Change MY Life

Emily King was a normal 20 year old. She lived with her best friend, Kassidy. When Emily and Kassidy are walking in the park, Emily bumps into someone who will change her life forever. Or will someone else get in the way? Read to find out. :)


38. 2 weeks later

Emily's P.O.V

2 Weeks Later

It's been two weeks since Louis gave me the promise ring. It still amazes me that he actually did that. But I love him! He is literately the best boyfriend I've ever had. Ok so a lot of things have happened in the pas 2 weeks. Harry asked Hollie out and they are now and adorable couple. All the fans lover her which is good. Niall and Alyssa know that they like each other, but refuses to ask on another out. Even though I keep telling Niall to do it he always fines some lame excuse not to do it. Like yesterday, I told him to ask her out and he was all like 'Later. I um I have to get food.' then ran off to the kitchen. What a chicken! Anyway Danielle and Liam are still going strong. Zayn purposed to Perrie last week. Everyone was so excited! And me and Louis, well we are still together. We had some.. "fun" last week. If you know what I mean ;). (Sorry I had to put that. I just had to!) And well now here we are.

Present Day

"Niall!" I groaned. "Niall!!!!" I yelled. "Niall you're too big!" I yelled again. After I said tat I heard people running into the living room. "What is going on?" Liam and Louis asked. "Niall wont get his big arse off me! Louis help me please!" I said. "Supermaaaaaaaan is here!" He yelled running towards Niall and knocking him off of me. "Louis my hero!" I said over dramatically. "Anything for the beautiful princess." He said picking me up bridal style and carrying me to our bedroom. When we got in the bedroom he dropped me on the bed and climbed on top off me. He leaned in resting his forehead on mine. "I love you." He whispered. "I love you, too." I whispered back. He smiled and leaned in and kissed me. That kissed turned onto a make out session and that make out session turned into mine and Louis' clothes scattered all over the floor. Then one thing lead to another and I think you know what happens next. KNOCK KNOCK. "Shit." Louis whispered. "Who is it?" Louis asked. "Liam." Liam said. "Shit." I said. "One minute." I said. "Louis get off me." I whispered. "But you're so comfortable." He said. "We need to get dressed." I said. "Ugh fiiine!" He said. "Thank you." I said. "Yeah yeah. Don't think this isn't over." He said winking. I giggled and went to my closet and got black and white horizontal striped jeans, a black long sleeve shirt that says 'NERD', black vans, and my ring. And I threw my hair up in a messy bun. "Ready?" I asked. "Yup." He said. I walked over to the door and opened it. "Hey Li." I said. "Hey Em. We were about to go out to lunch. Do you guys want to go?" He asked. I looked back at Louis. "No. We will stay here." Louis said smirking at me. Great. "Ok. Well if you need anything just call or text me." He said before walking away. I closed the door and turned back to Louis. "Now. Where were we?" He said walking towards me

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