Change MY Life

Emily King was a normal 20 year old. She lived with her best friend, Kassidy. When Emily and Kassidy are walking in the park, Emily bumps into someone who will change her life forever. Or will someone else get in the way? Read to find out. :)


49. Are You Ready For This?

A/N: Hey guys! When you guys get to Louis' P.O.V, listen to 'Marry Me' by Train. It goes perfectly with what happens. Hope you like this chapter! Enjoy!


Emily's P.O.V

7 hours. 7 hours of pain. 7 hours of screaming. 7 hours of labor. 7 hours of waiting. Who knows how many more hours it will be before the baby actually starts coming. "Ughhhhhhhhh" I groaned. "Are you in a lot of pain?" Harry asked. "No, Harry. I'm damn skippy. I'm just groaning in pain because I'm thinking how fun it would be to eat a pickle. Of course I'm in a lot of pain. This hurts like a bitch." I said. "Sorry I asked." He mumbled slouching down in his chair. The doctor walked in a said he was going to check how dilated I am. (I know that may sound really gross, but a doctor's gotta do what a doctor's gotta do.) "Well you are almost at 10 cm. It should be less than an hour. An hour at the most until we will start having you push." The doctor said. I nodded and Louis thanked the doctor. "I can't wait to see my little girl." Louis said to me. "I can't wait to get this damn thing out of me." I groaned. "It will all be worth it in the end. Can you give me and Emily some privacy, please?" Louis asked everyone. They nodded and walked out. "When little Carter Lynn comes in to this beautiful world, we will both be parents. Can you believe it? Me and you, the person I'm in love with, being parents? She's gonna be beautiful. She will look just like you." He said. "Well if she looked like me, we would have on ugly ass baby." I said closing my eyes and leaning back. "Don't ever think that. You are beautiful. Even if you weren't you would be to me. Carter Lynn will beautiful just like you. She will definitely have your gorgeous green eyes, and your adorably little nose, and cute heart shaped face, light pink lips, your beautiful light brown hair, and everything." He said. "No. If anything, she will have your stunning eyes, perfectly structured cheek bones, your amazing medium brown hair, and everything." I said. "I still say she will look like you, but whatever tickles your peach." He said smiling at me. I smiled back then groaned. The doctor came back and said I was ready to push. I looked at Louis and told him to tell the boys. He nodded and left the room to tell them. When he came back, I grabbed his hand and the doctor told me to push.

                                                          ~30 painful minutes later~

Louis' P.O.V

"I see the head." The doctor said. I looked at Emily and she still looked stunning even with sweat running down her face, and her hair greasy. I heard crying and that's when I looked back at the doctor. He help up a tiny baby. "Well, this is your baby girl." the doctor said. "Would you like to cut the umbilical cord?" The doctor asked me. "I would love, too." I said. I walked up to the doctor who handed me scissors and I cut the umbilical cord. He went to go clean off our little Carter Lynn and I walked back to Emily. "You did it." I exclaimed smiling down at her. "I did it." She said barely above a whisper. "I'm tired, Lou." She said. "I know baby, I know. But you want to see Carter don't you?" I asked. "Of course. Where is she?" She asked. "She's right here." The doctor said carrying my baby girl to my girlfriend. I still can't get over that. MY baby girl. Emily held her and I sat down on the bed next to her. "She's beautiful." Emily whispered. "Just like her mommy." I said. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. I looked down at our baby and she opened her eyes. She had my eyes. She had little hair at the top of her tiny head and it looked light brown. If you looked at me and Emily then at Carter, you could tell what facial features she had. She had my eyes, her mother's hair colour, her mother's nose, my facial structures just more girl like, and her skin tone was a mix between both mine and Emily's. I still need to propose to Emily. I might as well do it now and make this moment even more magical. Thank God I still had the ring with me. "Emily there is something I have been wanting to ask you." I said getting off the bed. "What is it, Boo?" She asked. "Well, I was wondering if you could complete our family and do the honors of being my wife?" I asked getting down on one knee and opening the ring box. She gasped at the ring then looked at me, tears brimming her eyes. "Louis I would love to." She said. I smiled, got up and put the ring on her finger. I hugged her and picked up Carter. I love my new family. "I love you, Louis. And Carter." Emily said. "I love you, too. And you too Carter." I said kissing the top of Carter's head and kissing Emily on the lips. My life couldn't get any better.


A/N: Aww so cute! I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! I worked really hard on it and don't worry. This story isn't over yet I still have a lot of things to write! Anyway thank you guys for the support! I love my carrots! :)

~ Author xx

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