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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


17. Madness


Maz’s P O V

“Ah yes, her name is . . . not to be mentioned. I’m sorry young man but she was strict about people knowing she was here. But don’t worry, I’ll let her know you stopped by” he smiled and walked away.

Was she really that upset about the whole thing or was she embarrassed for anyone to see her in a bad state?

Marceline’s P O V

I woke up in the same, white, boring room today. I was feeling a little bit better but my body ached a bit. After the whole thing with Jack, I am just NOT ready to date someone.

Why must this suck? In all honesty, my views towards Maz haven’t changed much. I mean the doctor told me that he brought me here and the fact that he even slept in the waiting room had me thinking. Does he really care about me? Or is this him bluffing?

*knock knock*

“Good morning Marceline. How are you feeling today?” the Doctor asked.

Good morning Dr. James, I’m feeling fine thanks. And yourself?

“That’s good and I’m fine as well thank you. I’m here to update you on a few things. You seem to be doing better but your wounds aren’t. Your stab wounds aren’t really healing too well. A few ribs are completely shattered but that can be fixed. It is your major cuts that worry us. Have you seen yourself Marceline?” he asked.

I-uhh, well no actually, I haven’t.

“Well I hate to break it to you but you’re really pale. You’re losing a lot of blood and we need to find you a donor a.s.a.p. The day you were brought in, we literally used all tubes of blood we had for your type on you. We need donors and we need them fast” he said seriously.

“I’m gonna have to go out on a limb here but I’ll ask the young man that keeps coming back to visit you; no matter how many times I tell him that you don’t want any visitors” he headed to the door.

Wait- that young man . . . he always tries to pass through to see me?

“That’s correct miss. He says he feels as if it’s all his fault. He said he should be the one in this room, not you. He looks like he really cares for you. I don’t mean to interfere or anything but you should at least let him see you. He looks like he’s dying each and every day I see him. It’s beginning to kill me every time I say ‘no’ to him. And I haven’t felt like this ever.”

R-really? He said that? He comes here every day to see me? I say in disbelief.

Wow . . . but doctor, he’ll go crazy if you ask him his blood type. He’ll kick people out of the way to here by then. He’s going to immediately suspect that it’s for me.

“Don’t worry; we need donors anyway so I’ll ask him if he’s interested. Well Marceline, wish us luck. Press that button if you need anything” he pointed to a green button under the bed.

Oh okay. Thank you Doctor, and will do.

Once he left the room, I began to think more about what the Doctor has told me. Maz really cares for me and he doesn’t even know it’s me. But still, he has a heart. I feel really warm inside. This is weird.

*sigh* I have to apologize for making him worry like this. I may dislike him now but being worried about a person, isn’t any fun. I’m such a jerk!

Maz’s P O V

I went to the hospital café and munched on a few goodies.

“Excuse me young man, I’m sorry to bother you but may I ask you a question?” asked the Doctor.

Sure, sure go ahead I’m all ears. I smiled.

“Well you see, the day you brought the girl in; she had lost a lot of blood. We had to use all of the blood types in our blood bank just to fill her up. As you may know, this is a hospital and there are many patients in need of something. We have a blood drive here and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind stopping by and donating?” the Doctor looked at me with these worried eyes.

To be honest Dr. I am afraid of needles but if it’s to save a life; like you helped my friend; I’ll do it.

“Excellent, now I understand you just ate but you can donate tomorrow in the morning. Don’t eat anything or drink anything, except water. Water is fine. But one more thing, do you know you’re blood type?”

Oh okay that’s fine. My blood type is B+.

“Perfect, just what we need. Well young man, I must be on my way to another patient’s room. In the meantime, you stay out of harm’s way, alright?

I nodded and the Doctor stood up and left.

Marceline’s P O V

When the Doctor left, I couldn’t help but think more about Maz. The way he is, the way he talks, walks, speaks. Maz is still a player in my mind but he was caring on the inside. Weird right?

*sigh* I’m suck a jer- AHHHHHH!! I squint my eyes in pain.

My lower stomach hurts and it feels like a sharp object is cutting through me again.

I slowly take the blanket off me and see that nothing. I was expecting blood or something.

UGHHH! FUCKKKK!! AHHHH!! The pain is too strong to withstand.

I remembered the Doctor telling me about the green button. I didn’t hesitate to press it like 80 times.


A nurse ran into the room.


She ran towards the machines nearby me.

“Oh my goodness, you’re losing tons of blood internally. DOCTOR JAMES! DOCTOR JAMES!” she yelled.

Finn’s P O V

*ring ring*


“Hello, I’m looking for a young man Finn Harries. Is he around?” a woman asked.

Yes, you’re speaking to him. How may I help you mam?

“I’m calling from Barnet General Hospital, I’m afraid I have bad news. Your brother, Jack has just been in a car accident. Are you able to make it to the hospital?”

My eyes widened in fear. My baby brother was in an accident!

I-I a-am able to make it. I’m on my way.

I hung up and closed the shop as fast as I could and took a cab to the hospital.

---At the Hospital---

*hyperventilating* I ran to the front desk.

I’m here to see my baby brother, J-Jack Harries. I got a c-call saying he got into a c-car acc-accident.

The nurse looked into the computer and nodded her head.

“Yes he’s here but he’s in Intensive Care. You are not allowed to see him at the moment because they are working on him. But in the meantime, you must fill out these papers please” she handed me a clipboard and a pen.

I sat on a chair but I couldn’t concentrate. What if he doesn’t make it? What will I tell Abbey? Fuck!

Come on boy concentrate. Just fill out these papers and get on with it. I kept telling myself until I was done filling out papers.

Here you go mam, do you know when I’ll be able to see him?

“Well you can’t go into the room to see him, but you can stand outside the room he’s in. There are windows in his room that go out into the hallway. So you’ll be able to see him but you cannot go inside his room. There are people trying to save his life in there, understood?” she said calmly.

I nodded.

“Alright, his room is located on the upstairs on the 2nd floor. You can take the elevator or the stairs” she pointed to the direction of both passage ways.

“Once you’re there, make a right. To the right there will be two big blue doors. Go in there and find the room number 352. Take a seat and wait for the Doctors and nurses to come out” she gave me a sympathetic smile.

Thanks. I whispered.

I had no time to wait for an elevator so I ran up the stairs. When I noticed I was on the second floor, I wasted no time in looking for two blue doors and room 352.

As I pushed through the blue doors, I walked slowly. My breathing fastened and my hand began to sweat. The way my heart was pumping you could probably see it beating out of my chest.

Alright . . . 350 . . . 351 *gulp* . . . 352.

I stood face to face with the window, I could see everything; wires, doctors, nurses, blood, and machines; you name it. The only thing I didn’t see was my brother.

I paced back and forth but kept my eyes on the room he was in. I hate hospitals so I’m very paranoid when I’m in one. I become more aware of my surroundings and get distracted real easily. I was waiting for the Doctors and nurses to move out of the way so I can see my brother when I heard a gurney coming towards me. It took my attention away from my brother a bit.

It had a girl on it but I couldn’t see her face yet. As the nurse got closer I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it.

M-Marceline? Tears began to slide down my face. First my brother and now her? What happened to her?

E-excuse me, what happened to her? I said looking at Marceline.

She looked wrecked. She had bruises all over her face; she’s pale as a ghost and looked very fragile.

The nurse looked at me sympathetically.

“From the reports given to me by her, she was beaten up by two men. She and this other young man were trying to fight them off when they tried to touch her. She defended herself pretty well but her friend froze and she jumped in front of him when one of those men went all in on them with a knife. She took her friend’s stabbings for him. Are you related to her?”

I was speechless. Marceline was going to get raped. She and her friend were trying to fight them off and she was stupid enough to get stabbed so her friend wouldn’t get stabbed?!

Well, I’m not family but I’m her friend.

“Oh okay, well you can’t see her now. She’s losing tons of blood internally, she’s going to get an Emergency Surgery done right away. I’m sorry to say this but, she might not make it”

My heart dropped when I heard that. She might not make it . . .

The nurse quickly walked away with Marceline.

Please . . . please be alright.

I heard a few people walking out of Jack’s room.

Hello, my name is Finn . . . Finn Harries and I was wondering if my brother Jack Harries is alright?

Both Doctors looked at me and smiled.

“Your brother is perfectly fine. It’s nothing serious but he has a broken arm, leg and a few broken fingers. He has to stay a day or two, just to make sure everything it alright.”

I sighed in relief but still worried for Marceline.

Is it alright to seem him right now?

“Well we gave him some pain killers and sleep medication, so he doesn’t have long to stay awake but sure you may go and see him” a Doctor said.

Thank you so much Doctors, for saving my little brother.

Both smiled and left.

I walked in and Jack’s face had a few cuts, nothing serious.

“Finn?” asked Jack.

Yeah mate, it’s me.

“I’m sorry for saying all those mean things to you, Maz and Marceline” he said.

It’s okay but for now, just concentrate on getting better. So what happened?

“I was mad about everything so I decided to take my mind off things by taking a long drive. As I was driving, shit from past fuck ups came to mind and I became angry with myself. That’s when I started to drive fast and soon lost control of the wheel. That’s all I remember, I would doze off every now and then but soon I regained full consciousness and was told that I’m in a hospital” he chuckled.

I was happy for my brother’s well-being but I couldn’t stop thinking about Marceline.

“Mmm, what’s wrong mate?”

Should I tell him? What if he reacts in a way that he’ll end up hurting himself even more?

“Finn? What’s wrong, you don’t have to worry about me man. Look at me, I’m alright” he lightly chuckled.

Uhh Jack, I have to tell you something. But promise me you won’t do anything crazy or try to escape.

He sat up a bit and leaned his head forward.

“Now you’re worrying me Finn, what’s wrong?” he asked slowly.

*sigh* Alright look. Marceline is here. And-

“She’s here?!” he smiled. “Tell her to come in and to not be afraid of my casts. I want to apologize to her. Is she outside waiting for her ‘queue’?” he leaned sideways trying to find her.


Uhh, Jack . . . stop. I said calmly.


Jack . . . stop. I said through my teeth.

I wasn’t mad at him, I was just mad at this whole situation.


STOP! Jack listen to me, she’s not outside. She . . . she got stabbed twice whilst she was trying to fight off some guys that tried to rape her. She and some guy that she was with were getting attacked by two men! Those two men had knives on them and even though she took them down; they got right back up! A nurse told me she stood in front of a blade JUST so her friend wouldn’t get stabbed! She protected him; she endangered her life for the sake of her friend. She’s a real genuine girl Jack! And when I saw her passing by on a gurney, she didn’t look too good. She looked . . . dead Jack. The nurse said she might not make it Jack. Marceline . . . might not make it. I wiped some tears away.

I looked at Jack and he stared at me in disbelief. I could really tell he was heartbroken. He looked down at his arm and cried.

“I-I’m so sorry Marceline . . . I’m really sorry” he cried.

I slowly stood up and hugged Jack.

He wept in my arms for hours ‘til the sleeping medication kicked in and knocked him out.

Sleep well Jack.

I walked out the room and closed the door.

I pulled out my phone to call the person who wanted updates on her. I’m not sure how I was going to let them know about Marceline’s situation but I won’t tell them over the phone. I’m gonna have to bring them down here and hopefully show them.

*sigh* Alright, here goes nothing.

Maz’s P O V

*ring ring*

I checked my phone to see that Finn was calling me.


“Uhh hi Maz, it’s me Finn. I was wondering if you can come down to Barnet General really quick.”

Uhh sure man, is everything alright?

“N-not exactly, my brother got in a car accident last night and well I’ve been here since. But there’s something I must tell and show you”

Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your brother and no worries, I’m on my way. Where will we meet?

“I’m in the Intensive Care floor. Just go to the front desk and say you’re here to visit Jack Harries”

Alright man, I’ll see you in a few. Bye.

We hung up and I got ready to go to the hospital.

---At the Hospital---

I walked up to the front desk and told them I was here to visit Jack Harries. I bought a few balloons for Jack as well. Even though we dislike each other, I’m not happy this happened. It’s terrible news when you hear that someone got into an accident; I wish this on no one.

I followed the directions the lady told me and I saw Finn sitting outside a room.

He didn’t see me walk towards him; he looked nervous. Poor guy, his brother must be injured badly.

Umm, hey Finn. Here, I bought these balloons for your brother. We may still hate each other but I wish this on no one; no matter what. I smiled and gave him the balloons.

“Thanks Maz, that’s really cool of you but that’s not why I invited you here. I’m here to talk to you about SOMEONE else”

I looked at him confused.

Oh okay.

“But I’m gonna need you to make the same promise I told Jack to make, alright?” he looked serious.

I nodded.

“Promise me that you won’t do anything crazy. You have to take things in a responsible manner, I don’t want to deal with any crap today because quite frankly . . . I’m too focused on someone else to be bothered with b.s.”


“Marceline is in the hospital” he said calmly.

Why? Is she okay? He looked at me sympathetically.

What happened to her? Where is she?!

“Mate, calm down, a nurse just pulled her away into a room. She said they have to perform Emergency Surgery on her. Maz, uhh . . . she might not . . . umm . . . make it”

Tears blurred my vision. My throat was dry and my body was frozen.

W-what happened to her?

“There were two men that wanted to take advantage of her. She defended herself and a friend that she was with. She protected her friend and got stabbed. The nurse says she’s loosing blood internally. She might not make it Maz.” he looked down wiping tears away.

Why is everyone around me getting hurt?! The girl that helped me got stabbed, Jack was in a car accident and now Marceline got hurt.


I saw a nurse walk in our direction.

Mam, do you know where Marceline Konn’s room is located?!

“Oh I’m sorry young man but she’s in surgery at the moment. You can see her after she’s done. I’ll come by and let you know when that happens” she grinned.


“Anytime” she said walking past us.

“Maz, just hope she’s okay. No one wants to lose her man . . . no one” Finn patted my back.

I can’t cope with things right now.

Thanks, I’ll see you later. Text me if anything happens alright?

He nodded and I stormed off to the park across the street from the hospital.

---Hours After Marceline’s Surgery---

(Still Maz’s P O V)

I was sat on a bench and let all my tears roll down. I didn’t care who saw me, I just needed to let all this frustration out.

*ring ring*

It’s Finn!

Hello?! What’s up mate is everything alright?!

“They just rolled Marceline in the room, she’s still a bit pale and weak-looking. There’s a nurse here to explain Mar’s situation but I wanted you to join me in this so come quick.”

I didn’t even respond to him, I just ran into the hospital and ran up those stairs.

Once I was on the floor, I turned the corner to see Finn and the nurse having a small chat.

I’m here. I said out of breath.

“Now that the two of you are here it’ll be faster to explain things. One, surgery is done and she’s in her room resting. Two, she lost a lot of blood and luckily we had blood transferred to us from other hospitals to save her. The negative side, even though she had blood driven into her body, her body might reject it causing her body to give up. In other words, there are still possibilities of her not making it. I’m sorry. We did everything possible, it’s her body that has to be strong so she can recover”

I broke down into tears. I can’t cope with losing her, as crazy as this sound . . . I’m in love with her.

The nurse stood there, feeling sorry for us.

“The anesthesia has worn off, so she’s wide awake but a bit fragile. She’s available for visitation. If you’d like, you may visit her now. She’s in room 351.” She gave me a crooked smile.

“Oh, she’s next to my brother” Finn added.

I ran to look for her room, for her . . . for Marceline.

349 . . . 350 . . . *gulp* . . . 351. I stopped in my tracks and looked up at the door.

I knew it was the right room but I wasn’t ready to see her, not like this.

I slowly turned the door knob and closed my eyes, expecting the worse.

Before I could even step inside I heard her angelic voice cracking. She was silently weeping and cursing at herself. She whispered such cruel things to herself like ‘jerk’ and ‘idiot’.


I jumped, causing the door to creak a bit loud.

Her crying stopped.

Marceline . . . I whispered.

I still had my eyes closed.

Alright Maz . . . on the count of three you go in and you comfort her. I said mentally.

One… Two… Three…

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