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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


27. Empty

~~~~~ 2 Weeks Later ~~~~

Marceline’s P O V

It’s been two weeks since I heard from anybody; except Finn. Jack’s been missing but he calls Finn to let him know that he’s fine. He won’t tell Finn where he is but he states he’s, “trying to find himself” or some shit like that. Lexi & Maz, well I don’t know about them and I’m okay with that. I’ve been receiving threats from someone through text messages. I can tell its Lexi because she states that she’ll get revenge after what I did to her in my flat. I never replied back, the fuck for? Both those fuckers are a waste of my time. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if they hit me or something. I don’t even know Maz so he’d probably do such thing and as for Lexi; I’m guessing that bitch is hungry for some payback. 

Finn and I have been growing closer as friends and I’m happy to say that we’re somewhat best friends. Finn and his girlfriend, Audrey, have gotten serious. They are completely in love with each other and I’m happy for them. I must admit, I used to cry when I would see Finn & Audrey together but now, I’m just over it. I’m done with people, with love . . . and done with Maz.

Matthew still tries to prove his love to me from time to time but it’s gotten to the point that he’s scared and worried for me. He can talk all day long and I’ll be there with an expressionless face and not a word to say. I don’t want to talk to him or to anyone. I like being alone, always have and always will. Matthew tries to feed me, take me out and try to talk to me like before but he just doesn’t understand . . . things change; people change. He still must not understand how much he fucked up my life, and that angers me. Matt will never comprehend the damages he’s caused but he’s willing to ‘fix’ it by being my ‘boyfriend’. I’m just done with him, with Maz . . . with everything.

I distract myself by going to the gym and with art. I box every now and then and I paint almost every day. I have to let all my anger out on something or someone but I decided to do it the ‘legal’ way and hit an actual punching bag. I paint my feelings on an empty canvas. I paint all the stress, anger and awful past on an empty canvas. Everything I pour out, leaves me even emptier inside. I don’t feel much anymore.

I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t fully recovered from everything but I’m getting there. I guess I’m becoming cold and void inside. Nothing makes me happy or excited. Everything bores me, angers me or saddens me; I’m not the same anymore. If someone needs help, I ignore them. If someone wants to talk to me; I ignore them. Everything that happened between me and Maz, ugh; even his name makes me cringe and remember all the terrible things that happened. Anyway, all the shit that I encountered was very traumatizing to me. I’m all gray inside and out and everything I see is gray. Nothing is good anymore; I’m starting to realize that nothing ever was.

 I fell in love with someone who I thought loved me back but sadly didn’t and it ended tragically. Ever since Maz walked out of my life, my health has gone down to shit. My hearing has worsened, I’m losing my vision every damn day and I haven’t laughed or smiled since Maz left. Finn & Audrey are trying their best to make me smile but nothing works. I can only give them a smirk and that’s it. I still dress the same but I don’t feel the same. I’m pretty sure I look like a zombie. I’m pretty sure I receive pity from everybody. I’m pretty sure I’m ‘that girl’ that everyone is trying to avoid because of my attitude. I’m pretty sure I’m broken and I can’t be fixed. I’m just . . . I’m just pretty sure.

Yeah things are going downhill for me but on the ‘plus’ side, Uni starts in a few days. I have everything ready and I think school is best for me right now. It’ll be a good distraction from everything. I’m going to try my best to focus on my education only.

“Marceline, are you there?” asked Finn.

Sorry, I zoned out again. What’s up?

“I was wondering if you wanted to go to lunch with us” he said, pointing at Audrey.

Why would I go? I’m gonna be a third wheel, the worst thing to be in someone’s space. I rather not, I just wanna be alone. I know they want to help me through this little depression of mine but they should know that I’ll be fine if I get some time alone. I appreciate their attempt to help me but I can help myself . . . I hope.

I shook my head. No thanks, I’m gonna do some reading but thanks anyway. You two go and I’ll close the shop.

They engulfed me in a bear hug and left. What saddens me more is the fact that I don’t even hug anyone back. I completely lost myself . . . I can’t do this; not again.

I was alone in the shop; finally. I finally had time for myself. I wasn’t happy that I was alone, I was relieved. I feel suffocated when someone is around me now, I don’t let anyone get too close to me.

“Finally you and that loser are over. I was starting to miss fighting for you but now I see that there are no more battles to fight. Come back to me babe and you won’t have to worry about a thing” I heard a familiar voice from behind me say.

I turned around. Jack? I asked taken aback.

Wow, he looked different. He had gotten more muscular, a clean shave and his eyes had an evil glare to them; similar to the ones I had in my dream.

What do you want? I’m not yours or anyone to that matter. I said in a depressed tone.

His eyes widened a bit when he saw the state that I was in. I know I didn’t look like the girl he ‘loves’. I looked like the girl who died and came back to life.

“What happened to you?” he asked, to my surprise, in a worried manner.

Life is what happened to me. I don’t want to talk about it. I want to be left alone. So please leave and leave me alone. I whispered.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that Marceline. I’ve lost you once and I’m not going to do that again” he said locking the door behind him.

“I’ve been onto you Marceline. I’ve been following you for 6 days now. I know your daily routine and I know when Finn & his girlfriend leave for lunch. You’re by yourself and you always volunteer to close the shop. Abbey called the other day; she said she’ll be away for a few more months. So, looks like you and I will be spending more time together babe” he walked closer to me.

I don’t care. I don’t care how much you know about me, your brother or Abbey; I simply do not care Jack. I said unimpressed.

“Get her boys” he snapped his fingers.

Two guys came from behind me and picked me up. This one guy gave me a sympathetic look whilst the other guy chloroformed me. From that point on . . . I was useless; what else is new?

Matthew’s P O V

Ever since the whole Maz, Lexi & Marceline thing; everything has gone to shit. Lexi kicked me out of her apartment because she doesn’t want Maz to think she’s a slut. Maz has been pushing Lexi away from him, the same way Marceline does with me. That’s when I realized, Marceline will never love me. I ruined my chances but . . . did I ever even have one?

I’m still trying to make her fall in love with me but I know now that, that’s never going to happen. I feel really bad for doing what I did to Marceline. Every day she’s becoming less ‘her’. I can’t help but to worry about her. She doesn’t talk, move or express herself facially. In addition, her health is declining. I can tell her vision and hearing abilities are slim now but she’s not showing any emotion. I have to help her and I know just how to do it.


*knock knock knock*

“Hel-” she stopped herself.

Lexi, is Maz home? I asked.

“Yeah he’s eating right now what do you want?” she asked all frustrated.

I gotta talk to him about somethin’.

She stepped out into the hallway and closed the door behind her. “About?” she asked in a sassy tone.

I have a problem and I need some advice from another guy, that’s all. I rolled my eyes.

She opened the door and Maz was already standing there. “He says he wants to talk to you for advice; I’ll leave you two to it” she said and scurried inside.

Maz’s P O V

Two weeks. Two long weeks without Marceline have been hell. Lexi is trying to make me love her but she’s not what I want. Right now, I don’t know what I want. I still can’t believe Marceline cheated on me. She tried to explain everything but I didn’t let her; I’m not gonna be ‘that guy’ anymore. I don’t wanna be that sensitive guy that everyone takes advantage of, no thank you.

I admit, calling her all those names that night, was uncalled for. She didn’t deserve that. It killed me to see her so angry and sad. However, she cheated on me. I can’t forgive her for that; I just can’t. I may not have seen her in two weeks but it feels like I haven’t seen her in years. I just want to know if she’s alright; if she’s fine then I’m fine.

Lexi invited me to eat at her house; she sucks at cooking. She burns everything or under cooks everything.

*knock knock*

Lexi stands up and jogs to the door. I ignore whoever’s at the door until I hear my name.

I threw the food that was left on my plate, to the garbage and stood by the door. Once I stood there, I saw Matthew standing there looking worried.

“He says he wants to talk to you for advice; I’ll leave you two to it” she said and scurried inside.

I nodded and stepped outside the hallway.

So, what do you wanna talk to me about?

“Can we go somewhere private please, it’s serious?” he said all fidgety

I nodded and led him to a park that was right in front of Lexi’s place.

“Alright Maz, I’ll cut to the chase alright? I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you & Marceline. I didn’t back off when I was supposed to. She was yours, not mine. She wanted you, not me. She loves you, not me. Lexi & I planned everything the day I invited her to the museum. I thought it was all innocent but it wasn’t. Lexi sent me messages to make a move on Marceline. Marcey pushed me away and told me to stop. I didn’t listen because I didn’t want to and because Lexi told me not to. As we were about to leave Lexi sent me a text telling me to kiss Marceline by surprise because, ‘that’s what girls like’ and so I did. The end result to my stupid actions, I got punched really hard in the gut by Marceline. What I didn’t know was that Lexi was taking pictures. She told me she was in the museum to keep an eye out for me. The night I bumped into you and Lexi’s bruised up self, I ran to Marceline’s flat and saw her like never before. She threw everything everywhere and yelled like a maniac. I tried to stop her but she pushed me away and said things to me that, I couldn’t even repeat. Ever since that day, she’s changed drastically. She’s dying Maz. She isn’t the same anymore; she isn’t Marceline anymore. Marceline doesn’t talk, move or show any sign of emotion. It’s like . . . it’s like she’s dead or somethin’ yunno?! I’m just worried about her man, p-please help me . . . please?” he cried.

I couldn’t believe everything he was telling me; Lexi was behind all this? I actually believe him but at the same time I don’t. She looked really happy in those pictures.

Whatever bro, she looked happy when she kissed you. She looked happy when you hugged her and all so why are you telling me this now? I sneered.

“I can assure you she wasn’t. I’m telling you this because I’m worried about her. A guy can put a gun to her head and she won’t even bat an eyelash” he stated.

Now, I started to panic a little. This isn’t the Marceline I know.

You’re just over exaggerating Matthew

“You don’t believe me? Fine, I’ll take you to her work place now so you can see for yourself!” he pulled me by my arm and dragged me in a cab.


In a matter of seconds we arrived and saw a shady black van parked in front of ‘Abbey’s Eyes’. As we got closer I saw . . . Marceline. Matthew wasn’t lying, she did look dead. The color in her eyes looked faint. Her skin looked unhealthy and she just looked dead. She was talking to some guy and she didn’t seem interested in anything that he had to say, until he snapped his fingers and two guys came from behind her and took a hold of Marceline’s arms.

It killed me to see that she didn’t even fight back. She just took a look at one of the guys and he seemed a bit sad about the situation; as if he didn’t want to do that to her. Then the other guy put some white cloth over her mouth and it knocked her out.

Shit, she was chloroformed! I yelled.

Before I could even move, Matthew pushed me out of the way and ran to her. Those two guys kidnapped him as well.

Shit, now what?! I knew if I were to follow Matthew, they’ll kidnap me too. But if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be with Marceline.

The guy she talked to chuckled and made his way to the driver’s seat . . . holy crap! I know who it is! It’s Jack Harries! He’s gotten muscular and even more malicious.

I followed the van carefully but quickly, trying not to lose it in sight. I couldn’t copy its license plate for it didn’t have one! Damn!


After an hour or so of following that fucking van, they finally reached their destination! They dragged them out of the van and carried them inside some abandoned factory building.

Whatever I have to do . . . I will do it. I’ll protect you Marceline, I’ll be your shining armor . . .

Marceline’s P O V

Everything was blurry and I couldn’t hear a damn thing. Great, my hearing and vision was already shutting down at a time like this. But if I’m honest, I don’t care about anything right now. I just want whatever is happening to happen and to be over with.

“Finally you woke up!” Jack bolted from his chair.

I couldn’t really hear him. Everything was a buzzing noise in my ear. I couldn’t see anything either, everything was all blurry.

What’s going on? I asked weakly.

“Don’t speak just listen” he ordered. “You’re mine Marceline and you’ll always be mine; got that? Good. I expect you to be on your best behavior and I expect you to fall for me” he stated.

Look, whatever you’re saying, I can’t hear you. I can’t see either, so you’re wasting your time. I’m losing my senses so just do whatever you wanna do and shut the fuck up already. I replied. At this point, all I cared about was my education. I didn’t care for Maz or anyone for that matter. Why should I? I am being completely honest when I say, I don’t love him anymore. Hell, I wouldn’t be shocked if Lexi & Maz were behind this.

“Great, just what I needed; some bitch who’s becoming like Helen Keller!” he shouted.

And I’m guessing you’re still trying to make conversation with me; dumbass. I said under my breath.

I felt his hand came in contact with left cheek. “Shut up! Shut the fuck up Marceline!”

I didn’t even shout in pain, I just spat out blood and tried to make eye contact with him.

“What’s wrong with you Marceline?! Are you dead inside?!” he shouted.

I’m sure he was saying something but I’m gonna ignore him, I don’t care if he beats me up; I’ll get my revenge eventually.

“Fuck fuck fuck FUCK!!” he started shaking me. But my limp body showed no interest in his words or actions.

“Answer me!! Why don’t you fucking love me?!” he yelled. And I’m sure he was yelling in my face, I could feel his presence. I could tell he was breaking; good.

“You stupid fucking BITCH!” he kicked my stomach but I still made no sound . . . no expression . . . no move.

“GAHH!! WHY CAN’T YOU L-LOVE ME MARCELINE! I’M SORRY BABY . . . FOR EVERYTHING!” he cried. “I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE! If you don’t wanna be mine . . . you’ll be nobody’s” he hinted at the last part. He put a gun to my head . . .

I’ll see you soon . . . I whispered my last words. I heard him lock & load his pistol. Soon I heard a gun going off and my mind going blank . . . 

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