The Arts

FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


47. Old Flames & No Games

Maz's P O V

"I can't do that anymore Maz" she slowly slid her wrists off my grip.

This isn't over . . . this just started Marceline. 

I let her walk away from me because I know for a fact that I'd be talking to her soon. I walked back inside the party, looking for Sam.

"Hey mate" he greeted.

Hey . . .

"Oh no, let's talk" he warned. He already knew something didn't go right.

"So what happened?" he asked.

I told him everything that happened and he was left speechless.

"I'm sorry things went down like that but you gotta give her time. You practically shoved all this in her face, like damn. She wasn't expecting that" he added.

Neither was I but it happened.

"That's true but don't worry, she'll hopefully come around soon. Tomorrow's another day to try again" he smiled.

Speaking of which, where does she work?

He smiled, "Let's go have some cake"


"It's actually not too far from where she lives, in fact she lives like a block away from the joint" 

Is that so?

"Yup, you should pay her a visit when she's calmed about this all"

I don't want to wait anymore.

"Well, you're gonna have to or else you'll lose her completely and push her into the arms of another man"

Looks like I already did.

Sam looked at me all confused.

She told me she has a boyfriend named John. I don't know his last name, she wouldn't tell me. 

"Really? Well that's odd, she would've told us if she had a boyfriend. I wonder?"

Don't worry Sam, we'll know him soon . . . I hope. I really want to meet this guy.


"Hey babe, hey Maz, where's Marcey?" Bridget hopped over to us.

"Babe, Marceline just left"

Bridget's face saddened, "Why?"

Sam looked at me and then back at her. She snapped me a quick look, "What did you do now?!" she shouted.

"Bridget, he apologized but she wasn't having any of his 'non-sense'" Sam defended me.

"Good! I wouldn't either if I were in her position"

"Don't worry, everything will be just fine"

"Ugh! Alright but I'm gonna call her just to know if she's fine" she shouted and marched away.

Thanks for helping me out Sam.

"Anytime man, anytime" he smiled.

Marceline's P O V

*ring ring*


"Marceline, are you okay? Where are you? What did that fucker do to you?" Bridget franticly asked.

He was annoying me with his fucking memories of the past but this time, it hit hard so I left. I'm sorry, I'll call Sam once I get home to apologize for ruining his night. I'll be fine, I'm in a cab right now, on my way home.

"Oh Marcey" Bridget sighed empathetically, "I'm sorry about everything. It was my fault, I invited Maz but not to ruin your night but to make Sam's. I completely forgot to warn you about that idiot"

It's not your fault, he could've just stayed shut about everything but that's not your fault at all. It's his mouth so that's his problem. Plus, it's Sam's birthday, he should get anything and everything he wants. Look, I just got home, I'm gonna take a shower and watch a movie or something, okay? I'll call you tomorrow or something.

"Thank you Marceline, for not getting angry with me. And do you mind, if I sleep over tonight? I wanna help make things better" she asked.

Sure, I don't mind. Swing by any time, I'll be up still.

"Thanks, I shouldn't take long anyway. The party will be over soon"  

I hung up and went straight to the shower to wash the 'harsh vibes' away, as if it was possible. 


It was almost 2a.m and I was still awake, watching Home Alone. It was the only thing on T.V. Okay I lied, but there's something about Christmas movies that can make my mood go from crappy from happy. 

*knock knock*

I checked to see who it was and thankfully it was Bridget. I would not be able to deal with Maz's shit again.

"Hey girl" she smiled.

I let her in and make some hot chocolate and had ourselves a few good laughs before knocking out on the couch, cuddled up together. 


I was rudely awaken from a call.


"Morning Marcey, I was wondering if Bridget got there safely? She forgot to call me once she arrived at your place"

Morning Sam, yea don't worry she's here sleeping. Did you enjoy yourself last night?

"Sure did, thanks for the gifts by the way" 

No problem and listen, I'm sorry for ruining your party. I never meant to do that, you know that right?

"Of course I know you wouldn't do such a thing. Plus, none of us, except Bridget, knew but that's okay. I was hoping you were alright. Maz told me you ran off all upset about the whole thing but I understand why you would be"

Thanks Sam, you're the best.

"Sure thing but I gotta go now, have a great day. I just called to check up on you girls" he chuckled.

Thanks and you too have a great day.

"Wait, before you hang up, is there anything getting set up at the gallery yet?"

No, not yet but when it's empty I just use it to paint or something like that, why?

"No reason, I just thought there was an art gallery today that's all"

Oh okay, well gotta go, bye.

He said 'goodbye' and hung up.

I checked the time and it was already 11:20a.m.

I woke Bridget up and we got ourselves dressed for a day of dress shopping.

Sam's P O V

"So she's basically alone in that gallery right?" asked Maz.

Yea, so you better get your shit together man or else.

"I'll try man, she's changed so I don't know how to get to her anymore"

I understand but you shouldn't push her or yell at her.

"I won't, thanks Sam, I'll talk to you later. Bye" he hung up.

I hope everything goes well with him and her.

Marceline's P O V

"Marceline, you really went all out. I thought you were bullshitting me when you said that you were gonna buy dresses. You even bought tons of heels" Bri laughed.

I just gotta change up yunno? I'm tired of the same shit.

"Well that's true. So, I'll talk to you later okay? I'm going over to Sam's today, he wants to go out to dinner"

Sure thing, enjoy yourselves. Call me or text me whenever you get there so I know you got there safe, okay?

She nodded and left.

Now I needed to shower and get dressed. I'm going to the art gallery to maybe sketch a new painting.


(Marcey's Outfit can be found on Polyvore under the username Coeur-shapedbox and the outfit set will be named after this title's title)

I arrived at the art gallery, finally, a breath of fresh air and some time to myself to wrap my head around all this.

I set up my canvas and began sketching. 

*ring ring*


"Hi, yes, is this Miss Marceline Konn?" a man asked.

Why yes it is, how may I help you?

"Wonderful, hello my name is William Vogul and I'm from The Arts Scouts here in Plymouth. I was wondering if you're interested in creating a masterpiece, whether it be a painting, a sculpture or anything your magical hands can create for the scouting?

Oh my, why, of course! I'd love to but before anything else, what will I be scouted for?

"Marvelous! Right, well we scout artists from all over Europe to become massive artists to be well known and you even get massive work coming your way. You'll be scouted to work pro, anywhere you want. You can work all over Europe and even internationally if you're good enough. You choose your own hours and even decide who you want to work with. Your options are endless" he laughed.

Wow, that sounds truly too good to be true but I've heard about your scouting committee and I would be more than honored to create you all a masterpiece. I grinned.

"Perfect, try to have it ready in 2-3 weeks, how's that sound?" 

Perfect, I'll have it ready by then. Thank you so much.

"You're very welcome. I've heard great things about you Miss Konn, don't disappoint me" he laughed.

I will never Mr. Vogul, thank you!

"Sure thing Miss Konn, you have a great day now, bye-bye" he cheered.

You too Sir, have a safe one!

He hung up the phone and I began laughing to myself. I could not believe this was happening!

I look around and immediately begin sketching.

*sigh* Finally, peace at last.

*knock knock*

Or not, I whispered.

Come on in, how may I-

"Marceline? Wow, you look great; as always" I turn around.

M-Matthew, what are you doing here?

"Don't worry, I'm not here to cause trouble or anything. I was just in the neighborhood and so when I found out you were here, I decided to make things right between us. Your very well known around here. I knew you would make it big one day" he smiled.

Uhh, y-yea, t-thanks.

"Are you busy at the moment?" he asked.

I'm just sketching something really quick, I nodded.

"Oh, sorry if I interrupted you" he stepped back.

Yunno, Matthew fucked my life up a lot but I guess he changed? Aside from his now, fully evolved quiff and nicely toned arm muscles, he might've changed. He gotten a little taller than before but should I even question his change? Yea, I think I should.

Nah, don't worry about it so what's up?

He just stood there, staring at me up and down. Oh God, not this again.

*snap snap* Umm, Matthew, are you okay?

"Huh? Oh yea, it's just that you don't wear dresses"


"No, you look great but it's just something that you need to get used to right?" he chuckled nervously. I could tell he didn't want to fuck anything up.

Oh, thank you. You're looking good too. I smiled.

"Thank you haha, so umm, what's up with you?" he asked.

I asked you first, I said with a straight face.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ignore your question" he panicked.

Yea, he's changed.

I chuckled, Matt, I was just having a laugh.

"Oh haha, well life's been good. I'm working at a mechanic shop down by Chestnut Road." 

By where I used to live?

"Yea, but on the other side of the park though"

Oh okay, now I know where you work.

"Yea, so umm, look I just wanted to apologize for everything. It took me awhile to get it into my head that you don't love me. I know I fucked up your life big time and I wanted to say please forgive me" he begged.

Oh Matthew . . . my first best friend ever. He helped me through my ups and downs back in the Bronx but surely was the reason that I had my ups and downs. Yea he messed me up but hey, it's all in the past. I wanna change and try something new.

I forgive you Matthew.

"Marceline please don't be like- wait what?" 

I said, I forgive you Matthew.

"Oh my God, thank you so much Marceline!" he tried to hold back on giving me a hug.

You can hug me, we're good now right?

Before I can even breathe he picked me up and spun me around. My arms wrapped completely on his neck and on the back of his head.

I love you Matthew. He was such a good friend to me, I needed someone back in New York and if it wasn't for him, I'd be still suffering over there.

"I-I love you too Marceline" he put me down and we were now facing each other . . . very close.

"You know I didn't mean to ruin anything between us right? You know I'm an idiot sometimes right?" his face saddened.

Sometimes? We chuckled.

I know, 'love' can make you do stupid things but I just wanna start fresh with you Matthew. I'm tired of holding grudges on a guy who really didn't know what he was doing.

My arms were still on his neck and his on my waist. What's happening here?

"I love you Marceline" he whispered.

I chuckled in a low tone, And I love you too Matthew, I whispered.

"You look beautiful" he smiled.

I couldn't help but blush.

Thank you, and you look handsome.

"Why thank you" he laughed.

His eyes were targeted on my lips as mine were glancing at his. I don't know what's happening. I don't even know if I want whatever's gonna happen now. Do I want this? Do I want him? Can I see him as more than a friend? What do I want? What do you want Marceline, what?


I looked into his eyes, Mm?

"Are you single?" he asked with an ounce of hope, just like Maz did last night.

I nodded. "So . . . are you interested?" he asked.

Yunno, I think I might be.

"Kiss me . . ." he whispered on the left side of my cheek.

I slowly look up at him and stare right into his eyes.


I stopped it. I stopped more words from coming out his mouth . . . with my lips.

He pulled me closer to him and hugged my waist completely. He wrapped his arms around my waist and passionately kissed me. This actually felt right. Call me crazy but Maz's kisses are nothing compared to Matthew's kisses, maybe it's because Maz's kisses were full of only lust and Matthew's kisses were pure love.

I tugged on his hair and pulled him closer to me. At this point, I craved more than just a kiss. I wanted more . . . a lot more.

Matthew broke the kiss; the two of us now breathing hard. "Let me love you" he whispered onto my lips.

I don't know if I can love yet.

"Don't worry, I'll give you time for your heart to mend with mine" he looked into my eyes.

But, I don't know Matthew, Maz really-

"Forget about Maz, he hurted you. I know I hurt you too but he did it three times worse than I did. I really love you, did he? Where is he now?"

Well, he did dump me

"Cause he's an idiot with no taste if he left you. You deserve better, he can have any other girl but not you. And you shouldn't let him take that from you; your dignity, your worth and your heart, is shattered isn't it. Are you afraid to love? I am too but I trust my heart, I know I love you"

I nodded. My eyes were getting watery, he got me. 

You got me, you'r right I am afraid to love but I am willing to try again. I'm still young and after all the shit Maz put me through, I deserve a good guy.

"I can be 'that guy' for you Marceline" 

I looked down. 

Matthew suddenly got down on one knee, "Marceline, will you be my girlfriend?" he opened this box with a necklace. It was gorgeous, it had my name on it and it was a nice turquoise color too.

My jaw dropped at his question and his gift.

"STOP!!!" I heard a shout coming from the halls. In comes busting through the doors . . . Maz.


There I was, with the two men who were first my friends, then one became my enemy and the other one my 'first love', to then both becoming my enemies and now to the turning point that one might be my possible new boyfriend and the other guy . . . some person that I wouldn't spend a minute talking to.


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