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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


26. Damages

Maz’s P O V

Meet me by ‘Abbey’s Eyes’; GOT IT?! I shouted and hung up.

As I made my way to ‘Abbey’s Eyes’, I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing but then I remembered what just happened between Marceline & Matthew.

“Boo! Hey babe” she hugged me from behind.

I untangled her arms from my waist and dragged her back to the flat.

“Ouch! Maz, where are we going?” she whined.

I didn’t respond and quickly sprinted up the steps of the flat and pushed her inside. I took one good look at her and still had my doubts but none of that mattered anymore. Marceline was never mine to begin with; she was always Matthew’s girl. I guess she decided to give it out to every guy in London; slut. I can’t even look at her right now or even think about her. She makes me sick! After everything we’ve been through, she’s going to pull that shit on me? I’m such an idiot for falling for her shit, but she’s going to be sorry because I’m not going to be like Jack. She will get what she deserves.

Marceline cheated on me so why not return the favor?

“What are we doing Maz?” she looked at me confused.

I want you. I uttered. I grabbed her by the waist and kissed her roughly. I really don’t want her but hell, she’s a girl and I’m a guy sooo yeah, shit just adds up.

“Maz” she mumbled.

Lexi please stop. Let’s enjoy this moment whilst we can or do you not want me? I asked.

 That’s right, I invited Lexi over. Shit, I know she cheated on me but we never went as far as Marceline & I. We got matching tattoos for crying out loud!

“I want you” she said impatiently. She took all her clothes off and I led her to Marceline’s room. I pushed her on the bed and undressed myself. 

“You’re perfect” she said whilst having her hands free roam my body. Her touch was nothing compared to Marceline’s touch but then again it was all a lie.

I brought my lips to hers again and kissed her roughly, with more passion. I moved down to her neck, then to suck on her collar bones. I guess I was hitting the right spots every time, she wouldn’t stop moaning. Lexi, eventually, brought my head up to meet her gaze and roughly rolled me over. She was now on top of me, caressing my chest.

I didn’t notice that my member was already erect. Lexi left wet kisses all over my chest and made her way down to my lower region. To be honest, I don’t want her to give me a blow job; I just wanna have sex. I really need her right now.

Ugh, fuck. I hissed; turning us over so now I was on top.

“Maz” she moaned. I swear she watched too many pornos. I haven’t even done anything and she’s already moaning. Whatever, she’s the best thing for me right now.

I put on a condom and pushed myself into her. She was already wet; moaning louder than ever. I massaged her breasts and kissed her neck. Lexi arched her back more than the usual, which means she’s reaching her high.

Hold it Lexi, I wanna do this together. I said, brushing a few hairs away from her face. She was so heated that she couldn’t even speak; she just nodded . . .

Marceline’s P O V

I ran back home in anger; FURIOUS about what happened. I didn’t even call Maz, I was too angry to speak over the phone. I needed him to hug me and to tell me that everything was gonna be okay.

I ran up the stairs and I heard loud moaning and ‘thumps’ coming from one of the flats. Wow, the neighbors are surely getting it in.

As I stood at the front of my door, I noticed the door was already open. As in, there was no lock to it. Maybe Maz went out to the store or something. However, the moaning didn’t come from the neighbors, it came from my flat.

I creepily walked in and noticed the moaning coming from my room. As I walked to my room, I saw clothing spread throughout my floor; I hope this isn’t what I think it is.

The door of my room was closed, but open slightly. I took a peep and saw . . . M-Maz and some girl. I immediately slammed the door open, causing Maz & the girl jump up from the bed.

M-Maz? Maz what the fuck is wrong with you?! I shouted as tears ran down my face.

I heard giggling coming from the girl and once I turned my light on, I clearly met eye contact with . . . Lexi?

Lexi? You fucking cheated on me with Lexi?! Why?! Why did you cheat on me with HER?!

“Alright, enough Marceline! I saw pictures of you kissing Matthew and you surely didn’t look upset! You were smiling and hugging him, you’re the cheater!” Maz shouted.

W-what? Matthew kissed me! I punched him in the gut to push him away from me! Why would I cheat on you?! After all we’ve been through?! I yelled at the top of my lungs.

“That’s exactly what I thought, why cheat after all we’ve been through? You’re such a bitch Marceline! You’re the slut! You think just cause you look innocent doesn’t mean you are! Jack was right about you, you are a whore. Lexi was right about you too, you don’t give a fuck about me!” he shouted.

I froze, looking at him in the eyes. I-I’m a bitch? I’m a slut . . . a whore? You’re gonna believe two crazy sons of bitches like Jack & Lexi, instead of me? I opened myself up to you completely like never before. I told you things that I never even dare tell Matthew, shit I gave myself to you Maz! I love you! I comforted you, defended you and heard you out when no one else did! You tell me who will do that?! Who will listen to someone’s rough past and still accepts them as one being? Who will be with someone who needs comfort after suffering a terrible life? Who the fuck will put their lives at stake just to save someone else’s life? I didn’t love you before, that’s a fact, but my days at the hospital showed me that you care and you showing up proved to me that you care too. I cannot believe that you believe her instead of me! I cannot believe you’re calling me all these names; bitch, whore, slut . . . I can’t believe you had sex with some tramp on my bed! Ugh! I just fucking can’t believe you Maz!

“The only thing you opened to me was your legs. You never gave me anything but sex, that’s it. You should’ve gotten out of the way when those guys wanted to hurt us. You’re big mouth got you in trouble, not me. You don’t love me, you used me to get with Matthew. I’ll believe Lexi any day, I’ve known her for a longer period of time. I barely know you Marceline! I’ve been dating a stranger!” he shouted.

I opened my legs to him, that’s it? Oh I’m pissed now.

“Why don’t you do yourself a favor and go fuck some other guy’s emotions up, whore!” laughed Lexi.

Oh what a day to be alive Lexi, what a day. I quickly turned my head to meet her stupid gaze; I was so into Maz & I’s conversation that I didn’t notice she had gotten dressed. Yunno, that beating . . . yeah I think it’s time for that beating.

I bolted from my spot and jumped on her, tackling her to the floor. All my anger and sadness was taken out on her face.

FUCK YOUUU!!! I punched her right in the nose, causing a stream of blood to gush everywhere.

I kicked her ribs multiple times and bashed her head to my dresser.

“Get the fuck off her Mars” said Maz as he tried to get a grip of my waist.

Don’t call me MARS, I’m not your MARS anymore you asshole! ACCORDING TO YOU, I NEVER FUCKING WASSS!!! I quickly did a jumped back kick, sending Maz flying across the room.

I continued beating the shit out of Lexi, punching the sides of her head, kicking her right in the eyes, kneeing her right in the mouth; real tough shit. She couldn’t even speak, I didn’t let her. I didn’t let her gasp for air, hit back or even stand up.

“Okay Marceline, ENOUGH!!” Maz grabbed me and pushed me off her. I yanked a good chunk off that whore’s hair.

Sure Lexi had her beating but Maz didn’t. I punched him in the face.

I’m not a whore! *punch* I’m not a slut! *punch* and I’m not a bitch!! *punch*

He spat out some blood but I didn’t care. He treated me like shit and said awful things to me; I don’t need that in my life.

Get out, get the fuck out, the two of you! I don’t ever want to see or hear from you again! I cried.

 He carried Lexi’s lifeless body and pushed me out of the way . . . and left.

I collapsed to the floor, still trying to let this whole thing sink in. What ‘pictures’ did he see? I knew Matthew was up to something, that asshole! I fucking hate him! I hate everybody! UGH!! I just want to be left the fuck alone!

Maz’s P O V

I never seen Marceline like that before, she looked beyond pissed! When she ranted about everything, I could see how hurt she looked. I have never seen her cry like that before. I’m not gonna lie, I wanted to hug her right then and there and tell her I’m sorry but she hurt me. She hurt me really bad, she fucking deserved it. I’m not gonna be a push over anymore. As for Lexi, I don’t want anything to do with her. I just used her to let out my anger. I don’t have feelings for Lexi, I just don’t.

Here I had Lexi in my arms, knocked out. Marceline swung at her like a pro. I’ve seen Marceline fight but this time, she had some sort of goal that she wanted to reach. If I didn’t push Marceline away from her, she would’ve beaten Lexi to death. Right now, I just have to bring her to my place. I couldn’t leave her out in the streets, plus, I don’t know where she lives.

As I made my way to my flat, I ran into him.

“Oh my God, Lexi? What the hell happened to her man?” asked Matthew.

Piss off mate! Why don’t you ask your girlfriend about what happened you jackass?! I pushed past him and kept going.

Matthew’s P O V

What the fuck happened? Lexi & Maz are all bloody and bruised up; Marceline’s boyfriend just implied that I’m Marcey’s boyfriend . . . I thought he was her boyfriend?

Oh shit! Marceline probably beat the crap out of both of them! I ran up the stairs that he walked down from and knocked on a door; asking about a Marceline’s flat. There was this one elderly couple that pointed to her apartment and since I didn’t know what to expect, I peeped in through her door. I guess that guy, ‘Maz’, left it a bit open when he left; idiot.


I heard things fall and being thrown all over the place. To be honest, I’m a bit frightened to even go in and stop her but I have to, she might hurt herself and end up in the hospital again. I definitely don’t want that.

MARCELINE, STOP! I busted through her doors and ran to her, engulfing her in a hug from behind. Her back was to me but I could feel heat radiating from her body, she was beyond pissed. She was shaking from all the anger she was encountering.

“Get. Off. Me!” she growled. Holy shit, she never sounded this pissed off.

Marceline I just-

“You just what? You want to ruin my life even more?! You want every guy that I date to think I cheated on them when you knew damn well I never did anything?! You want me to suffer Matthew, tell me, IS THAT WHAT YOU FUCKING WANT?! Well don’t you fucking worry anymore, cause you got your wish! He called me every name in the book that I thought he’d never use against me. He literally ripped my heart out and stomp on it with an expressionless face! HE FUCKED LEXI IN MY FLAT AND ON MY FUCKING BED! She laughed at the whole situation, so she got what she deserved. He treated me like shit for NO FUCKING REASON, so he got what he deserved! AND YOU!! No matter how many fucking times I told you that I don’t love you, you still push yourself to believing that I do . . . when I FUCKING DON’T! Are you stupid?! Do you need to see me having sex with another guy just to prove to you that you’re nothing to me?! Ugh! You fucking ruin everything Matthew, why can’t you just FUCK OFF?!!” she cried even louder.

Look, I never meant to ruin your life. I just thought a life without you, is not worth living. He called you all those names because he clearly doesn’t love you like I do! Lexi just wanted Maz back and I want you back. Look, I don’t care what happened between Lexi & Maz, all I care about is you. Stop saying you don’t love me Marceline, that kiss was something and you know it. When I stayed at Lexi’s place, I couldn’t stop thinking about you baby. I slowly made my way towards her.

“Stop! Look at me Matthew, do I not look ruined? Do I not look like I’ve been to Hell and back?! Lexi wants Maz but . . . he never wanted her; so I thought. And- wait; you stay over at Lexi’s place?” she asked furiously.

You don’t look ruined Marceline, alright? And yes, I’ve been staying there since I came here. She’s been kinda coaching me on getting you back. It was her idea to take you to the art gallery, she’s a really nice girl Marceline maybe you’re just jealous of- she cut me off and slapped me really hard.

“Because of your stupidity, she took pictures of us at the art gallery. I’m guessing those texts you received were from her to tell you the next move you should pull on me. And since you’re fucking stupid, you complied to it . . . like an idiot. She took pictures of us, making it look like we were lovers. She then showed it to Maz, convincing him that we ‘have something’, he bought it and now . . . we’re done. Over. Finished. Thanks for everything Matthew, thanks for ruining my life” she said in an irritated tone.

But she’s-

“Enough Matthew! Get out, I never want to see you again . . . not even when you die” she spoke in a hush tone.

Mars I-

“OUT! Or I’ll kick you out myself!” she yelled.

I couldn’t believe this. She really does hate me . . . I put my hands up in surrender and walked away. I turned back but she was already on her knees . . . c-crying. I hate the fact that me, Lexi and that asshole Maz, were part of this. I never made Marceline cry before, and seeing her this way kills me.

Marceline’s P O V

Who the fuck does he think he is? Walking up in here like he deserves a fucking gold medal! Fucking idiot, I don’t ever want to see him or anybody ever again!

No Marceline, you will not cry for this . . . not anymore. I whispered to myself.

You deserve better Marceline . . . way better. You should’ve kept your focus on school, your job and art. After all, this is why you came here, so don’t fuck it up even more. You’ve already been to the hospital and faced death for helping an ungrateful bastard. Man was I blinded by love! Now I gotta live with this pathetic tattoo on my forearm, reminding me of my stupidity; perfect.

I stood up and made my way to the shower. I turned on the shower and sat in the tub, letting the warm water hit my body. I still had my clothes on and had no intentions on taking it off. I just needed to let it all out, the crying . . . the anger . . . and the sorrow past I encountered with Marius Listhrop.



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