Zayn Malik messages Bella on kik but just for his game he plays, he is currently in a relationship with Lindsey but Bella doesn't know. Bella falls in love with Zayn and he slowly falls in love with her. What happens when everything slowly crashes down when they go visit his parents? Zayn pushes Bella away and Harry is always there for her. What happens when Harry falls in love with Bella?


3. Date


Today I had a date with Zayn and I was not looking forward to it. I just feel like that something bad is going to happen. Do you ever feel like your tummy is going to explode when you feel like something bad coming your way? Well I feel that way right now. And it's not a great feeling. 

Maybe we'll go on a date and then he totally forget about me. Well I hope. Why would someone like him want to talk to me in the first place I mean I'm not that pretty. I just have long blonde hair, with kinda pale skin and blue eyes. According to Emily I have a model body but I really don't believe her. 

"Bella!" Emily yelled. And it snapped me out of my thoughts. 

"Yes?" I asked her. 

"You look like your really thinking about something, you kinda look funny." She said and giggled. Well that's embarrassing, even though she is my best friend well like a sister practically. We tell each other everything and I like it that way because she can help me with my problems and I can help her with hers. It works perfectly. 

Right now she is helping me pick out a dress for me and Zayns date tonight. I'm actually really starting to get nervous. I mean I'm probably just some game and I have to be careful as much as possible so he doesn't take my heart and break it.

"How bout this one?" I asked her. It was a light blue dress with some diamond stuff on the middle section of it, it was pretty cute. 

"Hmm yes that would look great on you. Go try it on." She said and smiled. I smiled back and headed towards the fitting rooms. When the dress was on I really did like it, I thought it looked great on me now I just need Emily's opinion. 

When I walked out her face literally looked like it could drop to the ground. "Well whatcha think?" I asked. 

"Y-you look gorgeous!!" She yelled and squealed. "This is the dress! Get it!" She yelled. I literally felt like I was going to go deaf in one ear because she was yelling so loud. Even the people in the store were looking at her like she was crazy. 

When I walked out, she locked her arm with mine. We always do this when we go shopping. I don't know why actually. We just do. "How are you doing today?" The lady asked. 

"Good how are you?" I asked and smiled. 

"I'm great thanks for asking that will be $30." She smiled. She was gorgeous. I was quite jealous. I gave her the money and we walked back out to the car. It was now 5:00, each time the clock will get closer and closer  butterflies would get worse and worse. 

Why was I getting so nervous? Can I possibly like him? No Bella! No! You cannot like Zayn Malik he is bad and a heartbreaker. I had to keep telling and telling myself that line forever now. 

"Are you nervous?" Emily asked. Well of course I was.

"Hell yeah!" I yelled. She just laughed and I started to laugh with her. 

"You'll do fine I believe in you." She said. I just have her a weak smile and pulled into the drive way. When we got out I decided to go jump in the shower and start getting ready. 

When I got out I wrapped a towel around my body and went to check my phone it was now 6:00 and I only had 2 hours to get ready. I also had a text from zayn. 

'Remember are date tonight, and remember to wear something nice love. Xx' 

'I remember:)' I replied back. I went to go get some blue nail polish and my hair curler. I put on the dress and went to get my make up out. I decided not to put alot on because I just don't like wearing alot of makeup. I put on some mascara and a little bit of eyeliner. I lastly put on some powder.   

After I was done with my makeup I went to move on with my hair. I blowed dried it. I curled it. And then out half back and put a white bow on my hair. I checked my phone and it was now 7:00. Okay I have 30 minutes to do my nails. 

I slowly but carefully started putting on the nail polish. Once they were dried it was 7:50. 
I grabbed my handbag and phone and went outside to wait for zayn. I wonder how everything is going to turn out. Emily went out for the night. And now I hope Zayn doesn't make me stay with him. I just want to go on this stupid date with him and have him totally forget about me. But I had a gut feeling that won't happen. I still have that feeling in my stomach that everything is just going to turn out bad.

"Hey love." I heard a British accent say. I got up and gave him a hug. "You look so beautiful tonight." He complimented me. 

"Thank you, you do as well to." I said and flashed a smile. And he flashed one back to me. He took my hand and led me to the car. He opened the door and helped me get in. What a gentlemen. "Thank you." I said. He smiled and nodded back at me. "So where we going?" I asked. 

"To dinner and I was wondering if you would stay with me tonight?" He asked. Fuck. I didn't expect that. 

"Okay." I said. He just nodded are head and the rest the way to the restraunt was silent. We pulled up to the parking space and he got out and opened the door for me. He was so sweet. No Bella! Stop doing that! 

He took my hand and we walked up together. Hand in hand. That's just great right. 

"How many." The person asked. 

"2." Zayn said. They were having an intense stare down and I had a feeling they've had some bad times in the past by the way they were looking at each other. 

"Right this way." He sighed.

"Do your job right!" Zayn snapped. The guy rolled his eyes. 

"Zayn." I whined. He gave me a apologetic smile. We took are seats and ordered. 

"So how are you?" He asked. 

I'm great." I said. He smiled and nodded. 

After we were done eating we were heading down to his apartment to hangout I guess. 

He once again came around and opened my door for me. "When we get inside I'll give you some of my sweats an t-shirt for you to wear." He said. I smiled and nodded. 

When we got inside he gave me what he told me he was. I went to put them on and Zayn walked in on me. He didn't even close the door he just stood there staring. You gotta be kidding me! "Zayn!!" I yelled. He didn't say anything he just walked over to me. I was wearing a bra and underwear. He put his big hands on my hips and pressed his lips to mine. 

Suddenly I felt sparks fly all over the place, butterflies in my tummy. Should I be feeling this way. He licked my bottom lip for entrance and I opened. Are tounges were fighting for dominance and he of course won. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He pushed me up against the wall and kissed my lips to my cheek down my jawline to my neck and started sucking and licking. 

He found my soft spot and I started to moan. I felt him smirk during the process. And I wouldn't be surprised if there was a love bite. He unclasped my bra. I started to get a little uncomfortable. "Um zayn. No." I said and looked down. 

He just nodded and stared at me while I was getting dressed. It was uncomfortable but he wouldn't even get out. Once I was done he picked me up an threw me over his shoulders. "Zayn!!" I yelled. He just chuckled and put me down on his bed. I just laid there while he was smiling and looking at me. "What?" I asked. 

He climbed onto the bed and pulled me on top of him. "You look better in my clothes than I do." I just giggled and his comment and kissed his lips. Wait why did I just do that. We started staring into each others eyes while I was tracing his lips with my finger. "Kiss me." He whispered. 

I put my lips against his and he pulled me close to him. Once the kiss was done I rolled off an got under the covers, turned the light off and cuddled into his chest. "Goodnight beautiful." He said. And with that I fell asleep.

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