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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


38. Daddy

Maz’s P O V

Alright, I guess that’s all of it. I sat on the floor.

“Guess so . . . I’m really gonna miss this place” she sighed.

Yea, me too. So many memories made here but none will be forgotten. She sat on the counter. “I only lived here for five months but it feels like forever. It seems as if I grew up in this flat; as if I spent most of my childhood here” she eyed the place.

I stood up, don’t worry babe, we’ll make even more memories later on, I hugged her.

*knock* *knock*

Marceline jolted from her spot & glared the door.

*knock* *knock* “It’s Dave Marceline!” Dave sang. We sighed in relief & let Dave in. You scared the crap out of us Dave, we thought you were Lexi, I chuckled.

“Haha, you wish. That girl wouldn’t get passed me” Dave cackled.

“That’s true, Dave is a man of steel” Marceline exaggerated.

“This, Maz, is true” he chuckled. “Now, are we ready to leave? I have the boys waiting outside” he rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

Yea, we’re ready. Dave whistled out from the balcony & 6-9 men, tops, marched up the stairs & began taking boxes downstairs.

“Don’t worry guys, everything will be fine” Dave hugged us. For a second, we felt calmed & persuaded by his words.

“All done Dave” a man shouted. Damn that was really fast but then again, Marceline didn’t have much stuff to pack.

“Alright then fellah’s let’s roll” he chanted.


A few minutes later we arrived at Dave’s flat; pretty comfy if you ask me. “Make yourselves at home. My casa is really now your casa” he laughed.

“Thank you Dave” Marceline held his hand. I said my gratitude’s & helped Marceline set up her furniture in the room & unpack her things.

Marceline’s P O V

We had all of my boxes stacked in the huge guest room & before we even unpacked, Dave & his men set up the bed; leaving us with little work to do. Oh that reminds me, I didn’t label anything so I have no idea what we’re unpacking.

“Fingers crossed, hoping I get the box with all your bra’s & panties” Maz joked. Fingers crossed, hoping you’d stop being so thirsty, I mimicked.

“Feisty!” he sassed back. I winked at him & continued unpacking.


A few hours later, night time had arrived and we finished unpacking everything. Dave left us to unpack & get us some food. In the meantime Maz & I continued talking about his family.

So no one knows about this, not even your mom? I asked in a surprised tone. I expected him to, since he has a really close relationship with her but at the same time I doubt he would; moms can be scary.

“She’d freak if she found out. I mean I do talk to her on a day-to-day basis but she doesn’t know that I have a girlfriend now. It’s not that I don’t want her to know but I just can’t lay that on you whilst we’re going through this” he indicated.

Yea, that would make me freak out even more. ‘Meeting my boyfriend’s mom’; that sounds scary. Also, it’ll make things worse with everything we’re currently going through; so thanks. What about your older brother, how’s he doing?

“He’s around, he’s alright” he shrugged.

You talk to him on a day-to-day basis?

“Not every day but I do keep in contact with him. He’s a-” Dave cut him off.


Cominggggg!! The both of us walked downstairs & saw a table, beautifully laid out by Dave himself.

Oh my gosh, Dave, you didn’t have to do all this. All we’re having is KFC, no need for all the fancy stuff.

“Oh stop it you, I barely have any guests over. I have all this good China & not a damn good reason to use it; so I’m gonna use it” he snapped playfully.

Ouch, touuuuchy, I replied.

He served us each a plate & sat around the table. “Dig in!” said Dave.

As I sat on the table, Maz & Dave were talking about music; Dave being a fan of Cher & Maz a fan of well, everything. I sat there, not a peep coming from me; instead I took a moment to realize that this is how a family eats or at least should eat, together.

As a kid, I’d always dream of eating at a dinner table with my family & not on the floor all by myself. My mom cooking or my dad cooking a delicious meal for the family; a genuine conversation about each other’s day at work or school, and eat in peace. Instead I got yelled at, hit- I fought back but still, you get tired of fighting you just leave it alone & don’t care whether or not it gets better.

“Yunno, why can’t we just supersize smoothies?!” Dave pointed out.

Dave . . . the man who took me under his wing; not knowing a damn thing about me. I could’ve been a murderer and he’d still help me out. Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t stupid to help a killer out but he saw potential & true innocence in me. ‘Course, he caught me at a bad time; literally. Nonetheless, without him, I wouldn’t know what’s right from left. I love him . . . my Daddy.

Hehe, sounds weird when I say that; ‘daddy’, but it sounds right when I use it.

“Haha, good one!” Maz laughed.

Maz . . . the guy who holds me up in my most vulnerable times, still here with me- liked her promise. I can’t help but smiling at the thought of him. It just kills me to know that someone planned on killing him. He’s a very sweet guy that doesn’t do anyone harm, unless they ask for it. Having him here with me are the best moments of my life. We’ll be fine . . . we’ll be fine.

“Well, I’m stuffed” Maz rubbed his stomach. “Ditto” Dave chuckled.

“Are you okay Merchant? You haven’t said a thing” Dave asked.

Mhm, I’m just enjoying the peacefulness whilst we can. I smiled.

“Oh don’t say that my dear, nothing bad will happen to the two of you . . . I pinky promise” he held his pinky finger high up in my face.

I wrapped my small pinky around his big pinky & nodded. Thank you for dinner, I’ll wash the dishes & don’t you dare stop me. Yes, we’re guests but I’m not a freeloader. I marched into the kitchen & cleaned up.

“You wash, I dry” Maz snuck up behind me and tickled me. “Hahahaha, stop!!!” I tried to move away from him.

Dave was still sitting on the table, reading his newspaper, Damn kids.

We washed the dishes & cleaned the table, leaving the place spotless.

 “Well that’s the last plate” Maz’s sighed in relief. “Here, I’ll do the last one you go on about your business” he insisted.

Dave, I’m gonna take a quick shower if you don’t mind.

“Go right ahead my dear”

I scurried of to the bathroom & relaxed under the warm water splashing on my exhausted skin.


I changed into my pj’s & suddenly felt insanely tired.

I’m going to bed, I yawned.

“Sweet dreams sweetie” Dave kissed my nose & hair. Good night . . . dad, I hinted at the last part.

He paused & held me by my shoulders, “W-What did you just say M-Marceline?” he whispered as a smile crept on his face.

I-I’m sorry, I thought you-

“No, no, no, I’m just shocked is all. Did you just-”

Yes, I said ‘dad’. I consider you my dad, ‘ol man, father . . . daddy, whatever you wanna call it- the title’s yours. I-I just love you like a father; you’re like a father I never had but always wanted.

“I-I love you like a daughter Marceline!” he gushed as we hugged.

We had a moment, a father-daughter moment and it was lovely. “*sniffle* *sniffle* now off to bed missy, you got class tomorrow” Dave wiped a few tears away. I simply nodded & kissed Maz good night. I wanna lie down on the couch first, seems comfy & then I’ll go to bed, I chuckled.

“Sweet dreams beautiful, I love you baby” he kissed me. Only dreams of you are sweet, I kissed his cheek. He blushed and didn’t even want to let me go; he has no idea how much that makes me feel wanted. Having to be in someone’s arms but not wanted to be let go because every second you’re not with them, kills them & they start to miss you; is one of the best feelings on the planet.

I plopped onto the couch, trying to fight my eyes to keep open but ended up falling asleep.

Maz’s P O V

I sat on a chair, watching Marceline fight her sleep but soon giving in. She looked so peaceful in her sleep; slowly breathing & cute little movements she’d do.

I don’t know how to thank you Dave. I said warm-heartedly.

“Just take good care of my daughter. Take good care of you and you’re golden” he smiled.

I’m gonna take care of her regardless. Dave, she’s my everything; I’d die if something bad happens to her.

“I’m glad to hear that because the girl right there is my little girl. If anything bad happens to my little girl, the world better be ready for chaos”

I agree but trust me, Lexi wouldn’t touch her . . . not a single hair on her.

“Well Maz, I’m off to bed. I gotta prepare a healthy & yummy breakfast for the three of us, especially for Marcey- she needs the energy for school. But I should probably take her to her room” he slowly got up.

Please, let me; you go get your good night’s rest.

“Oh thank goodness you offered to carry her, I’m lazy” he chuckled.

Thank you Dave & sleep tight, I’ll see you tomorrow, I hugged him.

“Right, I trust the two of you so please if you have sex, take precaution. I’m not worried about Marceline but men are pigs” he sassed.

Oh trust me Sir, we do. I reassured him. He nodded & went to bed.

C’mon babe, let’s go to sleep. I murmured into her ear as I carried her limp body to bed.

I kissed her head as I pulled her closer to me with her back facing me. Her head fit perfectly under my chin & her small, fit waist glued to my chest. Her heavenly scent filled my nostrils & put me into a peaceful sleep. We’ll be fine . . . we’ll be fine.


Marceline’s P O V

“Marceyyyy” I heard someone whisper. “Marceyyy wake up!” someone whispered a bit louder.

Leave me aloneeee! I groaned.

“Marceline you get up THIS INSTANT!!” Dave playfully shouted.

UGHH!!! I CAN’T GET ANY SLEEP IN THIS HOUSE! I clowned as I got up.

“Don’t you sass me young lady” he followed me out of the room. Maz was a bit awake, I felt him giggling next to me.

I came out of the bathroom & saw a massive breakfast laid out. Oh my gosh, thanks dad!

“It’s not for you, it’s for me!”

I stole a muffin from the plate, “*gasp*, why I never” he spoke in a country accent.

Maz!! Breakfasttt!!!! I sang.

The three of us sat down for breakfast & I got ready for school.

(A/N: Marcey’s outfit can be seen on Polyvore. Just look for the username Coeur-shapedbox and her outfit will be named under the title of this chapter)

“C’mon babe, I’ll drop you off” Maz shouted

Okay, I’m ready. I walked out to the living room and both men looked flabbergasted.

“You look beautiful sweetie” Dave gasped.

“Beautiful”,Maz hinted.

Thanks but it’s really nothing, I insisted.

Maz stood up & opened the door for me, bye daddy, I’ll see you later. I kissed his cheek.

“Bye sweet heart, I’ll see you later. Call Maz or call me if anything” Dave waved good bye.

We stepped outside & Maz wrapped his arm & grabbed me by my waist. “Mine” he sweetly, whisper-growled by my neck but close enough for me to feel his breath on my ear.

I looked down, all yours.


Welp! We’re here. I stopped walking.

“Come here” he held my hands & forcefully wrapped them around his waist; “I’ll be here ’til your class ends”

I pulled away from the hug, Oh, Maz . . . you don’t-

“I want to” he cut me off.

I understand; my class ends in two hours okay? But you’re allowed to go in the library or the café in the meantime.

“Hehe, okay babe” he kissed me passionately.

He pulled away from the kiss but I still had my eyes closed, Fuck, why must you do this to me when I have to go to class now?

“To lift your spirits & to let those who see this know that you’re mine & that I’m yours” he growled in a low, raspy voice.

I chuckled, I love you, see you in a bit. I kissed him again & scurried off to school.


Class was over & it went pretty well. We were assigned a major project for the semester; a painting that defines you & tells a story. Perfect!

As I was walking out to meet Maz, a guy stopped me in my tracks.

“Sorry” he did a double-take, “And you are?” he flirted.

Taken. I snapped.

“Ouch, I can take a hint but, with your looks I rather not” he winked.

Move, I have to go meet my boyfriend. I tried escaping him but he’d just get around & block me again.

“What’s your name babe? I can tell you’re-”

‘I can tell you’re not from here’, UGH! Thank you Captain obvious and my name doesn’t matter to you; NOW MOVE! I retorted.

“Look, I’ll let you go, for now, before you cause a scene but my name is Theo”

Theo, Theo, Theo, Theo? I’ve heard of that name before. I turned to have a better look at him, crazy, curly, brown hair, ripped (muscles everywhere), tall, tan & seems to have the same features & accent as-

Theo Listhrop?

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