Change MY Life

Emily King was a normal 20 year old. She lived with her best friend, Kassidy. When Emily and Kassidy are walking in the park, Emily bumps into someone who will change her life forever. Or will someone else get in the way? Read to find out. :)


33. New Friends

A/N: Hey guys! So I know I said I would update yesterday but my mom distracted me with One Direction. Yeah I know it's awful (jk) But I'm sorry! I hope you guys like the new chapter!! Anyways THANKS BYE!!!

~Author xx


Emily's P.O.V

So the next day I decided to go out and shop with Perrie. "So how long will you ladies be gone?" Louis asked. "Umm like all day?" Perrie asked/said. "Ok well you girls have fun and be safe." Zayn said. "Yes father." I said and we all laughed. "Let me shower and get dressed then we can go." I said to Perrie. "Ok." She said. I nodded and headed to my room and picked out my outfit. I chose a tan Mickey Mouse long sleeve, light wash skinny jeans, cream TOMS, and a dog tag necklace that says "Stop and smell the roses" (outfit: When I picked out my outfit I went to take a shower. After I stripped down I looked in the mirror. I hate what I see. What's worse is that I did the unthinkable, again. I look away and get in the shower. I wash my hair, shave, and other things. When I'm done I stepped out and dry off. I get dressed then blow dry my hair and straighten in. When I finished I take one last look in the mirror and again I am disgusted with what I see. I look away and walk down to the living room. Louis is the first to stand up. He comes over to me and hugs me. "Have fun, hun." He says kissing me. "I will." I say. "I love you." He said. "I love you, too." I said. He kisses my one more time then lets me go. Me and Perrie wave then leave. "I'm soo excited!" She said. "Me too!!" I say. She smiles and we get into her car. We turn the radio up and 'Wings' is playing. I look at Perrie and smile. She smiles and starts singing along and I join her. After the song is over we laugh. We continue to listen to music until we get to the mall. When we park, we put sunglasses on and walk into the mall. "I really hope no one notices us." I say. "I know me too." She says. We walk in and out of a few stores before we bump into someone. "Damn it." the girl says. "Oh my gosh I am so sorry." I say. Wow I have bumped into a lot of people. "It's fine it was our fault anyway." The girl says. When I look at her I notice that her soda spilt all over her. "Oh my gosh let me get you some new clothes to change into." Perrie says. "Oh no it's fine/" The girl says. "Don't be silly, we just knocked your soda all over you, let us get you some new clothes." I say. "Are you sure? I don't want you to spend your money on me." She says. "We're positive." Perrie says. I notice she has a friend with her but she hasn't said anything. "Oh, hi I'm Emily." I say to the girls. "Hi I'm Hollie." The girl we spilled soda on. She is pretty. She has long, curly, brown hair. She has green eyes and dimples. She reminds me of Harry. "Hi I'm Alyssa." The other girl says. She is pretty, too. She has medium, light brown hair and dark brown eyes and freckles. "Hi I'm Perrie." Perrie says. "Ok so what store do you want to go to Hollie?" I ask. "Um can we go to Forever 21?" She asks. "Of course. We were just about to go there anyway." Perrie says. "Oh great." Hollie says. "So what do you guys do?" I asked them. "Well I dance and act." Hollie says. "And I dance." Alyssa says. "Really? That's cool. One of our friends is a dancer. Her name is Danielle." Perrie says. "Really, cool. So what do you guys do?" Alyssa asked. "Well I'm a singer." Perrie says. "And I work at Forever 21." I say. "You guys look familiar. Have we met before?" Hollie asks. "No we haven't." I say. "Wait are you Emily King and Perrie Edwards?" Alyssa asks. Well shit. "Uh yeah we are." I say. "Really? Oh my gosh we love you guys!!" Hollie says. "Aw thanks." Perrie says. When we get to Forever 21 we tell Hollie to get what ever she wants and to meet us at the cash register. About 20 minutes later they come back with clothes. "Ok lets check out!" I say. Me and Perrie split the recite thing and give Hollie her clothes. "Well we have to be going, but if you guys ever want to hang out here is our number. Just don't give it out." Perrie says. "Ok we wont and thank you guys again." Hollie says. "It's no problem, love." I say. We say good bye and go back to the car. "Well that was fun." Perrie says. "Sure was." I say. We stay silent the whole way home, the only sound is the radio.

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