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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


50. A Dream Within a Dream

Maz's POV


Marceline? Marceline, where are you?

I heard chuckling in the distance, it sounded like Marceline's laugh.


"I know he's so pathetic. I don't know what I ever saw in him" she and another guy shared laughs.

Marceline? I got closer.

The laughing stopped.

I saw Marceline sitting on the guy's lap with her arms wrapped around his neck. It seemed as though they were making out because he lips were a shade of a warm-pinkish tone.

"Ugh, what do you want your little brat?!" She spat.

Marceline, what is this all this about?

"Look, I can't be with a guy who can't be a man and protect me from shit, I'm leaving you for him" she pointed to Matthew.

Marceline, please...NO!! I can protect you ba-

"Yea right, just dig a ditch and die in it, fucker" she laughed as she kissed him.


NO! I woke up shouting.

My heart was beating fast and my thoughts we interrupted with someone nuzzling their face into the crook of my neck.

I looked down to see who's body is was... Marceline’s.

My nightmares scared me so much that I completely forgot who or what was around me.

"Mazzz", she hinted. She was sleep talking- surely nothing has changed in three years.

I turn to face her and pulled her towards me with my chin just above her head.



A few hours later, I woke up to an empty bed. Was it all a dream? Did Marceline and I never make up?

Just before I was about to burst, Marceline has both hands on either side of the open door, revealing her stomach and panties. Her hair was perfectly messy; her eyes had their bright colors back and its original shine. Her skin no longer sick-like but vivid, she's back and she's mine.

"You're up early?" She asked surprised.

Hehe, I had a bad dream before and just now, when I woke up, I thought everything that happened last night was only a dream. I was about to snap but then your Goddess like presence showed up at the door- I eyed her body, speechlessly

"Oh my-" she was dumbstruck.

I patted the empty space on my bed, Come here baby, I need you.

Her arms, slowly slid down the doorway causing my shirt to show less of her.

At first she sat down on the empty space for she knew I was gonna say something.

You're mine, mine, mine, MINE- got that? I said as I leaned in closer and closer.

"You showed me that last night Maz; I have your words engraved on me"

I pulled her closer to me and pecked her on the lips. You showed me as well, letting me explore you and only me; I have your actions engraved on me.

She smiled but it soon turned into a frown. "So what was your dream about?" She asked worriedly.

It's not important babe, I chuckled.

"Well to me it is, tell me" she grabbed my hand.

*sigh* Well, I had a dream that you left me for another man because you said that I couldn't protect you. I begged for you to never leave me but you still left with Matthew and I woke up with you by my side; so in the end I'm relieved it was a dream and ONLY a dream.

"Of course is it, I'll never leave you again...ever and especially not for Matthew" she pulled me in for a hug.

"Now come along, I made you breakfast" she kissed me cheek and got up.

I sprinted off the bed and grabbed her bum before she can get any further.

How about breakfast in bed? I whispered seductively in her ear.

This surprised her and caused her to let out a slight moan.

Frozen, I wrapped my arm around her waist and laid her gently on the bed.

I eyed her every feature, you're amazingly beautiful.

Her eyes slightly widened at my words, I had her where I wanted her.

I looked down at her "outfit"/my tee, my shirt looks lovely on you but it'll look better tossed on the floor, don't cha think?

My free hand slid up the shirt slowly as I watched every emotion/expression change on Marceline's face. The closer I got to her bare breasts, the whiter her lips got as she bit down on them.

I leaned into her lips; let me do the biting here babe. Surprised, her upper teeth let her bottom lip loose as she stared at me in shock.

My hands finally reached her succulent breasts, having a moan hint out of her lips.

I lingered around her neck with my lips slowly making circles around her spots. Once I chose the spot, my teeth sunk into her flesh lightly making her flinch a bit.

I massaged her breasts and lay next to her to have another free hand explore her warmth. It slowly made its way down there, starting from her cheek, to her lips, dancing under her chin, to the neck, down her chest and stomach, to MY destination.

I watched as my hand reached her warmth, making small circles on her clit. When I turned back to face her, her cheeks were now flushed and she was biting her lips, harder than ever.

I smirked, do you want me?

"Yes", she answered immediately and out of breath.

I slipped two fingers inside of her and pumped her slowly.

"F-f-faster" she panted.

Anything for you, I whispered in her ear.

My fingers, dripping her juices onto the rest of my fingers- she was insanely wet.

Since I was already naked, I swiped her panties to the side of her warmth and pushed in with no warning.

"FUCK!" She shouted in pleasure.

Things took a turn for the better; Marceline forcefully rolled us over and fucked me like never before.

Her nails, digging into my chest as her fragile body satisfied us both.

She and I were close but saying anything would ruin the moment, so we both let it be till we came.

Watching her take pleasure in all this had me closer to the edge. Her breasts bouncing smoothly up and down as she rode me, her cheeks getting flushed by the second, her nails digging deeper and deeper into my skin, her shouting or whispering profanities she could barely sound out, her breathing, her moans, her head tilting back- everything had me closer if not already off the edge.

We carried out our highs and she came on my member as I shot my load into her; having her then plopping on top of me, still moaning a bit.

We caught our breaths and I spoke, I'm still hungry. I chuckled.

"Let's get seconds" she laughed.

I helped her out of bed as I put on a pair of boxers.


Marceline's P O V

"Do you really have to go babe?" He pouted.

Yea, I have to start working on my art project due in a couple of days or so.

"Aww, even more creative than the usual babe" he winked.


I smiled on my way to the art gallery, nothing could break my moment.

Everything about last night was perfect. The sex was perfect. His words were perfect. The timing was perfect- everything. I couldn’t imagine me with someone else- me and Maz; we connect very well. After years of not seeing him, we felt something the second we saw each other. No it wasn’t love at first sight because…well, the love never left either of our hearts; it was always there but never expressed because we were broken up and because we didn’t know how to love with anyone else. When we disappeared from each other’s lives, we were lost. It was then when I denied the need for love…the need for him.

I took out my canvas and continued to paint. It’s of a woman and a man, walking out of the ruins their lives have caused them to go through. They both shine bright through either path but most importantly, their eyes for each other glistens. It looks completely out of order but hopefully Mr. Vogul from The Art Scouts would understand.

Now all I need is complete silence and no interruptions and I’m golden. I assure myself.

*knock* *knock* “Marceline?”

Scratch that, I need to lock this place down whenever I’m painting- seriously. Come in! I shouted.

“Hey Marceline” I turned to see who it was.

Oh my God…Matthew? What the hell happened to you?!

“I got completely wasted and I just- look please hear me out okay?” he pleaded.

Shit. It’s gonna be a long day…

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