Zayn Malik messages Bella on kik but just for his game he plays, he is currently in a relationship with Lindsey but Bella doesn't know. Bella falls in love with Zayn and he slowly falls in love with her. What happens when everything slowly crashes down when they go visit his parents? Zayn pushes Bella away and Harry is always there for her. What happens when Harry falls in love with Bella?


1. How it all started.

Bella's pov* 


I was laying on my bed with Emily and out of no where I got a kik message I opened it. It was from Zayn Malik. "Uh Em?"

"hmm?" She hummed 


"who's Zayn Malik?" Her eyes popped out of her head 

"That's uh my ex did he talk to you?" 

"Yep. If you don't want me to talk to him I won't I hope you know that." 


She looked at me weird but nodded. "Bella I honestly don't care you can talk to him" she giggled. I just laughed an smiled. I replied back to him and he said he wanted to meet me at the mall. So I said yes. I'm really not looking for a relationship but worth having a friendship right.


"oh and just letting you know he's a player but maybe you can change that you never know." She smiled and then her face lit up like a Christmas tree. "Wait what if it does happen!?" She squealed and started jumping up and down. I gave her a confused look. "Don't look at me like that, he is a heartbreaker and its every girls dream to steal a bad boys heart." 

"I'm not looking for a relationship Em I'm really not, I don't want to be some girl he can date and then leave me after like 2 days. And I'm not gonna let some guy use me for a game." 

She gave me a weak smile and then looked away. Ugh this is going to be hard. 


I was sitting in the food court waiting for the gorgeous Zayn I had to keep on reminding myself that I wanted to just be friends with him and nothing more. I hope it's not too hard or else this will be a nightmare. Literally. I don't want a broken heart. Em also said he is known to lie alot. Sadly. 

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