The Arts

FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


1. Introduction

 Marceline is an 18 yr. old girl from Bronx, New York. She is rather beautiful but keeps to herself . . . sometimes. She is Deaf and has different colored eyes. They change in an instant. Some days, one of her eyes would be blue and the other would be dark brown. It may sound beautiful to have such eyes, but to her, it’s hell. Marceline would have to get tons of surgery done, due to the fact that the constant eye color change, she would affect her vision. Sometimes she would wake up blind or with blurry vision. There is no prediction about the next colors that her eyes would be. Even though she was born Deaf, she had free speech therapy and no longer has a Deaf accent. She learned to read lips and to speak like any other hearing person. She would still have to wear a hearing aid, and sometimes a Cochlear Implant. It all depended on her hearing.

 She lived a terrible, boring and yet simple life. Her parents would argue right in front of her- her whole life. Bronx was very active, but for some reason it bored Marceline and it didn’t seem to impress her. She had friends, this is true, but there was no “spark” with her friendships. She only had a special bond with one guy. His name is Matthew. He too was an 18 yr. old who lived not too far from Marceline. The bond they shared, defined what a true friendship is. Both of them would do everything together and they told each other everything. She looked at him like a brother. He looked at her like a sister. Even though the two of them are complete opposites of each other, they seem to complete one another. Matthew is a huge fan of engineering and mechanics. Marceline is an art, poetry, cars, and music fanatic. Matthew would teach Marceline a thing or two about cars and Marceline would teach Matthew a thing or two about art and literature. Matt is fascinated with classic rock and classical music, thanks Marceline. She now knows how to change tires and can point out any piece of a car, in a second.

 They are usually found hanging out together doing . . . well anything. If they weren’t together, there are specific areas in the city where they can be found. Matthew would be fixing up somebody’s whip or teaching someone about cars. Marceline would be lurking the streets to find inspiration on art or poetry. She is a major fan of art, but she is in love with graffiti. Marceline’s face looks so innocent, but she can be a rebel sometimes. She climbs fences and crawls into the smallest holes to see old “throw ups” and “pieces”.

 Even though she may have an amazing friend by her side, she still feels empty. Her parents would never pay attention to her. Marceline tried to communicate with parents, but later stopped because she felt stupid doing so. She saw how pathetic she looked, begging for two individual’s attention that never even bothered to check up on her. So by the age of 6, she declared herself independent. She needed of no one, but if someone wanted to come along for the ride, she wouldn’t stop you. On the other hand, she does not like to deal with drama. So if she even suspected anyone trying to start it, she’ll tell ‘em to get lost. Since her parents never cared for her, they would yell at her and make fun of her for being Deaf. It never got to her; she never cried. She just watched as they made a fool out of themselves. They hated her for being born. Her parents, Martha and James would treat her like shit. Her room as a kid was the bathroom. Marceline never understood why her parents hated her; she would never hear the reasons. She didn’t want to.

 She coped with things by drawing. She opened a portal to another world when she would paint, draw, sculpt, or craft. But nothing grabbed her attention more than graffiti. As she explored graffiti she really enjoyed a graffiti artist’s work, Banksy. His work is absolutely amazing, but all of his work was in the UK. Sadly, she didn't have enough money to move to the UK.

          Marceline would tell Matthew about her dream to move to Europe for the art. Matthew would call her crazy, but to Marceline . . . it was a possibility. Matt would tell her to slow down and to get real. He would tell her that they are both 18 years old; they are way too young to take a huge step in life. Marceline would nod her head in agreement, only to shut him up. But there is always something to keep in mind; she always had tricks up her sleeve. Whenever she wanted something, she'll work her ass off for it.

 She never told Matthew, but she had a job at a small bookstore near her house. She knew if she told him, he’d try to force her to quit. Even though she is not the easiest person to persuade, she just simply didn’t want to hear it . . . any of it. Since she’s very independent financially and mentally; the last thing she needed was for someone to worry about her. Marceline hates for people to have sympathy for her, she does not need anyone’s pity. Even though she would always hang out with Matt, she never liked the idea of having someone with her 24/7. It made her feel uncomfortable.

 Aside from her dislikes, the job she worked at and doing other side jobs, like painting; she saved up every check she was given and hid it in her room. Soon after, she had at least $9,000 plus the money in her shoe box ($1,856), as well as a savings account her parents opened for her when she was a baby. Her parents were forced to open a savings account for her, since she was Deaf. Since both of her parents work, $75 dollars of each check they received would go straight to Marceline’s account. Once the math is done, she has a total of $169,256 in her pocket. With that, Marceline feels it is time to move to London. The only difficult task is telling Matthew. She knows he’ll try to hold her back from doing so. But she’ll stand her ground, but will he?


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