The Arts

FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


45. Black Beauty

Maz's P O V

May I have this dance? I asked Marceline.

I looked right into her eyes as she looked dead into mine. I was expecting her to look away but again, she stood her ground. This can either go really well or really bad because we're both hard-headed, semi warm-hearted, and strong characterized people.

"Excuse me but my mum is calling me" Sam laughed nervously. He scattered off but Marceline and I still had our eyes on each other. Not a blink or a sudden move was made. 

Her stare was, as always, very hard to decipher. I wasn't sure if she was mad, nervous or shocked that this was happening.

"Ladies and gentlemen, grab your gal or guy and cater them with this slow song" said the DJ.

The song playing was Black Beauty by I think an artist by the name of Lana Del Rey or something.

We were still staring at each other, 'til I broke the tension.

Wanna dance with me Marceline? I asked hopefully.

I smiled at her, trying to at least ease her into it but she wasn't having it.

She was gonna walk away 'til I held her back and pulled her into a Waltz-like position.

♬♪I paint my nails black, I dye my hair a darker shade of brown♪♫

She lowly gasped, "What the fuck did I say about touching me, you asshole?" 

Let's not make a scene Marceline, I begged her.

"Well don't pull me into your arms like I'm yours!" she growled.

Marceline, let's just- please have this dance with me, I sighed in defeat.

I loosened my grip on her waist and wrist. We were very distant in this dance, 'til she slowly moved in closer. I didn't move her closer to me, she did it herself.

Marceline *sigh* I'm sorry, for everything.

♬♪I paint the sky black, you said if you could have your way, you'd make a night time of today so it'd suit the mood of your soul♪♬

"Don't worry about it, it's in the past, just let it go" she said coldly.

I just can't, I hurt you really bad.

"You shouldn't blame yourself for everything, I hurt you badly as you hurt me" she shrugged.


♬♪Oh, what can I do? Nothing, my sparrow blue♪♬

"I held you back from everything; life, true love and most importantly, yourself. But that's done with now, it doesn't matter to me anymore"

No you never held me-

"I don't understand you, that day you broke up with me you told me you needed a break from me and I basically held you back, now you're saying I never did?"

♬♪Sun and ocean blue, their magnificence, it don't make sense to you♪ ♬

Look, I've never gone through much shit with anybody before in my life, not even with Sam. This was all traumatizing for me and I didn't know how much I would be able to take.

♬♪I paint the house black♪ ♬

"I understood your situation, that's why I also let you go" 

But you've gone through much more than I have, I'm sorry for doing that to you Marceline.

"I said don't worry about it, that's in the past just let it go Maz" again she shrugged.

What happened to us?

♬♪You have no room for light, love is lost on you♪ ♬

"Me, that's what happened and perhaps we just weren't made for each other"

Sam's voice popped up into my head, "The day you left, she fell in the deepest spiraling depression of her life and started doing drugs . . . "

I know what happened to you during those hard times. Why did you have to turn to drugs Marcey? 

She quickly turned to me and met my gaze. My eyes started to water up again at the thought of imagining her injecting herself some poison or snorting some lines or smoking a rock; what killed her then was killing me now.

♬♪Darling, you can't let everything seem so dark blue♪♬

She noticed I was about to cry but she didn't bat an eyelash. Usually she'd loosen up her glare but not this time . . . not this time.

"Because my only drug walked away from me" she said delicately.

♬♪Oh, what can I do? To turn you on or get through you? Life is beautiful but you don't have a clue♪♬

I shed a tear when she said that.

"Hey . . . look at me" she hinted. "It's all over now, I already moved on and I think it's best if you do so too. It seems you haven't even started the process of forgetting me" she whispered.

After she said that, her touch began to fade away again.

♬♪Black beauty, oh oh oh, black beauty, oh oh oh . . . ♪♬

I just can't, I still lov-

"Goodbye Maz"she half-smiled as my arm still stretched 'til the very last bit, not wanting to let go.

Her back faced me and she was out of sight and I was out of her life . . . completely.


But she's not out of mine.

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