The Arts

FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


44. A Favor

Marceline's P O V

“You are gorgeous absolutely, might I add” I heard a very familiar voice whisper behind me . . . 

I chuckled at the situation, I already knew who it was. I turned around to face him.

"Yunno, I never got your name?" he smiled.

Shouldn't you be working?

"I know I'm a waiter but I don't have to be everybody's waiter, just yours if you're interested?" he winked.

Smooth, I like that.

"Say, you're too beautiful to be here on your own, where's you mate?" he asked.

You ask way too many questions, I said as I slowly walked up to him. He stood up straight and suddenly got nervous.

What's wrong? I asked flirtatiously.

"N-Nothing, I'm just- you're doing; I-" I stopped him.

Shh, you talk to much

"I'm sorry, should I stop?" he asked nervously and anxiously.

It was kinda fun and kinda weird that I had such effect on one guy but I could read him already. He just wants a quickie, I'm not up for that. Hell, I'm not sure if I'm even up for a serious relationship.

You can do whatever you want but before you do, my name is Marceline.

"Oi, mate! Table one needs water" a man shouted for him.

 Looks like you're busy, see you around, I said as I cat-walked away from him. I turned my head only slightly to give him a side-smile and boy was he melting. He must think I like him, bastard. I promised myself I wouldn't fall for another guy like him, ever.

I walked around to find Bridget but instead I bumped into the Birthday Boy, Sam.

Hey Sam, Happy Birthday! 

"O-oh h-hey Marceline, thanks!" he seemed nervous.

I left you your present next to Bridget's, I hope you like it. Have you thought of wearing a tux more often? I asked, chuckling.

"Umm . . . Marceline-" Sam started 

"Hello Marceline", interrupted a guy.

Sam stepped aside so I could see who greeted me.

My eyes widen . . . "Hello . . . *gulp* Maz" my voice quivered.

"I gotta go" Sam chimed in. I wanted to hold Sam back but I was too busy just looking at him.

He looked different. Too different. Extremely different. He had muscles; huge ones! Well not huge-HUGE but they're much more toned. He no longer had lip piercings and from what I can see, he has now a tattoo that stains his neck. He's taller, he just doesn't look like the Maz that left me in the hospital. His hair is still the same but his stare is no longer there . . .

Maz's P O V

She spoke! She didn't shout, ran or walked away . . . she stood her ground and spoke.

She looks different. Too different. Extremely different. Her hair is longer and maybe darker than before. She either covered the tattoo that we got when we were together or she removed it. She's become even curvier than before, no not fat, curvy. She was curvy then but I guess she still works out; progress shows. She looks tall but that's because she's wearing heels but I've never seen her in a dress before; that's new. Her looks are somewhat the same but her stare is no longer there. . .

So how's life? I asked.

 I'm an idiot, what an awkward question to ask the girl I dumped three years ago. After that day, I hit the gym with my brother, Theo everyday and he trained me to be a fighter. I remembered the day I got into a fight with a couple of guys. They didn't like the fact that there was gonna be fresh meat practicing in their gym. 

At the time, I didn't like to fight. To me, fighting seemed stupid and impractical. Now, fighting is all that I'm about. That day was the week that I broke up with Marceline. Three guys tried to jump me but with all that just happened to me, I had to get all of my mixed emotions out on someone or something. And I as I had someone in a head lock, I saw a girl with dark black, long hair walking away from my direction. I saw her forearm and saw the girl had the same tattoo as me; it was Marceline. 

In that moment I felt excited, happy, in love all over again but another half of me felt pissed, sadness and frustration. I was glad to see her but I was mad at myself for letting her go but I knew if I stayed, I'd go insane. I took those feelings out on the three guys who tried to bully me, and I felt something when I kicked their asses. It felt really good.

That was the last time I saw and heard of Marceline. Now, I live near a park and I live by myself. I literally hadn't had any human contact in three years. Well, aside from Theo but that's it. I only come in contact with dumbbells. 

I looked up at Marceline and I couldn't decipher her expression. This might go downhill, right about . . . NOW.

"Life's been great thanks, I've been working and what not. What about yourself?" she asked confidently. 

Woah, she's really changed. The 'old Marceline' would've ripped me a new one or punch me.

Fine, I'm a boxer now so that's a good thing right?

"That's great and as long as you like it no one else's opinion should matter" she smiled.

Thanks, so where do you work? Sam told me you're the head of some arts department around here, congratulations. She looked down smiling; BINGO. There she is; the Marceline that I knew.

"Thank you. I'm just the Head of The Arts Department in London, I just help organize art galleries; that's all"

That's incredible Marceline! I said and since I'm an idiot, my idiotic instincts came into play so my body did something that I wouldn't naturally do with her or with anyone; I hugged her. But this wasn't some 'friendly' hug, my hands were on her waist and I pulled her towards me. 

She didn't have time to react so her arms were tucked into my arms. Her palms sat on my chest. It felt right but wrong at the same time. 

She pushed me away; damn she was strong.

"What are you doing?!" she shouted, thankfully there was loud music playing, so she wasn't heard by anyone, only me.

Marceline, I-

"Goodbye" she stated.

NO. Not again. Not that fucking word again

Especially coming from her, no, I won't accept it.

I grabbed her arm lightly, I just wanna talk, I say in defeat.

"Well, talk don't touch" she hissed.

I'm sorry, it's just been awhile since-

"I don't want to talk about the past, that no longer exists to me" she said coldly, looking to the side.

Damn, that . . . that stung.

Oh . . . right, so-

"Excuse me miss, wanna dance?" some guy asked.

Marceline smiled and blushed a little, who the fuck is this guy and why is he asking my- I mean her, out?

"Hey hon', wanna dance?" some drunk girl stumbled on me.

Marceline looked my way but seemed truly uninterested; her attitude towards this little chat is really bothering me. Does she no longer love me? I do . . . a lot. That hug; she had me melting in her hands. She had me cool, calm and collected. She . . . she had me again.

"Sure, I'd love to" she giggled.

"Bye" she carelessly said to me.

I directed that drunk girl to a table and sat where I could see the two of them. The song was housemusic so it definitely wasn't the type of dance that I'd stand to see with the one I love and competition. 

She was moving her body very sexual and had her hand on the back of the guy's neck. Ugh!!! This really fucking bothered me! I know she's not mine but there's something about her that I just can't bare to not be by her side.

That fucking guy had his crotch glued to her ass and had his hand exploring her body the way that I . . . the way I did before. She was chuckling and getting too close to him, I'm still clinging on an ounce of hope that she still loves me; at least a little bit. 

She looked like she was having the time of her life but I've never seen her this happy before. Well too can play at that game.

I saw a girl in a green dress and asked her if she wanted to dance but then her boyfriend showed up.

"Oi, mate! Sorry, I didn't tell you that Marceline was coming by. Hell, I didn't even know any of these people where coming" Sam touched my shoulder.

Nah man, don't worry about it. It's not your fault mate and how has she been?

"You still wanna talk about her? You've been talking about her all day today, what's up with that? Don't tell me you still love her mate?" 

Well, how can I not love her? She was mine and-

"Exactly, she was yours. She's another man's woman now" he said. That fucking pissed me off.

Don't tell me that tool over there is her boyfriend? I asked in disgust.

"I don't think so man but Bridget told me she's surely looking for a guy" he sighed.

She can't do that! 

"Maz, she's not yours anymore, she can do anything she wants. If she wants him as her boyfriend, she'll have him" 

I won't ever accept that, I whispered.

"Not to sound like a douchebag but I don't want to see her with a guy that isn't you. She deserves better than the guy he's dancing with"

Who is he anyway, he looks familiar?

"He's just another guy who lived in our neighborhood, Sean, who tries to get with every girl he can but I have trust in Marceline. She'll never go out with him, believe me. So don't worry about him, he's a nobody to her. She's turned down plenty like him, she's just having fun" he smiled

Thanks man but I think she's over me completely. She didn't even budge when she saw another girl coming onto me and she said her past "no longer exists".What's that all about?

"Well I don't know if she's over you, I don't wanna be pessimistic but maybe she is. What you did to her was really low Maz and you know it. All I know is that you want her back right?"

I know I did wrong but I still want her and of course, I miss her a lot. All I had in my thick skull was her. I tried to pull my mind, heart and soul away from her but I can't. I just can't.

"So what are you gonna do?"

I don't know man, at this point I feel like I should just leave her and forget about her completely but at the same time I feel as though there could be a spark between us; I just have to ignite the fire.

"Well what the fuck are you doing sitting here then mate? If you wanna be sure, go dance with her" 

She wouldn't even stand near me after what I just did.

"What did you do now?" he sighed.

I accidentally hugged her . . . 

"Oh that's not-"

by her waist and pulled her to me.

"Now you're an idiot" he replied.

I know, I just wasn't thinking

"I know man, I know but hey, she isn't a cold bitch yunno? She's just a bit more serious and happy" he laughed.

I can tell. Damn I'm such an idiot for doing that to her, if I could take it back, I would.

"I'm sure you would, the two of you. Less tears for both but what's done is done. But look here, I'll do you a favor" he perked up

As in . . ?

"I'll put on a slow song for the two of you, I'll ask her to dance with you and since it's my birthday she won't say 'no' to my proposition. Plus, I'll ask Bridget to help me out" he smiled.

I don't know Sam-

"You want another guy hitting on your girl?" 


"Then be a man and ask her to dance, I'll put a long slow song for you guys to dance and you better be respectful or else I won't forgive you for it"

Thanks mate! I hugged him tightly

"Right, if you keep hugging me at this rate I won't be alive to help you" he chuckled.

I'm sorry man, I just can't thank you enough. I don't know how to repay you. I know it's not much but it's a start to at least get to talk to her.

"Just promise me you'll never hurt her again, I can't see her depressed ever again. Just know this, she never talks about this but the day you left, she fell in the deepest spiraling depression of her life and started doing drugs. She didn't cut herself but she had methods on dealing with it. Keep that in mind the next time you'll hurt her . . . you'll end up killing her" Sam warned.

He walked away and I couldn't help but to think about her going through all that.

I looked back at Marceline's direction and she was smiling. At this point, I'm not sure if it was a genuine smile to show that she's truly happy or a smile saying 'I've made it through the day, so I guess that's cool' smile. Either way, I couldn't help but feel like complete shit. 

My eyes became blurry with tears. I'm sorry Marceline, I whispered.

"Ladies and gentlemen, grab your gal or guy and head on the floor for a slow song" a guy announced.

I saw Sam and Bridget talking to Marceline, I turned around so it didn't look obvious but I couldn't help but to turn around a bit.

Sam's P O V

"NO!" she shouted.

Do you love me? I asked.

"Obviously I love you Sam, you're one of my best friends.

Then can't you do just this one thing for me, please? I pouted.

"I don't know Sam, I don't want drama" she sighed.

"There won't be any drama, we won't allow it" Bridget assured her.

"Does he even want to dance with me or does he just want to feel me up?" Mars sassed.

"Babe, it's a slow dance, you're gonna have to be glued together" Bri stated.

"That's what I don't like" Mars retorted.

"Let's just not make a scene here, okay? Sam's the birthday boy, just do this one thing for him and that's it" Bridget smiled.

Pleaseeeee!!!!! I begged.

"Ugh, alright but he better be on his best behavior or else I will cause a scene but outside; where no one will here us" she threatened.

"Yes, thank you!" Bridget jumped up and down.

As she was gonna walk away, I held her back, Thanks Marceline, it means a lot to us.

She smiled genuinely, "Anything for you guys" 

"May I have this dance?" asked Maz. I knew this was my queue to walk away.

Excuse me but my mum is calling me, I laughed nervously. I hope things sit well with the two since Maz is a sad man but Marceline is one tough woman.

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