Change MY Life

Emily King was a normal 20 year old. She lived with her best friend, Kassidy. When Emily and Kassidy are walking in the park, Emily bumps into someone who will change her life forever. Or will someone else get in the way? Read to find out. :)


43. Chapter 43

Emily's P.O.V

"Ok well ahh there is it. Looks like you will be having a little girl." The doctor said. "Oh my gosh." I said. "A little girl." Louis said. "A little girl." I repeated. The doctor wiped the gel off of my stomach and let us go. "Thank you." I said to the doctor. "No problem." She said waving. When me and Louis got outside the building, he picked me up and spun me around. "I can't believe this." He said. "Me neither." I said. "I love you soo much! And I love our little girl, too." He said looking down at my stomach. "What should we name her?" He asked. "Hmmm I don't know." I said. "Louise!" He said. "Hahahaha no." I said seriously when I said 'no'. "Aw why not?" He asked. "It's too um your name." I said. "That's the point." He said. "Well as much as I would love to name our daughter Louise, lets pick some other names too." I said. "Fine." He huffed. I laughed and grabbed his hand and we walked to our car hand in hand. "How about Carter?" He asked. "Ooo I like that name!" I said. "So it's settled. Her first name will be Carter." He said smiling. "Now we need a middle name." I said. "Hmmmm." He pondered. "How about Lynn?" I asked. "I like that. Carter Lynn Tomlinson." He said. "Carter Lynn Tomlinson." I whispered looking at my stomach. "Babe." Louis said. "Hmm." I said now looking at him. "We're home." He said. "Lets go!" I said. "Zaynie I'm home!" I yelled. "Emmy!" He yelled running to me. He picked me up and hugged me. "How did it go? What are you guys having?" He asked. "I think we need all the boys here before we tell you." Louis said. "Fine. I'll call Niall. Louis call Harry and Emily call Liam. Break!" He said. I laughed and got out my phone. After two rings, Liam answered. 

L: Hello?

E: Hey Li! Can you come by mine and Louis' flat? We have something to tell you.

L: Yeah I'll be over in 20.

E: Great. Bye Li. Love you

L:Love you too Emmy.

He hung up and I turned my attention back to Louis and Zayn. "Liam will be here in 20 minutes." I informed them. "Great Harry will be here around that time too." Louis said. "Same with Niall." Zayn said. "Ok well lets watch TV while we wait. We were watching the Walking Dead when someone knocked on the door. "Coming!" I yelled walking to the door. I opened and 3 boys ran into my flat. "Well hello to you too." I said. "Hi Emmy!" Harry said giving me a hug. "Hi Haz." I said. "Hi Ni hi Li." I said. "Hi Emmy." They said giving me a hug. "So what did you want to tell us?" Harry asked. "I looked at Louis and he nodded. "We are having a girl."

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