Zayn Malik messages Bella on kik but just for his game he plays, he is currently in a relationship with Lindsey but Bella doesn't know. Bella falls in love with Zayn and he slowly falls in love with her. What happens when everything slowly crashes down when they go visit his parents? Zayn pushes Bella away and Harry is always there for her. What happens when Harry falls in love with Bella?


12. Thoughts


Once I told Harry about all the stuff I've been wanting to say I felt relieved, but I'm sick an tired of Lindsey. I swear I just want to punch her square in the face a million times. I'm done with her crap. 

Her and Zayn have been hanging out the past few days. They make me sick all they do is make out, literally sitting in the living room and BAM! There making out. I'm just always like what the fuck get a room. 

I mean really. And Harry has been taking care of me I don't know why everytime I go out he does too. He like follows me everywhere I go. It's kinda weird and awkward because I need my space.

"Bella?" Harry asked snapping me out of my thoughts. 

"Yeah." I said. 

"Wanna go to Starbucks and then go to the beach?" He asked. I just nodded my head. When I was walking downstairs to get my bikini. I bumped into Lindsey and Zayn.

"Watch where your going!" She yelled. I just rolled my eyes and walked to the laundry. When I was walking out Harry was right there smiling. I gave him a weird look. I just shrugged it of and went to go get changed.


We were walking along the beach drinking are Starbucks he'd run into me every now and then on purpose, it's quite funny because I keep on almost falling in the water. We came to a spot where there was no one around Harry stopped and sat down on the sand. I just looked at him for a moment he was soo beautiful. His curly hair, with his green eyes, his smile, dimples, personality. What isn't there to love about him?

He looked in my direction and I immediately looked away. "I saw you." He chuckled. "Don't act like I didnt." He said. I just blushed and went to sit down next to him. 

"C'mon." I said. I held my hand out and ran into the water. I started to splash water all over Harry. He took my by the waist a started spinning around. I then got looked back to where me and Zayn were at the beach.


He then started giving me a piggy back ride to where there was no people he set me down then I ran into the water. He grabbed me around then waist and started spinning me I started to giggle and squeal until he looked in my eyes. Everything was dead silent, we just say there staring into each others eyes. 

He smashed his lips to mine, I ran my fingers through his hair. This was the best moment ever. He pulled away and smiled. "Your beauitful." He whispered. I gave him a long meaningful kiss after that. 

When I kiss him sparks fly and it's like everything else surrounding us is gone. It's just me and him in the world.
 *end of flashback*

It was perfect, it was the best day I ever had in my life. And I knew that it was something I could never forget. But he tore me apart he broke me, he stole my heart then made me fall. I can't live with out him. I'm trying to make myself forget about him. I'm trying to love Harry. But I cant. I need Zayn. I need his smile, eyes, lips, everything. He was perfect. 

I will never forget every moment we had together. If I had to I would wait for Zayn forever. I want him. Just him. 

He's my everything. Why does everything have to be soo hard. Why does life have to suck. I don't even wanna be here anymore. I have nothing left. So why even be here?

"Bella?" Harry said. I snapped out my thoughts and looked at him. I could see love, worry. I couldn't be around him anymore. I quickly got out the water. And walked back to the house. In just short shorts and a bathing suit. 

"Did you get attacked by a bird?" Lindsey asked and smirked. Okay that's it I'm done with her shit. 

"You know what Lindsey. I'm the slut? Your the one that will date any guy you see and you'd fuck any guy, at least when I say I know you I meant it, but guess what you have no fucking heart!" I snapped. Zayn looked surprised at my remark. Yeah that's right. I'm gonna turn into a real bitch. 

"Excuse me?" She said.

"Your excused. And you know what you can have Zayn because you two are the perfect couple since you both have no hearts, I'm catching a plane later so have a nice life without me in it!" I yelled. And ran upstairs. Zayns mom gave me a weak smile and I just walked Into Harry's room. I found his razor I took it and went into the bathroom.

Why me? I cut a deep line into my skin. Then here came Harry running in. "Bella! Stop!" He yelled. I just dropped it and fell to the floor crying. He took my in his arms. 

Why did he have to save me.

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