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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


32. Palmed Platform

A/N: This is somewhat a violent chapter but you will see how much of a sick mind Marceline has when she finally loses it. Enjoy.

As I slowly and uninterestingly, turn the knob, I was faced with . . . Donna?

“Let me talk and then you might have your turn; got it?” she sneered

I leaned my head back-sideways and glared at the bitch that was also part of my disastrous past.

How about no? I said as I was gonna slam the door in her face when she stopped it with her foot.

“I don’t think you understand Marceline” she pushed the door open and closed it behind her, “You ruined what I had with Matthew, and it’s all your fault! You should’ve left somewhere where he wouldn’t know and left him with me! You ruined my chances of ever getting with him and for that . . . you’re the one to pay” her voice, getting a little loud.

I was completely bored with her and her words. Does she really think she can just barge in here and pick a fight? As a matter of fact, I haven’t fought in months and I do need to get all this anger out of me; maybe a good fight would do me good. Except, she is a shit fighter; I bet all she does it pull hair and scratch.

Shut the fuck up you pig, you are such a thirsty little whore. Matthew never wanted you, he wanted me; get that through your thick fucking skull. I never wanted him, in fact I was trying to push him towards you but I guess your face wasn’t helping with my plan. At the time I told him that I was leaving, Mat and I were best friends and now, we’re nothing so fuck you. And lastly, what are you gonna do about it bitch?! My voice was getting louder

I noticed her hands turn to fists and she also had black gloves on. Of course, what was I thinking? She isn’t going to fight much, she’s gonna try to knock me out or kill me; perfect.

“Fuck you!” her hands tightened around my neck. “You aren’t getting out of this one you fucker cause I always get what I want” she gripped tighter

That’s cute Donna but you should worry about yourself. I chuckled

Being the dumb bitch that she is, she forgot to hold my hands down with her body; so I upper cut her chin with my left hand . . . causing her ditsy ass to fall to the floor. Do yourself a favor and leave before I actually put some effort in to kicking your ass. I said as I opened the door.

She forced herself up but I could see it in her face that she wanted to stay down. “Fuck you; I’m not leaving until I see you begging for me to stop! Until I see you coughing up blood and breathing your last breath! Until you leave that old man you’re always with and every other man on this planet, the hell alone and let them love other girls that aren’t you” she lifted her leg up in attempt to kick me

I brought my right forearm up and blocked her weak kick, leaving me an open spot to lift my leg and sidekick her right in her stomach. She clashed with the coffee table and hit her head on one of the legs of the couch. She hasn’t gotten one hit from me yet and by the look of it, it ain’t happenin’ either. I didn’t want to fight but she’s a really pushy and tempting person; the type of people I hate and try to avoid. I walked over her and picked her up by her neck; leaving her feet dangling in the air.

*tsk* *tsk* *tsk* I think you’re gonna be the one that’s gonna beg for me to stop, or am I wrong? I hissed.

She was running out of oxygen so I let her go; causing her to collapse on the floor, breaking the glass coffee table. “Fuck you Marceline!!” she grabbed one of the shards of glass and aimed it towards my chest but my reflexes kicked in and I moved to the side; leaving her with no target. Quickly, I palmed her hand holding the glass, down to the floor and bashing her head to the wall.

“FUCKKKK!!!” she yelled as she covered her, now, bloody nose. As blood was gushing out from her nostrils, she still made an attempt to fight me. Now, I don’t know if I should give her props or call her a really stupid bitch; ehh, I’ll call her stupid bitch. I mean after all, it suits her.

We stood there, giving each other a deadly glare and waiting for one of us to make the next move. I would make the next move but this fight would be over in a second; I want to see how many more drops this little shit can take. Suddenly, her head turned and I noticed that she noticed the knives I had laying around; great, just what I need, a bitch who needs a weapon in order to defeat me. We raced to the knives with her reaching for the biggest and sharpest one whilst I waited for her next move.

“Why did you have to fuck everything up for me?! What do guys see in you?! I’m pretty, TELL ME I’M FUCKING PRETTY!!!” she cried. Her hands were shaking, I could tell she was really torn but I didn’t feel bad for her.

Why did you fuck it all up for yourself? You’re the one who acted like a spoiled brat, you’re the one who always fucked your way around problems; so eat shit!! Guys see nothing in me because all they do is use me, so go ahead; stab me . . . let’s see how strong you really are. You’re so weak and pathetic and very easy to fuck with; no pun intended. Donna, you are the piece of shit that’s stuck on a person’s shoe . . . you’re unwanted. I despise you Donna, no, no, I fucking detest you. And after all I’ve been through, I must say . . . today’s the best day of my life; I got to beat the shit out of you, again. No one likes you Donna, shit, by the looks of it, it looks like you don’t even like yourself. So how about you do yourself a favor and stick that knife inside of you? Can you do that, can you go kill yourself? You’ll be doing everyone a favor sweetheart. I said in a devilish tone

Her eyes softened a bit but once she saw me give her a wicked smirk, her eyes turned evil again and she charged towards me and aimed the knife near my left shoulder. It was obvious that she was aiming at my heart. Stupid bitch, had she known better, she wouldn’t aim there; considering the fact that I no longer ‘have a heart’. I lowered my shoulder and wrapped my right hand on her neck and the other one on her hand that carried the knife. I then kicked her left popliteal, leaving her unbalanced and easy to slam to the ground. As I did, I hovered over her, having my hands grip tighter around her neck and wrist.

Give up yet you fucker? I hissed

She looked at me with fear in her eyes, she should’ve known better than to piss me off. I thought she learned her lesson the day I beat the crap out of her in Matt’s shop.

All of a sudden, Donna poked the knife into my left forearm; cutting not too deep into my skin. My grip around her neck tightened even tighter to the point that her face was changing colors. I loosened the grip I had on her wrist and slammed her wrist sideways on the steps; causing her wrist to shatter. I picked up the knife, teasing her with it by waving it all over her face; you’re gonna regret that you piece of rotten shit, I growled as I forced the knife into hand. I twisted and shook the knife into her palm.

“Ahhhh!!! Fuckkk!!” Donna shouted. She wiggled under my grasp but she couldn’t get me off her.

I leaned in and whispered, don’t talk shit when you can’t back it up. I like you better this way, screaming and crying in pain. What should I stab next, huh; your neck . . . your ear or maybe I should end you *snap* just like that? Let’s see, well today is trash day so why not take it out all at once? Hell, killing you would make me feel honored but I don’t want PETA after me. I mean, I am gonna slaughter a pig. Plus, as an artist, my creativity is wild, so I know what to do with a body. I’m not a violent person but hey, things change and people change.

Still, with the knife stabbed into her palm, Donna tried everything in her power to fight back. “I fucking hate you!” she yelled. I could tell she was frightened, I heard her squeal when I promised her, her death tonight.

WHY?! I shot back immediately. Why do you hate me?! Because boys like me or is it because my personality was better than yours? It’s not my fault your personality sucks; you should’ve worked harder on fixing your attitude instead of fixing your features. I mean, c’mon let’s face it, you’re ignorant. You’ll never get a guy to truly care for you unless you learn to respect yourself. I muttered at the last bit.

“I’m pretty!! I’m fucking pretty! Every guy wants me; they just see you like a sex toy! You are no different than me you whore!” she spat. I squinted my eyes in anger and moved the knife in slow circles.

You might wanna act nice to the person who’s holding the knife, don’t ya think? I mocked. Look at you, on your back . . . like always; screaming and crying in pain with a knife lodged in your palm. Every guy wants you, sure, but not for the reasons you think they do. You are nothing more but a cheap slut. You aren’t pretty, your tits are stuffed with God knows what, you contour the hell out of your face, your voice is annoying, your personality sucks; I swear you are as fake as they come. I could care less about how a guy sees me; I only care about what I think of myself. But see Donna, that’s where you’re wrong. We are different, you’re the whore and I’m not. You suck many guys off and I don’t. You’re cheap and hey, I’m quality. So do yourself a favor and fix your priorities because right now, you are embarrassing yourself . . . and most importantly, you’re embarrassing me. I scorned.

She stopped fighting back and faintly started crying. Her body went limp under my grip as she turned away from me and spoke.

“Why are you perfect? Why do you have everything I want?” she turned to face me. “Why can’t you just disappear forever and maybe then, a boy can look my way and want to actually get to know me. I know I’m a slut and I know I’m fake Marceline. I hate that you’re perfect and that you get every great guy thrown your way but you don’t want them. That day I bumped into you guys unexpectedly, I could see nothing but love in that guy’s eyes. Never in my life have I ever seen a guy look at his girlfriend that way. No one has ever loved me the way your ex did. I always wanted a guy to love me like he did but no one ever did. I thought Matthew was the one but clearly he wasn’t. I was fed up with the fact that he wouldn’t stop talking about you! I hate him as much as I hate myself for letting things get this far! I’m jealous of you okay, why do you have to ruin things for me?!” she sobbed

Jealous of me, so that’s why she’s doing all this? Is she fucking kidding me?! Oh, now I really don’t have patience.

I got off her and pulled her up by grabbing her from her shirt and slamming her to the wall. Are you fucking serious Donna?! All this bullshit is caused because of your stupid jealousness? I didn’t ruin anything for you, you did that to yourself!!! I swear I could just fucking kill you right now! Fuck you! I don’t have anyone, I never did. My stupid fucking ex, fucked some broad on my bed; HE FUCKED HER ON MY BED DONNA!!!! How the fuck do you think I feel, huh?! I gave myself to him and that’s how that fucker shows his affection towards me?! Well, fuck you Donna; you aren’t the only one with problems alright?! And that old man, YEAH, he’s like a father to me! He’s been helping me through my problems you idiot! GOD, I can’t fucking stand you Donna, get the fuck out of here! I never want to see you again because if I do, you better pray that there’s someone there to protect you, you disgusting, vile, belligerent, IGNORANT FUCKER!!! I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Donna . . . you don’t always get what you want. I whispered, looking at her dead in the eyes.

Her eyes widened in fright as I slowly loosened my grip on her. She slowly backed away from me and made her way to the door, and closed it quietly as she left.

I plopped onto the couch and let everything sink in.

Donna’s P O V

I never seen that much anger and hate in someone’s eyes before. The tone of her voice, the way her hands shook, her sudden outbursts; everything about her scared me. Everything she said about me was right; I picked a fight that I couldn’t win.

   I-I guess it’s all over now. I whispered to myself as I walk down the road. She was right . . . no one would love me if I don’t respect myself. I live my life like a true slut, screwing any guy that comes my way. I hate the fact that I can’t be her, I hate the fact that I’ll never . . . get what I want.

I dragged my feet up a couple of brick steps and noticed I was in a train station. There was no one there, I was alone yet again.

Yunno . . . I’m kinda tired of being alone. It’s awful, sickening and it drives me crazy. I thought I could find someone who truly cared for me, that’s why I slept with so many guys. Of course I was wrong, they never made love to me; they only fucked me. I never had someone tell me truth the way Marceline did. I whispered to myself.

I was silently sobbing and walking towards the center of the platform. Why can’t I be perfect? Why was I born to live this life? My shoulders were slouched.

I heard the train coming from the distance and then . . . it came to me. I’m unhappy . . . I’m very unhappy and defenseless. There’s nothing for me to do now, I know it. I can’t break loose from the sadness I invited to my life. I am pathetic, I am vile, I am disgusting, I am ignorant . . . and I am heartless.

The train was getting closer.

Marceline is right, why pick I fight that I can’t win? I never had a chance; not with Matthew, with fighting her, not with love and with life. I should just leave . . .

The train was almost gonna pass the platform.

Leave . . . forever. I sobbed as I jumped onto the train tracks and waited for the train to come; waiting for my one escape to finally set its revenge for all the things I’ve done.

*train’s horn* It got louder and louder, closer and closer ‘til the silence filled the air. I’m sorry. I whispered my last words to all the people I’ve been a bitch to, especially Marceline. Soon the train and I met and that’s when I grasped that I . . . was dead.

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