The Arts

FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


4. New Life, New Friends

As Abbey pulled up to the University I could not believe my eyes. The school looked really cool, I can only imagine what it looks like inside.

“Welp! Here we are, this is Slade” said Abbey as she turned the car off. “Pretty awesome, right?”

Ye- yeah. Wow, look there are people painting outside and sketching. I can tell they breathe, eat and sleep art. I love it! Thanks Abbey!

“Sure thing sweety, have fun and good luck. I know you’ll get accepted, you seem like you have killer artistic skills.”

I got out of the car and I froze. I couldn’t believe this was all happening. She drove off and I felt nervous and scared. I know I shouldn’t be because rejection isn’t too bad, if you think about it. If I don’t get accepted, I know that I’ll try somewhere else. I have come all the way to London from New York to give up on my dreams.

I slowly walked up the stairs when I notice even the stairs where beautiful stone colored. I was hypnotized by the design. I was so into this art that everything around me was blocked out. The colors were so bright and vivid. Clean yet messy. There were portraits on these stairs cases that could easily inspire someone to do something artistic. I took my camera out of my bag and started to take pictures of these stairs but I was nearly trampled by a skater.

“Oh shit! LOOK OUT!” – yelled a boy gliding down the stairs ramp.

I didn’t hear him , but luckily the boy didn’t hit me. He swerved and fell on his ass. I ran over to him and helped him.

Oh my gosh! Are you alright? I asked worriedly.

“Fuck that hurt! Yeah . . . I’m fine. I’m sorry girl, I was going to fast and I couldn’t stop. Plus I did you not hear me?’ he said.

I immediately took my phone out and started typing.

“Nah man, the fault is mine. I was so into these stairs that I practically blocked everything in my surroundings. Plus, I’m deaf but I usually have my hearing aids but today my hearing aids ran out of batteries.”

 Here” I said offering my hand, let me help you.

He read the text and immediately gave me a pity look. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know. You don’t look deaf. I thought you were really into these stairs.”

I chuckled; Deaf people don’t have a certain look yunno.

Yea I mean . . . you can’t blame me. They are absolutely beautiful.

“So wait, if you’re deaf, how come you’re talking back to me.”


I had gotten speech therapy when I was little, I had to go through it until I didn’t have a Deaf accent. I learned to read lips very well. I only have trouble with reading lips if the person is talking with their backs facing me.

 “Cool,  that’s really cool” he said.

Oh haha thanks. My name is Marceline.

“My name is Sam, Sam Pepper.” he smiled. “So where yah from? You’re accent tells me you are from the western area, correct?” he laughed.

Oh, I’m from New York.

 “I’ve always wanted to go there. So do you go to this school?”

No, well not yet. I’m kinda working on that. I’m on my way to apply but I hope I get accepted. Do you attend this school?

“Pshh nah, I’m too artistic for this school” he joked. “Kidding but I just like to skate so me and my mates go around, yunno to shred. I don’t doubt you’ll get accepted. You seem like a very artistic person. I mean, you were staring at those stairs as if you saw God.” He chuckled.

Thanks. I would these stairs . . . “The Stairway to Heaven”.

“Brilliant! Well . . . I gotta go. I’m gonna see my friend at a skate park. Uhh . . . see yah around?” he said, forming his hand into a little gun and pointing it at me.

Okay then, see yah. I smiled.

“See yah”

I walked inside the building and went inside the counselor’s office. I asked a woman about the international student register. Once she explained to me the things I need for my application, I started to fill it out.

The minute I finished, I handed the guidance counselor back my application.

“Okay, sweety . . . by tomorrow you’ll know if you’ve been accepted or not; okay?” she smiled.

Sounds good, thank you. Have a good day. I waved goodbye.

(Sigh of relief) Well that didn’t go as bad as I thought I would be. Now to do some official sight- seeing.

---Day 2---

Yesterday was amazing, I saw Big Ben, Buckingham Palace . . .well EVERYTHING! I got home and passed out from all the food I ate. I was exhausted.

I woke up and took a shower. Surprisingly it was sunny out in London. The streets were always busy, just like New York. I decided to go to a store and buy some batteries for my hearing aids. Thankfully, I found the perfect batteries in a little store that was right in front of my flat.

Ahh, now that I can hear, I can go on about my day.

I went inside a coffee shop to buy some water. As I walked in, I saw Sam sitting with another dude in front of him. I couldn’t see his face because his back was facing me. From my point of view, he had curly hair. As I kept walked towards the cashier, I didn’t know how to greet Sam, so I gave him a friendly wave, and he bolted from his seat and yelled my name in excitement.

“Marceline!” Same yelled.

Good morning Sam. What’s up?

“Can you hear me!” Sam yelled.

Yes Sam I can hear you, I got new batteries today. I laughed.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry Marceline. I hope it didn’t hurt your delicate ears.” said Sam in a worried tone.

My ears are that delicate, relax I’m fine. I gave him a smile. So what’s up?

“Ehh, I’m here with my buddy” he said pointing at his friend. “Marceline this is Maz, Mazz this is Marceline.”

Hello Maz. I said

“Hello, you’re deaf?” asked Maz.

Yea I am.

“Wow, you don’t have those Deaf accents, how come?” he asked.

Well I received a lot of speech therapy to help me out with that, so I had to take those lessons until my Deaf accent was no longer sounding like I killed an otter. I laughed. Plus I can read lips, so I had to read Sam’s throughout our little mess.

“That’s amazing! And sorry about Sam, he’s just . . . well special” he laughed. “So wow, you’re a girl and you’re an American too”

I looked inside my shirt to find my boobs. ( joking of course). Yep! Looks like I’m a girl. But the accent basically tells you that I’m American.

Both of them start laughing. “You have a sense of humor, Sam didn’t tell me that he found an American girl who’s cute and funny’’ said Maz.

I can feel my face turn red. But it slowly faded; I don’t really pay much attention in compliments.

I laughed, Thanks man.

As weird as this sounds, I studied Maz’s features. He had curly hair with the front of his hair a bit blonde. But you could see the color fading away to his natural hair color. He had really interesting lip piercings; one was a stud and the other one was a lip ring. He seemed like a nice guy to hang out with. And just by looking at him he reminded me of Matthew. My mind stopped, I completely forgot about Matthew!

Crap! Sorry guys I have to go, I have to contact my friend and tell him that I’m in London. I’ll catch you guys later . . . maybe.

“Long distance relationship?” Sam asked. But when he asked I took a quick look at Maz, his facial expression changed. It looked disappointed, but I couldn’t really decipher it.

No, he’s my friend. He’s like a brother to me and well we kind of had a bit of a disagreement about me leaving NY to come London. Once I arrived at the airport, he sent me a message apologizing for what he said. But as I was going to reply, the announcements of my flight stated that it was then boarding. I said to myself that I would contact him back once I arrived, but I never did. I had to get an apartment, a job, and a university to study in. Now that I have all that taken care of, I still got distracted by London, so I did a little sight-seeing.

“Woah, I hope everything turns out okay”, said Sam.

Me too, but if it doesn’t I’m not gonna dwell on it either. I said giving Sam a gentle smile.

“Aww, we were hoping you would stay with us to get to know each other well. Plus, we’re watching a movie and since you like art; I wanted you to watch it with us . . . if you’d like” said Maz.

What movie are you watching?

“It’s a graffiti movie. It’s called Exit Through the Gift Shop.”

Oh, I’ve seen that movie before. Not a fan I would say. MBW (Mister Brainwash), is such a biter, man! He used Fairey and Banksy for their ideas. Two amazing graffiti artists help his ass out, and he used their ideas and called them his own?! What a little bitch! Now, because of MBW, Fairey and Banksy will never help another person again. What a douche he is! Yunno what, before I go on an all-out rant, I’m gonna go buy some water.

Both boys looked at me in disbelief. I felt a complete disturbance in the force.


“You’re beautiful”, I heard Maz say under his breath. He looked hypnotized and he kept staring at me too. All was left was for him to drool. I felt weird about that, but I just brushed it off.

“What?” said Sam and I.

“W-what? I didn’t say anything” said Maz.

I know for a fact Sam didn’t hear him, but I did. And to think, I’m the deaf one not Sam.

Well, sorry guys I’ll have to rain check on that one. Oh by the way, do you guys know where there’s a cell phone store nearby?

“Yea, there’s one by Crimson Avenue” said Sam.

Hmm, Crimson huh? Okay then, I’ll go find. Nice talking to you Sam and it was cool meeting you Mazz.

“It was also nice talking to you” said Sam.

“You don’t know your way around London yet, do you?” asked Maz.

Nope, but that’s okay. I’ll find it eventually. Bye guys. Take care.



“I-I uhh, I’ll take you there if you’d like. I was on my way to buy a new phone charger so if you want we can go together. I mean you don’t have to but yunno, I’m just saying.”

Oh okay, sure I don’t mind. Sam, you’re coming?

“No, I’m actually gonna meet a girl here any second. You two go”

Hehe, alright. Bye Sam.

“Toodles” mimicked Sam.

As I was heading towards the door Maz ran up front and opened it for me.

Thanks Maz. So, to break any tension or awkwardness, tell me about yourself.

“Okay, well hmm . . . OH! I have this spot on my chin, which I’m sure you’ve already noticed”

Umm, not to sound ignorant, but I actually didn’t. Hehe, but it looks cool.

“Yeah, I mean I didn’t accept it at first. I wanted to hide it, but then I realized this is a part of me; so I should accept it. Now I go about and state my name as Mazzi Maz, the guy with the white chin.”

 “For starters, I’m 18 years old. I used to live with my mom in Wolverhampton but I moved out here in London to just explore and continue my modeling career. I also have an older brother named Theo; he’s always in the gym. He’s a fighter and a very good one might I add. I like graffiti and I also do some myself. Me and Sam hit up anything really. Not to sound conceded or anything but I’m a model as well. I model for JD. It’s a sports type of clothing. I love to dance, it’s my life. I think I’m pretty good at it but, ehh everybody’s a critic. Oh and I also hate snakes. Those bitches are gross! And I’m also friends with the dude from One Direction, Liam Payne. Well, that’s all I can think of right now, tell me about yourself. You seem like an interesting person. I would like to get to know you better.”

Wow, a model huh? That sounds cool- you kinda give that edgy look. Well Maz, I too am 18 years old and I was born Deaf. I never let that get me down from doing anything. As I mentioned before the whole speech therapy thing, I was trained like a guard dog. I do not have a brother or a sister. I’m an only child. Sadly, my parents and I do not get along. My parents constantly argued in front of me when I was a kid. I would try to talk to them, but they don’t budge. I never enjoyed my childhood, but I have one friend that would make it all better, Matthew. He and I would do everything together, he’s like my brother. Just like I’m his sister, well so he says. I too love graffiti; I would do some pieces once in a while. I would crawl into the smallest places to see amazing works by amazing legends. I’m not a model but I’m hopefully gonna be an artist. I do not dance, but I do kinda fight. Not any street fights but some kick boxing. I like snakes, they are really amazing if you get to know more about them. I’ve heard of One Direction, but I’m not completely sure who’s Liam. And that’s all I can think about now. Hehe.

Maz’s P O V

Wow, she’s really cool. I never met a girl like her. She’s not bitchy or annoying. I can see myself hangin’ out with this girl. She also likes graffiti, and she’s really down to earth. Not to mention she’s Deaf, but that has nothing to do with the fact that she’s a really sweet person.

Damn Marceline, you’re pretty fucken awesome. Welp, here we are. This is the cell phone store

“Dang, every store is so fancy. Haha, well in we go.” She giggled.

I kinda like her giggle. It’s not like those girls who seem fake or too girly. She doesn’t have a high pitch voice. She’s chill and laid back. She can be like one of the boys but still be pretty and gentle, like a girl. Sigh, I already got attached to her, great.

“Hello guys, how may I help you today?” asked the clerk.

“I would like to buy a phone and my friend here would like to buy a cell phone charger, please?” answered Marceline with a smile.

Man how cute she looked. She had this dimple that would show every time she smiled with her lips closed.

“Right this way please” said the clerk.

Marceline’s P O V

As I was talking to the clerk about my phone, I would turn to Maz and see that he would stare at me. I started to wonder whether or not he was ok. I guess that’s normal here in London. When I got my phone, I decided to go home. I was tired and well hungry.

Well thanks for joining me Maz, but I should get going. I’m hungry and well I have to keep unpacking. I haven’t made myself at home yet.

“This may seem weird to ask but, would you like to have some dinner with me. As friends of course but if you can’t I completely understand. I mean I’m a stranger and you probably feel like I’m pushy and-” I cut him off.

Sure, I don’t mind. And if you think we’re still strangers, well let’s change that. You’re not pushy, you’re just being a friend.

Maz’s P O V

Damn. She is truly an amazing person. She doesn’t get offended easily, and she’s up for anything. I know she saw me staring at her almost day, but she still acted the same towards me. Usually girls would flirt back, but not her. What the fuck is happening to me? Ugh, Maz just stop. You cannot get heartbroken again.

Marceline’s P O V

We got to Nandos and wow the food was amazing. As we were eating Maz kept doing that thing where he stares at me and well- doesn’t stop staring at me. I still felt weird, but maybe that’s just what he does- stare at somebody. I just hope it isn’t what I think it is. I hope he doesn’t like me like me. I don’t want to be with anyone, I want to be on my own. Whatever, maybe I’m over thinking things . . . I mean look at me- I’m not that pretty.

Well Maz, let’s dig in.

“Bon Appetite!”

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