Change MY Life

Emily King was a normal 20 year old. She lived with her best friend, Kassidy. When Emily and Kassidy are walking in the park, Emily bumps into someone who will change her life forever. Or will someone else get in the way? Read to find out. :)


9. Movie Night

Emily's P.O.V

When we got to Louis' house, there where a few other cars there. Hmm. "Oh the boys are here! YAY!" Louis screamed like a little kid. I chuckled and we walked inside. When we got inside, there four boys on his couch playing what looked like Fifa. I love that game! The four boys paused the gam and jumped on Louis. "Louis you're home!" the boy with curly hair said. I think his name is Harry? "Lou, who is this?" the blonde one, Niall I think, said. "Oh right. Boys, this is Emily King. One of my friends." Louis said. "Hi." I said. "Hi. I'm Liam." the guy with a buzz cut said. "Hi." I replied. "Hi. I'm Niall." the blonde one said. I knew his name was Niall! "I'm Harry." curly said with a wink. Ok? "Hi." I said. "And I'm Zayn." the guy with a quaff said. "Hi." I said. After that we all sat on the floor and played truth or dare. "ok, NIALL!" Louis said. "Truth or dare?" "Truth." Niall said. "Ok. How is your relationship with Demi?" Louis asked. "It's good." Niall said with a smile. "Ok LOUIS!" Harry said. "DARE! As always." Louis said. "Ok. I dare you to snog Emily for 5 minutes." What?

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