The Arts

FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


8. Exploring London, At Night

Marceline’s P O V

I walked in and saw Abbey, she greeted me and quickly ran me through the day’s work.

“Nice you see you Marcey, you look lovely today. So tell me the status on Slade, I wanna hear all about it” Abbey said with an intrigued look.

I never had someone really ask me how my day went. The only person who did was Matthew. But he would just stare at me, kinda like the way Maz does now.

Why thank you Abbey, you look pretty lovely today. She perked up with a smile.

And as for Slade, I got accepted! We both ran into a hug and jumped around.

“Ahh, so you go to Slade too? That’s pretty far fetch” said Finn.

“Sorry Mars, I forgot to introduce to you my sister’s son, Finn. Sadly my sister died when he was five years old so I took him under my wing and raised him ever since” said Abbey with a side smile.

Oh gosh, I’m so sorry to hear that.

“Don’t worry about it, we’re all fine” she said.

“So Marceline, do you like it here?” asked Finn.

Definitely, I met new two new friends and I have an amazing job. Plus I get the chance to learn in one of the most prestigious schools in London. I’m super happy!

“Well guys, you two can get to know each other more while working. So chop-chop!” clapped Abbey.

“Hey Marceline, this may sound a bit straight forward but would like to go out after work? Maybe get some grub or noch?” asked Finn whilst having one hand on the back of his neck and the other in his pocket.

Sure Finn sounds great. I smiled and patted his shoulder lightly.

I checked the list Abbey gave me and the first one was to clean book shelves.

I grabbed some rubber gloves and cleaning supplies and I started cleaning bookshelves. Each book I took from the shelf really interested me. There were so many books in this store that I wanted to read but I had to put that aside for I had other things to do first.

“Hey Mars, I’m going off to do some grocery shopping. I’ll leave you and Finn to get the work done whilst I’m gone. I trust you Mars and I know you won’t let me down” said Abbey.

Okay Abbey, have a safe trip. And don’t you worry we’ll leave this place spotless. I saluted.

She smiled and left.

I continued cleaning the bookshelves and I was taking a book from the shelf, I saw Finn standing on the other side reading a book.

WHAT’CHA READING FINN?! I yelled at him, causing him to jump and drop his book.

Haha, I’m sorry man. I didn’t mean to give you a mini heart attack. So what are you reading?

“I was reading A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. Have you read it before?”

Yes I have and it was quite a good read. I was just amazing how much a person can go through in their lives, but not give up.

“I’m only in chapter two but I’m already hooked. So tell me more about yourself whist we clean this place” said Finn.

As I told him more about myself, he stared at me the way Maz does. I hope he doesn’t like me. But like I said, I don’t even know if Maz likes me. It was just someone’s observation. But with Finn, it was different. It looked like he was studying my features. It felt weird so I kept looking down to avoid eye contact.

And well, that’s all there is to know about me. You’re turn. I said as I finished cleaning the last shelf.

“Well, I have a twin and his name is Jack. I’m the cuter one” he chuckled. “I’m 20 years old and was born here in London. I love art and film so Slade was the perfect match for me. I enjoy people’s company and I’m just a guy who would love to travel. I’m very carefree but I am responsible. I see Abbey as my friend. She’s really laid back and well I feel good when I talk to her. My brother loves her as well. I too live alone with my brother and well we are adventurous boys is all” he smiled.

That’s really cool. Abbey treated me as if I was one of her own the day I met her. It’s not a surprise to me that you guys love her. She’s a really great human being.

We continued to clean the shop and I heard the door open. I peeked my head out and I couldn’t really see who it was but it was a young man with blond-ish hair and green eyes.

“Finny are you here?!” yelled a young man.

I walked towards him and long behold, it was Finn’s twin- Jack.

Good afternoon, my name is Marceline. You must be Jack, Finn has told me a bit about you a few minutes ago. Finn is here; in fact he’s in the back washing his hands. I’ll call him right out for you. I smiled.

He froze but boy did his face dropped.

I’m sorry, is there something wrong?

“Uhh no no, I was just- you’re a girl” he stuttered.

I looked down at my chest and looked at both of my boobs.

Well yea, you can say that I’m a girl, we chuckled.

“You work here?”

Yes I work here. I would’ve thought you’d know since your brother did. He saw me outside the shop and introduced himself and what not.

“Typical Finn, but Abbey or Finn never told me about you”

“Oh, I see you’ve met my brother from the same mother” said Finn.

“Yes we’ve met but you never told me she works here” said Jack through gritted teeth.

“Oh I’m sorry mate, there’s this girl named Marceline and she works here now. There I told you” said Finn.

I chuckled and then Jack started to turn red in embarrassment.

Abbey shouldn’t be long in coming back; she stepped out to do some food shopping.

“Dear, I can assure you she isn’t coming back ‘til the crack of dawn. Abbey takes a whole century just to food shop, well just to do any activity really. She takes her time and really looks into things. That’s why we never go anywhere with her” said Jack.

Oh my, what time does the shop close by the way?

“In about ten minutes or so” said Finn.

“Cool, so would you like to join me to some sight-seeing Miss America?” said Jack.

“She’s hangin’ with me in a few Jack, sorry” chuckled Finn.

I noticed Jack frown a bit, but I felt bad if I left him outside the loop. I mean I wouldn’t mind making another friend. I mean, I just met Finn and we really hit it off rather well.

Why won’t you join us Jack? That way, I can get to know the two of you better. I mean, if that’s alright with you Finn?

“Sure that’s cool” said Finn with a slight frown.

Finn’s P O V

She’s fucking beautiful. She has a gorgeous body and she’s natural. Her dark hair smelled like strawberries, my favorite. Her eyes were absolutely my favorite feature, they are different color. Plus, she’s into the same things that I’m into. That’s mad!

Sadly, my brother butted in so I can’t really get to know her as much as I wanted to get to know her tonight. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll be mine. But maybe she’ll never be mine, but I kinda want her to be.

I see the way Jack looks at her, its pissing me off. He gets all the girls, he’s somewhat a player. He just likes girls for their looks. Jack barely uses his time with the girls he goes out with to get to know them better. Girls around here just want sex, nothing more. But I want a girl that can understand me on an emotional and physical level. Marceline might be it, but I shouldn’t jump to any conclusions. I have to get to know her better.

Jack’s P O V

I walked into the store thinking I would see my twin but instead this beauty walks out and talks to me. ME! Her name is Marceline and wow she is a babe. She has an amazing physique. The outfit that she was wearing hugged her body well and she has such amazing eyes. They are hypnotizing, I don’t know why but I’m feeling a certain way about her.

I know it isn’t love for a fact, I hardly know her. But it’s more so like a crush. She’s just bloody attractive.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she already had a mate, I mean just look at her she’s a keeper. She’s just so cute. I know I might’ve ruined my brother’s chances on getting to know her but to be honest, I don’t care. She isn’t his and well she’s obviously not mine. I do just have sex with girls and have nothing else. But something about her just makes me want to actually have a serious relationship. I see how Finn looks at her and it bothers me. I can tell he feels the same when I look at her the way I do.

You can’t blame me though, any guy would stare at her the way I do.

Marceline’s P O V

These brothers seem really cool to hang with, but they are kinda weird. They just stand there and stare at me. It’s like they’re trying to stare into my soul.

Is everything okay with you two? Both of you keep looking at me like you’re lost or I don’t know . . . trying to find something maybe? We can hang some other day if you don’t feel well yunno.

“We’re fine!” the boys said in unison.

Wow, that twin telepathy is cool. I chuckle.

“You don’t have any siblings? Yunno, any older sisters or?” asked Jack.

Nope, sorry to disappoint you but I am an only child.

“Oh, so how does it feel to be an only child? It ought to be awesome, I mean your parents probably give you everything, correct?” asked Finn.

Umm, actually no. I said, giving a slight frown. My parents and I bump heads quiet a lot, so nothing is given only negativity is received. But I left that back in New York, I’m in London now so I don’t dwell on the situation.

“Oh, I’m sorry Marceline. I didn’t know any better” said Finn.

I smiled. Finn, it’s not your fault. When someone gets to know the other person better, conversations like this will pop up one day or another. It’s normal, so don’t worry about, it’s cool.

He smiled at me and attended some customers whilst Jack sat on a bean bag and began to read.

---A Few Hours Later---

“It’s time to close so I’ll start shutting down whilst you get your things so we can hang out” said Finn.

I was on my way to pick up my bag when I saw Jack with a book over his face. I slowly picked the book from his face and he was snoozing. He looked so peaceful but tired. I don’t want to scare him up so I whispered his name

Jacckkkkkk. Jackkkiee…Jacklynnnnnnn. I whispered.

“Mu-mum?” he spoke in his sleep.

Oops. I didn’t mean for that to happen.

“Mum, wh-why did you leave me and Finny? We needed you. . .” he snoozed off again. “Mum, I hope you’re happy in Heaven. . .”

He began to silently cry in his sleep. I brushed my thumb over his cheek, causing him to wake.

I-I’m sorry Jack. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I said with a frown.

“What are you talking about? I’m not crying” Jack chuckled.

He quickly sat up and brushed his face over his eyes. His eyes widened a bit when he felt his cheeks wet.

“Ready to go guys?” asked Finn.

He paused as he saw Jack’s face.

“Dreaming of her again mate?” frowned Finn.

Jack said nothing, he seemed too embarrassed to admit it.

Right, so do you guys still wanna hang or do you wanna do this some other time?

“I still wanna go but I don’t know about Jack”

“The two of you go, I’ll just head home. I don’t feel too good” Jack said looking down.

What’s the matter, do you need anything? I touched his forehead with the back of my hand.

Well, you’re not warm. Do you have a stomach ache?

“No, I guess I’m just exhausted that’s all. But don’t mind me, the two of you go have fun. I’m calling it a night” yawned Jack.

 I pulled Finn to the side.

Finn, maybe you should be with your brother. We can hang some other time. Trust me, it’s okay. We work together anyway. Plus, we go to the same school. But your brother is more important, be with him. It looks like he needs someone with him. And that someone should be you. I have to get home and unpack a bit, but I’m fine. I know my way home and if anybody tries to do something to me, I’ll kick their asses. I nudged Finn.

I can see disappointment take over his facial expression. But I just feel like his brother needs someone to be with him. I mean, he loved his mother and sadly she passed away.

“You’re right Marcey. I’m sorry about all this” apologized Finn.

Don’t be, it’s alright with me. Things like this happen. I said with a sincere smile.

I said goodbye to the twins and was on my way outside. As I kept walking, I heard noises. It sounded like a can of spray paint being sprayed.

I slowly followed the noises and saw a hooded figure spray painting a beautiful mural.

Soon, I found myself standing really close to the mysterious person. He stepped back and I noticed he finished. I stepped back also, to see the mural at a better view. It was a beautiful mural of a girl with different colored eyes holding a heart. Her hair was black and her skin was porcelain. She reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

The person took their phone out and started taking tons of pictures. I don’t know who this person is, but they have amazing art skills.

I was going to tap them on the shoulder ‘til sirens of the cops shook both of us. The person ran from the scene faster than light. I made a run for it too, or else they’ll think I’m part of this whole thing.

As I was running, I made a sharp turn and I thankfully I reached my flat. I couldn’t keep my mind off that graffiti artist that I spied on. Whoever they were, they were talented.

I was on my bed, twisting and turning, I couldn’t sleep. I needed to do something but I didn’t know what. It’s about to be 11:40p.m and I thought I should go and explore graffiti. Something about that person inspired me to do some graffiti and to see some graffiti as well.

Once I showered I changed my clothing. I am wearing a swamp green crop top that somewhat shows my belly. I frankly could care less, it was night and well . . . I really need to do some vandalizing. I have on some skinny dark denim jeans with dark grey converses. My backpack has small little wings on it and it was completely black and COMPLETELY stuffed with spray cans.

When I go out to do this type of activity, I make sure I look completely different and unnoticeable. And trust me, I did.

I grabbed my necessities and went on for an adventure.

I climbed up this small bridge and it leads me to brick walls covered in art. I lost myself in the walls. I took pictures of each piece. I began talking to myself, like I always do.

This art was so colorful yet it sent a strong message. Many graffiti artist tell you how fucked up society is but many people see us graffiti lovers and taggers as criminals, when the real criminals are the people who “run” society. Why are people so ignorant? They want us “criminals” to open our eyes and ears. We have our eyes and ears open, but they just can’t accept that fact that our mouths will never shut. We will stand for art because graffiti IS art NOT a crime.

Whilst I was ranting, I began spray painting. I painted a mural of a girl with a needle. The little girl was aiming the needle at a bubble. The bubble had the world in it.

The government just can’t stand the fact that we graffiti artists are exposing them. But we can’t stand them or anyone who looks at us like we’re killers. For fuck sakes, rapists, killers, and drug dealers get less time in jail. Graffiti artists can get up to life for coloring walls. That makes no fucking sense! Ugh!

“Wow. . . I couldn’t have said it better myself” said a person behind me.

I jumped a bit and turned to see who it was. It was the hooded figure. The person who I saw painting that mural.

Who are you? I asked confusedly.

He completely ignored my question and asked about my piece on the wall.

“What does your piece define?”

I can tell the mysterious person was a boy. I ignored the fact that he ignored my question and answered his question.

This little girl is trying to pop a bubble that has the world inside the bubble. She feels like the world is living in a bubble, trying to protect it from danger and negativity. Little does the world know, danger and negativity lies within. She is to pop the bubble and open the world’s eyes and help them see what they cannot see. And that little girl represents me and many other artists and people who just want others to know how corrupt the world is. But no one seems to listen to what they say. As long as someone as the Prime Minister or the President says what is right or wrong, that’s when the people care to listen and nod their heads in agreement. If you’re on the streets trying to spread the word, it’s all rubbish . . . a myth to them. And they’ll judge you for what you’re not instead of who you truly are. That’s what this represents. I said looking back at my mural.

Not to sound creepy or anything, but I saw you painting that mural earlier in the night. Who was that girl you painted? And what did your mural defined?

He sat down on a crate and began telling me about his piece.

“Well yah see, I like this girl a lot. She’s beautiful. Her eyes are different color, both of them. Today when I saw her, one eye was blue the, other eye was grey. She has porcelain skin but it fits her well. She has dark brown hair, somewhat black. But it’s natural yunno? She has a stunning figure and she is super down to earth. I like her a lot, but I just got out of a bad relationship and well as you saw on my mural, she’s holding a heart. That heart belongs- well it belonged to me but now she has it and she doesn’t even know it” he said.

Wow, that’s beautiful. I’m sure you’ll get the girl dude. Plus, you are super artistic, so you can draw her things yunno? It’ll be pretty bitchin’ if we can tag some spots up one night.

“That sounds cool yo. Well I gotta go meet up with my friend for some late night munchin’.” he said.

Alright, sounds cool. Catch you around.

He waved and before I knew it, he disappeared.

I continued my adventure to look for beautiful art as well as looking for spots to tag my name on. I tag by the name of Mars or really any nickname given to me. Since I’ve gotten new nicknames from my new friends, I tagged some spots with those nicknames. But I no matter how many different nicknames I tag on walls, my signature is one and only. It’s a cute stick figure standing on top a red ball. The red ball is the planet Mars.

I climbed down the bridge and came across a dark tunnel. I know it’s dangerous to even be there, but curiosity gets the best of me, something the worst.

I walked in and heard a few glass bottles being clicked together as well as a few laughs being shared. I tried to be sneaky and make no noise as possible but my foot accidentally skid a pipe, causing the pipe to fly a few feet and make a loud bang. The noise echoed through the tunnel.

“Oi! Who the fuck is there?! Show yourself you little shit!” said a man.

By the sound of his voice I can tell he is what they call in the UK, a chav.

I quickly turned around and as I was reaching the end of the tunnel, (where I entered the tunnel), when two men stood in front of me giving me an evil smile.

“Well well well, what do we have here uh?” said one of the men.

These men reeked of alcohol and pot. I know how pot smelled like, Matthew smoked it sometimes when his friends would come to the shop and hang out.

I tried to walk around them when one of the men grabbed my arm and said,

“Where the fuck do yah think yer goin’? Let us have fun wit yah first, then maybe we’ll let yah go. How does that plan sound babe?” said the other man.

I was already pissed. For one reason, this man thought I was a fragile girl who would just scream and cry for help. Two, he touched me. HE FUCKING TOUCHED ME! And three, NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE WHO I DO NOT KNOW, WILL EVER HAVE “FUN” WITH ME! I AM NOT A FUCKING TOY!

I turned around giving them a sexy and flirty smile.

“Oh, look at her Dan, she wants it. And she wants it hard” said one of the men.

“I can see that Jay, well let’s give her what she wants” said Dan as he stepped closer to me.

Wait, how about you boys sit down, whilst I give you a lap dance and then you suck both dry? I said in a seductive voice.

“Holy fuck! That language baby, ahh come here and let me get at yah” said Jay.

Shh. I say placing my index finger on his dirty, greasy mouth. Let me have some fun first, isn’t that what we’re doing here? Aren’t we to have some fun? Isn’t that right, Dan? I said giving Dan a sexy pouty face.

“Oi mate! Shut the fuck up and let the lady do her dance. Go on babe, dance for us” said Dan.

They sat on some dirty bricks that were piled on the side of the train tracks. I turned around and made it seem like I was taking my shirt off but instead I clenched my fists and punched Dan right where his temple is; knocking him to the ground.

“You fucking bitch! You knocked down one of me mates! Oh, you’re gonna get it now you fucking idiot!” Jay yelled.

He charged towards me but I quickly reacted and got into my fighting stance. I raised my left foot high up in the air and slammed the back of my foot on his head causing him to fall. I gave him an axe kick to the head.

I noticed Dan recovered from his little fall and his eyes met mine. He was furious but that fucker didn’t know that I was more furious than he was. I could get violent and I didn’t need a weapon to do so.

He grabbed his glass bottle and slammed it the wall. He too charged at me with a half broken glass bottle. I saw Jay getting up as well.

“Jay, get the fuck up! Let’s kill this little bitch aye?!” yelled Dan.

But I am ready for anything. Nothing scares me anymore. I have no fear, only anger that I never let out. Thankfully, during kick boxing I let some of it out, SOME NOT ALL. But at times like this, street fights, were gory. And I barely shed any blood during a fight.

Both fuckers charged at me. And I already planned my moves.

Dan swung his half broken bottle to my face but I ducked and did a swipe kick causing them to trip and fall right on their asses!

GET THE FUCK UP NOW, YOU PUSSIES!! I yelled. I was beyond heated!


Dan dashed towards me and tried to cut me with his bottle so as he came at me with his right hand holding the bottle, I quickly blocked his move and held his right wrist with my left hand. I took my right hand and with the palm of my hand I pushed his chin up, causing him to drop his bottle. I then kicked his little dick and punched him repeatedly in the face.


The mysterious guy’s P O V

Cheers man!

“Cheers yo!” said my mates.

“GET THE FUCK UP NOW, YOU PUSSIES!!” yelled a girl.

I looked at my mates and make sure I wasn’t the only one who heard that.

Did you all hear that or am I going crazy?

“Nah brovah, I definitely heard that too. It sounded like a girl. Maybe there’s a girl fight outside. C’mon let’s go, maybe they’re fighting over stupid shit, like guys or nail polish!” said one of my mates.

Nail polish? The fuck man? You can buy that shit practically anywhere.

“Not name brands brovah, that’s the good shit. I hear it doesn’t chip as much as the cheap ones”

Bro, you make me wonder sometimes.


Man, you spend way too much time on your mum’s vanity table. I laughed.

C’mon, let’s go check this fight out.

I grabbed my mate by the neck and walked outside with him.


We quickly followed the man’s voice and it was below where the tunnel is. Nothing but chavs and drunks and druggies and drug dealers hang there.

We climbed down to where the fight was going on. One guy was already on the floor a bit loopy from whatever ass beating he received.

I leaned my head in to see how the girl looked like. She had her back turned to us and me and my mate were surprised to see this man charge at her with a broken glass bottle. But she wasn’t shook. She stood her ground and she seemed ready for any move he tried to pull.

We saw the man dash towards the girl and he tried to cut her with his bottle. As he came at her with his right hand holding the bottle, she quickly blocked his move and held his right wrist with her left hand. She took her right hand and with the palm of her hand she pushed his chin up, causing him to drop his bottle. Then she kicked his sack and punched him repeatedly in the face.


I turned to my friend and we were shocked. She was a bit short and HOLY SHIT!!

I know who she is! She’s the girl that said we should tag sometime. Holy fuck, she can fight!

But wait, the guy who was already on the floor yelled “boys!” and six more boys came walking out of the tunnel.

But still, she was not scared. Instead she signaled them to come at her. WHAT A BALLSY CHICK!

Marceline’s P O V

“Boys!” yelled Jay.

Six more fucking dickheads walked out of the tunnel and onto my “arena”.

I raised my right hand and signaled them to come at me.

Like the bitches they are, they listened to my command.

Sigh and of course, what would a “fair fight” be without them using any weapon they could find. Pshh, pussies!

And each one ran to me. I gave the man that was closest to me a jumping back kick to the chest, knocking some air out of him. He soon stepped off and ran back into the tunnel like the little rat he is.


Another man tried to hit me with a pipe but blocked his hit with my forearm. It was metal so it obviously hurt, but so much adrenaline ran through me that I couldn’t feel pain at the moment.

I snatched the pipe from him and jabbed his face with it causing him to put his hands over his face, leaving that fucker wide open.

I gave an evil smile and got rid of him with a strong and powerful sidekick. He got the wind knocked out of him as well and was left on the floor to grasp some air.

The last four were coming towards me at the same pace, but I didn’t panic. Instead, I was waiting on them to make their next move.

The mysterious guy’s P O V

Holy fuck man, do you see this?!

“Haha, do I? I’m recording this fight bro”

Brilliant! Fucking brilliant!

The girl was kicking those guy’s asses! She knocked two guys on the floor and basically knocking the wind out of them. Haha, this girl is fucking awesome!

Marceline’s P O V

Two guys with bricks and one guy with a knife, the other with a gun.

I was still not afraid.

The two guys with the bricks swung at me and the guy with the gun aimed at my face.

I did a back handspring, except I didn’t do a handspring. Instead, I just positioned myself to that stance and one of the guys shot the gun. I got up and took take of the guy with the gun first.

I snatched it from his hands and his eyes widened. I never used guns, and I wasn’t going to start tonight. Not for these worthless scums.

The mysterious guy’s P O V

We saw how she nearly got shot but she ducked and got back on her feet. She snatched the gun from the guy, FUCKING IMPRESSIVE MAN!

Me and my mate were a bit skeptical as to what was her next move was going to be.

Thankfully, she didn’t use the guns. But she did some impressive shit like taking the gun apart and taking the bullets off and throwing them to the side. Then she used the gun’s bullet holder and hit the “gunman” right on the nose. He was bleeding a shit load!

Marceline’s P O V

I took his piece of shit gun apart and threw the bullets to the side. I hit him in the nose with the bullet holder and he was down before me. I stomped his face five times before I realized he was knocked out cold. I noticed the guy with the knife planning a move. If he hadn’t caught my attention, the guy that I was stompin’ on would’ve been dead.

The man with the knife tried to stab me. He ran to me and I tripped him. I grabbed his wrist that obtained the knife. I then did a jumping spilt kick for the two brick holding turds. With the clash they received their arms ricocheted from the tracks and hit them right on their faces. One of them wasn’t affected by the pain and stood up rapidly. He walked to me but I tripped him as well and bashed his head to the stone walls . . . both men were knocked out cold.

As I was holding this man’s wrist, I had one foot standing next to his ear. I wrapped my other foot around his arm and broke it, Steven Segal style.


I lowered my voice, I doubt corpses will spread any fucking word.

The mysterious guy’s P O V


She lowered her voice, “I doubt corpses will spread any fucking word”

Holy shit! This girl is bad fucking ass!

“Oi! I got it all on camera!”

Thank you JESUS!

The girl slowly walked away and was walking towards me and my mate. We were still shocked about the whole thing. Not to generalize or anything, but this girl really held her own.

“Shhh, she’s coming” whispered LOUDLY my dumbass friend.

“Who’s there?! Are you gonna try and rape me too?! C’mon, I know you saw what I did back there. So, you can tell I’m OBVIOUSLY NOT IN THE FUCKING MOOD! Show yourselves don’t be such pussies!” she yelled.

I nudged my friend to slowly walk out of the bushes we were behind of.

Hey what’s up, remember me? The dude you wanted to tag with. We saw what you did back there and we were pretty fucking impressed. I mean, we’re not gonna do anything to you and harming a girl or anyone is not even on our list. I just want to ask a question, even though this may sound stupid, but umm are you alright? Do you need anything?

“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was you dude. Sorry you had to see that but they had it comin’. I don’t need anything, I’m alright. Don’t you worry. ” she said.

“Where did you learn that?” asked my friend.

“I do some kick boxing and well Jiu Jitsu was just something I picked up. I taught myself to fight and well as you saw what happened, it all came in handy.” she mentioned.

Well you didn’t get raped did you?

“Oh of course not, not even close” she said with a light smile.

Would you like to join us for a drink or something? All that fighting must’ve tired you out.

“Ermm, sorry I’ll have to pass on the drink. I don’t drink and I have to wake up early tomorrow. But still, we must do some graffiti collab soon. I’m not tired, I’m always energetic. Well, see you guys around then. I’m going home” she waved goodbye and was on her way home.

--Next Day--

Marceline’s P O V

I woke up early today to get ready for work. I wore a sleeveless top with gold embellishments on the rounded collar or my top and paired that up with medium dark denim jeans. My shoes had the Eifel Tower on them.

I made myself some breakfast and made my way to “Abbey’s Closet”.

I walked inside the shop and Finn ran up to me.

“Good morning Marceline, did you hear about the anonymous girl who kicked these dangerous guys’ asses last night? It’s all over the paper. The girl’s face isn’t on here but the guys were found bloody and nearly unconscious. Whoever this girl was, she sure taught them a lesson” smiled Finn.

Lemme see that for a quick second.

Finn handed over the newspaper and I began to read about the guys’ who got their asses beat interview.

Those dumbasses described the complete opposite of me. Ha, my disguise is awesome.

Finn opened the shop’s door to let some fresh air circulate. We then heard a guy talking about the incident that happened last night.

“I’m tellin’ yah misses, she took those chavs down one at a time and even four at a time. She WOSN’T scared yeh. She showed no feah” said the guy. “I even recorded the whole fight. Me and my mate were there, front row seats and everyfin” said the lad.

My eyes widened. What if people find out it was me who did that? But I stopped worrying when I remembered I was wearing a mask that covered half my face and well, no one recognized me. Pft, HA!

“Oi! Mate, stop showing people that video. The cops might just confiscate your phone” said a boy.

It was Maz who said it. I smiled.

Good morning Maz. I ran up to him giving him a side hug.

“Marceline if you really wanna wish me a good morning, you have to give me a real hug” said Maz.

Maz, if you really want to get another hug from me again in your lifetime, I suggest you accept the hug and shut it. I replied.

He chuckled.

“So did you hear about that girl?”

Yea, Finn and your mate over there made sure I knew about it. I chuckled.

 “I was there last night. I even talked to the girl. I met her whilst she was tagging and ranting near a bridge that had brick walls nearby it. She and I were talking and well he agreed on going tagging together sometime. Then I saw her kick the shit out of those men. You wanna come, seeing as you like graffiti I was hoping to introduce you to her” he said.

My eyes widened. Holy crap! Maz does like me! And apparently I have his heart. No wonder that girl in the mural looked familiar. That girl was me. But I couldn’t let him know that. If I was to tell him, he’ll tell me how much he likes me. And I’m not ready for that.

Sure. I’d love to. Say when and I’m there.

“Alright cool, just bring some paint with you so you can show me how well your artistic abilities are. Also, be comfy . . . we’ll be doing tons of walking and jumping; also running. Yunno, just in case the fuzz comes in” said Maz.

I know Maz, I got this. I played it off.


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