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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


10. Off the Market . . . Into My Nerves


**At the Park**

Marceline’s P O V

When I got there, I saw Jack sitting on a bench all by himself.

I lightly tapped his shoulder

Uhh, hey Jack. I heard you were here so I decided to come by and see if you were okay. I smiled.

“Hey Marceline, well as you can see, I’m not okay. I keep dreaming about my mum in her car accident and it gets to me yunno? I don’t remember her beautiful features, but when I dream about her, I know them by heart. I’ve been dreaming about her since I was 17, I’m 20 years old now and it’s always the SAME thing. I dream of her daily and Finn thinks I’m ‘crazy’. He says I should seek some therapy” he said giving a fake chuckled.

Oh my, Jack I’m truly sorry to hear this. I give him a side hug.

I’m sure she misses you too Jack, you and your brother. I may not know you too well right now, but you don’t look crazy to me. It’s actually pretty normal to dream these things, especially now. I’m guessing since you weren’t completely exposed to that situation, your dreams are just letting you know what happened and dreaming about it every day will make you stronger and wiser in life. I had the same thing happen to me, but worse. I kept seeing my favorite art teacher getting shot. I wasn’t there when it happened but in my dreams, I was there. I started dreaming about him 2 years after his death. I was 16 at the time, but when I turned 18 it all stopped. I became mentally stronger and it helped me become wiser. My art teacher would teach me life lessons and he would always help me out with anything. Listen Jack, you’re mum may have passed away when the two of you were five, but she cared for you. She probably said encouraging things to you guys whilst you were babies and even though you never understood her, it stuck to you guy’s head. It’s normal and once you’ve become stronger and wiser, the dreams won’t affect you anymore. Plus, if you become an even better person, you’ll probably stop dreaming of her in an awful situation. Everything is going to be alright Jack.

I said giving him a full-tight hug.

“Th-thanks Marceline, thank you so much and I’m sorry I ruined your friendly date with my brother, I didn’t mean to. You should’ve gone out with him at least, I felt bad” he frowned.

Hey hey hey- I lifted his head up.

Don’t apologize Jack, it wouldn’t have felt right without you with us. If I want to get to know the two of you, I’d rather do it when the two of you are present. And I work with Finn anyway, you seem to drop by a lot, so getting to know each other can wait. But I told Finn to leave with you because family is more important. You seemed down and out of tact with things, I felt like you needed somebody there with you. Since I had no clue of things, me helping would be useless so it was best that I left Finn go with you.

“Really, you want to get to know me too? You’re words make so much sense and the beauty of it is that it just comes out naturally. You don’t even have to think about it, you just let the words flow out of your mouth. Marceline, you’re perfect and you probably don’t even know it. And even if you did know it, you don’t act like it. You made me feel so much better and you gave me so much hope. You’re an amazing person, please don’t leave me now. I really need someone . . . anyone. And by the way things are right now, I want that someone to be you” Jack said touching my hand.

I looked down and didn’t know how to feel. In a way, it felt right but it also felt weird. Not many people said they needed me, especially not for things like this. I mean Matthew would call me in the middle of the night to talk about whatever was bothering him, but it’s different with Jack. When his hand touched mine, I felt like a spark. Whatever it was it made my heart beat fast and my stomach squirm inside.

You’re welcome Jack and don’t worry, I won’t ever leave you, I pinky promise. I say as I wrap my pinky around his. And I’m making you a pinky promise, I never break those. I said smiling.

I looked down; I cannot deal with eye contact. It freaks me out and I just can’t look someone in the eyes for a long time.

“Mars?” said Jack as his hand brushed some of my hair to the back of my ear.

Yeah? I asked, with my head still down.

His left hand slowly but gently lifted my chin to meet his gaze.

Jack suddenly leaned in, just like the time Maz did. Maz tried to kiss me but I wasn’t ready and I didn’t want a kiss . . . from anybody.

But when Jack leaned in, I didn’t back away. I sat there waiting for his arrival. I wanted this, I wanted him to kiss me. Oh my gosh, what am I saying?! Do I want this right now? Do I actually like a guy? Holy crap, this is insane?

Suddenly, I felt his lips gently place on top of mine. Oh my shit, it was amazing. Our lips moved in sync. His right hand gently grabbed my neck and slowly pulled me into a romantic deep kiss. I placed both my hands on the bench to support my body.

He was so gently, respectful and perfect. My first kiss was absolutely perfect. I was completely blinded from my surroundings, I’m sure he was too.

I slowly ended the kiss and slowly backed away.

Wow. I whispered.

“I’m sorry Marceline, I didn’t-” I cut him off by putting my finger on his lips and kissed him lightly.

Don’t be sorry, I wanted it to happen.

“Marceline, let’s make things official! Be mine and no one else’s. Marceline, will you please do the honor of being my girlfriend? I don’t want to sound like I’m rushing things but I don’t want to make you feel like this was just a kiss. I felt something more, I know you did too! Yeah, we kinda are complete strangers but still, we can get to know each other.” Jack said anxiously.

*gasp* I don’t know Jack, I never had a boyfriend and I never thought I’d have one now with school starting and all. Plus, what if we don’t like each other; wouldn’t that be a waste of time?

He looked down in disappointment.

But I guess it won’t hurt to try. So yes Jack, I would love to be your girlfriend.

Jack gave me a huge grin and hugged me super tight.

“Thank you Marceline, you won’t regret this. I’ll make you happy, you’re already making me happy babe” he said, choking on tears.

Jack, that kiss you gave me . . . probably made my year. I said smiling from ear to ear.

“Mars . . .” I heard a man say.

Maz’s P O V

I was on my way home when I saw Finn sitting down on a bench. He looked stressed and sad. I don’t know him and I might not like him much but he’s Marceline’s friend so I should try.

I began walking up to him when I noticed a girl with dark brown hair tap his shoulder and sit next to him. His face lit up, so I slowly walked backwards. The girl brushed some hair away from her face. Long behold, it was Marceline. I was super happy to see her, her presence always make me feel nervously good.

I stood there smiling to myself. These are the things she makes me do and she doesn’t even know it. They seemed to talk about a serious topic so I sat down on a bench across from them. I kept my distance so the bench I sat on had a bush covering my view. You could say I was spying on them but I wanted to talk to Mars after her talk with Finn.

Their conversation sizzled down into something deeper, not in a serious way either. It became a bit TOO friendly. He had his hand over hers and then that fucker leaned in and KISSED HER!

I was fucking angry and sad. How can she do this, how can THEY do this to me?! What pissed me off even more was that Marceline stopped the kiss only to say something, then continuing the kiss. I was frozen, I couldn’t move. I saw him grabbing her hand in such a way, I think he asked her to be his girlfriend. By the looks of it . . . she said yes.

Mars said she wasn’t ready for a relationship, what the fuck is this? She said she wasn’t interested in anyone, did she lie to me?

I stood up from the bench and walked over to them, not knowing what I was going to do.

Mars . . .

I said in a sad tone.

“Oh hey Maz, how are you? This is Jack, Finn’s twin brother by the way. Jack, this is my friend Maz” she said with a smile on her face. It killed me when I saw her smiling.

Jack was the reason she was smiling. Sadly her smile wasn’t caused by me. I saw her beautiful lips puffed up and pink due to the fact that she was making out with him.

Hey man. I said giving him a fake smile but inside I was torn.

“Hello Maz, nice to meet you” he gave me an honest smile.

“Soooooo Maz . . . what’s up?” she asked.

Uhh nothin’ much, I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out today. Maybe we should go and meet that girl who can draw graffiti?

She looked down.

“Sorry Maz, I’ll have to pass. Jack just asked me to be his girlfriend and surprisingly I said yes. Plus, I’m kinda helping him with something. I’m sorry Maz, maybe next time?” she said giving me a weak smile.

Oh okay, that’s cool. See you guys later then. Bye. I quickly walked away.

Jack’s P O V

I am the happiest man alive! I got the girl, she’s perfect and I will definitely treat her like a queen. She isn’t like other girls that I’ve known. She’s respectful and she cares.

But when Maz came up to talk to her, he looked a little upset. It makes me wonder yunno?

“Jack, are you alright? You seem out of it again” said Marceline.

Huh? Oh, yeah babe I’m fine. C’mon let’s go somewhere to eat, what do you say. Would you like to go on our first date with me?

“Gee I don’t know, I have a boyfriend and I don’t know what he’ll say about this” she joked.

I played along so I gave her a convincing frown.

Her eyes widened and she began to worry.

“I’m sorry Jack, I would never say that again” she said holding my hand.

I smiled and gave her a kiss. Man her lips tasted like strawberries and her lips where the perfect shade of red.

Marceline’s P O V

I have a boyfriend . . . WOW! I never thought this would come so soon, but I’m happy. I’m truly happy.

When Maz walked up to me, I saw sadness in his face. I’m not stupid, I know why but to be honest; it didn’t bother me. He had a girl, why should he be sad. Maybe he’s mad that I won’t be the one laying in his bed tonight.

----Later in the Night----

Jack today was absolutely fun, thank you! I’m glad I made the decision to be with you. I said hugging him

“Babe, I’ll make you happy. You deserve that and much more” he said pulling me into a sweet kiss.

When he walked me to the door, I gave him one last kiss and went inside.

I ran into my room and plopped onto my bed and my phone rang . . . it was him.

H-hello? I asked a bit anxious.

“M-Marceline, Marceline please don’t hang up on me. I’m calmed so I can talk to you like a person and not like an animal”

It was Matthew.

Look before this conversation goes on, I have to tell you that I have a boyfriend now. I know I said I wasn’t interested in anyone but someone told me that I can’t stop my heart from loving. He simply placed his hand over mine and I felt a spark. One thing lead to the next and he asked me to be his girl, no we didn’t have sex, and we just kissed. So if you’re gonna act like a douche like you did last time, I’m not gonna have ANY of that today.

“What?! Mars!? How can you do this? You said you weren’t interested!” he yelled.

I was in a good mood, but sometimes people just know how to fuck it all up for you. I wasn’t gonna let him yell at me anymore, I know I don’t like confrontation or arguments/fights, but this was getting too far! I can’t be happy without someone trying to stop me! UGH!

For fuck sakes Matthew, I’m happy with my life! Why can’t you be happy for me at least once?! Why must you always judge me and bring me down to your shit level?! Every time you would get good news I would add to it by congratulating you. But when I get good news, I get judged and looked down at. I DON’T NEED THAT SHIT IN MY LIFE AND I MOST CERTAINLY DON’T NEED JUDGEMENTAL AND IGNORANT PEOPLE IN MY LIFE?! Not once did you ask if I was okay, NOT ONCE! Did you know I nearly got raped the other day, but you know me I wasn’t scared. I kicked those entire guy’s ass with my bare hands, ALL SIX OF THEM!

“Marceline, come back to the Bronx NOW! I’ll buy you a ticket if you want?! You’re in danger if you keep staying there Mar-” I hung up on him.

That’s bullshit, complete fucking bullshit. He never had a problem when I would get in fights back in New York. He knew I was alright and that I would come out of fights clean but he has to stop acting like some clingy girl. It’s annoying and bothersome. I cannot deal with shit like this anymore, I don’t like to fight but shit- we all have our moments.

I must blow some steam off, I know what would do the trick.

GRAFFITI! I began to get ready and made my way off to the streets.

A few spray cans took over my hand as I painted a mural of a girl and the bubble. I lost myself in art, my surroundings . . . cease to exist.

“Psst . . . hey!” I heard a man whisper behind me.

I knew that voice . . . it was him. It was Maz.

I ignored him and kept ‘vandalizing’.

“Hey, it’s me again. The dude who painting that girl, remember?” he said.

I know . . . how can I forget? I said coldly, still facing the wall.

So tell me, how’s life bro? I asked.

“Life sucks yo! Today, I saw the girl I like kissing some other guy. Also, to make matters worse, she now going out with him! She lied to me, she said she wasn’t interested at the moment. I guess she wasn’t interested in me” he said.

Oh, that sucks. I said, not really caring to listen to his little rant.

“Yunno, I almost kissed her once. *sigh* FUCK, why didn’t I kissed her when I had the chance? She was right there, right in front of me. Yunno, I know she knew that I like her?”

How? I said, starting to pay more attention to him.

“Her friend, Bridget sat me down and somewhat interrogated me. I told Bridget that I liked this girl. Then she eventually told me that her and the girl I like were talking about it. Bridget asked her is we were an ‘item’, she said ‘no’ and hoped that I don’t like her. But she never acted different since then, she kept it real, maybe that’s why I fall for her every day”

Mm, I have to go. I have people to see. Good luck with uhm, like or whatever. Peace man.

I packed my things and left, caring less if he said something back to me.

“Oh, okay” he said in the distance.

---At Marceline’s Place---

Marceline’s P O V

I got home and I saw Jack standing outside my door.

Shit, I look like a chav that smells like shit, perfect. I said to myself.

Uhh, Jack? What are you doing here?

“Marceline? What happened to you?” he asked eyeing me up and down.

I uhh, went painting . . . alone. But I’m fine Jack, I always get dirty when I do this. It makes me happy and it relieves anger or stress.

“Marceline, that’s dangerous! You could get hurt.”

Oh no, not another Matthew.

Jack, I’m fine. I know what I get myself into and I know of the consequences. It’s alright, I know how to defend myself.

“I just worry about you babe, you live a double life. You’re beautiful and sexy, imagine what other men would wanna do to you. You’re all alone at night, especially at night. But if you’re happy, then I am too” he smiled.

Wow, you’re cute, funny, caring AND supportive too. Damn, I’ve got a keeper. I winked at him. So what are you doing here anyway? You missed me already?

“I just couldn’t sleep Marceline. I kept dreaming and Finn kinda blew up on me. I would usually go out to get a drink or something. But now that I have a girlfriend, I don’t want do the usual and sleep with some random girl. Now, I’m not here for sex okay? I’m asking you as my girlfriend . . . to cuddle. Please?” he said with a sincere pleading face.

I leaned in and gave him a kiss.

Sure babe, anytime. I said whilst opening the door.

Make yourself at home. Are you hungry? Maybe some food and sit for a while to get to know each other a bit so you can get sleepy. Then whilst we cuddle, I rub your tummy.

“Wow, you’re fucking perfect babe” he said grabbing hand and kissing it.

Jack, I’m gonna take a quick shower so in the meantime you can grab anything in the kitchen to eat or watch some TV. I cook a lot, so my kitchen is basically an ‘all you can eat buffet’.

“Wow, you are truly perfect. I’ll just take a look around the food area. Nightmares make me hungry” he winked.

I went into my room and took some fresh clothes with me and ran to the shower.

When I was done taking a shower I noticed I forgot something . . . my towel.

Uhh, Jack?

“Yeah Marcey” he ran to me.

Sad story, I left my towel in my room. Can you please get it for me?

“Mmm, cheeky” he winked.

Once he handed me my towel, I had to change in my room. I brought the clothes with me, but I also forgot my bra and my underwear.

I walked out of the bathroom with my clean clothes in one hand and my other hand supporting the towel.

“Damn” I heard Jack say under his breath.

Stop looking at me Jack. I said nervously.

“That’s impossible and you know it”

I’m gonna change alright, I’ll be right out.

“O-okay” he said shyly.

The hell was she shy, he was fully clothed. I was in a towel and I looked skanky . . . haha.

I slipped on my jammies and Jack had his in hand.

(A/N: Add this link to the search bar and check out Marceline's and Jack's outfits. The title will say it all. Also, Marceline's outfit are named under the chapters that described her clothing. All the other sets that I created on Polyvore were just for fun and they are not part of the fanfiction.  )

I walked out of my room and see Jack watching TV but he was sleeping. I walked to him and grabbed his hand to kiss it.

Jack, wake up. Let’s make our way to bed. I said kissing his forhead.

“Mmm, Mu-mum?” he silently cried.

He’s dreaming of his mum again, poor Jack. I wish he can stop having these nightmares, but I know it’ll end soon.

No Jack, I’m not your mom; I’m your girlfriend. C’mon wake up babe. I said lightly shaking him.

“MUM!” he woke up yelling.

Jack it’s okay . . . I’m here. I hugged him.

“Marceline it was horrible. It was-” I cut him off.

Shh, let’s go to bed. I smiled.

“O-okay. But I have to get changed, where’s your bathroom?”

I pointed him to the bathroom and went into my room and laying there, waiting for him to get back.

“You look beautiful tonight Marceline, you always do” whispered Jack.

Come here. I said tapping my hand on the space next to me.

He smiled and laid next to me.

Since you’ve been having nightmares, I say I spoon you. You’ll get your turn once you feel better, yes?

“I would love that babe”

I placed my head by his head and kissed his ear, neck and forehead. I had my hand over his body.

Sweet dreams babe and if you have nightmares, I’ll be here to make it all better.

“YOU are truly the most amazing girlfriend on this planet” said Jack.

We drifted into deep sleep. Surprisingly, he didn’t have another nightmare.

---Next Morning---

Jack’s P O V

I woke up in someone’s arms . . . it was Marceline’s.

She then turned around, giving me her back. I saw tattoos all over her back. It was colorful and it fit her well. I swear, every day this girl just makes me fall for her even more.

She looked so peaceful when she sleeps. I decided I should make her some breakfast. As I lifted the covers, man she was booming. She had on white lace panties that hugged her bum perfectly. I’m not gonna lie, I got hard.

I lied back down and put my hand on her waist and pulled her closer to me so I can cuddle with her. But that certainly didn’t help me at all, I got harder. Her bum was right on my morning wood. Man did it feel right, but I don’t want to have sex with her. She isn’t like other girls, I want to treat her like the queen she is.

“Mmm, Jack?” she turned to me.

Yeah babe? I’m right here. I whispered into her ear.

 “Are you hungry? I can make us some breakfast, I’m really hungry” she said.

Actually, I was thinking I should make you some breakfast yunno- since you comforted me in my time of need and you let me sleep here.

“Aww Jack you don’t have to, but food is food. So I’ll accept you offer as long as you let me help you” she said.


Marceline’s P O V

I got up and was on my way to the bathroom when I heard the door knock. I opened the door and saw Maz standing there blushing.

Shit! I forgot all I had on was an oversized tee that fell above my knees. Underneath that was just my bra and underwear, classy right?

“Sorry, is this a bad time?” asked Maz.

“Who’s that at the door babe?” asked Jack, making his way over to the door.

Need I remind you that he was shirtless and wearing only bottoms?

Jack, it’s Maz.

“Oh hello man, how’s it going?” Jack asked.

“Everything is fine man, I’m sorry was I interrupting something?” he asked getting a little impatient.

No Maz, we were just making breakfast. You’re welcome to come in if you’d like.

“Uhh no, I’m alright thanks. I’ll just come back later, I just remembered I had to meet someone by Center Sq. so I’ll talk to the both of you later, bye guys” waved Maz as he walked away.

Cool, bye. I yelled at him as he walked down the hallway. I slammed the door too.

“So what are you in for?” Jack asked.

Hmm . . . how about bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich with strawberry mango smoothie- freshly made?

“Alright, sounds good” Jack said, staring at me up and down.

Yunno, if you keep looking at me like that . . . we’ll never get anything done, right?

“S-sorry, I was jus-” I kissed him.

It’s okay, I know why you would stare and I keep staring at you too. You can imagine why though.

He kissed me again, super rough this time. I didn’t mind though. He tasted like strawberries, my favorite. I grabbed his face and pulled him closer to me. I heard a little moan escape his lips, I loved that sound.

C’mon, I’ll cook breakfast, you sit down and relax.

“I want to help” he said in a cute baby voice.

We finished eating and made our way to ‘Abbey’s Eyes’. It was a beautiful day indeed. As we were walking, Jack held my hand. It was warm and soft, it was wonderful.

“Well babe, I have to go meet a few buds. I’ll pick you up after work or I’ll stop by during lunch. I wanna take you out to eat, what do you say?”

Sure, I would love that. Bye Jack, have fun and be safe. I smiled giving him a kiss goodbye.

“Mars, me and Finn have been worried sick! Jack isn’t anywhere to be found!” yelled Abbey.

It’s okay, he slept over at my place. He couldn’t sleep because he had nightmares and instead of him going out and doing something stupid, he came over and asked if he can sleep over. I obviously let him in. He just left to go meet with some buds.

“Is there something going on with you and Jack?” asked Finn and Abbey.

Uh, we are uh-dating. I said in a low voice.

“What?!” yelled Finn.

“Oh my gosh Marceline! I’m so happy for you! I’m glad it’s you and not some other slut” cheered Abbey.

“Yeah . . . me too” said Finn.

Abbey kept interrogating me about Jack and I’s relationship. I noticed Finn going into the back room, throwing a fit.

I’ll be right back Abbey.

She nodded and I walked into the backroom.

What’s the matter Finn?

“Oh uhh, nothing” he said impatiently.

Finn, what’s the matter?

“You know what? I can’t believe Jack took you away from me! I wanted you the day I saw you! Marceline, all he ever wants from a girl is sex. I won’t be surprised if the two of you had sex already!” he ranted.

HEY, HEY, HEY! I’m not some fucking prize, to anyone! I was never yours Finn, all I ever was to you was a friend! And SURPRISE, SURPRISE . . . we never had sex. We weren’t planning on it either. Jack didn’t try anything and he was a respectable guy, IF YOU MUST KNOW! So next time, keep your mouth shut if you have ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING CLUE OF WHAT GOES ON IN PEOPLE’S LIVES! UGHHH!!!!!

I stormed off, leaving Finn silent. It’s not my fault; if he knows nothing . . . he shouldn’t open his mouth!

Maz’s P O V

Great . . . she even put out. Am I surprised? I kinda am I thought she had more respect for herself but I guess she doesn’t. Maz you are such an idiot for thinking I would ever find a girl to make you happy but even more, I was an idiot for thinking Marceline would ever be mine. 


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