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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


25. Nightmares Facing Reality

Marceline’s P O V

“I told you he never wanted you” Jack said, charging towards me.

I moved the side and kneeing him in the ribs.

He does . . . he does love me! You’ll never have me . . . EVER! I rather die than to be with you Jack! I cried.

I was weak from it all. Maz was taken away from me forever. He was taken away from me while he was in a bad state. I don’t know if I can live without him; I know I can’t.

Jack stood up and slapped me across the face.

“You bitch, you’re gonna pay for everything you’ve done to me!” he slammed me to the wall and left wet kisses all over my neck. I didn’t move, I didn’t yell . . . I didn’t fight. I kept thinking about Maz. I kept thinking about my life, a life without him is a life not worth living.

“Good girl. This is how I want you to be all the time” he growled in my ear.

I didn’t reply. I stood there getting; raped.

He pulled my hair and pushed me onto the bed. I lay there, not moving and not fighting.

Jack took our clothes off and began kissing down my stomach. His hands roamed my body but not the way Maz does. Maz touched me in a way that made me feel special. Jack touched me like he’s paying for it. It didn’t feel right but I couldn’t let them touch Maz.

“Wait here” he whispered as he got off me.

Jack came back with rope in his hand.

“Just in case you decide to slip away or something” he smirked.

I didn’t even look at him. I just turned my face away from him. He disgusts me; what a way to win a girls heart? Bastard.

He took the rope and tied my wrists together. I didn’t move, I didn’t yell . . . I didn’t fight.

I closed my eyes to mentally escape this torture I was enduring. I could hear Maz’s voice echo in my head.

You’re mine and I’m yours . . . forever and always baby. Forever and always. I love you Marceline . . . I fucking love you babe” I heard.

Forever and always . . .

Maz is forever mine, how would he feel if he knew I got raped? He would want me to fight right? Maz would want me to defend myself right? I can’t go through with this! It’s not fair to me or to Maz!

Get the fuck off me Jack! I tried to kick him back.

“Ugh! I knew you would act this way! I’m fucking done with this bullshit!” he reached under the pillow and pulled out a gun.

LOVE ME YOU PIECE OF SHIT! . . . LOVE MEEE!!” he waved the gun in the air.

Never . . . I whispered.

He forcefully pushed the gun in my mouth and pulled the hammer of the gun down, aiming to shoot.

I love you Maz . . . I’ll see you soon. I mumbled as I squeezed my eyes shut.

“Wake up . . . Wake up Marceline” I hear a faint voice.

Maz?! MAZ ARE YOU OKAY?! I shout.

“Wake up Marceline!” I felt someone shake me.

I opened my eyes to see Maz next to me.

Maz!! I hugged him and cried by his ear.

“You were having a bad dream baby” he kissed my shoulder.

(A/N: haha sorry, if you looked closely at the last chapter I put this *****Z**** there. Booyah!)

My heart was racing fast and tears were streaming like there was no tomorrow. Well in my dream, there wasn’t going to be a ‘tomorrow’.

Maz it was terrible, you were taken away from me by some girl and Jack tried to rape me. The girl told me if I was to stay with you one of us would die and if we break up, all is good! I cried even harder.

“Shh, baby, it’s okay you don’t have to worry about any of that happening. We’ll be safe okay?” he whispered.

He cupped my face and kissed my nose. “Don’t cry babe, it kills me to see you upset like this” he looked me in the eye.

I nodded. I love you Maz. I sniffled.

“I love you” he nuzzled into my neck.

I know it was just a dream but I definitely can’t keep my guard down now. One may never know; this can actually happen.

Lexi’s P O V

Matthew just walked in through the door looking bothered.

What’s wrong with you? I ask, as if I really care.

“Some girl from NY followed me here to tell me that I’m doing wrong by trying to make Marceline love me. We got into a really heated argument and it didn’t end well” he sighed.

This was going to be easier as I thought.

“What is?” he asked.

Oh shit, I thought out loud.

Uhh, making hot cakes; you want some? I tried covering up for that stupid mistake.

“No, I’m not hungry thanks anyway” he plopped on a chair.

I know we aren’t friends but you wanna talk about it. I can give you some advice. I mean I know Marceline & I have our differences but that doesn’t affect a friendship that we can build. I patted his shoulder.

He nodded and told me everything.


So she doesn’t have much of a weakness? The hell, is she like a robot or something?

“Nope, not a single weakness. Hell, what do I know she’s changed a lot ever since she moved here” he shrugged.

But you shouldn’t give up Matthew. Maybe you are her only weakness. Maybe those nights at the shop when she didn’t turn around were because she couldn’t take seeing you with another girl. She’s trying to forget you by going out with Maz. You gotta razzle-dazzle her babe. I’m talking about, kiss her by surprise! She won’t see it coming! She’s holding back, trust me, I know. I’m a girl and us girls do these things. Just set up a date and kiss her. Not to sound rude or anything but you get her back & I get Maz back and then we all win! I smiled.

I tried my best to sound supportive and persuasive.

“That sounds like a great idea Lexi but where should I take her?”

You said she likes art so take her to an art gallery but talk to her about it, today. The longer you wait, the lesser chance you have of you getting her. If you wait, she’ll get used to getting over you and eventually . . . BOOM, she doesn’t even wanna know of your existence. Is that what you want?

He nodded in comprehension and smiled to himself. He knew this was definitely going to work. I could care less; I just need to have Maz see his ‘dream girl’ sucking face with another guy. Maz is all that matters to me and no one, not even some ‘tough skinned’ American slut is going to take that away from me.

Marceline’s P O V

Maz and I were still on the bed. He was comforting me and whispering sweet things in my ear to make me feel better. It didn’t really distract me from the possibilities of that ever happening though. I know Maz is trying but I can’t let this go. I don’t want to lose him, I know fighting for a guy is stupid but when your one true love is snatched away from you; you’ll do anything to get them back.

*ring ring*

I just picked up my phone without even checking who was calling.

Hello? I asked.

“Marceline, it’s me Matthew. I just wanted to call you to let you know that I’m sorry for acting the way I did that way we bumped into each other. You just have to understand that I care for you a lot Mars. Let’s just let bygones be bygones, whaddaya say? C’mon we’re in London for God’s sakes! We shouldn’t be fighting, we should be hangin’ . . . like the old days. Please Mars . . . please?” he pleaded.

Sure he’s Matthew, my close friend, but I that doesn’t stop me from being paranoid and skeptic about things. I know he’s my friend and all but still; nothing feels right at the moment.

I don’t know Matt-

“C’mon Mars, look I wanna check out this art gallery and I want you to come with me. Does that sound good to you?” he said.

I turned to look at Maz and after that nightmare I didn’t feel like going out.

I’ll text you or something to let you know okay? I asked.

“Alright, that’s cool. Bye” he mumbled.

I hung up and told Maz.

“Do you wanna go?” he asked worriedly.

I don’t want to but I feel kinda bad for doing that to him yunno? Yeah he’s been a jerk to me and what not but he has no one in London. The least I can do is give him one day and see how things go from there. I nodded.

“Okay, well text him back and set it up. I hope everything turns out okay, and call or text if anything happens” he held my hand.

Thank you, you’re the best and don’t worry; nothing will happen. I reassured.

I texted Matthew back and headed to the bathroom to get ready for the ‘meet up’. Matthew better not try anything because I am in no position to be played with.

I kissed Maz goodbye and left to meet with Matthew. I hope this wasn’t a mistake . . .

Matthew’s P O V

She accepted! Lexi, she accepted the date! I shouted.

“I told you she would, now go. I’m leaving as well because I gotta do some grocery shopping” she smiled.

Man she was so cool; I still don’t get why Marceline dislikes her. Maybe she’s a bit jealous that she used to go out with her boyfriend. Ehh, girls; I don’t get them.

We both walked out and went our separate ways.


I see Marceline looking at her phone. Her lovely long hair was covering her stunning eyes and her clothes hugged the right places. She looked gorgeous; like always.

Hey Marceline, ready to go? I asked.

She met my gaze instantly. Her eyes made my heart melt, she’s so innocent looking and peaceful looking when she stares at you. Plus, one of her eyes were ice blue and the other was light brown; amazing isn’t it?

“Hey Matthew, let’s go” she hugged me lightly.

I knew it. She wants me! Lexi was so right about the whole thing.

I felt her warmth when she made physical contact with me. Her scent filled my surroundings and her head rested on my chest for a while before she pulled away.

I nodded and guided her to the gallery. I know Marceline and what she likes; no one knows her better than me. Probably not even her own ‘boyfriend’, what a scrub.


We walked in the museum and her eyes widened with the amount of art around the room.

“Wow, it’s lovely” she whispered.

Yes you are. I said, still looking at her.

She looked down as if she was disappointed or something. Maybe she wanted more than compliments but I wanna wait ‘til we’re done looking at all the art. Once we’re done doing that, I’ll be all hers. And I’ll do more than just compliment; hopefully.

Lexi’s P O V

Matthew is so gullible; he really thinks that I give a fuck about his ‘love life’. Little did he know, I followed him to the art gallery. I knew Maz wouldn’t meet up with me if I asked him to so I had to send him pictures of Matthew kissing her and hugging her. That’ll show him how worthless that slut is.

So far, no nothing is happening between them; this sucks. Matthew sucks!

I texted Matthew, telling him to make a move on her; something to make her ‘hot’.

To Matt:

          What the fuck Rico Suave? Make a move you pussy?

*beep beep*

From Matt:

Wait, you’re here? I thought you went grocery shopping?

To Matt:

Yes I’m here, I finished early. Plus, I had to check up on how you were doing, you seemed nervous when you left and long behold; you’re a mess. She’s really fidgety, that means she wants you. Put your arm around her waist or something. Show her you want her as much as she wants you.

From Matt:

You’re right. Alright, I’ll do that. Thanks Lex.

I stood there with my camera in hand, ready to take a picture. His hand took a hold on her waist and pulled her closer to him. She had her head positioned in a way that made it seem she wanted to kiss him; even though I knew she didn’t but whatever. It was perfect for the shot.

*snap* *snap* *snap*

I took a few pictures and texted him again to lean in a little closer, not to kiss her but make it seem like he was going to.

As he read my message, he jumped right to it and did what I told him to do.

Haha, you & Maz are so done. I laughed to myself.

I realized they were heading to the exit. I don’t have a picture of them kissing yet, ugh, can Matthew be more of a dumbass?!

To Matt:

Kiss HER! Don’t even reply to this message just read it and do it!

Matthew put his phone away and grabbed her by the hips and neck and pulled her close to him. Her hands were on his chest, slapping him away but I got a few snaps that made her look like she was caressing his chest. And with a little Photoshop, I can make her look like she enjoyed it. 

Oh Marceline, it’s definitely over between you & Maz.

Marceline punched him right in the face and I couldn’t help but to burst out in laughter. Wow, he really is stupid. Oh well, not my problem now is it?

I ran to my apartment and Photoshop the pictures and sent them to Maz.

To Maz:

          Seems to me that your girl can’t keep her hands off HER man; pathetic. Call me whenever you need a real woman in your life babe; see you soon.

Marceline’s P O V

We looked at all the art that was in the gallery. It was nice and all but Matthew couldn’t keep his hands off me; it was annoying. I would always push him away and tell him to stop. Plus, he was constantly checking his phone and texting someone. Every time he received a text, he’d make a move on me. I know Matthew ‘loves’ me and all but he wouldn’t try to ‘get’ me that way. He’d try to talk to me not touch me; something’s up I know it.

Then he did the unexpected . . . he kissed me. He fucking kissed me!

What the fuck Matthew?! Seriously?! I pushed him away from me and punched him in the gut.

He fell the ground. “Marceline?!” he shouted as if he was shocked that I punched him!

What. the. Fuck Matthew?! You know I have a boyfriend!! I fucking hate you! I shouted as I left his ass on the cold floor.

I can’t wait to go home to Maz. I know we shouldn’t hide things from each other but I’m not telling him about what Matthew did. What a fucking idiot, I swear our ‘friendship’ or whatever the fuck we had is OVER!

Maz’s P O V

*beep* beep*

I received a message from Lexi. She showed me pictures of Matthew & her getting really comfortable with each other. I couldn’t believe it but I saw Marceline smiling and laughing like never before. It was almost too good to be true. I can’t believe she cheated on me! Lexi & Jack were right, she is a cheater. Wow, I feel beyond stupid. I’m not the revenge seeking type but I did fall for her; hard. This is how I get appreciated, this is how I get treated after all I said and done?! I never treated her bad and this is how she acts?! Is she fucking kidding me?! Why am I so stupid?! Why do these things always happen to me?!

Yunno what, things aren’t staying this way . . . not anymore! I’m gonna change who I am, FUCK IT! I did something the ‘old’ me would never do. I picked up the phone and called her . . .

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