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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


6. All About Us


I leaned in for a kiss . . .

But she pushed herself away from me.

“*sigh* so what else are we gonna do?” she asked.

I just stood there like an idiot. I froze, I almost kissed her. I almost kissed her and I only met her a few days ago. Yea I may have a crush on her but I don’t want to scare her away. But as selfish as this sounds, I don’t want some other guy to take her from me. Even though she isn’t mine, I don’t want her happiness to be caused by some other guy. But it’s her, Marceline is just wow. She is an amazing girl. My dumbass fell too quick for her. No wonder that Matthew dude liked her, I can see why.

“Maz, is there something wrong? You look a bit off today” Mars asked worriedly.

Huh? Nah, I just doze off a lot but I’m okay

“Maz, I’m sorry you had to witness that. Matthew is the jealous type. Which I do not understand why he would be jealous? I’m not really HIS type. He is a nice guy but he’s kind of a whore. He dated girls for their looks and never really bothered to get to know them. Matt would always brag to me and his boys about how the girls were in bed. It disgusted me and I made it very clearly that it did. I would walk out of the scene whenever he would degrade girls and to be honest I guess that’s another reason why I can’t see him as more than a friend. I just couldn’t. I cannot be with someone who degrades girls on a daily basis and who expects to get praised by it. The girls that he dated were all sweet girls, except for one. Her name was Donna. Donna never liked me, I never knew why. I guess she thought since me and Matt were really close, she believed one day he would cheat on her with me. But that wasn’t the case, I would tell her that he’s like a brother to me. I honestly don’t like to fight but I kick box, so it’s like the same thing. One day she came into the shop while I was cleaning some spray caps. She knocked all my stuff down and tried to hit me. I quickly moved to the side and she fell to the ground. It got ugly but she lost a battle that she knew very well she could not win. Matthew returned from hanging with his boys and long behold was drunk. He was cursing up a storm but aimed it towards Donna. I walked away and went home. Aside from his ruining girl’s reputation, he’s a good friend. He never disrespected me, he always treated me with respect. Matthew never did anything to me but now that I realize it, I now know it’s because he liked me. Haha, I’m sorry Maz. Sorry you have to hear this. Let’s go have some fun huh?” she smirked.

Come here Marceline. I pulled her into a tight hug.

“Thanks Maz, I needed one of those. I hadn’t have one in a long time”

I fucken love hugs and I’m always here if you need one. And Marceline if you want to cry to let it all out, I’ll be here. And don’t worry babe, you’ll find yourself someone to cherish wonderful moments with. Degrading girls is wrong, I can’t see myself doing that. It’s stupid and well WRONG! But everyone is different right?

“I never really get hugs from people and barely from my close friend. But you sure know how to make a girl feel better. You’re such a great friend Maz” she hugged me tighter.

“I don’t cry, it’s not that I hold it back but it’s just my tear ducks have dried out” she chuckled.

“And if I ever need a shoulder, I now know it’s always gonna be your shoulder. Unless you’re the one that makes me cry then . . . TO THE PILLOW IT IS! And I know I’ll find someone but that’s later in life. I’m just gonna focus on my education. Always have, always will. And of course everyone’s different, that’s the beauty of it. You get to choose!” she busted out laughing.

I laughed with her but then I my phone began to ring.

It was Sam. Such a cock blocker.

“Yo mannn what’s happening?”

Sup Sam, nothin’ much I’m just hanging out with Marcey. You?

“Oh I’m just hangin’ out . . . WITH MY NEW GIRLFRIEND!” Sam yelled.

You got a girl?! About time mate, I bet they were getting blue yeah? I’m happy for you bro!

“Fanks brovah. Where’s Marceline, lemme talk to my homie”

Aight! Hold up.

Marceline, Sam wants to talk to you. Here. I said handing her the phone.

“Hi Sam, how are you? Everything alright?”

She put it on speaker for the two of us to hear.

“Yeah Merch. Guess what?”

“Hmm from what I just heard, you got yourself a pretty lady. Correct?”

“Yeah her name is Bridget and I want the two of you guys to meet her. Especially you Mars. Since you don’t have a gal friend I was hoping you and her can get along. What do you say?”

“I would love to meet her. But Sam, I don’t need gal friends to feel comfortable. But making a new friend doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Where shall we meet?”

“Great! Hmm how about tomorrow around 1 or 2 in the afternoon is that a good time?”

“Yeah, it’s perfect. See yah then Sam” she chuckled.

Ugh! Fuck! She just soo fucking beautiful!

She hung up with Maz and gave me my phone back.

“Maz, Sam wants us to meet his new gal tomorrow around 1 or 2. I agreed for both of us to go, I hope that doesn’t bother you or interfere with your day tomorrow.”

She had these huge eyes that would look at me. But I feel like they looked deeper than what the eye can see.

Yeah, that’s a good time. Pshh I don’t have a great social life. Haha I only hang with Sam and now you.

The next day

Marceline’s P O V

*Cell phone rings*

I check to see that it’s Maz. I can’t help but slap a huge smile on my face. He’s just such a great guy. I’m lucky that I found Sam and Maz. They are such great friends.

Hello Maz, what’cha up to?

“Hey Mars, I just finished getting dressed to head out and meet Sam’s new girl”

Oh okay cool, I’m almost done. I went out to buy some ingredients for pancakes. Wanna come over and have some breakfast with me? I haven’t eaten yet.

“Cool, you know how to cook? That’s hot- uhh I mean that’s nice. Wait, umm where do you live again?”

I gave him the directions and began making pancakes.


Hi Maz, come on in. I ran to him and gave him a hug.

“Someone’s happy today and rockin’ out, why?” he asked.

Sorry I just grabbed my electric guitar and well started jammin’ to some Jimi Hendrix. Also, I just never had someone over and well everything is just going so well yunno.

Maz’s P O V

She ran up to me and hugged me. Her hair smelled sweet, her flawless face was glowing. It looks like she doesn’t wear makeup. I love natural girls. Her lips were cherry red naturally. Her eyelashes were super long and dark. They curled to the skies mate. She had a few pecks of freckles on the middle of her nose and on the top of her cheeks. Such cute freckles I’d say.

I walked in, and wow her place was fucken rad. She had amazing art work lying around and hung up on her flat. It sure as hell wasn’t messy but it was edgy.

Marceline walked around with an apron, wow she looked sexy and cute. She wore shorts with a yellow tee and some black and white shoes. She also had on these socks that went up to her knees but just before they can even touch her thighs. She had a body on her. Her shorts didn’t show her bum but damn Marceline has some BACK!

 I can tell she was rockin’ out, he heart was beating like a million times per second. She had a beautiful electric guitar.

Marceline’s P O V

There he goes staring at me again. I guess I showed too much leg.

Stop staring at me you’re making me nervous. I laughed.

“Sorry, you just look really pretty today Mars. I mean it” Maz said.

I can tell I blushed but I don’t really take compliments like every girl should. I accept them but later on, brush it off.

I look at him, thanks man, you look pretty jazzy yourself.

“Thanks Mawrsy” she mimicked with a Bronx accent.

I dragged him to the kitchen where I had prepared pancakes and cut up some fruit with yogurt. I served him juice and toast.

Once we finished stuffing our faces, we headed out to meet Sam’s girl. I hope everything turns out okay.

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