The Arts

FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


43. At the Moment

Three Years Later . . .

Marceline’s P O V

It’s been years . . . it’s been exactly three years since I’ve last seen Maz. 

It’s been tough but I pulled through and I’m at my happiest moment in life. It’s all mind bottling; Finn and Andrea are getting married in a week, Sam got Bridget a promise ring so things are getting very serious with them, Dave found himself a lucky lady . . . Abby. And I am now Head of The Arts Department in London.

I’m living alone in a flat that’s closer to my job and since I’m the Head of the Arts Department, I help put art galleries together. There’s a vacant apartment near my flat that would be rented out for an artist(s) to set up their gallery. 

When Abby returned, Finn broke the sad news to her about Jack, she was a mess. She’d cry and cry but felt bad for me because she thought we were still a couple. When I told her the troubles that I had gone through, she was speechless. 

Nevertheless, I apologized for not going to work but she understood. I still work at Abby’s Eyes but I don’t receive pay. It’s the least I can do for ditching Abby’s business. Of course it took Abby awhile to give in but with the help of Dave she surely came around.

Matthew, well I don’t know what happened to him. We haven’t spoken with each other since yunno, the past. Word on the street is that he’s still lingering somewhere around in London working at a mechanic shop. Sam told me he’s saving money so he can go back to the States. 

Eren Styles and I were friends, till we were separated by his graduation. I graduated the year after him but ever since he left, he doesn’t come around anymore. I’m actually glad about that, he was very flirtatious and it was getting super annoying. 

Lexi, actually to be honest, I haven’t seen her in a while now that I think of it. I actually forgot about her; oh well. I haven’t heard from her either and I don’t plan to.

Sam and Bridget forgave me when I would forget to keep in touch with them. But they still hang with me and I think we’re closer than ever. 

And Maz . . . I haven’t seen him. 

The last time I saw him was when I was released from the hospital and he was getting himself in a fight.

 It was outside the old gym I used to go to and lemme tell you, he was throwing punches like crazy. I wanted to jump in and separate him from those guys but I held myself back. I held him back long enough; maybe it was best for him to let out his frustrations out on someone or something.

Plus, I don’t need him and he doesn’t need me.

But ever since that day, I never saw him . . . I’m glad that I haven’t. I want to keep things the way they are. I’m happy and I wish the best for Maz; that’s that. 

“Marceline, we have to get ready!” shouted Bridget. 

Bridget invited me to Sam’s surprise birthday party. I’m not a party person but I don’t wanna be rude. Plus Sam’s my best friend and I feel like I need some time to just let loose. It’ll be fun.

I walked to the living room and I saw two dresses laid out on the couch.

Umm Bri, why are there dresses here?

“It’s for us you boob!” she chuckled.

I thought we were just gonna wear jeans or something, why dresses?

"He thinks he's gonna meet my parents" she chuckled.

That boy surprises me every day and worries me sometimes.

“He worries everyone, now c’mon we gotta squeeze that bum into one of these dresses” she poked my butt.

So which one are you gonna wear?

“I’m gonna wear this blue one and you can wear this sexy red one! Yunno, since you’re fucking pale as shit and you have beautiful jet-black hair and the whole shebang, red suits you well” she twirled my hair.

Oh God but the dress is a nice shade of Red. It’s not a bright color red but it isn’t a wine red, it’s more so in the middle. It would really look nice on me but I haven’t worn a dress in ages, well since I have been working out I see why not.

Alright, I’ll wear it but how are we gonna style our hair?

“I’ll have my hair up in a cute bun, Sam loves it that way. You should curl your hair or something; I’ve never seen it curled. I’m sure it’ll look nice since you have thick black hair” she cheered.

Okay, I don’t mind curling it. I haven’t curled it in a long time actually, I'll do soft curls at the ends of my hair

"Sounds perfect!" she cheered.

Right, but there's also a very important part of this whole thing, shoes . . . what type will we wear?

“Oh Marcey, we’ll be wearing heels!” she jumped up and down and had killer heels in her hand.

Umm . . . Bri I can barely walk barefoot, how the hell do you expect me to walk around with those stripper heels on?!

“Don’t worry, these are comfortable! Plus, you’ll have to get used to walking in heels, Finn and Audrey are getting married soon and you’re Audrey’s main bitc- I mean maid of honor” she grinned.

And you’re Sam’s mutt haha! 

“You little shit! Plus, you gotta look good you’ll never know what boy over there likes you” she winked.

Yea that’s true.

“Wait . . . did I hear correctly?” she dropped her heels and walked closer to me.


“Marceline Konn did you just agreed on the fact that you’re looking for a man?” she sounded extremely shocked.

Uhh . . . yea, what’s the big deal? I guess I’m ready but I’m not gonna look for love either. I don’t know what I want but whatever comes my way I will take it into consideration and we’ll see what happens from there on. 

“I like this ‘new you’, it suits you. Plus, you'll never know who'll be there” she winked.

I’m starting to like the ‘new me’ myself.

We went to the bathroom and help each other get ready.

“Do you wear makeup Marceline?” Bri asked

Nope. I said. Bri gave me this devious smile, do I have to? I whined.

“You want men crawling all over you?” 

No! Bitch I’m parched but I’m not dehydrated, I can control thethirst

“Look just a bit, you have flawless skin so none of that foundation or concealer stuff will go all over your face. Maybe some mascara to elongate those long eyelashes of yours and a cat eye too oh, a red lip to tie up look” she eyed my face.

Do your worse. I shrugged

“And since you’re an artist and you’re very good with colors, do my makeup and chose the best colors that go with my outfit and do a smoky cat eye” she grinned. 

Sure, I can do that. Do you have any brushes or should I use my own?

“Whatever works for you love”

Okay, I’ll use my small brushes to do your eye makeup; I’ll make it look classy but really sexy for Sam’s eyes.


“Woah, we look really good, thanks Mars you really know how to do people’s makeup” Bri smiled.

Thank you but your cat eye is on point and I love the red lip, it makes them look bigger.

(A/N: Marceline & Bridget’s outfits can be seen on Polyvore under the username Coeurshapedbox. Their outfit sets will be named after the title of this chapter. Enjoy!)

We took a few silly pictures, sexy pictures and random pictures to remember this day by. 

“Right, Sam just texted me that he’s on his way home to change” Bri said.

I thought you said this was a ‘surprise party’.

“Ugh! Must I explain everything to you my dear? Look, I told Sam that we’re gonna have a formal dinner with my parents so he must wear a tux. Obviously he wants things to sit well between him and my parents so he’s willing to do anything to be on their good side. He thinks I forgot his birthday haha!” Bri cheered.

Damn . . . Sam’s whipped. We chuckled.

“Limo’s here!” Bri shouted.


We arrived at this beautiful, fancy restaurant with a huge fountain in the front of the place. There were people hanging out all over the place and everyone was dressed nicely.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when a security guard kindly opened the limousine’s door. He offered his hand and helped me out of the limo, thank you, I said as I eyed the place.

Once Bridget was helped getting out, she lead the way inside and oh my goodness was it heaven! The tables were set up as if someone was celebrating a wedding; white table cloths with gold trimming on the edge of the tables. The chairs, elegantly tied the whole table with its intricate gold elephant designs and twisted legs. The center piece wasn’t over-do, it was of two elephants with their trunks looped around one another with lilies beneath the gold elephants. 

Of course I wasn’t surprised when I saw a lot of elephants and gold colors and elegance, Sam is infatuated with elephants and Bridget loves the color gold and they both love lilies. I love them both like crazy, and I wish both of them the best. I know this is Sam’s birthday party but it feels like it’s a wedding party.

“Do you like it?” Bri asked worriedly.

Like it? My God Bridget, I absolutely LOVE IT! The whole theme and color schemes remind me of the Sistine Chapel. It’s lovely Bridget and all this feels more like a wedding not a birthday party but it’s perfect! I also noticed a little bit of ‘you’ in the decorations. I chuckled.

“Well…” she blushed. “I love him and since I organized it all, I figured why not add some gold”


“Alright Konn, ya’ got me! I had to add tons of gold!” she shouted.

Our laughing was interrupted by a waiter. “Excuse me ladies but I do believe it is time for the guests to seated” he smiled.

“Oh alright, I’ll notify the guests Thompson, thanks” she patted his shoulder.

“My pleasure” he bowed and winked at me and scurried off.

The fuck is he on about? He kinda cute, him and other guys that I saw as I walked inside.

I brushed it off and when I turned around, Bridget was out of my sight. Suddenly, people started to flood in and I was freaking out. They looked like happy-go-lucky zombies with a goal. 

“You are absolutely gorgeous, might I add” I heard a very familiar voice whisper behind me . . . 

Bridget’s P O V

Everyone’s inside and Sam’s just arrived, great timing! He mustn’t expect that this is his birthday party.

Sam, over here! I shouted.

“Hey babe, do I look good enough?” Sam asked worriedly, eyeing his outfit.

I took his hands and pulled him closer to me, Look at me, I whispered.

He slowly looked at me; you are absolutely great enough for me and for my parents. They love you and they know that I’m in good hands. 

“Thank you . . . *sigh* I love you so much. What did I ever do to deserve you?” he kissed my forehead.

You treated me like a human, like a girl, like a soul, and liked I exist. You accepted me as is, no one ever did . . . thank you Sam. I stood on my toes and kissed his forehead. 

“Well, it’s their loss Bridget. They lost their opportunity to have a beautiful, determined and most definitely a unique girl in their lives but I’m glad they lost their chances of having you with them; I get you all to myself” he cupped my face and gave me a sweet, long, passionate kiss.

Wow, I breathed.

“Right, so let’s meet your parents; we have tons to talk about” he winked.

I nodded and held his hand tightly in excitement. 

We walked up the steps and signaled one of the waiters to shut the lights off. 

“Babe, I think it’s closed” he said.

I ignored his comment and dragged him inside.

SURPRISE!!!!! Shouted everyone!

Happy birthday babe, I bet you thought I forgot but I surely didn’t! I hugged him.

“Holy crap! Thanks babe!” he picked me up and hugged me.

Many people walked up to Sam and congratulated him and gave him presents. 

“Who else is here?” Sam asked.

All your close friends, I knew you would enjoy yourself more if your friends were here with you so I invited all of your friends. I grinned.

“You’re the best” he hugged me.

I noticed Marceline in the far back chatting with a man. I couldn't see very well, there were a few people blocking my eye sight.

I turned back to Sam but my mind couldn't get Marceline and that other guy out of my head, so I looked back at them, squinted my eyes and realized that he seemed familiar; wait!  

. . . My eyes widened once I realized who it was.

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