At Last I See The Light

Katherine Edwards is a avid Disney fan and Directioner. What happens when she meets her "prince charming" Harry Styles?


2. The Mall

Katherine's  POV
I woke up wrapped up in Harry's arms. My face against his chest. His soft brown curls were gently falling into his face.  I gently pushed his curls out of his face. I just met him but I loved him. We talked so much last night that it felt like I had known him all my life. He tightened his grip on me and pulled me closer. "Good morning beautiful." He said sleepily. "Good morning. Sorry I woke you." I said. "It's alright." He said smiling. "So, um, I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend." Harry said. I smiled. "It's kind of odd that you ask me so early in the morning but yes." Harry's face lit up and he kissed my cheek. My phone rang. WMYB started playing. It was my ringtone. "Hey I'm your ringtone." Harry laughed. I picked up the phone. It was my mom. "Where are you? I saw pictures of you and Harry Styles. Oh my gosh did you meet him?!?" My mom said. She can fan girl. "Actually mom, he's my boyfriend now." "OH MY GOSH! ARE YOU KIDDING?!?" She was excited. "No mom. He's actually here beside me." I put her on speaker. "Hi Mrs. Edwards." Harry said. "OH MY GOSH!" My mom screamed. "So, Mrs. Edwards, I was wandering if I could keep Katherine with me and the boys for a couple days so I can take her on a couple dates.  Don't worry. Nobody gonna hurt her. I won't let them." Harry said and smiled at me. I smiled back. "Absolutely!" My mom said. "We'll mom I have to go. I have to go get ready." I said. "Okay dear! Bye Harry!" She said. Harry said goodbye and I hung up the phone. Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn walked in with some clothes in their hands. "Woah. Are we interrupting something?" Louis said. "No!" Harry said and blushed. "Well, here are some clothes Katherine. We went to the mall early this morning. I hope they fit." Liam said. I walked into the bathroom to change. I wore a light pink tank top and kinda short shorts but not really short. Now I need to do my hair.....

Harry's POV
"God Harry.  She's beautiful." Niall said. "Yeah. And she's mine." I said. She walked out of the bathroom. "Dang." I whispered. "I heard you." She giggled. I blushed. I took her hand in mine. "Where are we going?" She said. "To the mall to buy you some clothes." I said smiling. We drove to the mall and snuck in. "Oh my gosh a Disney store!" She said. I looked at her. She blushed. "Sorry, I just really love Disney." She said. "Then lets go!" I said and we skipped into the store. The boys started to look around. "Peter Pan!" Louis said and ran to the Peter Pan stuff. Well, he does look like Peter. The rest of the boys kept looking at the Marvel stuff.  Me and Katherine went into the princess section. Her eyes lit up. "Rapunzel!!!!" She said. She squealed like a 5 year old. She is so cute.  "I'm guessing she's your favorite." I said. She nodded. "She's the reason I have blond hair. My friends say I sing just like her." She said. She found a Rapunzel shirt with a guy in it who I'm guessing is the girl's prince. "Who's that?" I said pointing to the guy. "That's Flynn Rider. Her prince. Have you not seen this movie?" She said. I shook my head. "MOVIE NIGHT!" She squealed. I bought her that shirt and a doll that was called an animator doll if Rapunzel. She loved them both. Louis bought a Peter Pan hat, Zayn found a Iron Man mask, Niall bought a pair of hulk fists, and Liam found a Captain America shield. We are such children. We left to go back to the hotel. When we got back, we all went into mine and Katherine's room and turned on Tangled. Me and Katherine were cuddled up on our bed and the boys sat together on the couch. We watched the movie and I actually enjoyed it. "Did you like it?" Katherine asked. "I loved it!" I said. The boys nodded in agreement. We all thought it was good. Then I had an idea. "I have to go call my mom real quick." I said and grabbed my phone. "Okay!" Katherine said. I went outside the door and called my stylist.  "Hey, it's Harry. Katherine really loves Rapunzel. Can you make her a dress just like Rapunzel's?" She answered yes. "Have it fine by tomorrow at 4." I said. "You got it Harry." She said. I hung up. I went back into the room. The boys left and me and Katherine crawled into bed. She fell asleep within seconds. I carefully texted the boys. 
"Hey. I have an idea for a great date to surprise Katherine......"

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