to me baby but don’t worry; I know just how you can pay me back” he stares at me up and down.

I grabbed a vase and threatened them to stay back.

“Oh sweetie, do you really think a vase is gonna hold me back? You must be fucking kidding me” she turns to Jack. “You may get your way with her; I’ll be out in the hallways looking around. Let me know once you’re finished and if she’s still disobedient . . . do whatever else you wanna do to her. I would suggest killing her but I mean the bitch is you’re main squeeze” she said as she closed the door. I’m pretty sure she stuck a chair under the doorknob so I wouldn’t escape but I can defend myself.

 I have to help Maz . . . but isn’t fighting back gonna get him killed? Is this the only way to help him? The only way for him to dodge harm . . . ? 

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