The Arts

FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


11. I Can't

Maz’s P O V

*knock knock*

“BABE!” she leaned in and kissed me.

“Hey Lexi” I said.

Holy crap she smelled like pot, that’s fucking disgusting. I mean I smoke sometimes but damn, this girl was hitting the pipe.

“Come in, are you ready to have fun?” she looked at me so seductively.

She tries so hard to be sexy or cute, but she’s already hot. All she really needs to do is just shut up and wear little to no makeup; she’ll look better that way.

“Yeah babe, let’s have some fun” I winked at her. I can tell she melted inside.

“Want something to drink? Smoke?” she lifted a few cold ones and a pipe.

I haven’t smoked in quite some time and since I feel like shit, why not give it a hit?

“What’s in the pipe?” I point to the pipe.

“Hemp” she grinned and filled the pipe up.

I took a hit and boy did I feel like I had no troubles. But holy shit was I hungry.

Lexi gave me some food and liquor, and I was gone.

All of a sudden, I notice Lexi getting sexier by the second. I want her right now, I want her really bad.

I quickly stood up, staggering to her. Lexi was up against the wall, so I put one hand next to her head and the other on her waist and pulled her in.

“Let’s havee somme funn baybee” I said.

“You have too much clothes on, let’s fix that” she said running her hand down my abs, soon finding my crotch.

“Mmm, Maz you seem big” she looked down, but it wasn’t erect. I guess I have too much on my mind.

I rubbed my hands up and down her body, soon to find one of her breasts. She let out a moan, but I still wasn’t erect.

She pushed me onto the sofa and sat on top of me. She kissed my lips and made her way down to my stomach.

Then she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my ‘Johnson’ out and began playing with it. I’m not gonna lie, it started to feel really good. I felt her mouth on my shaft, it was warm and I wanted more. She kept going slow, making direct contact. I never liked that during sex. I prefer my eyes closed or looking down.

She made a pop sound when she took me out of her mouth.

“Mmm, Maz do you like that?” she winked at me.

I couldn’t speak.

She began sucking harder and faster.

“Mmm Maz, you are so big” she gagged.

Lexi isn’t an expert in giving head due to the fact that her teeth would sometimes grind on my penis, but it was better than nothing.

I wrapped my fingers in her hair and began pulling her deeper inside of me. I thrust my dick inside her mouth and saw her gagging even more. Tears began running on each side of her face from lack of air.

I let go of her and she looked a mess. Mascara running everywhere and out of breath, but she kept going.

“Maz, I wanna taste you babe” she sounded like those annoying girls in porn videos with their squeaky voices.

She began sucking faster and had a tighter grip around my penis.

“Maz cum all over my face and mouth, I want to taste you” she moaned.

I was near, I was near of cumming. She had complete control over me.

She had me near an explosion.

Lexi I-

Before I know it, my semen was all over her face and mouth. She swallowed and tried to make me go into her room. And to be honest, I just wanted to go home.

Yea her blowjob was okay, but I’m not in the mood to fuck. I just want to be left alone.

Babe, I actually have to go. I have to do a few things tomorrow. I lied.

“Aww, okay Maz. I’ll still be wet for you” she kissed my cheek and walked me out to the door.

Since I had my bag with me, I took it upon myself to go do some ‘vandalizing’.

Marceline’s P O V

After that little altercation I had with Finn at work, I went home to pick up my bag and go ‘vandalizing’. It was night time and Jack hasn’t texted me all day. He said he would take me out to eat during my lunch hour, but he never did. I wasn’t mad or anything, I was just worried. He hasn’t answered any of my texts all day. Maybe he just got caught up with friends.

Jack’s P O V

“C’mon mate, have another drink”

Nah mate, I got to go. I missed my girlfriend and I’s first date, I have to go, she’s probably worried. Sorry fellas, but I have to go.

All of my friends blocked the doors and forced me to have another drink. They are all single but they shag any girl they’d like, just like me. But I’m a changed man, I no longer do that. I have the best thing that has ever happened to me, Marceline. She has everything that a woman should possess.

I looked at my phone and saw 5 unread texts from Marceline; I’m screwed.

I took my last shot and made my way to her place when I noticed it was night time. I called a cab and made my way to her flat.

I arrived at her place, I saw her leaving, but she looked different. Her apparel was somewhat sketchy. It was like she was in disguise or something. I didn’t want her to see me, so I followed her.

After 10 minutes of following her, we ended up in some dirty alley and she had spray cans with her. She began painting and I was shocked to see her painting. She lost herself in it; it was beautiful. The way her arms and hands moved to create such beauty, hypnotized me. Most people look angry when they are concentrating on something, but not her; she looked happy.

She started to get hot so she took of her coat and boy was she sexy. (A/N: Go to Polyvore and look up the username “Coeur-shapedbox”- that’s me and check out Mars’ outfit. It’s named under this chapter’s title along with previous outfits from previous chapters.)

I wanted her. I want to hold her, kiss her, smell her, and tell her she’s mine. I started to get closer when we both heard a voice coming from behind her.

She quickly covered herself. I wondered why?

“Hey girl, what’s up?” some guy said.

“Oh, it’s just you. ‘Sup?” she replied in a cold tone.

It seems to me that she really doesn’t like his presence.

They both start talking to each other until he says something about having certain feelings about a girl. She kept responding to his words in a cold tone and simply packed up her things and made her way, somewhere else; leaving him.

I followed her back home but made it seem as if I just arrived.

Hey babe, listen I’m so sorry I missed out on our first date. Please don’t be mad at me. The last thing I want you to think is that I cheated on you, WHICH I DIDN’T. I swear I-

“Oh my gosh, Jack!” she jumped on me.

Fuck, I got hard.

“I was worried about you and I wasn’t mad, I mean you were with your boys having fun. Plus, I needed some time alone so it’s all good” she smiled.

I was kinda shocked to find out she wasn’t mad. She truly understood me and she doesn’t doubt me. But why did she want to be alone?

Why did you wanted to be alone, something happened?

“It’s nothing Jack, are you hungry?”

I don’t want to push you into anything, but please . . . I’ll listen. Something happened at work?

“Yea, but let’s leave that at work”

Marcey, are you sure?

I can tell she’s about to crack.

“Look, me and Finn got into a small altercation, that’s it”

What happened?

“If I tell you, you must promise to not fight anyone nor argue” she stared at me with her big beautiful eyes.

How can I say no to that?

I promise.

“Okay, it’s just that Finn thinks you want me for sex and nothing else. He feels like I should be with him and not you. He believes I already put out the night you spent it here. So I told him off and well, that’s where it all ended. I just needed some time to keep myself together” she gave me a small pout.

What the fuck is wrong with him?! He had no right to talk to you like that or think of you like that! Yeah, I used to fuck any girl but you changed me without you knowing it.

“Jack, please calm down. Let’s not blow this out of proportion” she said calmly.

*sigh* Alright, anything for you babe. I kissed her cheek.

Marceline’s P O V

When I was spray painting, Maz crept up from behind me and smelled like perfume, pot and alcohol. Great.

He probably fucked that girl I saw him with. He’s so disgusting it should be illegal.

He ranted on the same shit again. I was just tired of it so I packed my stuff up and left him hanging again.

Jack was behind me as I unlocked the door. FINALLY, I was worried about him. Surprisingly, he didn’t ask about my ‘suspicious’ outfit.

Then, we talked about my little problem at work; he looked like he was going to explode on someone. I calmed him down, but something told me that this isn’t over. I  had a feeling that he was going to do something rash.

Well Jack, I’m beat so I’m off to bed. You’re more than welcome to join me.

“You don’t have to ask me twice” he grinned.

We cuddled and drifted off to sleep.

---Next Morning---

Finn’s P O V

Why am I such an idiot? I just lost my chances with her; she thought that I thought she was a whore. That she’d put out the second she said ‘yes’ to Jack. And I know I’ll have to deal with him later.

I get up from my bed and walk to my brother’s room, hoping he was here and not at Marcey’s place.

I spoke to soon, his bed was clean. As if no one was there in the first place. It killed me to know where he spent the night.

Thankfully today the shop is closed, so I don’t have to face Marceline. I’m not ready for it. But I cannot avoid Jack and that is a fact.

*knock knock*

I opened the door to see a very angry Jack with his hands curled up into a fist.

“What the fuck is wrong with you mate?! Are you mad?! You may not be happy with your ‘love life’ yeah, but don’t go fucking it up for the rest of us! I actually have feelings for her! I don’t want to have sex with her, I want to know her better and she wants to know me better! You had no right to call her a whore either, you better apologize to her you dick!” he yelled.

Jack, you’ve said this too many times!

“What do you mean?!”

‘I swear I like this girl, I actually have feelings for her’. Cut that bullshit out Jack, you have sexual feelings THAT’S IT! What if you hurt her? If anything you should be apologizing to her for future fuck ups! You left her stood up on your ‘date’, what kind of boyfriend does that to their girlfriend whom they claim they ‘care’ for?! You’ll end up cheating on her, LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO YOU FUCKING TWAT! She deserves better and that something better IS ME!

Jack was red with fury and swung his left hand and made contact with my right cheek.

I spat out blood and dropped to the floor.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened. We would fight whenever he’d come home drunk, looking for a fight.

I stood up and kicked his stomach. He fell to the floor and I got on top of him and punched his face non-stop. I can see his eye swelling, but that didn’t stop me.

Marceline’s P O V

I woke up to an empty bed. Jack was nowhere to be found. I called his phone but he said he had to take care of ‘something’. I should’ve known, he went to ‘talk’ to Finn.

Since I didn’t know where they lived, I called Abbey and she gave me the address.

I didn’t have time to call for a cab so I ran there. I arrived and saw Jack and Finn yelling at each other.

Then I saw Jack throw the first punch knocking Finn down. My eyes widened in shock. Yeah I know me and Finn had our differences but I still cared about him. He’s my friend. And I don’t want brothers to fight because of me.

As I got closer to their flat, I witnessed Finn on top of Jack. Finn was punching the shit out of him. I couldn’t even recognize him. His eyes were swollen and he was bleeding everywhere.

GET OFF HIM FINN, YOU’RE KILLING HIM!!  I yell extremely loud.

But Finn didn’t stop, he kept going.

Suddenly my kick-boxing instincts kick in and I punched Finn’s rib cage, making him collapse to the floor.

Jack! Babe, please answer me.

He passed out. All that pain he endured and all blood he lost got him. I didn’t cry and I wasn’t scared. Sadly, I’m used to this.

Finn slowly stood up and stared at me in shock. I glared at him. I was prepared for anything.

He ran out of the flat and never looked back and I was there with Jack’s head on my lap.

(A/N: The rhyming part just happened.)

Finn’s P O V

Marceline punched my ribs, and it really fucking hurt. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I beat my own flesh and blood ‘til he couldn’t respond. Then his girlfriend punched me super hard.

When I got up, the glare she gave me was something I never experienced. She looked at me as if she would kill me if I took a step closer.

I ran out of the flat. I didn’t know where I was going, I didn’t care. I just wanted to leave. It was raining and the skies were quite dark even though it was the morning.

I ran past a bunch of people and then I bumped into this girl. I knocked her coffee all over her.

Oh my gosh, I’m sorry. I was just running and I didn’t see you. Please, I’ll buy you another one- she cut me off.

She giggled.

“Don’t worry about it, things like this happen”

My name is Finn, Finn Harries.

I offered my hand.

“Nice to meet you Finn, my name is Audrey Frey” she shook my hand.

Mind if I get you another coffee?

“I didn’t want it anymore, so no thanks” she smiled.

She had such a beautiful smile. She had long hair that almost reached her elbows. She’s a dirty blonde and had the most mesmerizing green eyes.

“But if you’d like, we can go somewhere and get to know each other more. I hope that doesn’t sound cheeky”

I’d love to.

I offered her my elbow and as she wrapped her hands around my arm, I felt something. It was good, it was real, and it was perfect.

We spent the whole day together. She made me forget my problems at home.

I just wondered what waits for me when I get home . . .

Marceline’s P O V

I carefully placed Jack on the couch and took care of his wounds. I was with him for the whole day. It’s getting late, but I’m not gonna leave Jack by himself.

I could care less if I have to stay up all night to care for him, Jack needs somebody.

As I look at Jack’s swollen and bruised face, I can’t help but wonder, I should’ve rejected him. I should’ve backed away from our first kiss. Yeah, it was amazing, but it was deadly. Look at all the mess our relationship has caused and we’ve only been going out for a day. I don’t want this drama to follow me or anyone. I don’t want Jack to get hurt. I don’t want Jack and Finn to fight because of me. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to have a boyfriend. Maybe I should’ve trusted my instincts. Maybe, this was all a mistake. Maybe it’s best if I end things . . . for everyone’s sake.

(A/N: That small rhyme at the end just happened, I never planned it)

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