Change MY Life

Emily King was a normal 20 year old. She lived with her best friend, Kassidy. When Emily and Kassidy are walking in the park, Emily bumps into someone who will change her life forever. Or will someone else get in the way? Read to find out. :)


47. "Will you?"

Harry's P.O.V (Didn't see that coming did ya? ;) )

I was sitting on my couch in my living room thinking of the perfect plan to purpose to Hollie. Maybe go to a fancy restaurant? No to cliché. Oh! I got it! I'll take her to an aquarium and have the divers put on a proposal show in the HUGE fish tank then have them hold up a sign that says "Will You Marry Me?"! It's perfect!!! I should probably tell Emily and the aquarium my idea. I'll call the aquarium first. I got the phonebook and found the number for the aquarium and called them. When they answered, I asked to talk to the manager then I told him my idea and he LOVED IT! Now to call Emily. I grabbed my phone and dialed her number.

E: Hello?

H: Hey Em. I have the perfect way to propose to Hollie!

E: You do? Do tell!!

H: Ok so I'm going to take her to an aquarium and have them perform a proposal show in their biggest fish tank then have them hold up a sign that says "Will You Marry Me?"

E: OH MZY GOODNESS GRACIONEOUSS! That is sooooo cute! When are you going to do it?

H: I'm thinking tomorrow.

E: Oh my gosh that is perfect!! She will definitely say yes!

H: I sure hope so. I'm going to go call Hollie so I will talk to you later. Bye Em love ya!

E: Ok. Bye Haz love ya too!

I hung up then called Hollie and told her I was taking her on a date tomorrow and she agreed! Let's hop this goes as planned!

~Next Day~

Hollie's P.O.V

Harry called me yester and told me he was taking me on a date. He didn't tell me where he just said to wear something cute and that he was picking me up at 1. It was 9:30 now so that leaves me a few hours until he comes. I decided to take a jog around my neighborhood so I put my spandex on and a tang top and grabbed my phone and plugged in my head phones. I hit shuffle and 'Gorilla' by Bruno Mars came on. I smiled and started jogging. When I got back it was about 10:15. I walked up to my bathroom and stripped and got in the shower. I washed my hair with my strawberry scented shampoo and washed my body with my vanilla scented body wash. I got out and wrapped a towel around my body and stepped into my room and walked to my closet. "What to wear what to wear." I said to myself. After about 10 minutes I found my green sleeveless chiffon, black skinny jeans, and black Converse with studs on the back. I walked over to my jewelry and got my camera necklace and my feather earrings. I walked over to my vanity and got out my make up and straightener and plugged it in. While the straightener was heating up, I started working on my make up. I put gold eye shadow on, mascara, and liquid eyeliner on top and light pink lip stick on. When I was done, I straightened my hair until it was pin straight. When I was done, I put my "Hey You. Yeah, you. No not you... The other guy. You right there! Yes, you. Do you like tacos?" phone case on my phone and grabbed my aviators and walked out my room. (outfit: I walked into the living room and saw it was 12:30. I sat down on the couch and started watching Big Bang Theory. I was so into the show that I was knocked back into reality when something blocked my sight of my T.V. "Hollie, love. Are you ready?" Harry asked. "What? Oh yeah. Let's go." I said standing up. Harry smiled and grabbed my hand and we walked out. "Where are we going?" I asked as I got into Harry's car. "That's for me to know and you to find out." He said smiling. "So cheesy." I giggled. ~10 Minutes Later~ 10 minutes later we pulled up to an aquarium. "Oh my gosh I love aquariums!" I said jumping up and down. "I know I know. Calm down." Harry laughed while grabbing my hand and pulling my towards the entrance. After Harry paid for both of out tickets, after fighting with me for a minute that I wanted to pay for mine, we walked over to a huge fish tank with 2 divers inside. They were swimming around and one got down on his knee. "What are they doing?" I asked. "Shh just watch." Harry said. I looked back at the tank and saw a sign. I read it and gasped. It said, 'Hollie, Will you marry me? ~Harry' I looked back at Harry and saw him on one knee holding a gorgeous ring. "So. Will you?"

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