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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


28. One Down

I’ll see you soon . . . I whispered my last words. I heard him lock & load his pistol. Soon I heard a gun going off and my mind going blank . . .

I felt a body collapse onto mine and somewhat heard a man’s voice afterwards. I could tell it was a man for his silhouette made it clear to me.

“Are you alright miss?” asked the man.

Look, whoever you are I can’t see or hear you. I said calmly. It’s actually kinda sad and weird that I didn’t freak out or cry; damn, Maz really fucked me up. Well, everyone did for that matter.

I’m gonna be realistic here, I’m pretty sure whoever was trying to talk to me shot Jack. I don’t know if he’s dead or maybe he passed out from all the pain but I just want to leave and go home!

The man gently picked me up and broke the chains lose from my arms and ankles and carried me away from the scene. I could feel his neck vibrating, which tells me he’s talking. Sadly, I can’t really make much out of it so I say what I should say to him.

Thank you I whisper in his ear. He hugs me tighter and puts me in a car, buckles my seat belt and drives off. Everything was so tiring, from my depression to dealing with Jack that once I tilted my head back, I fell asleep.

Maz’s P O V

I was creeping inside the abandoned building when I hear a loud bang. It sounded like a gun going off. I ran to the echoed noise and soon found a room with chairs and beers. I walked in slowly, expecting the worse and saw a dead body. Thank goodness it wasn’t Marceline’s but it was . . . Jack Harries. I checked for a pulse and sure enough he was dead. From what Matthew described to me and from what I saw, I’m sure Marceline didn’t do this. She’s too dead to do anything. She didn’t even fight back when they kidnapped her. That one guy who felt bad for her didn’t even want to do it.

Wait! That’s it! He was probably the one who shot Jack! But if he helped Marceline, then where the hell are they? And where’s the other guy?

I ran out the building and notified the one person who should know about this.

The phone was ringing on the other line. “Hello?”

Hey Finn, umm, where are you?

“I just got back from dropping my girl off, why?”

Shit, this was going to be hard.

Look, mate, you gotta be strong for me alright?

“Maz, what’s wrong?” he started to panic.

It’s about your brother Jack, he umm . . .

“Where is he?” he hinted.

Jack was . . . Jack was shot. He’s dead Finn; I’m sorry. I breathed.

Not a sound was made on the other line.

“Where is he?!” he shouted.

I don’t know where I am Finn, I followed some van here because . . . because Jack kidnapped Marceline and she didn’t fight back so I decided for fight back for her. As I was looking for her, I heard a gun go off and before I know it; I walk into a room and Jack’s body was spread out. I’m sorry Finn . . .

“What?! Where’s Marceline?! I bet you were up to this; Marceline has been receiving threats from you and that bitch you go with! She never told me she did, I checked her phone! I had to, I’m worried about her; you killed her Maz! She’s already dead!” he shouted.

I never sent her any threats! She cheated on me Finn!

“She would never do that; she would never cheat on you! She fucking loved you! Marceline would make many men, who would walk in the shop; hoping she was single, jealous. She’s faithful and stood up for you whenever people would say rude things about you! She would careless if they mess with her but when it came to you, shit got serious! Maz you’re such an idiot for believing those two idiots you hang with! I’m glad she’s done with you because knowing what you did to her, proves to me that you’re no better than Jack. What you did was low man; I can’t even tell you how low that was. I love my brother Jack and he did turn a bit crazy after Marceline left him. I guess the tables have turned because now Marceline is the one who’s crazy and not about you either! She doesn’t do much anymore Maz! I don’t even know if she’s alive sometimes and that’s all your fault! Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go plan my brother’s funeral and try to find Marceline; JERK!” he cried and hung up.

I stood there thinking about the fact that he was the second person, today, that told me about Marceline’s behavior.


I broke down into tears, why did she do that to me? Why did she have to ruin what we had? Why do I still love her? I can’t forgive her for what she did; I hate cheaters.


After hours of crying, I got up and went home.

Once I arrived, I saw Lexi laying in my bed; talking on the phone. I just don’t get why she must always have her conversations on speaker. It’s annoying.

“Matthew, why did you tell him the truth?! Everything has been going swell with that bitch out of our lives!” she shouted.

Wait . . . what?! I stood there, hoping she’d keep the conversation going & on speaker.

“Lexi, I’m worried about my best friend alright. If you had a heart you would see how much your plan ruined her” Matthew said.

“Ugh! I don’t care about her Matthew and you know that! I’m glad she’s dying each and every day! That ought to teach the little skank to stay away from Maz! You are such an idiot for falling for everything! Did you really fall for the ‘I’ll help you get the girl of your dreams’ crap?! Really?! Shit, you gotta admit, I did a pretty damn good job with the Photoshop. Your smiles looked soo legit!” she laughed.

Shit! Fuck, now what?! Marceline was telling me the truth all along; I knew I was stupid for believing Matthew and of all people, Lexi. I’m such an idiot, I have to find her . . . but where did they take her?

Finn’s P O V

I threw the phone across my room and cried. I lost my brother and the last thing I ever said to him was ‘take care’. It wasn’t ‘I love you mate’, or ‘I miss you man’; no, it was just ‘take care’. I gotta go see him; I’ll trace Maz’s call and go to where Jack is.


After I traced his call, I called a cab and was driven to my destination. As I got out, I saw this abandoned building with one room lit. Maybe Jack is in that room.

I ran inside and soon walked into what Maz walked into a few hours ago.

I fell to my knees and turned his body around. Jack . . . ? I murmured in disbelief. He looked so different. He had huge muscles; he just doesn’t look like my brother anymore.

I’m sorry Jack . . . I whispered. I should’ve visited you or something mate; to make sure you were okay. Hearing your voice over the phone isn’t the same. I love you Jack, please look down at us not up at us. Don’t worry, you’ll get your funeral; a beautiful one at that yunno with the flowers and a priest? Hey, while you’re up there . . . say ‘hi’ to mom for me please? I gotta go now Jack, I’m gonna call the police and all with be fine. I’ll see you soon . . . I kissed his forehead and rocked his body back and forth, ‘til I ran out of tears to cry.

Hours later, I called the police. I told them what I knew and rushed to get over here. I was promised an investigation by two policemen but knowing the system, I’m not going to get any answers. I was offered a ride home, so I took it. But I felt as if I’m forgetting something or someone.

Marceline! I gasped out loud. I dialed her number but it sent me straight to voicemail. I didn’t tell the police about Marceline, any sign of the cops around the people who have her will kill her.

Once I got home, I ran to my room and laid on my bed; thinking of how I was going to save Marceline. Unexpectedly, I fell asleep . . .

---- Next Day ----

Marceline’s P O V

I woke up to the smell of pancakes. I remembered the events that happened yesterday but not much though. I got out of bed and walked down the steps, to the kitchen. I saw a man cooking breakfast for two. As weird as this sound, I feel safe around him.

*clears throat* Good morning Sir I said deadly.

“Ahh, good morning Marceline. Look, about yesterday I-”

Thank you I said nodding slightly.

“You don’t have to thank me. I’m just glad you’re safe” he gave me a warm smile.

Why did you help me & why did you look at me like that when we were in the shop? What did you do to Jack? I asked.

“Look, I know you have tons of questions and I’ll gladly help you out. Please, let’s talk as we eat some breakfast” he smirked kindly.

I nodded unsure of the thought and sat down.

“Okay, let me answer your first question. I helped you because you reminded me so much of my daughter; Darlene. She looked just like you and she was really sweet and kind” he stopped himself.

What happened to her, if you don’t mind me asking?

“A few men were ordered to kidnap her, rape her and leave her for dead in a boat by a harbor. Ever since then, I couldn’t live my life without getting my revenge on the son of a bitch who killed my baby” he gripped his fork.

I’m truly sorry . . . ?

“Dave, my name is Dave” he half-smiled. “She was a girl with a lot of ambitions to study and to have a bright future. We had a close father-daughter relationship. Her mother left me because I was so obsessed with my daughter’s death that I didn’t even give any attention to her. When my Darlene died, a part of me also died. I felt empty inside. She had these big eyes, just like yours; except they weren’t different colors. They were blue. The last time I was with her, she was sick. She had the flu and when I saw you in the shop; you had the same facial expression as Darlene did, the last time I saw her. When I saw you, I wanted to hug you and rescue you but I couldn’t do it at that time because I knew Jack would kill me” he sniffled.

I’m truly sorry Dave. I’m sure whoever killed your beloved daughter has paid the consequences. I’m not sick either; I’m just going through something. I know I’ll get over it, I just need time. I touched his hand gently, causing him to loosen his grip on his fork.

“No, I’m sorry for everything Marceline; I really am” he wiped a few tears away.

“Oh they did, last night” he sneered.

What do you mean?

“Now to answer your last question, I shot Jack last night”

I nearly choked on my drink.


“He was the reason why Darlene died. He’s a player, Darlene was the innocent prey. Jack always made the ladies fall for him and once they did; he’d dump them or simply do something to them that’ll make them hate him. Darlene was different, he cheated on her and so she left him. He didn’t like that idea because he was always the one that breaks up with girls; girls don’t break up with him. He begged for forgiveness and she didn’t buy it, so one day he sent a few of his ‘boys’ to kidnap her. I found out that he forced her to have sex with the guys who kidnapped her; that made my blood boil inside. Then once he was finished with her, he left her body in a boat to freeze to death. She was only seventeen when this happened” he took a bite of his bagel.

I sat there, thinking about everything me and Jack had gone through. He really is a crazy bastard.

Dave, I didn’t know, I’m sorry. . . I uttered.

He nodded. “Once I found out it was him, I kept my cool. I wanted him to suffer at most. When I saw that you were his new prey, I kept an eye out on you. That’s when I realized you were just like Darlene. From that day on, I declared myself to be more of a shadowed ‘father’ figure to you. As time passed by, I noticed you two weren’t together; that’s when I moved in closer. I saw him breaking down and cracking, just how I wanted him to be. Long story short, I offered to be a ‘bodyguard’ for Jack, he accepted and well . . . yesterday happened. But nothing is your fault Marceline, it’s his”

You are a true hero Dave; I respect you for that. But there were two of you, where’s the other one?

“I shot him as well; he also raped my baby girl”

Thank you Dave, just . . . thank you. I looked down.

“Do you need a place to stay or are you alright where you are?” he asked.

I don’t want to be a bother Dave, you’ve done enough.

“I don’t mind, I have a guest room if you’re interested” he smiled.

Well . . . sure I wouldn’t mind. Plus, I just need to get away from it all yunno? I start school in a few days so I wanna start school with a clean state of mind I replied.

“Hey Marceline, why don’t you smile anymore?” he asked worriedly.

I haven’t even touched my breakfast. I’m not really hungry but I’ll have to force myself to eat; I don’t wanna be rude.

Oh, it’s a long story I shrugged.

“Well we have time, after all . . . this is your new home now” he chuckled.

I nodded and well, told him everything about EVERYTHING. 

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