Nobody Compares

This is a ff for my friend that I'm still doing, I just thought I'd share it here, it's about a Niall && Liam Love Storyy, Enjoyy :) ~ Ever since Liam and Sonia broke there engagement off, Sonia's been getting attention from one of her best friends, and Liam's closest friend, Niall. Now Sonia faces a conflict whether to give Liam a second chance or stick with Niall.


16. Whatever

Chapter 16: Whatever

                        I was gazing at the sea, when I decided to make a move.

“Sonia, before I leave, let me do this.”


But before she finishes her word, I cut her off with a kiss that meant so much and the best part of it was that it was under the stars and moon.


“Niall, bud wake up were leaving this city on to the other one!”

I feel a pillow being thrown at my head, instead I just curl up and put my blanket over my head.


I mumble out sleepy.

“Hurry up, we got no time to waste!”

This time I know its Harry’s voice.

“Give me five minutes.”

I say anxiously.

“Come on were not in kindergarten no more, now get up!”

I can hear his voice pounding in my ears.

“Okay, I’ll get up.”

I have no other choice to tell him that so he could leave the room. I sit up and wipe my eyes, I feel a bounce of pain go through my head, I rub my temples. I stand and put a shirt on, I exit my room while glancing on over to the living area, I can see Liam smiling down to his phone. He’s probably texting her.

“Good morning.”

He says like if there were nothing to be wrong.

“Good morning.”

But I play along.

I go over to see what there is for breakfast, there’s nothing so I just grab a banana and leave to my room. I eat the banana, and then I go over to get ready. When I’m done I grab my suitcases. There’s a knock on the door.

“You ready?”


“Okay, let’s go.”

We go down to the lobby, and leave in our tour bus off to the next city in Europe.

~ Sonia’s POV ~

It’s getting pretty late, and I have no hunger for sleep, after what Zayn told me, I just can’t doze off, I feel guilty. It’s around three in the morning and I’m pretty much wide awake, tomorrow, is the day that I need to go with Noelle to get her dress. I really don’t want to go, but I promised I know I’ll just take Leslie.


I can feel tears starting to form with the thought of Niall hurting.

“Look maybe, you just need to talk to him?”

“It’s all my fault I did a huge mi- never mind.”

“No finish what you were gonna say.”

“Well, I think I should have never kissed him in the first place!”

Leslie looks at me shocked.


“Don’t say that.”

“Why not, it was.”

“Sonia, don’t you realize how bad you sound! You’re saying he was a mistake! What if he heard you say that he would never take you back! Sonia what’s wrong with you!”

“I mean not like that I mean it was a mistake. I me-“

“No I heard enough, and really right now you disgust me.”


“Ahh, woo. Calm down Sonia, it was just a nightmare.”

I tell myself, I face over to the clock and it’s nine. I think I should tell Leslie, because Noelle, is going to pick us up at three in the afternoon. I stand up and place my feet into my slippers. I go over to the guest room, and knock.

“Leslie? Leslie, you awake?”

I say a bit loud but also whispering.

“Huh? Yeah, hold on.”

She says that while yawning. She opens the door and looks at me.

“So, what do you want?”

Her voice sounds sleepy.

“Get ready in about an hour because we are going somewhere okay?”


“You’ll see.”

I walk over to my restroom and I take a bath. When I’m done with my bath, I dry my hair with the hair dryer. While, I’m drying it. Leslie comes into my restroom.

“Sonia, what I said yesterday I’m sorry, I was totally wro-“

“No, I was wrong your right I should just apologize as well, to you and Niall.”

“Well, then that’s the right thing to do, I’m gonna make breakfast kay?”


I’ll call Niall later on, and apologize hopefully he’ll forgive me.

~ 5 hours later ~

~ Phone rings ~

“SONIA! Your phone is ringing!”

“I’m going!”

I go over to the living room where I left my phone charging, it’s Noelle.


“Hi were waiting in the lobby.”

“Okay, we’ll be there, oh is it okay if I bring my sister?”

“Leslie? Yes omg I haven’t seen her for so long yes please.”

“Okay, we’ll be right there.”

I walk over to Leslie, and tell her that were leaving.

“Got everything?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

We go to my lobby, when the elevator opens all I see is those two revolting bitches. They roll their eyes at me, of course I just keep a serious face.


Leslie shouts.


“Oh lord, I haven’t seen you in so many years!”

“Yeah, I know well this is my mom, grandma, and cousins, my aunt couldn’t make it today.”

“Oh, so we should get going.”

I add.

“Yeah let’s go.”

On our way to the bridal shop, Noelle was showing all of us some of the dresses she’s seen, they were all pretty but there was one that I really liked. I would’ve picked it if well I was still engaged, me and Liam, are taking our time before we hit the ring again. We get to the bridal shop. It read Nancy’s Bridal.

“I’m so excited.”

I can hear Noelle’s voice shriek a bit.

We get in and they sit us in a room while we would wait for her to change and then she would model the dress. First she came out with a mermaid type of dress.

“Totally, it shows your curves elle.”

Camille says.

“Honey, it is your wedding day, why don’t you get something more puffy?”

Her grandma adds.

“Yeah, nana your right.”

Me and Leslie stayed quiet, for the rest of the time, it got really crazy. Her cousins were trying to make her dress like a slut, for her wedding day, her grandma always wanted something puffier, and her mom just agreed with every dress it came to a point where she just started crying we calmed her down and convinced her to try on one more. The last dress she tried on was beautiful, it wasn’t to puffy but it wasn’t that sexy, and it was just the one.

“Eww, that’s ugly.”

Tori says while her eyes were wide open.

“I agree.”

Camille adds.

“More puffy. Honey back in the old days we looked like princesses.”

Her grandma replies.

“I love it!”

Her mom says.

Leslie glares at me I think it was time for us to say something.

“Noelle, that dress is perfect it’s not too puffy and not to revealing.”

Leslie says to her.

“Yeah, it’s perfect, classy and definitely you!”

I add.

“You’re right this is the one.”

I can see tears streaming down her face. I see her mom go over to her and hug her.

“Sweetie it’s the one.”

We finally leave the bridal shop, and they invited Leslie and I to dinner but we said we had our own plans and when to Mcdonald’s then off to my house. When we get home I see Leslie go in to the restroom to take a shower so I think it’s a perfect time to dial Niall’s number and talk.



~ Niall’s POV ~

We got to Paris, and the tour bus let us off to go eat something, because we already had eaten everything in the tour bus. My phone starts to ring. I go out of the restaurant and look at whose calling its Sonia. Really why are you calling me? I have no choice but to not answer, it’s whatever to me now.

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