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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


34. Donna


 . . . So basically, she’s the reason why that girl killed herself? Wow, and to think she was a sweet girl; haha. Well, what else is new with her? Aha . . . yeah? Oh well that’s- wait- WHAT?!?!

“She’s back with her boyfriend; Maz.” the person on the other line spoke.

I nearly spat out my drink. Is this a sick prank you twat?!

“No, I saw them hugging and holding hands by some Uni”

Slade. I said through gritted teeth.

“That’s the one!” they said cheerfully

Seriously, shut the fuck up! That stupid bitch is at it again with him huh? Well then, I’ll let her have some fun . . . for now. Haha.

“Seriously . . . seek help” they mumbled


“N-n-nothing!” they shrieked

Little bitch. Well, you’ve been a tad bit useful to me but I’m bored with you now; bye

“Peace!” they shouted as I hung up on them.

That kid has problems. Whatever ‘love’ you and Maz have going on now, make it last you little bitch; cause I’m gonna come in and ruin it all again.

I think it’s time for me to go and do some, ‘planning’.

Marceline, be ready cause you’re in for a treat you snob.

Maz’s P O V

The sun shined through the windows and blinded me. I carefully opened my eyes, not wanting to get blinded by the sun but soon faced with an angel; my angel.

There the love of my life slept next to me, nuzzling her cute little button nose into the white cotton pillows. With the sun shining through her window behind her, it looked like the sun was her aura. There’s nothing about her that doesn’t drive me crazy. The sheets outlined her curves and her hair, still messy but perfect in a way. Her beautiful pale chest, rising and gently falling as she breathes. Her lips, a soft-vivid red; so soft and so plump.

Last night was incredible, hell, incredible isn’t even the word. As we dozed off last night, she lazily put on her bra and panties and I slipped on my boxers before cuddling to sleep.

The way we woke up was both cute and strange. She fell asleep, wrapped in my arms with me buried into the crook of her neck, later to wake up and finding each other distant. We were distant yet so very close because we were holding hands in our sleep. Cute huh?

“Mmm” she groaned as she made her way to me and placed her head on my chest. I chuckled, she’s so cute. I put my arm on her back and pulled her closer to me, if that was even possible.

“Stop!” she whisper-shouted. She kept kicking around and tugging on my shirt. I think she was having a nightmare.

I checked her face to see her facial expressions and I saw her tears roll down her cheek with an expressionless face.

I leaned in and kissed her head. “NO!” she sprung up. I sat up and caressed her hand.

Baby, you had a nightmare. I assured her.

“Yea, I guess I did; sorry if I scared you” she frowned.

Don’t apologize, it happens babe; just know that you always have me to make it all better. I cupped her face and kissed her nose.

She nodded and got up, where are you going?

“I have class today at 2:50”

What time is it?

“It’s 8:30” she sighed; that nightmare must’ve really bothered her.

Come here. I said sweetly

She still had a worried look on her face. What’s wrong? I asked, pulling her towards me.

“I’m really tired and I don’t wanna go to school” she pouted.

Oh, I’m sorry I kept you up last night Marcey but you have to go to school. Plus, you still have time to get some more sleep.

“I don’t want to sleep, the nightmare scared the sleep out of me” she looked down.

What was is about? I leaned in closer.

“You know that girl who killed herself at the train station? The one who jumped onto the train tracks recently?” she muttered.

Yea, I heard about that. I wondered what happened to her, some say she was talked into killing herself . . . whoever did must’ve been a real sick, twisted bastard. I snickered.

I turned to her and she was pale as a ghost. What about her babe?

“Oh, uhh, well . . . umm, I had a nightmare about her; that’s all” she breathed.

Oh babe, I’m sorry you had a nightmare about her but don’t worry; she isn’t much of importance to us . . . sorry if that sounded terrible but it’s true. I hugged her tightly.

She was shaking as I hugged her, that nightmare must’ve been really graphic.

C’mon, let’s go out for some breakfast. She nodded as she hugged me again.


     We ate at a little coffee shop, two blocks from where she lived. Everything was going swell but Mars was a bit off. After breakfast, Mars was still acting a bit strange; it’s probably the nightmare . . . right?

Marceline’s P O V

Great, now how do I tell Maz that I was somewhat the reason why someone took their own life?! Believe me, I don’t have a heart when it comes to Donna, she really fucked things up for me. I could care less about Donna but I’m really worried about what Maz will think of me. Even though Maz and I are back together, that doesn’t mean everything is back to normal. The past really fucks up your plans for the future; that’s if you let it happen. Would he leave me again; forever?  

“ . . . Whoever did that must’ve been a real dickhead” Maz’s words came back to haunt me. Fuck, I’m freaking out now.

“Marceline, you’ve been acting strange all day; are you okay?” he worried

I was still in a little trance when Maz waved his hand in my face. “Hellooo!!!” he waved.

I shook my head, Sorry, daydreaming. I lied

“No you weren’t, this isn’t like you Marcey. I know you’re lying”

How the hell do I tell Maz about this?!!

“What do you have to tell me babe? Are you okay?” he stood by the doorway. Shit, I’m thinking loud again. I’m such an idiot.

“You aren’t an idiot babe; now tell me Marceline, what’s wrong?” his tone getting serious.

Fuck! I gotta stop doing that! Well, now I can’t tell him ‘Oh it’s nothing’; I gotta let him know. The sooner the better I suppose.

Maz do you love me?

He chuckled nervously, “Of course I love you, what kind of question is that?”

Even if I did something . . . horrible?

“What’s this about Marceline?” he anticipated.

Just answer the question Maz; would you still love me, even if I did something horrible?

“What’s the ‘horrible’ in the situation?”

Being the reason of something . . .

“Reason of wh-” I cut him off.

Being the reason why someone committed suicide . . .

He gasped quietly, “Marceline . . . what did you do?”

Donna . . . killed herself.

“Go on” his voice soon sounded a bit angry. Now, I’m scared, what if he sees me as some kind of monster?

She was the girl who jumped onto the train tracks and taking her own life away. I cringed.

“What did you do Marceline, push her?” he quickly stood up.

I didn’t push her physically but my words did, mentally and emotionally.

“Marceline” I could feel the disappointment in his voice.

I’m sorry Maz, believe me I really am.

“I can’t believe you did something like this Marceline!” he shouted.


“NO! I’m sorry but you pushed someone into committing suicide; that’s horrible! Do you even know how many years you could serve in jail for Euthanasia?! I know you hated her but damn Mars, you didn’t have to kill her! What were you thinking, were you even thinking at all about the consequences?! All she ever did was get in your face a few times but hell, she didn’t take away life! My God Marceline, do you know how much trouble you could be in?! You could be in serious-”

SHUT UP!!  He jumped.

You don’t know the whole story! I know what I did Maz; my nightmares don’t let me forget it! This isn’t considered Euthanasia, I didn’t walk her to the train tracks and help her jump; SHE DID THAT HERSELF! And I was thinking Maz; she came into my flat with intentions TO KILL ME! She had a knife in hand and was ready to kill me! I told her to leave but she didn’t and I didn’t want to fight but since we weren’t together at the time and I was angry, bitter and frustrated and depressed and stressed; fighting seemed like the perfect way to vent my feelings! She poked my forearm with the knife so I snatched it from her and stabbed her palm with it; twisting and turning it with the hope and desire to hear her shout in pain! And for your information, she did kill someone; me . . . my friendship, EVERYTHING!!! I shouted, I could feel my veins pop out of my neck.

He stood there, giving me a concerned look. “I need some time” he stated.

Maz I’m- before I could say more, he was already out the door.


Maz was gone all day and so was I; in my own thoughts. What he came back only to break up with me or rat on me? Maybe I’m being too paranoid; maybe.

From all the anxiousness, awaiting Maz’s arrival; I couldn’t stop pacing up and down my flat. Thankfully, class was cancelled today; one less thing to worry about.

My thoughts were interrupted by someone turning the knob; MAZ!

“M-Marceline” he could barely talk. At the sound of his voice, I thought he was drunk but when I walked towards him, I couldn’t believe what I saw. 

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