Zayn Malik messages Bella on kik but just for his game he plays, he is currently in a relationship with Lindsey but Bella doesn't know. Bella falls in love with Zayn and he slowly falls in love with her. What happens when everything slowly crashes down when they go visit his parents? Zayn pushes Bella away and Harry is always there for her. What happens when Harry falls in love with Bella?


7. Stay


Bella's pov* 

When I woke up Zayn was still sleeping every event came back to me last night and I couldn't help but smile. I lost my virginity to someone I love.

"Don't leave." I whispered. He woke up and looked at me confused. 

"You were talking in your sleep and you were saying how you were going to leave and stuff." 

"But it's for the best." He sighed.

"No it's not, it is not for the best because I need you and your love, please just stay for me."

"Okay." He whispered. He places a soft meaningful kiss on my lips and I couldn't be anymore happier. "Babe, lets go to the beach I wanna do something." He said with a proud smile. I just nodded and smiled back. 


When we got to the beach we walked to where mostly all the people were, i don't know why, I was kind of getting suspicious. "Are you ready?" He asked. I just looked at him confused. He then whistled. Oh shit. "HEY EVERYBODY LISTEN UP! I REALLY LIKE THIS GIRL THAT IS WITH ME, SHE IS BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT AND SHE HONESTLY DID TAKE MY HEART I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT SHE DID." he then took my hands in his, everyone was now crowded around us. Great. How embareasing. "SO BELLA WILL YOU PLEASE BE MY GIRLFRIEND?" He asked. I was shocked. I still didn't know my feelings, might as well find out now. Everyone was saying awwe and waiting for my answer. 

"Yes." I said. Everyone was cheering now. He then pulled me into a kiss. 

"I love you." He said. 

"I love you too." I replied back. 

This had to be like the best day ever. 

He then started giving me a piggy back ride to where there was no people he set me down then I ran into the water. He grabbed me around then waist and started spinning me I started to giggle and squeal until he looked in my eyes. Everything was dead silent, we just say there staring into each others eyes. 

He smashed his lips to mine, I ran my fingers through his hair. This was the best moment ever. He pulled away and smiled. "Your beauitful." He whispered. I gave him a long meaningful kiss after that. 

When I kiss him sparks fly and it's like everything else surrounding us is gone. It's just me and him in the world.

I think I'm in love with him.

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