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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


14. Numb


Marceline’s P O V

I felt a sharp pain in my lower stomach.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” yelled Maz.

Maz punched the old man in the face, causing him to fall to the ground and this time he couldn’t get up.


He fell to his knees and gently placed my limp body into his arms. He wrapped me in his arms and tried to get me to stay awake but I couldn’t. I tried but I couldn’t, he stabbed me really deep.

M-Maz . . . l-list-listen to me, GO! G-G-GO!! Run to safety . . . please! Y-y-you don-don’t belong here . . . just leave me here. I’ll b-be fine. I said trying to catch my breath.

His eyes studied my face . . . my body and my wounds.

Maz- I cupped his face with my bloody hand. Look at me Maz.

His eyes met mine. Thankfully since it was night time and there was very little lighting where we were he didn’t notice my eyes.

I also changed my voice when I go out so no one will notice it’s me.

“I-I c-c-can’t leave you. You need to go to a hospital”

I chuckled weakly.

No, I need you to be safe. Don’t worry I’ll be- AHHHH!!!!

I tried to sit up but the knife was still inside me.

“Stop don’t move, I’ll call for help” he took out his phone and began dialing.

I grabbed his phone.

No! I’ll do this myself, I’m used to this. I scrunched my face.

I ripped a piece of fabric from my shirt and carefully wrapped it around the knife’s handle.

My breathing was irregular, my heart was beating at least 85-95 beats per minute and everything was blurry.

FUCK! My vision . . . I was losing it.

I gripped my hand on the knife’s handle and slowly pulled it out of me.


“Aye! Are you fucking insane! LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS! OI! FUCK THAT BRO, I’M CALLING AN AMBULANCE” his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw me doing it.

MMMM!!! MMMM!!! I mumbled under my mask.

I tried to catch my breath when I saw him dialing again.

I slapped his phone out of his hands.

I.SAID. NO! I’ll be fine Maz! Look at me!

His eyes meet mine yet again. This time I saw how scared and how worried he was.

I’m fine, GO HOME KID!

I heard a few grunts coming from Maz’s back, it was the old man.

My defense instincts kicked in and I slowly picked myself up.

“Stay behind me” he stood in front of me and waited for the old man to get close to us.

P-put your hands up. Like this. I whispered in his ear whilst I grabbed his hands and positioned him in a fighting stance.

And have your feet like this; c’mon q-quickly. I separated his feet with mine.

I still had his hands in mine.

*nasty smoker cough* “So you fink you can beat me aye?” the old man stumbled towards us.

G-get r-r-r-ready, keep your eyes on him and try not to blink. I whispered.

His hands were stiff, he froze again. Fucking shit Maz! Loosen up!!

“Ahhhh!!” the old man yelled and he charged at us with a punch. I limped with Maz to the left, dodging his punch.

Get ready to kick.

I slapped his leg with my hand to signal him to kick with that leg.

He kicked the man right in the groin but the son of a bitch didn’t fall. He probably lost his balls when I beat the shit out of him.

My vision began to fade away. I needed to help Maz beat the shit out of this dude so we can leave. Without me Maz would freeze or be killed.

I couldn’t really tell but I squinted my eyes to see that the old man picked up Ned’s knife.

My eyes widened and my heart stopped. I don’t want to get him hurt, I may dislike him at the moment but I do not wish this on him . . . I just can’t. He is my somewhat my ‘friend’ after all, this isn’t what friends to for friends.

“YAHHHH!!” the old sack of shit ran to us but he stood there . . . frozen.

I wasted no time and quickly stood in front of him, taking the stabbing.

“Haha, aww I wanted to have some fun with yeh babe” chuckled the old man.

I fell on my knees with one hand trying to stop the bleeding and the other hand was supporting my body on the grey, cold- hard concrete floor.

This time, I coughed and spat blood.

The knife cut through me really deep this time. The blade sliced me completely. This time it wasn’t just a ‘stab’, this was a slice. This man put the knife inside my stomach and dragged it to the lower region; just before my hips. I didn’t measure it but it felt like 2-3 feet long slice.

I looked at the pavement and saw a lot of red liquid spilled all over the floor. My vision was completely gone. My breathing was slowing down abnormally and the sharp pain I felt was now a numb sensation.

“NO! NO! NOOO!!!” Maz crawled to me.

I couldn’t even acknowledge him, I was losing. I was losing. I was completely losing.

“YOU FUCKERRRRR!! GAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Maz was enraged and ran to the old man.

I couldn’t see but I could hear and the sounds I heard weren’t pleasant.

I heard the sounds of Maz’s feet stomping on flesh. I heard a few bones being crushed and the old man gasping for air.

I turned over and I was now on laying on my back in defeat. I placed my hands over my wounds and silently cried.
I looked up to complete darkness. I cried like a little kid who lost their favorite toy. I wept like a weakling.

Maz’s P O V


Why did she fucking do that?! She doesn’t deserve to get stabbed, nobody does!! I should be on the floor bleeding NOT HER! UGHH!!!


I ran to that shit head and stomped on his face. I didn’t care if he was gasping for air. I didn’t care if he was losing all the blood in his PATHETIC body, he fucking stabbed an innocent girl TWICE! Sick, drunk twisted bastard!

I could hear her coughing behind me but I couldn’t stop myself from beating the shit out of him! All this rage and anger, I don’t know where it came from but it needed to escape my mind, body and soul.

That old fuck was already gagging but I kept punched him so hard my fists pinched some skin off of him.

Marceline’s P O V

I kept hearing Maz beating that old bitch up. I was afraid that he might go as far as killing him. Maz doesn’t deserve to be in jail, those fucks deserve to be in jail.

If Maz kills him, he is basically setting him free. Death is freedom. Jail, however, isn’t.

I slowly crawled my way to Maz’s grunting. Once I sensed that I was right behind him, I grabbed onto his ankle.

S-st-stop. I whispered firmly as I gripped his ankle real tight.

I suddenly sensed no movement from him or the old man.

Maz’s P O V

“S-st-stop” I felt someone grabbing my ankle.

I looked down to see it was her.

I did as I was told and focused only on her.

I have to take you to a hospital and that’s final!

Her eyes were closing, fuck! I don’t want to lose her, she was a nice friend.

Marceline’s P O V

He wanted to take me to the hospital. I was too weak to decline so I let myself be carried in his arms.

Maz grabbed our stuff and carefully carried me. My arm fell off to the side, I lost all feeling from my whole body.

“Please, stay with me” he whispered whilst he carried me down the bridge.

My body was shutting down and so were my eyes.

--- At the Hospital ---

Maz’s P O V

I scurried inside the hospital and my heart dropped when I noticed her eyes were closed and how limp her body was.

She was pale and bloody all over. With the lighting in the hospital, I could see her wounds better and I panicked.


Her eyes widened as she studied the girl’s body and wasted no time in getting a doctor for her.

C’mon please stay with me. I whispered in her ear.

The doctor came and had a few nurses put her on a gurney.

“Take her into room 351, stat!” the doctor rushed.

He turned to me and started to ask me questions about the situation.

“How did this madness occur?” he placed his hands on my shoulder.

Well, we were going home- I lied.

 And two drunks stopped in our tracks and wanted to start trouble. She knows how to defend herself so she kicked their asses single handedly. Sadly, I froze because they both had deadly weapons on them and one of them pinned me up against the wall and was about to stab when she punched him, causing him to fall. She then turned to me and started talking to me. I was too scared and shock to even say something. Before I know it, the man who was going to stab me, stood up from the ground and stabbed her instead. He somewhat grabbed her by the waist, pulled her close to him and stabbed her somewhere around the lower part of her stomach.

I started to choke on my words and tried to hold back tears.

I told the doctor everything else and left to attend to her.

I sat down and ran my fingers through my hair. I don’t know how to deal with this shit. I’m scared, sore and worried about her.

She must have really cared for me as a friend, this is insane.

Marceline’s P O V

I opened my eyes but I was still blind.

I heard different people talking. There were talking about me and my wounds. I became paranoid and scared. No matter how much I wanted to yell I couldn’t. My body has lost a lot of blood and all of my energy has been drained from my body.

I felt pathetic, I felt stupid . . . I felt numb. All I could to do was cry quietly.

I didn’t even whimper, I just had tears roll down my face and laid there expressionless.

“Can we get some tests run on her; we must know her blood type?! She has lost a tremendous amount of blood!” said someone.

I think I was inside a hospital.

I didn’t want to think anymore . . . I closed my eyes and passed out.

Maz’s P O V

I wasn’t allowed to see her until they were done. I wasn’t sure I could even face her, I hate seeing people in such a sick state.

I felt sick to my stomach just by thinking about it.

I wanted to leave but I know I owe it to her to stay here with her.

The doctor took a while to get back to me so I laid back. I was really tired and my eyes were getting heavy. I tried to stay awake but I couldn’t, this whole mess really took a load out of me.

I put four chairs together and rested.

*sigh* I hope you’re okay. I want you to be okay. I yawned.

Before I knew it I dozed off into deep slumber. . . 

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