At Last I See The Light

Katherine Edwards is a avid Disney fan and Directioner. What happens when she meets her "prince charming" Harry Styles?


1. Harry

Katherine's POV
I sat down at my seat on the front row. Waiting for 3 months after I turned 19 was so worth it. I was at a One Direction concert in my hometown, Louisville, Kentucky. I couldn't believe it. I didn't have a One Direction shirt so I wore my lucky Rapunzel shirt and charm bracelet. I love Tangled. My blond hair makes me think I really am Rapunzel. The lights shut off. 5 spotlights come up. I scream. There is One Direction right in front of me. Zayn, Lious, Liam, Niall, and Harry. Harry Styles is standing in front of me. OH MY GOSH! The concert went on, and one wink from Niall, blown kiss from Louis, and eye contact with Liam and Zayn (Harry didn't see me.), What Makes You Beautiful starts to play. Right before his solo, Harry sees me and keeps staring at me. He walks up to me, gets on his knees, grabs my hand in his,  and sings his solo to me. "Baby you light my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell." He kisses my hand and runs backstage while I totally lose it. My biggest celebrity crush just sang his solo to me and kissed my hand!!

Harry's POV
Wow. I don't know who that was but she was BEAUTIFUL. I ran to Paul. "Paul, go get a girl for me. She has blonde hair, a Rapunzel shirt and Rapunzel bracelet. She is on the front row. HURRY!" Paul darts away. I run backstage. "Harry!  Dude! What was that?!?" Louis said. "Dude there was this girl." I said. "We'll duh." Lou said.  "She is coming backstage." I said. I hope Paul finds her. 

Katherine's POV
Oh my gosh Paul is running to me. Holy cow he is pulling me away from the rest of the fans. "Harry wants to meet you." He said. "I-I- Okay!" I say. He leads me backstage. There is a dressing room door. It says. I can hear laughter.  I slowly open the door and take a deep breath. Harry is sitting in a chair with the boys surrounding him laughing. Harry has his head in his hands, crying.  "What are ya going to do when she gets here? Walk up to her and say 'I'm Harry and now I'm going to rock you." Niall said. The boys start laughing then look up and fall silent. Harry looks up. His eyes are red and puffy. I walked up to Harry and got in my knees so my eyes where level with him. I wiped a tear from his cheek with my thumb. "Um..Hi Harry. I'm Katherine. I'm sorry I'm acting weird." I say. Now I feel stupid. My face goes blood red. Harry smiles. Holy cow. His dimples. He grabs my hands and helps me up. "Katherine. That's a beautiful name." He says. Still smiling. The boys are standing behind him. Jaws on the floor. "Well, Katherine, I saw you in the crowd and I thought um..uh..." Harry started. "I thought you were beautiful." He said shyly. I blushed. "Thank you." I said. "Um, could I have your number?" Harry said. I nodded. We exchanged numbers and I exchanged with the numbers with the other boys too.  I talked to the boys for about 2 hours. I checked my phone and it was 3:00 in the morning. "Crap! I have to go!" I said springing up. Harry grabbed my hand. "You could stay with us." He said. Zayn snickered. "Yeah, you can sleep with Harry." The boys, except Harry, cracked up. Harry's face turned blood red and he gave Zayn a glare. "I'm sorry." Harry said. "It's okay." I said. I agreed to stay with the boys for the night. As we were being led out of the stadium, Harry intertwined his fingers with mine. I looked at him and smiled. He let go. "I'm going to fast." He said. I grabbed his hand. "No your not." I said. He smiled.  He helped me into their limo. As we were going into the hotel, I was attacked by some fans. My shirt  ripped and my pants. Harry dodged through the fans, picked me up bridal style and ran into the hotel. My legs and arms were badly bruised. Harry carried me upstairs, even in the elevator, to his room. It was huge. It was on the 12th floor and it had a balcony and a HUGE bed. "I am so so sorry." Harry said. "It's okay." I said. "No it's not. Those fans can be really annoying." He said. "Hey!" I said sarcastically. "Oh, sorry." He said and winked at me. He threw me one of his t-shirts and I went into the bathroom to change. When I came out, Harry didn't have his shirt on. I kept my bra on so he wouldn't be tempted to do anything. I hopped into his bed, he crawled in beside me. He put his strong arms around me. I fell asleep in his arms. 
End Of Chapter 1

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