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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


13. Broken & Darkness


Marceline’s P O V

. . . Am I sure about this?

Jack cupped my face in his hands.

“Babe, we don’t have to this yunno?”

He stared at me with honest eyes.

I just don’t know what to do.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to, I’m not gonna force you into doing something you’re not completely of”

I nodded. Maybe next time.

I lightly pushed myself away from him. I know I wasn’t ready and I’m glad he didn’t get upset. I can tell he truly does care for me.

I fixed him a plate and cleaned up to get to work. I must admit, I was really anxious about work today; Finn and I aren’t on the best side of things. I just hope there aren’t any problems today.

---At Abbey’s Eyes---

On my way to work, Abbey called me to tell me that I have to open up the shop.

Once I opened the shop up, Jack kept me company until one of his mates stopped by and asked him if he would join him to do some shopping.

“I don’t know mate, I don’t wanna leave my baby here all by herself” he turned to me.

Jack don’t worry, I know how to defend myself.

“Are you gonna hit ‘bad guys’ with books?” he chuckled.

Haha, no! I’ll use my kick boxing skills. Not to brag but whom do you think kicked those chavs’ butts in the tunnel last week? Yours truly.

His friend and Jack’s eyes widened.

“You were the mystery girl who kicked their asses?” both said accordingly.

I looked down in embarrassment. Yeah.

They began asking me question as if I was some famous boxer. I was a bit shy to talk about it, I’m not used to this.

Well Jack now that you know that I can defend myself, go shopping with your friend. I’ll be fine. I gave him a long soft kiss.

“She’s definitely a keepah mate. No wonder you don’t want to lose her, she’s perfect” his friend said.

I blushed.

“Yeah, she’s a keeper, she’s perfect and she’s mine so don’t go eyeing my girl” he joked.

“Don’t worry mate, I won’t. I treat girls who are respectful to themselves, wif respect” he bowed.

I chuckled. Thank you uhh, I’m sorry I never got your name.

“Oh I’m sorry about that, my name is Jerry. Jerry Hatcherfield at your service” he bowed, yet again.

Well Jerry, my name is Marceline. It’s nice to meet you. I bowed.

“Well babe, I’ll just get going now. I’ll catch you later” he kissed me.

Okay babe, bye guys. Have fun!

They left and I was alone in the store. I took it upon myself to clean the shop and tidy up the store a bit.

When I finished, I grabbed a book written by Beethoven and began reading.

I stopped reading when I was distracted by a loud bang on the shop’s window. I looked up to see that it was Maz.

I turned away from him, looking up to the ceiling and took a deep breath.

I put the book down and let him in.

Maz’s P O V

I was outside ‘Abbey’s Eyes’ and saw Marceline reading a book. I slowly walked up to the window but she was completely lost in the book. I stared at her, she looked peaceful and calm. I love seeing her like that.

I began tapping on the window but since she was so concentrated on her book I banged the window really hard and she didn’t even jump. She slowly turned to me, looking up and took a deep breathe. I can tell she didn’t want to deal with my shit today.

She let me in the shop and I took a good look at her; she looked amazing.

(A/N: If you’d like, go to Polyvore to check out Marcey’s outfit and her past outfits. My username is Coeur-shapedbox. The outfit sets will be named under this chapter’s title)

Marceline’s P O V

Hello, how may I help you today?

“I’m no one special Mars, you can speak to me like a regular person yunno?” he chuckled.

I rolled my eyes.

Still, it’s what I want to do. So are you looking for something?

“Yea, I want to read a book on art. Can you show me where they are?”

Right this way. I directed him to the art section and left him there. I went back to the cash register and kept reading when Maz’s huge finger put my book down.

Are you ready?

“I’m ready to talk” he looked right into my eyes.

I looked down. I cannot deal with eye contact.


“Why have you been so moody lately? You seem a bit depressed and angry. Marceline are you alright?”

I haven’t been moody, I’ve just been busy so I guess all that busyness is getting to me that’s all. I’m okay, I’m not depressed or angry. You don’t have to worry about me, worry about yourself.

“You see that’s the kind of mood I’m talking about. You get snippy towards me and for little to no reason at all” he said.

I’m not getting ‘snippy’ with you. All I’m saying is to worry about yourself. If anyone is depressed, it’s most definitely you not me. You’re walking around London looking sappy, so don’t worry about me. Instead, worry about yourself Maz. I said in a calm tone.

I know I’ve been getting sassy with him lately, but he knows why. He just wants sex from me. It’s obvious that he is moody for not having sex on HIS FUCKING BED!

“Look Marceline, if that’s your way of asking me if I’m alright then, yes, I have been feeling like shit lately. Everyone I know is either angry at me or ignoring me. I thought we were friends but you seem to drift away like the rest of them. You said you’d be there whenever I needed you, but that day you heard me crying you turned your back on me and left. I needed someone back there to comfort me and you didn’t. You were there but you decided to leave me. You didn’t care and that’s not what friends do Marceline” he began raising his voice.

I had my back turned towards him but when I heard his little rant, I slammed the book down on the table and turned to him.

I know you’ve been depressed and upset Maz, BELIEVE ME . . . I KNOW! Maybe people are busy, yunno, doing something with their lives! I was tired Maz, I guess you’ve never been tired in your life to not want to deal with people. I know what I said and I don’t need you to repeat it for me. Yes we are friends, but I haven’t done anything to you, for you pin this all on me!

“MARCELINE ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” he yelled at me.

SHUT UP! I am not some dog that you can just yell at! I’ve been yelled at all fucking week and I don’t need any more of it from my so called ‘FRIEND’! I don’t like arguing but I can’t help it when dumbass fucking people yell at me so absurd things. SO, if you’re gonna keep yelling at me . . . leave but if you’re gonna act like a calm human being, then stay.

His eyes widened as I cussed up a fucking storm! Well?! Can you blame me?!

“I just need someone right now Mars” he said in a calmed tone.

Ugh! Get that girl you had sex with to be there, unless you’re done using her too! – I thought to myself.

If you need someone then treat them with respect. Talk to them like a person, don’t yell at them and then play with their emotion.

His expression loosened up into a really sad face.

I wasn’t buying it.

“I’ll leave, but can I at least ask for something?”

What is it?

“A hug . . . a nice long meaningful hug. Please?”

I wanted him out already. And I know if I rejected his request, he’ll be even bitchier so gave in and gave him a tight long hug.

Come here Maz.

We hugged for quite some time. It lasted about 2-3 minutes tops.

Maz’s P O V

Our little argument sizzled down when she gave me options to stay or leave.

I asked for a hug and to my surprise, she gave me one. It was a nice, tender, loving, long hug. I really needed that, and not just from anyone, but from her.

It felt right to hug her, it felt really right.

Jack’s P O V

“Oi Jack, let’s sit down man I’m tired” sat Jerry.

Haha, alright mate let’s relax.

To my surprise we happen to be close to Marceline’s job.

We sat at the park where she became mine. The memories of our first kiss make me smile.

I stood up to see if I could see her from where I was standing.

I saw her hugging someone but I couldn’t make out whom.

It was that dude, Maz.

I didn’t like what I see. I felt anger and jealousy take over my mind and body.

Both of them made me angry. I bet that’s why she was so cool with me hanging out with the boys. She wanted some time alone with her ‘main man’. I bet I was just some fucking toy.

I knew something was up with them, that fucking hug was a long one! I didn’t bother walking over there to cause a scene. I knew exactly what to do. If she loved playing with my feelings, I know just how to return the favor.

I gotta go man, I promised a friend I would go over his place

“It’s alright brovah, go on. I’ll check up on yeh later”

I nodded and walked away. I was furious so I sped walked home.

Marceline’s P O V

I pushed him slightly off me.

Bye Maz, have a good day.

“T-thanks Mars” he said.

Whilst we were hugging, I felt his heart beat really fast.

He walked out of the shop and left.

I stayed in the store ‘til night.

I closed the shop when I remembered that neither Abbey nor Finn showed up today. I wasn’t sad or anything but I was hoping to see Abbey.

I also remembered Jack said he’ll stop by during my lunch break but he never did. He was probably exhausted from a whole day of shopping.

I just closed up and decided to grab a bite from a small sandwich shop a few blocks away from the shop. I was HUN-GRY!

Jack’s P O V

It was night time and I spent my day throwing things around and cussing up a storm in my flat alone.

I got ready to head out to the bar. I needed a drink or something to get my mind off things.

---At Tonic---

After a few drinks I had ‘beer goggles’, meaning any girl looks good to shag right about now.

I know I have a girlfriend, but she might be cheating on me with Maz. Idiots! She thinks she can pull one right through me? Bitch please.

“Hey” I heard a girl next to me.

I turned to see who it was.

The girl had red hair, freckles and green eyes; typical ginger. She had tons of fake tanner on and pounds of make up on. Her eyelashes were clumpy ass shit and her hair was super damaged and curly. I checked her outfit out and she wore a tight neon pink dress with silver heels. She may not be the hottest girl in the club but hey, she’s still a girl.


Hey. I winked at her.

“So what’s your name stud?”

Jack, Jack Harries. And what may your beautiful name be?

“Lexi Thorn” she swayed her hips over to me.

“How about we go and get to know each other more” she winked

Lead the way babe.

She wrapped her arms around me and we left the club.

Marceline’s P O V

Once I got my food, I made my way back to my house. My eyes began to itch and burn a little.

Fuck, my vision is starting to get blurry. I hate when this happens. I lose my vision at night. Some nights it’s a little bit blurry but I can still see, but other nights I’m blind as a bat. My vision tonight is really blurry. I can’t see anything, it’s all a blend of colors.

I stumble all over the place, I want to call Jack to see if can pick me up, but I can’t see!

I hear a few people laughing and they are coming towards me, since I can’t see we accidentally bump into each other.

Oh, I’m sorry.

I kept walking when I heard them speak. I know there were two people, I can somewhat see their silhouette.

“What the fuck, you bumped into us you dumb bitch!” said the girl.

“Idiot! My girl is prettier than you, GET LOST!” I heard the guy said.

That guy’s voice sounded like Jack’s voice. But since the guy said ‘my girl’, it obviously wasn’t him.

Fuck the two of you chicken shits.

I flip them the bird and I heard heels clicking towards me. I’m always ready for a fight and since I can’t see. My hearing gets better, the perks of being Marceline.

“C’monnnnn babe leave that poor slag alone” the guy said.

“You are so fucking lucky this time you pig!” she spat.

Fuck off sugar tits and listen to your dickhead boyfriend you slag!

I assumed he grabbed her by the arm and dragged her slutty ass away.

THOUGHT SO! I yelled.

Their footsteps slowly disappeared . . . dumbasses.

Jack’s P O V

On our way out, we bumped into some girl. She looked a lot like Marceline but this girl seemed blind.

Lexi was gonna beat the shit out of her but I was so horny, I needed someone right now to fulfill this urge.

Once I heard the girl speak, she sounded a lot like Marceline too, maybe it was the liquor that was getting to me.

That girl was SA-SSY!

We left that bitch on the streets and made our way to her house.

“Come in babe, I won’t bite. Well . . . at least not too hard” she winked.

She really tried hard being sexy but whatever; she’ll be okay to shag.

She pushed me on her bed and began kissing me.

Her lips were dried, chapped and too fucking sticky from that dried lip gloss she had on. She smelled like booze and pot, not a good combo but like I said, she’ll be good to shag so it didn’t matter.

Lexi held my wrists down and began kissing my neck. I let out a few moans and eventually turned over so now I was the one on top.

I left kisses all over her neck and breasts. She let out a few moans which turned me on.

My erection picked at her thighs which caused her to slip out of her dress really fast and turn me over. She was the dominant one again.

She began to unbutton my shirt and jeans, leaving kisses everywhere.

Once she got to my boxers, she saw my member pointing up.

“Let me fix that” she winked.

She pulled it out of my boxers and began sucking on it. It felt good, it felt right, and it felt wonderful. I grabbed her hair, forcing more of myself into her.

She made a popping sound when she came up to the head of my cock.


She got my cock really wet and ready.

Lexi ripped a condom open with her mouth, not breaking eye contact. She then moved her panties to the side and roughly let me inside of her. She moaned really loud and she was really wet.

The babe was dripping.

She kept riding me really rough, and I liked it.

“Jack, you’re so big babe; ugh FUCK!” she growled.

That only made me want to pound her.

I quickly grabbed her and slammed her to the bed; I was still inside her.

I’m gonna make you feel good tonight babe!

She gave me an evil, seductive grin.

I held her wrists down whilst I began pounding her.

“Oh Jack, faster . . . ha-harder!” she squealed.

She had those annoying voices that girls have in porn, but she felt so good.

I kept pounding deeper into her with each thrust, only to see her touch herself or hold onto the sheets or scratching my back.

“Ja-Jack I-I’m go-gonna cu-” I cut her off with a kiss.

I thrust into her really hard and really fast.

Oh fuck LEXI!!

“Mmm!!” she moaned.

I couldn’t hold it any longer, I had to cum.

I could tell she couldn’t hold it in either, we came together and it was amazing. Her body was shaking but I held her close to me and kissed her.

“That was amazing” Lexi said, trying to catch her breath.

You were amazing babe.

I plopped to the side and drifted off to sleep.

Marceline’s P O V

I whistled for a cab and arrived home.

Walking up the stairs with blurry vision should be a sport because it took me awhile to walk up those steps.

Finally, I got to the door. I didn’t even bother changing; I just plopped onto the bed and slept.

---Next Morning---

Jack’s P O V

I woke up with a massive headache. I had another stupid hangover again . . . great.

I noticed I wasn’t alone in a bed, there was a girl in it too. It took me a while to remember what I had done yesterday and to be honest, it brought a smile to my face.

I didn’t feel guilty for cheating on Marceline, I know she was cheating on me; I JUST FUCKING KNOW IT!

Without waking her up, I got dressed and left her flat. When I saw her this morning, she was not pretty at all. I rushed out of there in a flash and made my way home.

Marceline’s P O V

I woke up with my eyes no longer hurting. I could finally see, thank goodness!

I ran into the kitchen and made some breakfast, took a shower and made my way to work.

(A/N: Her outfit for work will be having a description at the bottom on, my username is Coeur-shapedbox and this outfit will be named under this chapter’s title. You can also see previous outfits from previous chapters)

---At Abbey’s Eyes---

I saw Abbey opening the store so I ran to her and helped her.

Good morning Abbey, I haven’t seen you in a while. How have you been?

“Good morning sweetie, I’ve been fine thanks. And you, how’s your relationship with Jack going”

It’s good, except we hit a few bumps but we’ve gotten over that and we’re fine now.

“A few bumps? What did I miss?”

I told Abbey the whole ‘enchilada’ between me, Jack, Finn, and well . . . everybody.

She didn’t seem surprised but she was shocked that I had to punch Finn off of Jack. She also couldn’t believe the little fiasco I had down by the tunnel.

“Wow, you really are something Mars”

Tell me about it.

“That reminds me, I will be gone for a while. I’m going to my mom’s house, she’s a bit ill and she needs someone to care for her”

How long is ‘a while’ Abbey?

“I’d say a month or two. Do you think you’ll be alright with the shop all by yourself?”

You do not have to worry about that, I’ll be perfectly fine. I smiled.

“Thank you Marceline, I knew I can count on you” she hugged me.

Please Abbey, don’t feel like you have to be back in a month or two, if you need more time to stay then please do so. And I should be thanking you for this great opportunity that you’ve given me. Also, give me a call and keep me updated on you mom. I hope she gets better.

We hugged once more and she left to go pack her things. I wished her a safe ride and began cleaning and doing everything around the shop.

I heard a tapping sound on the window again and hoped that it wasn’t Maz.

Thankfully it wasn’t, it was Sam and Bridget. I was so stoked to see them!

“Hey Marceline!” Bridget ran to me with a hug.

Oh my gosh Bridget I missed you so much! Sorry I haven’t kept in touch, things have been getting crazy around here. Hi Sam, how have you been?

I gave him a hug as well.

“I’ve been good. Me and Bridget have been dating for a while now and everything is great” he smiled.

“Oh and don’t worry, I’ve been too busy with Sam as well. So it makes me a terrible friend as well” she chuckled.

So what brings you guys down here?

“We rushed here when we heard the news that a few chavs were beaten up by the dark tunnel near your job. We had to check up on you personally” said Bri.

Aww thanks guys but I’m alright.

“I heard it was YOU who kicked their asses” pointed Sam.

What?! Me and Bri said in unison.

“Don’t lie, the description of the person matched perfectly with you. A girl and a kick boxer, are you not all of the above?” he raised his brows.

*sigh* Okay fine, yes it was me but it’s no big deal; I’m used to these things.

They began asking me questions like the time Jack and his friend did.

Speaking of Jack, he hasn’t text or called me at all. Not since yesterday.

I sent him a text.

To: Jack

          Hey babe, are you alright? I didn’t hear from you all day and all night yesterday. I hope you can stop by Abbey’s Eyes today.

From: Marceline

I put my phone away and began catching up with Sam and Bridget.

I told them about my boyfriend and Bri hugged me and Sam said “it’s about time”.

We kept talking for about an hour more and they said they had to go home.

I said ‘bye’ to the two of them and I carried on with work.

Today was a slow day so only about 15 customers came and bought something.

Still, Jack hasn’t answered me at all. So my last resort was Finn.

To: Finn
          ‘Sup, where’s your brother? I haven’t heard from him for quite some time. Do you know where he is or if he’s alright?

From: Marceline

*buzz buzz*

From: Finn

          Hey Marceline, nice to hear from you. Ever since he kicked me out, we haven’t seen each other in a while either. I’ll call him up and hopefully he’ll pick up. When he does, I’ll let you know the deats.

I waited for a reply from either twin. I was beginning to get worried.

*buzz buzz*

From: Finn

          Mars, he said he’s at his house with a friend. He didn’t tell me who though. I didn’t tell him anything about you either. Hmm, maybe you should go over to the flat and pay him a little visit.

I replied back to him. My heart sunk when I heard he was at home. I still didn’t understand why he didn’t answer me.

To: Finn

          Okay, thanks.

I closed the shop five minutes early and made my way to his flat.

Jack’s P O V

*knock knock*

I bet it’s Finn, his dumbass probably forgot his key.

I opened the door to see a very disturbing looking ginger at the door.

Can I help you?

“The bouncer at the club said you lived here. I just wanted to pay you a visit babe”

She walked in leaving the door a bit open. I was gonna close ‘til she pushed on the couch and began to slobber all over me.

She wasted no time in making out. She immediately began to undress.

I saw her naked body and remembered who she was. She was the girl I slept with yesterday.

I stood up and cared less about Marceline, I wanted to have sex and I could care less with what girl.

I slammed her to the wall and kissed all over her neck.

My hand made its way down to her panties.

“Mmm, I need you Jack. Fuck me hard!” she moaned.

I began massaging her clit whilst making out with her. My hands explored her body. She’s really petite but very curvy.

I heard the door slam wide open and we both stopped to look.

Marceline’s P O V

I arrived at Jack’s place and quickly walked up the steps. I couldn’t wait to see him. I was so excited.

As I got to his floor, I saw his door was opened slightly.

I heard a few moans coming from his flat. My heart stopped when I got closer to the door. I was afraid to open it and I was afraid about what I was about to encounter.

I peeked through the gap of the door to see . . . JACK MAKING OUT WITH ANOTHER GIRL!! WHAT THE FUCK?!

I felt angry, sad; a mixture of the two.

I slammed the door open and saw the carelessness in his eyes.

Oh so you care about me enough right? You need me right? You REALLY needed me right?!

“Who’s she?” the girl asked.

I WAS his girlfriend. You can have him, he’s not that great after all.

“Please Marceline, like you don’t have someone on the side!” he spat.


“Really Marceline, YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO LIE TO MY FACE LIKE THIS?! I know you and MAZ have something going on!”

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! MAZ IS JUST MY FRIEND; NOTHING ELSE! Do you honestly think I would cheat on you after all those promises we made for each other. If I was unhappy with you, I’d tell you. BUT I WOULDN’T DO SUCH COWARDLY SHIT LIKE THIS! Why would I cheat on you?! GIVE ME ONE FUCKING GOOD REASON AS TO WHY!! I was there for you through thick and thin. You know what . . . Finn was right, you only want sex and you never changed!

“Yeah, yeah whatever” Jack said.

I was a bit hurt when he acted like nothing meant anything to him.

Flashbacks of last night came to me. IT WAS HIM AND THAT BITCH WHO I BUMPED INTO! OH IT’S FUCKING ON!

He had the nerve to look me in the eyes and turn to that girl and make out with her right in front of me.

I lost it . . . I could not let some dickhead make fun of me. Not. Any. More!

I walked towards him and side-kicked his ribs.

You deserve worse you pig. I said in a serious tone.

He fell to the ground, hurting.

I turned to meet eyes with the girl. I know her, she’s the girl that Maz had sex with TOO! Well then, she sure passes it on to people.

“What you wanna fight me too?!” she yelled.

Sorry, I’m against animal abuse. She gasped and I rolled my eyes and made my way to the door.

Adios pendejos, que les vaya bien . . . porque a mi NADIE me ve con la cara de estupida.

(Translation: Goodbye stupid asses, I hope it all goes well because NOBODY will make me look like an idiot.)

I slammed the door and left.

Yeah, I must admit a few tears ran down my cheeks but I wiped them away and let the anger take over me.

I ran home and got changed. I needed to do some damage . . . some vandalizing.

(A/N: Marcey’s outfit will be on the website. It’ll also say which outfit for which part of this chapter so you won’t get confused)

I left my house not giving one SINGLE FUCK ABOUT ANYTHING!

I was furious and a bit upset about it all. How can he do this to me?! I never cheated on him! Also . . . with Maz? C’monnnnnnnn!!!!

I saw a train go in a tunnel . . . perfect!

Once the train had passed I jumped onto the tracks and onto the emergency rails. I kept walking, I saw like 5 rats but that didn’t scare me.

You should see the ones in New York you’d think they’re cats or ferrets.

I walked through the tunnel and snapped a few shots, but there weren’t any good spots to hit. I left the tunnel and climbed down a random bridge.

When I stepped down, there was so much color splattered all over the walls. It was beautiful and perfect. There were murals and ‘throw ups’ everywhere.

I saw a few spots and decided to give it a go.

“Hey . . .” I heard a voice behind me.

It was Maz’s voice but I was too angry, upset and too lost to even pay mind to him.

So I just gave him a head’s up.

“I keep wondering why I see you almost every place I go” he said.

I shrug my shoulders.

“Well since you’re concentrated on that, I’ll just sit back and wait ‘til you’re done. I would like to get to know you more. I want you to meet my friend Marceline. She’s really cool, even though I’m not sure WE are even cool”

Here we go again with his sap story. I can’t with his shit sometimes yunno?!

I kept painting and completely forgot Maz was there. I took a step back to see what I had created and to be honest, I did so fucking well!

I painted a mural of a boy with a whole in his chest and a girl that had her soul taken from her. It symbolized dumbass Jack and ‘lucky little’ me.

Soon we heard a few drunkies walking towards us.

“The fuck do yeh think yer doin’ here?!” one man said.

You know what, I’ve had it with people yelling at me and questioning me. I do have anger built up inside me and I have no shame in letting it out tonight.

I ignored him and packed up my stuff.

“Don’t worry man, we were just leaving” defended Maz.

Uhh no . . .  I’m not leaving. You can leave if you want but I won’t. I don’t have to do shit! I snapped.

“Oh, she’s quite the bitch tonight isn’t she? She must be on her period, poor thing” another man said.

My period? A woman doesn’t need to be on the rag to be angry, stupid fucks like is all it takes to make a woman ANGRY! Now leave us the fuck alone of so God help the two of you twats!

I saw Maz fall back a little.

The two men just stared at me. Ugh! I hate when people stared at me! What, do I have SHIT ON MY FACE?!

WELL?! Move the fuck along then you pricks!

One of the men pulled out a knife and got in a typical ‘street fighting’ stance. The other one pushed Maz against the wall. I didn’t want Maz to get involved but he should know how to defend himself. Plus he should’ve left me the hell alone!

Haha, c’mon princesses, leave the poor boy alone. This is between you and me . . . bring it.

The man with the knife charged at me, typical move.

I kicked his hand that possessed the knife in the opposite direction, meaning . . . I broke his wrist.

He screamed in pain and I stepped on his broken wrist with one foot; causing all my weight to be on my foot and on his wrist.

“Ahhhh! Get her the fuck off of me Ned!” he yelled.

Yeah, c’mon Ned, get me the FUCK OFF OF HIM! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU TRY.

Ned whipped out a knife and I thought he would come at me but instead he was gonna stab Maz.

I quickly did a jump kick with my two feet, hitting his head and knocking his disgusting ass down.

I stood up to see the man with the fucked up wrist charge at Maz with his knife so I performed a jumping back kick to his stomach.

He flew to the floor and stayed there for a while. Then Ned came close to Maz and nearly stabbed him.

What was Maz anyway . . . GOLD?! My GOD, everyone wanted to hurt him!

MAZ!!! . . . .MOVEE!!

Maz stood there, frozen . . . but I didn’t.

All my anger towards Jack, I took it out on these two but I still had more anger inside of me. I used all my energy and punched Ned right on the head as hard as I could; causing him to fall and pass out.

I placed my hands on Maz’s shoulders; he was really stiff and tense. I almost felt bad for him.

Maz, dude, you should’ve moved! You could’ve gotten hurt!

His eyes widened in fright.

Suddenly I heard a grunt . . . a switchblade open, flesh being cut, evil laughter, and Maz’s yelling “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”; everything else was quiet . . . 

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