At Last I See The Light

Katherine Edwards is a avid Disney fan and Directioner. What happens when she meets her "prince charming" Harry Styles?


3. Tangled

Harry's POV
I woke up to find Katherine still asleep. She looked so beautiful. I gently nudged her shoulder. "Katherine babe. It's time to get up." She grunted. "Ugh. Why?" "Because I wanna take you out on a date." I said. She looked up. "Okay."  "But babe, just put on some regular clothes. I wanna take you to the mall again first." I said.  She nodded. After we both changed, we left for the mall. This would give my stylist enough time to get the dress in our room. We looked around Rue 21 and some other stores then I got a text from the boys and my stylist saying that everything was ready. I took Katherine back to the car and drove to our hotel room. I took Katherine in and have her the dress. "OH MY GOSH! HARRY!!" She said smiling. "There's more." I said and pulled out a golden, 30 feet long, braided, wig. "Go try it on." I said. Katherine kissed my cheek and went into the bathroom. I signaled for Zayn. He came in with a costume that looked like mother gothel. I tried so hard not to laugh. I escaped from the room and went to Louis room next door. 
Time to make Katherine really happy. 

Katherine's POV
Oh my gosh this dress looked just like Rapunzel. So does the wig. I looked just like her. I walked out of the bathroom and the room looked like Rapunzel's tower. There was a frying pan and everything. Even her painting of the lanterns. Suddenly, Zayn showed up. In a dress. Looking like mother Gothel. I busted out laughing. "What's so funny dear?" He said. "Oh nothin." I mumbled. "Rapunzel you know how I hate the mumbling." Oh I get it. We are acting out Tangled.  I got this. "Well, mother. As you know tomorrow is a big day and I want to see the floating lights." I said. "You want to go outside? Why Rapunzel." Zayn started. Oh god. Zayn is singing mother knows best. At the end I ran to hug her. "Rapunzel?" He said. "Yes?"  "Don't ever ask to leave this tower again." He left out the balcony.  He crawled onto Louis' balcony. I was alone and I sang "When Will Mu Life Begin." Suddenly I heard someone coming from the balcony. Great. I have to hit somebody with a frying pan. Harry walked in and looked into a bag and said "Alone at last." I gently tapped him with the frying pan. He fell to the ground. Oh my gosh. He was dressed like Flynn. I tied him to a chair with some gold string for hair. He woke up. "Is this- hair?" He said. "I'm not afraid of you." I said from around a corner. "What?" Harry said. I came out from the corner. Harry's eyes got wide and he smiled. Then quickly put a confused face back on. "Who are you  and how did you find me?" I said. Holding the frying pan to his face. "Look blondie-" "Rapunzel." I said. "Bless you. Anyway, I was being chased I came across your tower and- oh no. WHERE IS MY SATCHEL?!?" He said. "I've hidden it but I'm prepared to offer you a del to get it back. You will take me to see the floating lanterns, return me home, and I'll give you your satchel." "Sorry blondie. Can't do it." I put my face infront of his. "Look. Flynn Rider.  You can rip this tower apart brick by brick but without my help, you'll never get your satchel." I said. "Okay fine." He said. I grabbed my frying pan and untied him. We walked out the door but I imagined I was getting out of the tower. Harry led me to a place and guards started chasing us. We hid in a closet and Harry "cut" is hand on a "rock." We escaped from the closet and be led me to a "campfire." I wrapped my wig hair around his "injured" hand. "Just don't freak out." I said. I was really nervous but I sang. "Flower gleam and glow, let your power shine. Make the clock reverse.  Bring back what once was mine. Heal what has been hurt.  Change the fates design.  Save what has been lost, being back what once was mine. What once was mine." Harry unwrapped his hand and it was healed. "A--" "PLEASE DON'T FREAK OUT!" I said. He calmed down. "By the way. My real name is Eugene Fitzherbert." He went to get more wood. "I thought he'd never leave." "Mother?!?" I turned around.  Zayn again.  I giggled on the inside. "Come on Rapunzel. We're leaving." " No!" I said and she stormed off. Harry came back and we walked on to a huge room that looked just like the kingdom. The kingdom music started to play and Louis, Liam, And Niall started to do this kinda Irish dance with me. Eventually me and Harry got paired up but the music stopped. I got into a "boat" and I see the light started to play. I started to sing. "All those days. Watching from the windows. All those years, outside looking in. All that time never even knowing just how blind I'd  been. Now I'm here shining in the starlight. Now I'm here, suddenly I see, standing here, it's all so clear, I'm where I'm meant to be. And at last I see the light and its like the fog has lifted. At last I see the light and its like the sky is knew. All at once everything looks different now that I see you." I looked at Harry who was holding two lanterns. I handed him the satchel and he put it in the floor. We let go of the lanterns and they hit the ceiling which kinda made me laugh. Harry sang Flynn's part. "All those days, chasing down a daydream. All those years living in a blur. All that time never truly seeing things the way they were now she's here shining in the starlight, now he's here. Suddenly I know. If she's here, it's crystal clear, I'm where I'm menu to go." He grabbed my hand and we sang together. "And at last I see the light and its like the fog has lifted and at last I see the light and it like the sky is knew and its warm and real and bright and the world has somehow shifted. All at once everything looks different. Now that I see you. Now that I see you." "Eugene.  I have to go." I ran away back to my tower. I found Zayn there. "IM THE LOST PRINCESS. Aren't I?" I said. "Rapunzel" he said. "No! It was you! All my life I've been stuck here hiding from people who would be using me for my hair when I should have been hiding from you! You will NEVER use my hair AGAIN!" Zayn grabbed me and tied me to a chair. Harry walked in and saw me. "Rapunzel I thought I'd never see you agai- AH!" He dropped to the ground. "FLYNN!" I screamed. "Don't worry dear. Our secret will die with him. Zayn said dropping a fake knife. "PLEASE! Just let me heal him and I'll go with you. I'll never try to escape. I promise." He untied me and I ran to Harry. "Eugene!" I said.  He coughed. He had fake blood on his shirt. "Oh my gosh. Here.." I started to put my "hair" on him. "Rapunzel. Wait." He said softly and "cut" my "hair" with the fake knife. Mother Gothel died and I started to cry. I hel Harry's hand to my head. "Flower gleam and glow let your power shine-" "Rapunzel" Harry croaked. "You were my new dream." "And you were mine." Harry let his hand drop to the floor. I cried like a baby. He looked actually dead. A tear of mine hit his cheek and lights went off in the room. I could see Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Niall watching from the doorway. They were all crying cause I was crying. I had to stay in character though. So I didn't laugh. Harry slowly opened his eyes. "Rapunzel?" He said softly. "Eugene?" I said. "Have I ever told you that your beautiful." I hugged him. "EUGENE!!" I sat up and kissed him on the lips. Harry stood up and motioned the boys in. "So how was that for a first date?" Niall said. "You did this all for me?" I said looking at Harry. He nodded smiling. I kissed him again. "Thank you." I said. The boys left to go to bed. Me and Harry fell asleep dressed as Flynn and Rapunzel. Before I fell asleep, Harry whispered in my ear, "You  sound EXACTLY like Rapunzel. Your amazing." I fell asleep in his arms. 

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