Zayn Malik messages Bella on kik but just for his game he plays, he is currently in a relationship with Lindsey but Bella doesn't know. Bella falls in love with Zayn and he slowly falls in love with her. What happens when everything slowly crashes down when they go visit his parents? Zayn pushes Bella away and Harry is always there for her. What happens when Harry falls in love with Bella?


5. should've never trusted you


Bella's pov* 

When I woke up I woke up to Zayn sitting on the edge of the bed smiling at me. "What are you doing here?" I asked. He stayed silent. 

"I want to show you something come with me." He said and held his hand out. I took it and followed him. We walked through the woods and came to a little creek. It was actually really beautiful and it wasn't really far away from where I like to go to think. 

But when I looked at it I saw a teddybear, roses, chocolates and it was the sweetest thing someone has ever done. He took both my hands and held them tight looking straight in my eyes. "Look Bella I love you with all my heart and I just noticed I'm sorry about what happened earlier I was being stupid and I just want you to be mine and only mine your the beautifulest , smartest girl I've ever met. I don't know what I would do without you. I love you." He whispered. I couldn't speak. I was just so excited and shocked. So I just smashed my lips to his and he pushed me up against the tree.

I ran my fingers through his and then he laid me on the ground. "Your perfect." He whispered. 

"Just shut up." I said. He looked at me weirdly I rolled over to where I was on top and slipped his shirt off. Now it was my turn. I kissed down his cheek to his neck I started licking and sucking and after I left a love bite I blew onto it. 

"No no no Imma make you feel good baby." He said and smirked. He took my pants and underwear off. He left wet kisses all along my tummy and started going down further. I started letting out loud moans. 

"Zaaynn!!!" A girl yelled. 

"Shit." He whispered. I got up as fast as I could and got dressed. Soon enough there was a girl standing right in front of us. 

"What's going on babe?" She said to zayn. My mouth dropped and my eyes widened. I quickly walked off and started walking the way back to my house. 

"Bella! Wait!" Zayn yelled. I started walking faster. "Please! Wait up! Let me explain!" 

"There is nothing to explain! Everything is right in front of me! I'm not stupid! I'm just some game! I get it Zayn you can't stick to one fucking girl! Just act like I never even existed! It would make things a whole lot better! Don't ever EVER talk to me again!!" I snapped. 

When I got home tears immediately started falling down from my face I slid down the door and cried my eyes out. "Bella is that you!?" Emily yelled. I couldn't help but cry harder. "Bella what happened!?" 

"Zayn! He has a girlfriend he was playing me!! Why didn't my feelings have to get this far he took my heart and dropped it!!" I yelled. I got up and ran to my room. 

Why did he have to do this to me? He could've just told me the truth.. I really should've listened to Emily all he is, is a stupid heartbreaker. I hope I get through this I really do.

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