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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


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Marceline’s P O V

“Marceline . . .” I heard someone whisper.

I stopped crying and had my full attention to the door.

I scrunched my eyebrows and saw a foot stepping into the room.

I-it was Maz.

He had his eyes closed and walked further into the room, closing the door behind him.

Maz? W-what are you doing here? W-who told you I was here?

He opened his eyes slowly and they soon widened when he saw me.

“Marceline . . . are you okay?” he bit his lip and looked down, trying to hold back tears.

Maz? I waited for him to look at me, but he didn’t.

Maz? Maz look at me. 

He looked up but didn’t make any eye contact with me.

I grabbed his hand and I slowly sat up. 

Maz look at me please. Just look at me, don’t interrupt and listen. My voice began cracking.

He finally made eye contact and nodded.

*takes a deep breath* M-Maz, I’m soo sorry! I’m sorry for everything! I was such a jerk to you and you don’t deserve it. I should’ve stayed with you when you were crying, and I should’ve never put you in harm’s way. I broke down into tears. 

“Marceline, it’s not your fault! I heard some guys wanted to rape you and that’s NOT your fault! Marceline, why are you apologizing for putting me in harm’s way? You never hurt me”

Oh Maz, but I did. I hurt you really bad. And you nearly got hurt.

“What are you talking about Mars?” he asked confusedly. 

I sat up even straighter and grabbed both of his hands even tighter.

Maz, please don’t get mad at me and please don’t judge me for what I am about to tell you. I never meant to hurt you or lie to you but, I-I’m the girl who umm . . . took the stabbing for you.

His hands slipped out of mine.

I didn’t want to see you in here, I rather be in here instead of seeing you here, wearing scrubs. And I’m sorry Maz; I just didn’t want you to find out that I was her. I didn’t know when I was going to tell you that I was her but it wasn’t soon, that’s for sure. I said looking into his eyes.

 To be honest, I hated you Maz! I hated you SOO FUCKING MUCH! I hated you because you made it obvious that you liked me but then I saw you kissing some other girl. I felt hurt because you kept saying sweet things to me but I didn’t fall for it. You would tell your friends that you liked me but then you pull that on me? I know I didn’t like you the way you did, but seeing that proved to me that all you wanted was sex from me.  I thought that’s what you wanted me for and since you probably caught on the fact that I was never going to be yours; I figured you found a girl that would satisfy your needs. I paused to see him staring at me in awe.

 The day you were crying, I was crying too. Jack cheated on me with the girl that I saw you kissing. He saw us hugging and he thought  that I cheated on him with you. He said some mean things to me and so anger took over me and I kicked his ass. That girl also started talking shit about me; I was gonna kick her ass but she clearly looked scared as shit. That’s when my hate towards you, Jack and Finn grew. He still kept looking at me.

 The night I got stabbed, I was told that you brought me here. I ordered the Doctor to not let anyone visit me. He kept keeping me updated on you and NOT ONCE did he say that you didn’t come and try to visit me. He told me he began feeling bad for you because he kept saying ‘no’ to you. The Dr. mentioned how ‘deadly’ and ‘drained’ you looked. That’s when I realized that you genuinely care for me and during the time I was alone, I realized that I genuinely . . . care for you. I wiped thousands of tears from my face.

His expression was still, and I felt dead.

Maz’s P O V

I couldn’t believe anything she had just told me. 

Marceline, I would never use you for sex. You don’t deserve such treatment from anyone. Marceline you’re perfect. . . FUCKING PERFECT! DO YOU HEAR ME?! That girl, Lexi, meant nothing to me. I wasn’t thinking and I did come to terms that you would never want me the way I want you so I needed to forget about you. Marceline as hard as I tried to fall for Lexi, I couldn’t. I can’t forget about you Marceline, I simply can’t. What Jack did to you was foul and disgusting; I would never do such a thing. I didn’t know it was you that was in here, I thought you were another girl. It goes to show how much I care for you. I-I fell for you Marceline . . . I fell hard.

Her eyes widened but tears still kept falling. I kneeled in front of her and with my thumb, I wiped them away.

“I’m sorry Maz, I’m truly sorry” she cried.

Shh. You shouldn’t be sorry, I should be sorry. And thank you for helping me back there. You are a strong, beautiful, and amazing person. Thank you for saving my life. I’m sorry for freezing like a dumbass, I never encountered something wild like that before. I said whilst grabbing a hold of her hand.

“Maz?” she whispered.

Yeah Mars?

“If I die, don’t-”

You’re not going to die Marceline, don’t talk like that! 

“But if I do, just please promise me that you’ll make smart choices in your life. Also, stay out of trouble. Can you do that for me Maz?” she whispered again.

You aren’t leaving me, not now, not ever. I cupped her face in my hands.

She gave me a weak smile and passed out.


No respone.

Marceline?! MARCELINE WAKE UP!! 

I ran out to the hallways.


A few nurses heard my cry for help and ran towards her room. 

“Doctor James, Doctor James!! We need you!” the nurse yelled.

Another nurse walked into the room and turned to look at me.

“I’m sorry Sir, but your friend is in a critical stage right now. You can’t be in here right now but you can stay and wait for her. She will have to undergo another Emergency Surgery” she said.

Tears were streaming by then.

Will she be okay? 

“I can’t say at the moment but we have the best Doctors working here, just hope for the best” she help prepare Marceline for surgery.

I left and sat right outside her room. 

A load of Doctors and nurses rushed into her room and hooked her on even bigger machines. A nurse put curtains all around her and I couldn’t see Marceline anymore.

Please be okay Marceline, you mean the world to me. If you die . . . I die.

After everything that happened, my eyes felt super heavy. I hadn’t slept right in days, I didn’t want to sleep but I couldn’t help it. 

I’ll just take a quick nap. I just hope everything turns out okay. I yawned.

---Hours Later After’s Marceline’s Surgery---

(Still Maz’s P O V)

I felt someone tapping my shoulder.

“Excuse me, Sir? Are you Marceline Konn’s friend?” she asked.

I instantly woke up.

Yes, I’m her friend. Is she okay?

The nurse smiled. “She’s perfectly fine. They surgery went great and her body is no longer rejecting any medicine or blood given to her. You may see her now if you’d like. We finished two hours ago but she decided to let you sleep and rest. She’s awake now; she’s eating. So if you would like to see her, you may do so now” she smiled and walked away.

I rapidly walked to Marcey’s door.

*knock knock*

I heard her laughing. Man how I loved her laugh. Her eyes would shine; her full lips would stretch across her beautiful face. Her cheeks would turn a little pink or red and it made her freckles stand out. I want to kiss eat freckle on her face and tell her how beautiful she is every time I kiss a freckle. Just hearing her voice makes my day. It doesn’t matter if she’s shouting, whispering or simply speaking in a normal tone; her voice is always soothing and its music to my ears.

Marceline’s P O V

I was watching ‘The Big Bang Theory’. The episode was about Leonard, Raj and Howard tried their best to avoid Sheldon. Sheldon is known for over reacting but when he’s sick, he’s SUCH A BABY! It’s hilarious how hysterical Sheldon was being, it reminded me so much of Matthew when he was sick. ‘Course I don’t talk to him anymore since our fight but I shouldn’t dwell on that negativity.

“Marceline?” I heard someone say.

Yeah? I asked, still looking at the TV.

“How are you feeling?” I recognized that voice.

I’m fine Maz. Come eat breakfast with me, please? I pouted; moving my tray in his direction.

“Mars, you need all the energy you can get; so eat up! And don’t give me that little pouty face” he grinned.

I pouted. Please? I want real food not this stale crap.

He chuckled.

“Alright, I’ll eat your food and you eat the Jell-O, pudding and you drink your juice, deal?”

You got it. Sit down, let’s watch some TV.

After we finished eating, we kept watching some TV shows and caught up on each other’s lives.

Come to think of it, Maz is growing on me and as weird as this sounds, I didn’t mind. I enjoyed his company; I felt calm and comfortable around him. This feeling . . . it was a good one.

*knock knock*

Yes? You may come in. I said, poking my head out.

“Hello Marceline, by the looks of it you seem to be doing extremely fine” the Doctor said. He turned to see Maz sitting close to me and he looked shocked.

“I’m sorry young man who let-”

It’s okay Doc, he’s cool. Plus, I feel good, the pain on my wounds and bones have subsided. 

“That makes sense since your bones have healed almost completely and your wounds are looking better” he added.

Really? By the way, how long have I been here Doc? 

“You’ve been here for 4 days but you might have to stay here another day or two; just to make sure” he smiled.

Okay, I’m okay with that. I smiled.

“Well if you excuse me, I have to check up on other patients”

Thank you so much Doctor. 

“It’s no problem” he winked and left.

Maz yawned. 

Maz, you’re still sleepy aren’t you?

“Yeah but don’t worry I’ll just go drink some coffee, I’ll be right back”

He stood up and headed to the door.

Don’t go. I whispered.


I said, don’t go; stay with me. I don’t mean to sound like a whore or a slut but please, will you sleep here . . . next to me? I don’t want you to go home and sleep nor to sleep on those chairs. I'm also in need of somebody's presence and I wouldn't mind if that 'somebody' was you. We can both fit on the gurney. You heard the Doctor; I’m healing fast. 

He was shocked and surprised for what I had just said.

Umm Maz . . . say something please. You’re making me feel bad. I chuckled lightly.

“Uhh, o-o-okay hehe” he chuckled nervously.

I skootched over to make room for him and patted the space next to me.

C’mon, I’m feeling a bit tired as well, we can take a nap together.

I couldn’t believe what I was saying, but I sure as hell didn’t regret a damn word.

I can tell he was nervous and shocked that I said these things; trust me I was too.

He took off his jacket, shoes and belt and placed it on a chair.

Maz laid next to me and just as I suspected, we fit perfectly.

Sleep well Maz I yawned. 

“You too Mars and thank you Marceline, I will forever be in debt. Sleep well”

Then the unexpected happened I felt Maz lean towards me and kiss my cheek.

I felt my cheeks blush and boy was it beginning to get hot. I could hear both our hearts beat and it was beating faster than a person with an adrenaline rush.

Don’t thank me; it’s what friends do for friends. I smiled.

But do I want to stay just friends with him or do I want more?

Maz’s P O V

Thank you Marceline, I will forever be in debt with you. Sleep well.

All of a sudden, I don’t know what came over me but I leaned in and kissed her cheek. I could hear both our hearts beating. It was beautiful, I felt my face get warm and a huge grin grew on my face. 

“Don’t thank me; it’s what friends do for friends” she whispered.

My heart was still beating fast but is that what she wants; just a friendship? Doesn’t she want more? I-I do . . .

All these thoughts tired me out, what a hectic week we all had; especially Marceline. Soon I fell asleep with Marceline next to me and I couldn’t be happier. 

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